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Mazda MPV



  • In a past MPV topic, Tailgate Tails, I believe, the leaning of some (or all) of these vans was discussed at length. I seem to remember one of us owners came up with the possible explanation for this. This owner had decided the van leaned a bit because of mechanical equipment on that side which was heavier than the other side. Simple, and it very well could explain the situation.

    tboner: Any thoughts on this?
  • I picked up my ES last week and I live it. I drive around the block to the dairy for a gallon of milk, when I used to walk. Of course I also open the moonfoof and lower the rear windows and wait for a good song to play. My neighbor says I'm enjoying my multi purpose vehicle just a little too much...
    Anyway, to share my pricing information with you all, I got the 4 seasons, fogs, roof rack, 6 cd changer, and power moon. I got the $1,000 rebate and an additional $700 for the dealer meeting his quota's. He had a nice inventory & i didn't know about the $700. MSRP was $28,500, invoice was $25,800 and my cost was $24,100. I have the sand mica w/beige's a beautiful machine, as many of you already know!
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    I've used too many brain cells actually doing my job today.

    Geeze, what a waste of good goofing off time work is!

  • jb03jb03 Posts: 31
    PCM is the program control module which controls the operation of the engine. I believe posts from Tailgate Tales indicated a recall to reprogram the module. I believe this only affected earlier mfr. date models. I think the only item outstanding that may affect my van (mfr date 4-1-00) is the bumper recall.


  • meimameima Posts: 5
    HI! Thanks everyone for all this great info! We need a van ASAP as I am due with my third child in a few weeks! We now have 2 old Toyotas and have loved them, and have been looking into getting a Sienna. However money is so tight for us and the 2000's are gone--2001's are almost $24,000. We were hoping to stick more around $20,000---
    I have liked what I have heard on this site about the MPV's..except for the problems :) I think this is the way we will go..have also considered Plymouth or Dodge but from what I can see here most people feel that the MPV will prove to be more reliable in the long run. (Is this the first year for the MPV??)
    We live in northern NJ--anyone have any dealer they reccomend? I am thrilled to see people are getting invoice minus $1,000 minus another $750 or so customer rebate and am hoping to do as well.
    Thanks for any help---by the way we would love an LX but for affordability may have to settle for a DX ..with 4-seasons--I did learn alot here :)...thanks!!!!
  • I'm in a bind here. I'm not sure if I'd be better off making a deal today since it's the last day of the month, or waiting until the 6th and hoping for incentives. It's like rolling the dice at this point. I'll probably just hold off and wait for the 6th.
  • auerbachauerbach Posts: 110
    We bought our MPV from East Coast Toyota/Mazda on Route 17 in Wood-Ridge. Our salesperson was Rich Sobka - very nice guy. Its a very busy dealership.
    We went on a Monday night and the place was crawling with people. They have a large inventory of MPV's (at least 30 when we went). We found what we wanted, negotiated a good price (about $1000 below invoice, using the dealer incentive)and took it home the same night, all prepped and with a full tank of gas.
    Good Luck!
  • Thanks auerbach for your help!! I didn't realize the DX is not available with the 4-seasons it enought to get the Dx with the Power Pack option (since money is an issue)...or do we really need to go for the LX to get the 4-seasons??? Thanks everyone!
  • We had considered a DX with the Power package, but moved up to the LX because of the ABS and a few other standard items. If you can find an LX with few options, the price difference between a DX with the power package and a near "base" LX is not that much.
    Our LX doesn't have the 4 seasons package. The only options we have are rear air, floor mats, rear cargo net and 3-1 stereo.
    I don't think too many were made like this. When we were looking, another couple had their eye on the one we were test driving. We just got to the dealership a few minutes earlier and lucked out I guess.
    Obviously it all boils down to what you want and can afford.
    Good luck.
  • A few months back, a local dealership had a couple of LXs with the only options being fog lamps and floor mats. I've never seen any before, nor have I seen any since. I think they *are* very rare. Personally, since I like manual windows, I would like to have a DX with just the dark tint windows and cruise control, but they don't build them that way.

    The price of a 2000 LX with no options and current rebates/incentives could be around $18.8k, versus the $17k I've seen strippo DXs advertised for. If you can find an LX with little or no options, it's the way to go.
  • I don't know if this is helpful but...while I was shopping for my ES I went to Flemington Mazda. They had a lot of MPVs, roughly 3 weeks ago. They would have sold an ES for $1000 below invoice, using the the dealer incentive. See my entry above...somewhere. I didn't buy there only because it was over a hour from my house and I got a comparable arrangement closer.
    They seem to have a good inventory to choose from.

    It would seem to me you would be better off waitng until after the 5th. The incentives may even be better since the '01s will be out soon.

    Good is a nice vehicle, so far. No problems.
  • I understand that the new incentives will be announced tomorrow (hopefully). If I call Mazda Customer Service, they will tell me what they are. The question that I have is how do you find out if there is a factory to dealer incentive if Customer Service won't tell you. I asked and they said that they wouldn't tell me and that it's up to the dealer to tell.

  • Help! We are in the market to buy a convertable car seat. Do any of you have suggestions on which convertable car seats fit best in the second row.
  • I've noticed many people recommend the 4 seasons package. We just had a salesman tell us that it is mainly sold up North where it is colder than here in Alabama/Georgia. Is this true? Would the rear a/c be sufficient for cooling without 4 seasons?
  • The 4 seasons package is not meant for cooling. It is for HEATING PRIMARILY AS I UNDERSTAND IT.
    The Mazda brochure describes exactly what it includes and the features refer to under the hood items, such as heavy duty battery.
  • We didn't get the 4-seasons pkg. and regret it!
    Here's why: The pkg. includes larger radiator, rear heat, larger windshield washer capacity, heavy duty rear defrost, and auxillary transmission cooler. If you have rear a/c, you can't adjust the temperature (only the fan speed) without the rear heat. Our rear a/c is freezing cold and we regret not being able to adjust it's temperature. The 4/s pkg. is the only way to fix that problem. Also, consider this: The engine is probably underpowered and the tranny works pretty hard sometimes. The auxillary cooler that comes with the 4/s pkg. should help the tranny last longer. For only $344.00 extra (invoice pricing), I believe it's worth every penny -IMHO! Cheers.
  • I can't believe it. Just talked to Mazda Customer Service. The said that the current incentives are now good through October 31. She said that she thinks the 2001's will be out early November. I thought it was late September. Almost every manufacturer has killer incentives right now to sell their vans. I just don't get it. The MPV's just sit on the lot and don't move. With no incentives, why would I buy a 2000 model now? It's silly. I test drove a Grand Voyager SE on Saturday and they were willing to offer it to me for $22,000. It had over a $28,000 sticker price. I'm gonna heavily consider it.

  • After following the MPV discussions for a long time and hoping for for the 3.0 engine in the 2001 model, we conceded defeat and bought an ES a few days ago. It's our first minivan, and the comments in the MPV topics have been very helpful and reassuring.
    Our van is a green ES with the following options: 4 seasons; roof rack, fog lights, 3 in 1 stereo, rear bumper protector and luggage tray (whatever you call the liner in the luggage area - we have a dog who sheds). Price was $23,900 including delivery fee, not including tax and registration. I think I could have gotten it for a little less but I was under spousal pressure to close the deal pronto! Delivery is in the next few days. Dealer was Mazda Gallery in Norwood, Mass.
    We have 2 young kids who are very excited. Our current car is a 1992 basic Taurus wagon and this is a big step luxury-wise. My only real gripe is that the driver's seat has no power adjustment, which seems lame for the high end model. My wife is about 5' and I am 5'8" on a good day so there will be a lot of readjusting whenever we switch. My wife is also disappointed that the passenger doors are not power operated, but they feel pretty light to me, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm looking forward to joining the Cruisers' Club. Thanks again to all the detailed posters in these forums.
  • Just for the sake of it, I called Mazda Customer Service back and asked about the incentives again. This time they told me that there was a $1,000 customer rebate. I hope they are right this time. Still not sure if they are continuing with the $1,000 dealer incentive.

  • jb03jb03 Posts: 31
    Congrats on your new purchase. An ES with the options you indicated for $23,900? Sounds like you got a good deal for a little more than $1,000 below invoice. For the sake of other posters in the process of buying, were the dealers in your area willing to give both the $1,000 dealer incentive and Mazda financing?

    Thanks for any additional info you can share and welcome to the club.

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