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Saturn S-Series



  • umba11umba11 Posts: 2
    Just wanted to let Mr. Moore know that the steering wheel vibration has now become a shake. I have driven 3 other SL2s with no shake at all.
  • ochsskochssk Posts: 52
    We are approaching 70K on our '95 saturn sl2 and are considering a new vehicle. I'm curious how many miles others have on their saturns. So far ours does not burn oil (YET!).
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    probably because they still havent finalized the design yet or something.

    Here's hoping they at least keep the dent resistant panels for the WHOLE car, unlike the L, which has steel rear quarters.
  • blackgtpblackgtp Posts: 19
    I'll try to make a long story short. I had a 97 neon that, when new, had a steering wheel shake that was still there after a wheel balance. I rotated the tires one at a time and narrowed it down to a certain tire. The tire was bad and replaced by Goodyear under warranty.
    I now have a 01 SC2 with 33,500 miles and my steering wheel is smooth and has been since new. I have been up to 95 MPH with no shake. The rotors are starting to warp. Hopefully they won't get too bad. The brake pads still look new since all my miles are highway. Overall a good car for the money.
  • norbert444norbert444 Posts: 195
    I have close to 60K on my 95 SL2. It also burns (almost) no oil.
  • I have 108k on my 94' SL2 auto. I use a little oil between changes, but not more than half a quart. I have had to replace the altenator (under warranty) the top engine mount. Both of which are common repairs to S-series cars. When I hit 106k miles the water pump needed replacemant as did the engine belt and belt tensioner. and muffler and strap. I would say it's good to 100k miles then you may have nickel and dime repairs like I am dealing with. However it is running very well with good performance and gas mileage.

    The 03' S-series will be built on GM's "delta" platform and have the polymer panels and use a version of GM's ecotec engine in 1.8 or 2.0 liter sizes. There is a article about a Saturn supercharged roadster based on the new delta platform on the site. It has a instrument cluster like the Toyota Echo in the middle of the dash. I hope this design doesn't make it to production though, I think it could turn off alot of drivers to the car.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I have a blackberry 99 SC2 with 70K miles and need hub bearings ( both sides ) the car is driven on the highway 95% of the time at 65-70 mph it seems like wheel bearings should last more than 70 K miles this is 2001 not the early 80's P.S. The car uses a quart of oil every 1K miles it started doing this at about 45-50 K and it likes to burn out driving lamp bulbs .
  • In May, I bought a 2000 SL1 from my local Saturn dealer. It's now September, and so far things have been great. The car gets about 25-30 miles per gallon in regular driving (auto/AC); it's reasonably peppy and very stable at high speeds. (So smooth in fact, I've caught myself going 80 miles an hour plus!)
    Only a few minor problems, including a broken sun visor fitting (which was fixed under warranty). I'm keeping to the regular Saturn maintenance schedule.
    I've seen stories by the so-called "car nuts" who want passion in their driving machines, and think Saturns don't have any passion. Maybe so. But I need good transportation, not a flash-in-the-pan. Maybe if these self-described "car experts" had to drive to work every day like most of us, they'd realize reliability and competence will win out over horsepower or whether you can take the curves at 90. I'm sticking with my Saturn.
  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    My '00 Saturn SL (5-speed and AC) has 68,000 miles and is running great. No oil usage (Mobil 1) and getting 39-41mpg every week. I put at least 1K miles on it every week (mostly highway).

    Changed the spark plugs today (didn't need it - the originals looked great). Went with "Bosch PLUS 4" and noticed a slight pick-up in acceleration.
  • I have recently purchased a 2001 SL1 (3 weeks ago) and immediately noticed a vibration at speeds above 80 km. I have had the car back twice. The tires were balanced-no change- and then replaced - all 4- better but still doing it. Has anyone else had this problem and actually had it resolved? I am taking the car in for a third time and if it still doesn't get fixed I may ask for an exchange or refund, I have 7 more days to decide.I like the car otherwise, gutless but great gas mileage.

    P.S. the stock tires are Firestone FR680, any feedback would be Greatly appreciated
  • Go back in this thread a bit and there are some ideas on what to do about vibration.

    If you return it you may wan't to look at used SL2's. Power is much better as well as handling with the twin cam engine and 15" wheels and a rear anti-sway bar. The car is basically the same since the first year it came out so a 99 or 2000 model will still have the improvements over the early years and you won't really be getting a older car. Gas mileage is still decent with the twin cam but I have noticed a huge difference depending on how I drive heavy or feather foot. 94 SL2 auto.
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    Drop the car off and tell them you will pick it up when it doesn't vibrate. Be nice - but firm.

    I wouldn't risk it

    If they can't fix it - return it.
  • We recently took our 95 saturn in for yet another alternator and also had the front brakes done. After getting the car back we noticed a clicking sound when backing with the wheel turned to the right. When going forward with the wheel to the right we heard a grinding noise. Could this be related to the brake job? or worse is it the CV joint? Shouldn't a mechanic notice a torn CV boot when doing the brakes?
  • It's not the CV joint thank goodness. Apparently our new front tires are slightly bigger than the old and contacting the wheel well when the steering is cranked. Also the exhaust was loose and rattling. Back to discount tires to complain.
  • After having my NEW 2001 SL1 in the shop three times in under 4 weeks I was told that Saturn is aware of the problem but did not have a fix at this time, just a lot of ideas, which my dealer tried. They also told me it seemed to be predominately on 5 speed models. I had an automatic for a loaner and took a demo out for an extended test and decided to exchange for the auto. They gave me no hassles. They were great about the whole thing. I woud definitely recommend the Saturn "experience" to anyone looking for a new or used car - they have a 30 day exchange on used as well.
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    I haven't experienced any vibration problems myself in the S, but its nice to know that you are still a satisfied Saturn owner.
  • Does anyone know of any web sites that have spy pictures of the new SL models that will be coming out in 2003? Also, is the thinking to introduce the new '03 well before the end of the model year, more in the spring of 2002?
  • The only spy pic I have seen was in AMI auto world magazine July issue. It had alot of camo cover on it but it had the overall shape of the current S-series sedans. It was picked cold weather testing in sweden. Kind of like the shape of the Ford Focus. There was no way to see any details of the body just the overall shape from the back of the car. They are being very secretive of this new car and platform for GM's new line of compacts. I don't think it is on the net though. GM is really being tight about it. I really wan't to replace my 94' SL2. It is in excellent shape but I wan't something with more equipment and overall better performance. from what I have heard in the rumor mill the delta platform S car will be it.
  • As many of you already know, I leased my second Saturn S Series in may of this year. My SL1 5 speed now has close to 6,000 miles and I have no mechanical problems to report (knock on wood).

    It has been a great car so far, and as far as wheel vibration goes, at speeds of well over 75mph I haven't experienced any wheel vibration, I too cannot wait till the 2003 S Series arrives- assuming it is what Saturn and GM claim it will be- I will be trading my 2001 SL1 in for one.
  • What exactly is causing all this wheel vibration I've been seeing on here? Shouldn't it just be a tire out of round or balance, and not the car itself? Mine only did that once, and the tire shop forgot to put the balancing weights on one of the tires. It has always run smoothly, even with the 173K on the odo and at speeds up around 90mph even.
  • If you hurry to the Florida Auto Auction in Orlando you may be able to pick up my leased 1998 SC2. It's the one with the peeling paint,oil burning engine (at 36K yet) and ratty interior. All the squeeks and rattles will not be noticed tho unless you can drive it, if you can actually get it to run "one more time" LOL !! Gone and kindly forgotten. GM you should be ashamed !!

  • "What's the cause of these good vibrations ?

    What's the cause of this excitation ?

    Could it be Affinity perturbations ?

    Firestone giving me bad vibrations...
    ...soon I'll be needing de-fibrillation

    (singing falseto now) Bad, bad, bad, bad vibrations

    (Tenor) YEAH!

    (singing falseto now) Bad, bad, bad, bad vibrations....(fade out)"

    With apologies to The Beach Boys, and no apologies to Firestone for not understanding the term: Quality Control. It's not "the lab" guys - it's the people on the floor and the manufacturing process you approved. These are only ones who can ever control the quality of the product coming off the line.

    But they wont make marginal product if they can't sell it. Write GM TODAY !!! "Dear Sir or Madam, why do you continue to use substandard parts as OEM equipment? ..."
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    If you dislike GM cars why do you keep buying them,by last count you have owned every model they make.
  • jo3891: Wrong, Joe I have not personally "owned" a GM product since my 1967 Camaro. The 1998 Saturn was a company owned lease car that we got stuck with because the sales rep it was assigned to finally refuse to drive it any more and decided to provide his own vehicle on a cost per mile re-embursement plan. Ths Sonoma PU was taken in partial payment from a customer that went BK and owed us a pile of money. It too will be gone shortly along with the last of the Chevy "Cadavers" and Pontiac Sun flops.My personal cars consist of a Mitsu (wifes)A Boxter (mine) and a Tiburon, household "toy"

    Regards loridian
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    Sounds like you had a poor car. The weird thing is the paint. I have never seen a Saturn where the paint didnt hold up extremely well. Even the 9 and 10 year old cars I see the paint is in great shape.
  • afkx: The paint still had a nice gloss to it but VERY brittle. Would chip and scratch very easily compared to other vehicles we have in the fleet.I agree, most Sats you see running around that are five or six years old DO look pretty good.

    Ours had a lot of "orange peel" tho. For some reason Saturn did not feel the need to clearcoat the inside of the deck lid and hood. One dealer I shopped the thing to swore to me that the car had been wrecked and a poor repaint done and what did I think I was trying to pull on him LOL.

    Oh well, it's all history now. Onward and upward to better things. Don't look back.

  • Im sorry you had such a horrible Saturn, luckily most of them are not in the condition you claim yours was- and it is a good thing that it was a fleet vehicle and not truly yours- because I suspect you would be very bitter had it been yours.

    I on the other hand, love my Saturn, my second one to be exact. The paint and finish is excellent, as it was on my last Saturn. Good luck to you
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Does that also include the S-10 that was so called given to you.
  • joe3891: Not a S-10 but a 2000 Sonoma Extra Cab 4 cyl(groan)automatic.

    It was not "given" to me (or the business) we took it in lieu of a debt owed to the company from a customer that was about to go belly up.

    I just think for a vehicle that had a MSRP of over 20K you sure did not get much for your money. Sure am glad we didn't buy the thing. Twenty grand and not even power windows or locks or mirrors !! Door and hood gaps you could throw a dead cat thru (come to think of it, it kinda smells like a dead cat inside too LOL), shut the door and the tailgate rattles as well as that third door , ah yes, great QC out of that plant in Shreveport,LA.

  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    A dealer in my area just adv a new 2001 Sonoma 4cyl,auto,ac,ext cab for $12999.
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