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Acura Legend



  • himomerhimomer Posts: 59
    What I really want is a 95 Black Legend GS 4-door but that's a long shot! I can still see a little 2nd gen. styling in the RL especially around the wheel bays. I think the only reason i like the legend is because they are 6,7,8,9 years old and by the exterior styling they don't look old
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    Interested in Black GS 6 SPEED?
    Check out: -> Marketplace... There are several other GS available.
  • gs4amggs4amg Posts: 4
    I have been fortunate enough to find a 1995 GS with a six speed and only 39K miles. It is in very nice shape. I am going to have Acura check it out later this week before finalizing the deal, but I am optimistic that the car will emerge with a generally clean bill of health. There is one problem that I do not need their assessment on.

    While driving the car I noted that the stereo was a bit disappointing, and that it seemed to have a hard time locking in on radio stations. When I read post #119, it struck a chord. I also asked the owner to play a tape that they were familiar with, and they agreed that the sound quality had degraded. The original owners had a new antenna put in last summer, but this didn't seem to help the problem much. It sounds like the pre-amp problem that has graced many posts on this forum (which I found tremendously helpful in guiding my decision to buy, so thank you).

    Two basic repair options were suggested. One was replacing the pre-amp (e.g., with a Phoenix Gold unit). The other was to send the Bose unit for repair. I believe that the two listed services were and the other was I have found additional repair outfits on the internet that charge about $350. Has anyone actually sent their unit to one of these outfits, and if so, could you let me know whether you are still happy with the repair?

  • theparsontheparson Posts: 1
    I am in need of a second car. The family van just won't suffice any more now the children are entering school I found a used Legend with 234,000 kilometers or 140,000 miles. It is in good shape with a little surface rust in a couple of small spots. They can be easily touched up. It is listed for $6,995 Canadian. Should I go for it? Is this a good buy? The car has been maintained. Any thoughts I would appreciate the insight. Cheers!
  • I have got a '95 Legend L S which has all options including factory installed telephone, spoiler, mud guards etc.; it has about 70k miles, mostly trips to Florida, New York etc. Could someone please give me an idea as to what would be a fair price for this car? Timing Belt and Water Pump were recently done. The car is in spotless condition. Many thanks for comments.
  • tl92126tl92126 Posts: 2
    I found a 1994 white GS with the 6 speed, 48,000 miles in mint condition. Seller is asking 17,000. Is this a good price?
  • ntec28ntec28 Posts: 1
    The name says it all. Even though the second generation legend debuted in 91 over ten years ago people still want at least $10k for a 91 ,92 legend with kms around 200k.The most wanted is the 93 to 95 legend with the type 2 engine which puts out 30 more horsepower .Which gives you a grand total of 230 hp which will make you be able to make any bmw notice you got the juice!I havent seen a 93 for under $17K and that was with high kms. I have a 95 honda accord i want to sell it and buy a 91 or 92 2 door coupe with a 5 speeda 93 ,94 if the price is REASONABLE but It will be a weekend warrior cause the parts are to high on this old luxury vehicle
  • It looks as if I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy new rotors for my '89 Legend. Anyone have an idea as to how much this job is going to cost?
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    Well, if you have a jack and couple wrenches, you could probably change both rotors in less than 1 hour. What the mechanic will charge you is anybody's guess.
  • gs4amggs4amg Posts: 4
    To: tl92126

    The car that you describe sounds nice. I am very fond of the white and tan leather combination. I don't know if this will be helpful to you in terms of assessing the price, but here goes.

    I just bought a '95 GS 6-speed with 39K miles. It was in very good condition and I paid $17.3K. This was in California, and prices here seem to be a bit higher than the rest of the country. The car needs to have the audio fixed, most likely a new amp. The battery needed replacement. Two of the rims have scratches; it might be possible to polish them out. The timing belt needs to be done. I may have the water pump done at the same time, and keep the used part as a spare. The driver's seat leather is ok, but will require some attention over the next year or two. There were virtually no door dings and the bumpers were in good shape. The car had been detailed on a regular basis so the paint was in really good shape. Engine was pristine, and all the regular servicing had been done (except the timing belt).

    Your car is older, and has more miles. These things would bring the price down. If you have the original stereo, listen to it carefully. There are many posts on this forum regarding problems (see posts 119, 122, 139, 142, 154, 188, and 192). As others have suggested, there are radiator cracking issues that you should have checked out. You should find out whether the timing belt has been done. This is a several hundred dollar repair, and not one I would defer. There is also an issue of the condition of the seat leather. In every used Legend I looked at the left side of the drivers seat was worn and cracked. Fixing this with new leather is not cheap even if you get into a group buy.

    I am happy that I got my car. I love driving it. As someone said in a much earlier post, is has all the good aspects of a Honda and a high level of luxury. The 6 speeds are rare. I had given up on finding one, and then it happened. I expect to own mine for a long time. I bought it with the idea that I would have to spend some additional money to get the car into perfect shape. If the stereo on the '94 is perfect, the timing belt has been done, and there are no other problems, I would go for it. I was able to negotiate a somewhat lower price because of the defects that I indicated.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • tl92126tl92126 Posts: 2
    I bought the 1994 GS with the 6 speed. White with tan interior. Rims were perfect.. not a scratch. Perfect paint.. no intereior damage.. has the cd changer and stock cell phone. Has new tires... tested everything runs great. I had the dealership check it out. It has all maint records.. only been dealer serviced. Oil changed every 3,000. Master cylinder changed 600 miles ago. It is beautiful and looks brand new. The doctor I bought it from didn't spare any expense taking care of it. It always sat in the garage and you can tell. I am going to take a pic and post it here later. I am extremely happy with it and have a feeling I will never part with it. I surprised at how many looks this car gets. It is beautiful and unique.
  • gs4amggs4amg Posts: 4
    To: tl92126

    I am happy to hear that you bought the car, and from your description, you got a real beauty. I bought mine from a business owner, and many of the things that characterize your car (great care, dealer maintenance) parallel the care that my car has seen.

    Ironically, I will be in the San Diego area in about a week. If I see a stunning white GS during my driving, I will assume that it is yours (especially if I get a chance to peek in the window and see that it is a rare 6-speed).

    Best of luck with the car. If any problems do arise, I sure would appreciate your posting them. It is a bit early in my ownership to have anything to report, but this forum would be a good place to compare experiences. I bought my car in part because of the many positive posts that appeared in this forum. I thank all the former posters for taking the time to express their opinions, and share their experiences. It was certainly one of the most positive collections of posts I read about cars, and I was looking at several (Q45, Maxima SE, etc.) before honing in on the Legend. It seems that many of the original posters are enjoying their cars too much, and not posting any more. Perhaps it is time for another group of owners to carry on the tradition, and propagate the Legend.
  • therhinotherhino Posts: 21
    Just some food for thought, a few months ago I sold my 91 Legend with 172,000 miles for $1900 (I paid $7500 for it five years earlier). It was white,4-door,L model I think...leather cracked up badly, had to do the 'remove the fuse trick' to 'fix' the ABS, etc. Started to have problems wanting to get hot, etc. Anyway, I loved the car for the five years I had it, but maintaining it got expensive.

    Tomorrow morning there is a guy coming over to look at the 87 Legend I am selling. Asking $1200, still runs great, 235,000 miles, 5 speed,4-door. It's in great shape for a 14 year old car, had it for five years too and paid $2800 for it. Point of this story... I just went through all my copies of repairs I had my local and affordable mechanic do, and it added up to almost $5000 over the past 4 years.(including AC comp.,new clutch, top half engine rebuild (timing belt broke while driving- interference design) a lot of brake work, etc. Both Legends were a lot of fun to drive and overall were still cheaper than monthly car payments, but just be prepared for high maintenance costs as you go. If I had a 3 car garage I would just keep the 87, after looking at what I've spent I probably should...

    By the way, be careful of estimates from your Acura dealer. Mine here in Ft.Myers, Florida quoted me $2800 for repairs to my 87 Legend to get rid of a persistent gas smell in the cabin (that's more than book value for the car!). They wanted to replace all the injectors, etc, etc. After two tries, my local mechanic was able to reroute some of the emission hoses and the smell has not come back. Also the car was still running great while it had the smell...

    Sorry for the long post, but maybe someone will get something out of it.
  • Would one of you be so kind as to look in your owner's manual to find out the maximum weight in a trailer that the car can tow? I personally don't have a manual and would like to know the specs. Please reply here.
  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    You should not tow more than 2,000 lbs (the tailer and everyting loaded in it).
  • VolareVolare Posts: 15
    Hey guys, I've been reading some of the posts. I'm getting a 90 Legend LS Coupe. Its a private owner but i'm taking it to my mechanic to have it checked out in 2 days. The car is absolutely loaded and i love it. I'm 17 and i really like this car. Anybody have anything that they want me to watch out for. My neighbors have a 88 legend sedan and they love their's. Wish me luck and hopefully i'll have a new car in 2 days. dan
  • About a year ago, My 1991 Legend overheated slightly. I noticed that the Overflow tank had overflowed, and the radiator was somewhat low. I added coolant to the radiator and all was well until now. Today, the car got hot after about 10 minutes of driving. Assuming the thermostat was stuck, I stopped. After about 10 minutes I started the car and all was well. I have heard of 1991 overheating problems that are similar and impossible to diagnose. A friend sold his car after several months of he and two dealers trying to find the problem. Any thoughts?
  • The AC compressor on my 1995 Legend coupe (6spd, 74,000 miles) just died. The Acura dealer says: "This is called 'Black Death'. You'll have to replace the whole system, compressor, evap core, EVERYTHING. Total cost should be about $2,500."

    $2,500?!?!? Has this happened to anyone else? It's August and I live in Austin, Texas, so fixing the AC is not an option, but, fer crying out loud, $2,500? Anybody else have to replace their whole system just because the compressor dies?
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    Did you get a second opinion??? I would...
    The AC compressor on my '96 RL went out, but I found a used one (via for $120 and had it installed by my mechanic ($120 including R-134).
  • The AC died on my 91 Legend, it was about $1700 as I recall, and the work was done by the Acura dealer in Laurel, MD. My problem started with the compressor leaking oil. I don't recall them saying they replaced the whole system. That sounds kind of severe.
  • rb15rb15 Posts: 3
    dear group
    i have a 95 acura legend ls which i dearly love.
    have had ir six years with minimum problems.
    one very bad problem though is that every few months when i turn the key the starter won't turn over. the dash board lights come on and the battery is strong--it just wont start. if i turn the key dozens of times ,it will finally start.the dealer has looked at it several times and doesnt have a clue.any ideas? thanks
  • I just drove my 1993 LS Sedan 180 miles roundtrip today. My advice is to buy this car if you can find one. My car still performs and rides like a new car after all these years.
  • VolareVolare Posts: 15
    I have had my 90 Legend LS coupe now for about a month and love it. Its the older style so it only have the 24v 2.7 L V-6 with about 160 of both torque and horsepower but it moves pretty good with the 5 speed. my car overheated once when i got stuck on the highway with construction. I turned it off but then remembered the heating thing and turned that on and it was fine. I tried to overheat it again by parking it in the driveway after driving it and it being warmed up and letting it idle with the a/c on but it stayed cool. I think i'm going to replace the thermostat though cause i have a new one and see what that does. Other than that a great car and that is very minor. My 90 had about 130k on it but was loaded and i paid 4 grand.
  • I have stumbled across a 1992 Acura Legend Coupe LS. 90,000 miles, 5 speed, loaded, black on black. Seller has stated that the timing belt/water pump has not been done, Throttle Body has been replaced 3 times (CEL on), and ABS light is also on. Am I looking at some serious money for fixing these items? The car is in very good condition and he is asking $8600. I want to use this as a daily driver so I am looking for a reliable vehicle. Is this a good deal or something to stay away from? Thanks!
  • I had a similar problem with my 92 Legend LS, which was driving my wife, mechanic, and local Acura dealer nuts. Finally discovered that there was a dead spot in the ignition switch caused by the wear of the key being inserted in and out over the years (the switch would think the car was already running and not allow the starter to engage.) Anyway, after a new switch ($450.00 installed by my local mechanic), it appears to have solved the problem. One dead giveaway will be an ignition switch that's really fussy about having the key at at certain angle before the key will release. Good luck....
  • A local Saturn dealer has an '89 Legend L 4D for $2300. I don't have any other details yet. Any opinions on a Legend this old?
  • I found out this car has 166k miles. This is about 13-14 k/year. It's in very nice shape, but it is 13 years old.

    Any advice or suggestions? Thanks.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Have your mechanic check it out. You have to expect that any vehicle with that kind of mileage will have many areas of potential breakdown. I bought an '87 coupe in 1997 at 104K for $4500. In addition to brake pads, tires, muffler, and other wear-and-tear items, over time the distributor went out, speedo replaced (127K), motor mounts cracked, and the AT was overhauled (135K). ABS components needed replacement, but the service supervisor recommended disabling the system and relying on the four wheel discs - cost was prohibitive ($2K) and the system was technically obsolete. I also converted the AC to the non-CFC R-134 refrigerant, and had rust repair because of leaks into the trunk and passenger compartment. The leather was dried out, cracked, and some sections replaced with vinyl (!) - covered it with sheepskins. Lots of $$$ expended. All receipts were in the glove compartment and confirmed by the dealership that service and repairs were done on a regular basis (time and mileage).

    In general, the car ran well and was in good shape. Too bad it got "totaled" a few months ago. I miss that car!
  • donlinodonlino Posts: 28
    The engine temperature on my 93 Legend L (about 94,000 miles) shot up to almost the red mark. Not sure if it was the thermostat but we replaced it. About a week later it ran hot again. Turns out there was an air pocket since we didn't bleed the system after we added antifreeze.
  • Help, here are the symptoms:

    93 Legend 94,000 miles. Car starts to overheat on occassion. Engine also then begins to occasionally surge. It revs from back and forth from 1,000 rpm to 1,500 in park. No heat comes out of the air vents when engine temp begins to climb to an overheated situation. I shut the engine down before it ever hits the red zone.

    I replaced the thermostat a week ago and refilled the radiator with coolant. It ran hot again so I then bled the radiator hose from the valve on the top hose and everything was ok for a week. Then samething happens. Park the car and check a few hours later and the radiator is low. I refill and bleed again. The next day engine temp ok, heat working. After about three hours, I take the cap off of the radiator since it was not hot but cool, and there is a lot of pressure and the fluid shoots out. What is going on here? Why is this car overheating and yet no heat is produced when it does? I am at my whit's end. Any help greatly appreciated.
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