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Acura Legend



  • apowell1

    You mentioned that you replaced your rear amplifier with a Phoenix Gold amp. Do you know the model number for the new amp? I am interested in replacing mine in my '92 Legend LS.

  • I own a 1995 Legend coupe in San Milano Red with a six speed. The red paint is in great condition primarily because I garaged the car and have only let a detailer wax and clean the car for the past few years. If your car has lost its luster, spend the $150 or so for a good detailing befire you try anything else. You will be amamzed at the results.

    The Legend GS did have a six speed manual as one option. It is not an automatic. I love my six speed. Cranking the engine to red-line and blasting through the gears is too much fun. However, the six speeds are very rare. i would recommend that you search nationwide for a six speed if that is your desire. When I purchased my legend in 1996, I wanted red and a six speed. I found one in Minnesota and flew from Massachusetts to Minnesota for pickup and drove it back to MA. I still love getting inthat car and driving it. Good Luck.
  • rjd3rjd3 Posts: 1
    I bought a '91 Legend in '94 w/70K miles on it, for $16K. Got rid of it last summer------only because I hit a deer in upstate Pa. & ins. co. gave me more than I was ever offered by a dealer for a trade. I had 378K miles on it. I'm an outside sales rep & drive 45 to 50K miles/year. I now have a 2.5TL 5 cyl., but I don't think I'll get the miles out of it, like the Legend----the 2.5 runs like a 4 cyl. Don't be afraid to buy a Japanese Engineered car with highway miles already on it. I'm thinking about getting rid of the TL to get another Legend-----even if it's a '95. (My budget requires me to be price conscious & stay around $15K or less.) Am, also, seriously considering a '97 or '98 I30 with 50K to 70K miles on it. Any opinions about I30 as opposed to Legend?
  • I have a 95 Legend - 83K mile- still a pup, right? I love the car, but have three cars now so it has to go. I advertized in Autotrader for $14,500, 6 weeks, no calls.

    How much would you think its worth? Its in practically mint condition, still under warranty, and as I said, 83K miles. Oh, BTW, its in Rhode Island.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • dzinrdzinr Posts: 2
    I recently bought a '94 Legend Sedan with 66K on it for $15,000. I studied used car reports and the local market very hard. I test drove 14 cars in the sport/near luxury class in the $12,000 - $20,000 (used) price range, including Millenias, Maximas, I30's, Audi's, etc. I stayed away from BMW's and Benz' because I live in Michigan and need front wheel drive. My previous cars were an Accord and before that a Prelude.

    I think I made the best possible choice after much research. A talented multi-line salesman who befriended me told me that Legends are built with more precision than Maximas, etc., and that condition, not mileage, is the determining factor in finding a good Legend. His dealership services them all the time with up to 250K and more on the odometer. He recently bought an old one for his daughter. To me, the I30 was just a Maxima with additional overhead built in. I think you would be happier with a 93-95 Legend in the $13,000 - 18,000 range..

    I read a while back that the success of the Legend nameplate caused Acura to rename all their models numerically for the U.S. market - "Legend" was becoming more of a brand than "Acura" (early 90's). In fact, in Japan the RL is still known as "Legend" and is a great $40,000 car.
  • dzinrdzinr Posts: 2
    If your 95 Legend is, as you say, in near mint condition and you are asking $14,500 at 83K miles, I think you are in the ballpark. I researched these cars a long time before I bought my '94 with 66K for $15,000 from a private individual (he was fanatical about dealer maintenence and upkeep), and I'm very satisfied.

    What I found is that the availability and the desirability of these cars ranges greatly depending on your local market. Most people just don't know how great these cars are and what a bargain a good used one can be. It may be that in Rhode Island the market is just not there.

    If you were to drop your price to around $14,000, I cannot imagine it would remain unsold for much longer.
  • jdo4jdo4 Posts: 1
    I have just purchased a 1992 Legend and am trying to locate a wiring harness for a trailer. There is a light blue connector plug at the left tail light which appears to be part of the original vehicle harness. I believe what I am looking for is a T1 connector and has an integral adapter. A local Acura dealership tells me there was never a harness available yet there is provision for one. The PO of the car clearly pulled a trailer,it has a hitch, but there is no evidence of any prior "hard" wiring. This is a Canadian vehicle with just "Legend" on the trunk but has all the standard equipment of the American LS version. Anyone have an original part number or perhaps a NAPA or Honda equivalent no. ?

    Also does anyone know the original MSRP. of the '92 LS ?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I think you are probably right about it being a local market thing. The only people interested in looking at the car so far are previous Legend owners. One guy pulled up in the identical car (only white). And- he said he had another at home :)

    Thanks for the response.
  • bluebeastbluebeast Posts: 261
    Another problem that you may be encountering is for the price your asking, a person could buy a Lexus LS400 (1990 - 1994), and I for one would rather have a Lexus LS400 a couple of years older than a Legend. I have owned both (1991 Legend - new until sold in 1997, had a 1990 Lexus LS400 for 13 days (bought it just to make money, person was leaving the country) and sold it for a 1996 LS400 which I currently own). Legends are great cars but I sure love the SMOOTH V8 power and SMOOTH automatic transmission, both of which are far superior to that of a Legend.
  • I've been looking for a used car for a while, and I narrowed the field down to Acura Legends and Vigors, Maximas and Honda's. I want to stay around the 10K range but can be flexible. Ideally, I'd get a 95 Legend, because I believe they have the best reliability record of all the Legends.

    The 91 I found is at a dealer. It's a metallic white color with tan leather interior. It has a few nicks on it that the dealer will repair. Otherwise, the exterior is clean. It's an eye catcher. It certainly caught my eye driving by. Anyway, the interior is very clean. There is a flaw or two in the top of the leather seat in the rear, and something semi-corrosive was spilled in the arm-rest storage compartment. Other than that, it's clean.

    I sense a minor adjustment may be needed in the drivers side door, as it gave me a little difficulty opening it a few times. The door seal is worn as well.

    The Bose stereo definitely has a problem. I used th fader and balance to check all the speakers. The rear drivers side definitely has a problem, and perhaps the drivers door speaker as well.

    Inside the trunk, the fiber wall on the back appeared to have been removed for some reason, and was not replaced correctly. I'm not sure why. Perhaps someone was trying to fix the stereo? I read here that others have had the same problem with the Bose stereo.

    The rear passenger door has flecks of cream paint overspray on it, I assume from a repair done to the door panel, though I can't find it.

    It has Bridgestones on it, in good shape, but road and wind noise are noticeable.

    The engine compartment is spotless.

    When leaving a stoplight, I can feel a slight chatter as the rpm's go from 600-1000. I'm worried about a tranny problem. Could this just be something like exhaust? I've never heard an automatic chatter.

    Overall, it's a very clean car that needs a little bit of attention. I'm tired of looking at buying other people's problems. Too many junkers in dark colors on the market (I live in a hot sunny climate). I need white or pastel colors. My current Honda is black, so I know why people sell them in the winter.

    The dealer claims retial to be $13,900. The Kelley Retail value is $13,360. Edmunds lists the car at $10,282 clean, $11,230 in excellent condition, which would have to include the paint fixes, the stereo fix, the door and seal fix, and a checkout of the potential tranny issue. (Why such a difference between Edmunds and KBB? I find this to be fairly common between the two.) Still, that's $2670 lower than their ask price. The salesman is nice, seems honest and direct, and we talked about $12,000, though not seriously. The private party price on the car would be more like $9,000, though this would be a very desirable car at that price. It wouldn't last long.

    Does anyone have any input on the potential tranny issue or stereo issue, and what the repair costs could be? I like the car, but it is 10 years old. What's a fair price?
  • Could it be that the problem with the 91 Legend I want to buy is a tranny mount? It goes like this....

    I take off slowly from a stop light, and somewhere between 600-1000 RPM's, I get a vibration that sounds like clutch chatter from a standard transmission, which this is not, but that's what it sounds/feels like. Was that your experience?
  • For those of you that have the problem with the Bose amps, I found this site. $99 plus shipping for any repair.

  • I recently developed a chirping/whirring noise in the front left corner of my Legend. I finally unscrewed the speedometer cable coupler in the engine compartment and my noise disappeared. After lubricating the top half, I reconnected the cable and my noise came back, but it wasn't quite as loud. When it was disconnected the automatic did not shift the same. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Can anyone offer advice on how to fix this problem? Thanks
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    You didn't say how many miles the Legend has... However, regardless of miles, I think the dealer is asking too much... After all, the car IS 10 years old! I currently own '91 Legend w/ 113K miles, and am very happy w/ it.
    From experience (and research) I know of following COMMON problems w/ Legends:
    1) Cracked radiator top
    2) Transmission mount
    3) Door lock actuator (had to replace mine)
    4) ABS/TCS speed sensor(s) (bad on mine, don't feel like replacing it)
    5) Master window/door switch (replaced mine - $380 ouch!)

    Regarding maintenance - the timeing belt/water pupm is a biggie here. Recommended at 90K -> dealers usually quote between $700-$900, although I had mine done for $450 (bought my own parts, and had my mechanic change them).
  • I have a buddy of mine who has offered to sell me his 94 Acura Legend L 4dr sedan. With options, KBB lists it at about $14100. He is offering to sell it to me for $13000. The car runs
    exceptionally well. The exterior and interior are very good as well. The car has about 90000 miles on it. I know the Legend has a very good reputation, but should I worry about the mileage?
  • rc52rc52 Posts: 27
    I just sold my '90 Legend L with 92K miles. My tranny was diagnosed as requiring replacement from 2 different Acura specialists, at a cost of around $2500. I don't buy that statement that tranmissions are designed to shift "hard" to give more performance. I think the long 500 mile drives at 80mph last year fried my tranny. It was not shifting into 2nd gear even under light throttle until the engine got well into the 4000rpm range. Sometimes it would shift into 2nd, others it would slam/thunk into 3rd. I did a power flush of the entire transmission fluid - but it didn't aleviate the shifting symptoms. I thought long and hard about repairing it and keeping the car for a few more years, but I decided to get a new car with more up-to-date technology features.
  • Sometimes the chatter from 600-1000 RPMs is from the heat shields around the catalytic convertor or the B pipe heat shield. These can rust and then rattle annoyingly at a certain RPM. The best advice before buying any car is to take it to someone who can check the car out thoroughly!
  • I am looking at buying an 89 Legend 2 Dr. coupe with 88K on it from a dealership. I am wondering what to look out for and what questions to be asking. I am also wondering what type of gas mileage it gets. From most of the posts here, it seems like this would be a great used car to buy. Since Edmund's also only goes back to 1990 for a price report I was wondering what a fair price would be on a car like this.
  • cook2ucook2u Posts: 2
    Just bought a 91 LS coupe; the car was pretty clean in and out and as 88K miles on it. I paid $8,500 for it from a dealer in Florida where I live. I have also experienced a tranny(?) "chatter" at times, especially in first gear. I am reading (here) that this could be the transmission mounting bracket(?). Is it really true that these Honda products shift "hard"? (as the dealer said) or is this a transmission problem? How can I tell if the timing belt has already been changed by the previous owner(s) ? Any idea where I might find an original-equiptment working radio? Also need a new power antenna.....otherwise, really like the car! Thanks for any input!
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