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2011 Hyundai Azera



  • The six-cylinder cars are probably not suited to a quick oil change place, as the engine cover must be removed and the oil filter is in a reusable canister. This is similar to the BMW six. The oil is ordinary 5W-20. As for the tranny, they use a partial-synthetic fluid and recommend changing it at about 40K miles. Good idea, as the fluid starts to wear out after this. It costs $150 at the dealer, well worth it.
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    Mossman 11,

    I wonder if the engine in the new Azera coming out in the States in 2012 ....the Lambda 2 and the 6 speed transmission would fit my 2006 Azera.??
    What do you think?
    Okat guys Im not nuts but my Azera has bigger sway bars,H&R lowering springs, 2009 shocks, tower bar, polyurethane bushings, custom made "Azera "
    emblems, dash kit in black, sirius radio, back -up camera , parrot blue tooth,
    cross drilled /slotted rotors. Led headlite rings,custom grill..THE CAR
    LOOKS MAGNIFICENT, and drives BEAUTIFULLY...corners flat as a pancake.

    I hate buying cars....the old good cop. bad cop routine..oh sezs the saleman I can get you xxxxxx$$$$$ for your car..let me talk to the manager...salesman comes back with....sorry the manger sez we can only give you yyyyy$$$ ( and that aint more than xxx gentlemen)
    screw it ...Id rather fix up my car and keep driving it till it stops altogether!! thank you
    very much..anybody had the above experience..nuts! I wonder who would tell me within the Hyundai organization if the new engine and tranny would fit. The "new"
    Azera coing out in 2012 in the US of A is the same car as the older models except
    for the grill and some cosmetics to the front end.
    cheers alymac
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    ;I cannot imagine the cost of buy a brand new engine, tranny, and all other ancillary items necessary to make this happen.

    If you hate buying cars that much, I'll gladly be your broker for a nominal fee. All you have to do is write the checks!
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
    edited March 2010

    According to Edmund's Inside Line, the 2011 Azera will have the Lambda 2 and Hyundai's new 6 speed transmission. Here's the link. So it's not just a cosmetic refresh.

    Per Inside Line: The 3.8-liter DOHC V6 in the 2011 Azera Limited also gets a horsepower bump, again thanks to the addition of variable valve timing on the intake side. The revised engine delivers an estimated 283 hp at 6,000 rpm and 263 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm — up from 263 and 257, respectively.

    Hyundai said it also expects fuel-economy gains with the bigger V6. The previous 3.8-liter V6 returned 17 mpg in city driving and 26 mpg on the highway, according to the EPA. The revised version is expected to return 19 mpg in city driving and 27 mpg on the highway.

    The 2011 Azera models also get a fuel economy indicator that displays a green light to indicate when driving habits are contributing to good fuel economy.
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    I don't know where they get their gas mileage figures, but, my "real life" driving numbers are ~20 city ~24 highway.

    Anybody else want to post theirs?
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    Mileage on our '06 Azera - per computer - is 21.2 for the over 3 years we have had the car. Winter drops that figure but it rises in summer, the car is garaged and is never warmed up before departing. Driving is 80% small town and suburban, and 20% freeway, all at 5 over the limit. In my experience, stop and go city driving absolutely kills the mileage. Conversely, we have attained 29/30 MPG at a 70 MPH cruise. My wife accelerates aggressively and brakes hard, while I hardly ever accelerate hard and coast a bit before braking - my mileage is about 2MPG better than hers on average.
    Your mileage may vary.
  • brf8845brf8845 Posts: 8
    I've gotten as high as 28mpg on the Hgwy but yesterday on a 20 highway mile trip I got 30.1 mpg. I usually get 18mpg in the city.
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    OK, guys - this really should be in another (pre-year) forum, but here's the deal: if you're using gasoline that has been - mmm - "enhanced" with 10% ethanol, you're going to get 10% *LESS* gas mileage, that's just a fact. In my '08 I get a consistent 28mpg on the highway, even if I cruise around 76-78 if I'm burning 100% gas, only about 25 or 26mpg when I'm burning corn-enhanced fuel. If I take a 100 mile Interstate only journey, I can easily get 30mpg at 70 when burning the real stuff. YMMV of course, void where prohibited and all that... :shades:
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    Ethanol has less "oomph" than gasoline, therefore, lesser mileage/gallon, but the corn-producing states' politicians and the Greens have LOTS of "oomph"...
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    The politicians and the greenies have lots of gas, foul smelling.
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    Yeah, a Bush deal that is going to help us be less dependent on "foreign" oil. What most folks don't know, other than ethanol get us LESS gas mileage, is most of our oil is imported from Canada!!!!!!

    I love (really hate) how they always use the Asian cartel as the bad guys here. We're saving a stinking butterfly from existance as to not drill in Anwar which is nothing but a 95 million acre waste land....... who the hell are we saving the oil for? A butterfly? They don't need oil...... they use air power....... gawd, it's endless how much crap Washington feeds us and expect us to keep swallowing it down like the kool-aid they sell it as.....

    I'll stop my rant now and save you all from how I feel in totality :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    How about we stop ALL of the off-topic ranting, and stick to discussing the 2011 Azera. Mixing politics into these discussions usually ends in tears and teeth gnashing, so it's best to avoid it.

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  • bmb1767bmb1767 Posts: 63
    I agree, Kirstie. But some people have some much fun playing everything on Bush!
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    Yep,I come to these forums for discussions on cars & issues related to cars. I don't want to read another Left v. Right fight fest.
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    My bad, I was talking about gas mileage in general, not politics. I'm not allowed to talk about politics. ;)
  • beegee4beegee4 Posts: 4
    When you installed the lowering springs did you have to change tire size? I would be concerned that the front tires might scrape the fender while turning and going over a bump. Can you tell me where you got the tower brace and polyurethane bushings? Did you do the work yourself? If so, what problems did you have? I put new KYB shocks in the back and had to use a torch to get the old ones off. How has your mods effected the overall ride quality? Any insight would be helpful.
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    I used H&R lowering springs which I bought from a distributor in Richmond, B.C.
    (Canada). I did not have any suspension problems re fender scrape etc. I also
    used shocks from the 2009 Azera. The ride is stiffer but I like it it..and it corners much better. On a rough road it ist not as forgiving but on good roads it rides
    beautifully.Tower bar came from though I have a hard time lately
    getting thru to David Lee. I aslo bought the polyurethane bushings from his ffirm
    amd larger sway bars with similiar bushings. often drive to Chilliwack..approx 7 hour drive with the wife or 5 1/2 to 6 by see my kids. Car runs and corners very well. looks a heck of a lot better...stance wise.

    If Hyundai had made the roof line a bit lower and dumped the econo instrument panel .cheapo....the car would have sold much better in Canada....... no longer sold in Canada

    A question to you .do you think a re-designed Azera for 2012 will be made..the 2011 is just a dressed up front end from the 2009
    Mine is a 2006
    Cheers Alymac
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    Hey did not change tire size,....alymac
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    Where did you find the KYB shocks? Did you install them yourself? How much were the shocks?
  • beegee4beegee4 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure Kspec is operating and I don't see any Azera parts. I suspect that the most important elements are the lowering springs and the newer shocks. I'll keep an eye on the site and see if I can get a tower bar.
    Do I think that there will be an Azera in 2012? The Azera fills a segment, but doesn't sell well. If you look at the pricing of the Genesis, it looks like they are pricing it with a range that is large enough that the lower end of the pricing is close to the upper end of the Azera. Also the engine and transmission are the same. It wouldn't surprise me to see them drop the Azera if the Genesis sales are brisk enough. Another factor to consider is the development cost. Hyundai has put a lot of money into developing the Genesis and Equus in a tight market. Not sure that Hyundai would put money into developing a new Azera when sales are down and the Genesis can fill the void. Just my opinion.
    Thanks again for the information.
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