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Saturn S-Series



  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    How can you get more car with a Civic for the money? I think you are comparing apples to oranges. The civic IS the better overall CAR in terms of reliablity. No car out there has a better track reccord - I would say that. However it cost more to own and is not as fun to drive. In terms of cost where I live Honda Civic is second only to the Accord in terms of cars most stolen (Los Angeles) and you pay about 30-35% more to insure a Honda. Also the civic doesn't have a 5 ***** government safety rating for the front driver and passenger.

    I would go the Saturn route again. I have a SC2 and it is a lot of fun to drive - has given me no trouble, and LOOKS a lot cooler than a Civic. You can get a 2001 SC2 manual for 16000 - this includes all the power features with remote keyless entry ect ect. Thats a LOT of car for the money.

    Finally for me I like to be a little different and EVERYONE has a Honda (so it seems) Boring.

    Good luck whatever you decide.
  • Has anybody seen this website? As a person considering a SL2, I was shocked at the amount of entries from ANGRY owners. Not just one angry owner, but over a hundred entries about saturns stalling at random, oil burning engines, and unhelpful saturn reps that pass the buck and blame the customer. Is this true? What do the people that like to post on this site think? Read the column from where people relate their stories.
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    Is run by a Lawyer who did aftermarket stuff to his radio/alarm ect making electical modifications and then wanted Saturn to take responsibility when he had electical problems.

    Saturns are not perfect cars by any means. If you want to see how reliable they are, go to consumer reports and check out their reliablity rankings. Also Saturn has a better track reccord than any other Auto manufacturer for resolving customer issues - hence Consumer Reports ranks them number 1 in this regard. Finally - Saturn currently enjoys the highest loyalty rate of any auto manufacturer. If Saturn owners were really so unhappy, wouldn't they be buying something else?

    I question the credibility of a site where the person who runs it has very questionable credibility.

    Even so, it is a CAR and as such there will be people who have problems with them and will be unhappy. Read back in this thread... I have posted some interesting observations about disgruntled Saturn owners.
  • I realize that the person that created the website is one person; I am referring to the dozens of other posts by many other people through that website sharing horror stories about their saturns. That is what is influencing me and I am having second thoughts about buying, that is all.
  • Stevieweevy

    Note that the Saturnexposed site has not been updated since dec, 1999. Saturn did offer to buy back his car even thou they had no responsibility for it's problems that were caused by him. He decided he wanted to try to suck money out of Saturn cause he felt it was "owed to his lazy A##".

    As far as the numerous complaints, many of those cannot be proved as to their authenticity, I myself posted a messege on their where in which I had a few choice words to say about the lawyer who created that site regarding sheep and it was posted right along with the others. For all you know, he could have sat there for days and posted a hundred or so messeges, you wouldn't be the wiser.

    It is best to listen to large independent, un biased sorces like,, who all have relativly good things to say about Saturns. Are they perfect, no. Are they as bad as some people say, No. The choice is up to you, and as a smart consumer just like the other 2 million plus Saturn owners, I am happy with my first Saturn SL, and plan on getting another Saturn next year, not sure which model, except it will be a Saturn.
  • bahr1bahr1 Posts: 1
    I have owned my 94 SL1 for 5-1/2 years and have had few problems until lately. I have 104,500 miles on my car and have not had much maintenance done except for regular oil changes. Now my car is in for repair - the EGR Valve, EI Module and Coolant Temp Sensor. My 'check engine' light and temperature gauge have been going on and off for the past several hundred miles, but I have ignored it until I had the cash to get my car fixed. I also have to get my serpentine belt replaced soon and my coolant hoses.

    I have been reading other's responses and have to add that I also have problems with my key getting stuck in my ignition switch. I'll be able to pull the key out, however it will not be in the 'off' position so the bells will go off, etc. I just 'wrote it off' as having an older car, but it seems very common from the different responses I've seen on this site as well as others.

    So far, I don't think that is that much for a 94 with almost 105k miles on it. But, as Murphy's law goes, the big money items always happen after the car is paid off!!
  • I have a 99sl2 bought new april 99 and now have over 38000 miles. I had a problem with the exhaust repaired under warranty and a outer door panel replaced under warranty. Had no other problems. I do as much of the maintenance myself. Have changed oil and filter around 3000 miles and at 33000 replaced the transmission fluid and filter and replaced air filter twice.
    As with any car, you can have problems that take awhile to resolve. Oil burning is at times caused by the driver/owner, ie not changing oil and filter on a regular basis, and driving habits I see people that have to be going the speed limit or faster as soon as possible. that type of drving takes its toll on the engine and transmission. Other times it is a defect in the engine casting and without removing and taking the engine apart, you don't know which is the cause of oil burning. This is my own opinion and real life observations. Also I would not be afraid to buy another Saturn!
  • I have a new Saturn SL2 sedan, a week old. In the space of a week, we've had two instances where the key wouldn't turn in the ignition switch. Both times my wife -- it's her car -- fiddled with it for about 15 minutes before it would turn. The car is at the dealer's now, being fixed.

    Has anyone else had this trouble? If so, is it indeed fixable? Or should I just give it back to them?
  • The Saturn is by far the best small car you can get. It is made in America. My wife have one and it is 5 speed and has 64,000 miles on it and we've only had it on the shop three times. We replaced the clutch at about 45,000 miles, the alternator at 52,000 miles, and the front axle right under 60,000 miles. By 64,000 miles in most foreign cars the timing chain would have broke and the engine would be dead. I will definately look at another one when this one goes under.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Pure ignorance. That's all I have to say. Your experience is pretty sad, especially if it is the norm for Saturn. None of those repairs are normal for that low mileage of a car. My mom's 92 Accord has 183,000 miles. It still has the original clutch, the alternator wasn't replaced until 150,000 miles, and the CV axle didn't need replacing until 178,000 miles. Oh yeah, the timing belt never broke and it wasn't replaced until 92K and 180K. Her engine is running strong and doesn't drink a drop of oil. Gee, her car was made in America too, imagine that. Either you don't expect much out of your cars or you have never had the luxury of experiencing a real quality car.
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    Republican is obviously NOT a Saturn owner - he is just making an unfunny joke.

    It amazes me how many Saturn Bashers there are out there.
  • If the key doesn't turn then the steering column may be locked. Try turning the wheel a little and the key should turn.
  • I am a Saturn owner! A loyal Saturn owner! I am looking at the bigger Saturn now for my own car. It has been the best car we have ever bought in terms of reliability. No car is going to make it past 60,000 without some kind of problem. My Saturn has had the least problems of all my cars. I bet if you got one of these little Hondas it would have more problems than the Saturn.
  • Those comments coming from someone who claimed before to own a Hyundai Accent ! Nuff said.
  • I own a 95 saturn SL2, a 96 Geo Prizm Lsi(toyota corolla) and a 92 Honda Civic. All 3 cars are excellent for reliability, resale and gas mileage, but I would definately prefer driving the Prizm or Civic because they are quieter and a smoother ride. However to anyone who is interested in a saturn I would recommend them. Mine has been excellent. I couldn't buy a new one though because Saturn makes about $2,000 off the car plus a hefty 3% holdback.
  • According to Toyota4x4, it was stated that "Saturn makes nearly 2 grand off the car plus a hefty 3 percent holdback".
    When comparing REAL invoice numbers to MSRP, the Saturn SL compact is close to $ 600.00 over invoice at MSRP plus the dealer holdback. The Saturn L 100 Midsize sedan is around $ 1000.00 over invoice plus the dealer holdback.
    At this time, Saturn is essentially discounting there cars, Saturn Corp. currently offers 1.9 % Financing across the board for all Saturn models- which means Saturn had to buy down the interest rate= discounting cars. Also, untill the end of november in some parts of the US, if you take delivery of a 2001 Saturn SL compact (base model) only, they will give you 90 days to make your first payment.
    With GM's 1.5 Billion investment dollars coming, Saturn is offering low interest rates and competitivly priced cars compared to the competition to aid sales untill newer and more exciting cars roll out in years ahead. In which case, Saturn's glory days may return by retaining more, and regaining loyal Saturn owners.
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    Saturnboy you are close.

    A Saturn SL has about 400 in GROSS profit - SL2 has about 1000.

    L100 has 800 - L300 has 1200.

    Holdback is not dealer profit. They help offset the cost of doing business. NET profit is a different story altogether. I don't know why anyone would worry about how much money a dealership is making anyways. Compare the price of the car and the value you get for it to other similar cars and the price you can buy them for. Make your decision from that.

    Deciding what car to buy based upon how much "profit" a dealer is making doesn't make any sense.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Repub, your logic is far from true. It is very possible to have no serious problems before 60K. Your repairs are ridiculous for that low mileage of a car. And where are you coming up with your notion that the Honda Civic won't do as good as your car? Have you ever owned one? I seriously doubt it with your "buy only American namebrand" mindset. Like I said before, which I noticed you totally ignored, my mom's 92 Accord EX was way more reliable than your Saturn and proved your logic concerning Hondas is seriously flawed. Her first repair was not needed until 83K. Before that, the only thing done to her car was oil changes, air filter changes, and spark plugs. Not one mechanical repair was needed compared to your 3 repairs before the 60K mark. And what do you have to say to that? Nothing you can say can change that truth, but you go right ahead and keep believing your confused mind.
    Saturnboy, what does what I own have to do with anything? I am proud to own a Hyundai Accent. I have had no problems with my car in its first very crucial 7400 miles (the first 10k tends to mark the car a lemon or not). I am not bashing Saturns; only the blatantly ridiculous statements said by Republican. You have to admit that him claiming his Saturn is reliable after 3 major repairs in only 60K is ridiculous. I wouldn't call it a piece of junk, but it is far from extremely reliable. I do not think, however, that his car is the norm representative of Saturn's quality. At least, I seriously hope not, for Saturn's sake and everyone who buy's them.
  • lngtonge18,
    If you car has not had a couple of problems before 60,000 miles such then you aren't paying attention. My Saturn have the three problems I listed before 60,000 miles. None of them were that serious so I think the Saturn is a good car.
    You're moms Honda might be the one in millon that have no problems! The Saturn have the least problems of any car I have bought in my lifetime! I like the little Saturns I think for the money you are getting a darn good product. Probably the best of all little cars!
  • I find it intriging that you replaced the clutch at 45k miles in your saturn. I did own a mazda protege before my saturn. I sold the mazda to my son and at 130k+ miles it still has the original clutch. Since I did not want another standard shift car my saturn has the automatic. I hope I get more than 52k and 64k miles for alternator and right axle on my saturn. Now it has clos to 39k miles and runs fine. Most of my driving is highway driving.
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