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Mazda MPV

tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
And I get the first "real" post.

Thanks KarenS,



  • lhaygood1lhaygood1 Posts: 7
    The 2000 MPVs have been out long enough now that there are a scattering of used ones appearing. I've been thinking about getting one new or used. There's a used ES with about 18,000 miles advertised at $21,999. Supposed to be "loaded" -- not sure what all the options are but I know it has a moonroof. Any thought on buying new v. used? Also, what price would make this a good deal (assuming it's in good condition, mostly highway miles, etc.)?
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    Since the new ones for sale are pretty well discounted you should be able to get a good price.

    Ask the dealer the question, why should I pay $22K for a new one when your invoice price on a new one comparably equipped is about $24-25K before any rebates are considered.

    My gut tells me that with about 20K miles the price of the van should be around $20K plus tax tags and title.

    I'd make a strong case the following way.

    Get the option list on the used van, figure the invoice price of a new one with those features, then offer not more than 82% of invoice, minus any current rebates since that generally reduces the trade values of all vehicles. Figure a lifecycle of 100K miles, it has 18K miles so it's 18% used up.

    Let's figure that if the van is truly loaded then invoice might be around $25K, if there is a $1K rebate, then a new one "costs" the dealer about $24K, so 82% of 24K is about $19.7K, so I wouldn't go much higher than $20.5K just on the van. If you can wait, then tell them your offer is good for so many days (say the 30th of June) and maybe they will sell it to you.

    I'm not a car professional, so there are probably many ways to figure it. That is what I figure the van is worth to me, if it is a perfect vehicle. What it is actualy worth to you depends on the condition, color, and the state of your current transportation.

    None of that considers a trade. If you can, just buy the van without trading.

    My $0.02


  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    Didn't complete the thought.

    If I liked the vehicle, I'd open at $19.7K if there was a $1K rebate on the new ones (assuming the new invoice of $25K) If there were no rebate the numbers may go up about $800, but this gives you one way to (in a purely mechanical way) determine A value for the used vehicle.

    Not necessarily THE value, but a reasonable starting point. This is what a used vehicle is worth to you, 82% of the wholesale cost of a new one today.


  • bugabooxbugaboox Posts: 23
    kondo: thanks for the tip! I will try that next test drive.

    elvis_hoo: I agree with you. I want the brakes to work, effectively and consistently. Rear drum or rear disc deep down are not that important. I've noticed a lot of the car reviewers and car magazines are interested, and comment positively, only on the latest and greatest technological advances that are going into cars today. I rarely see comments about reliability and affordability (except maybe in Consumers Digest and the like), two things I think their readers would be very interested in. The greatest disc brakes in the world aren't any good to me if they're part of a defective batch from the brake manufacturer!

    A couple of other comments about my first test drive: the saleslady, who was very nice but very new, said to put a 3/1 stereo in the MPV would cost about $300 (all they had on the lot were CD's and CD changers). That still doesn't sound right to me given the MSRP on the 3/1 stereo is $150 from several sources, including Edmunds. Also, driving on a hot day at noon in Houston, the A/C did a good, but not great job. But I think she should have rolled down the middle windows to let some more of that heat out. I did like the rear A/C blowing on my neck when I sat in the middle row, and my wife could feel it all the way up in the driver's seat. I just don't see now how you can live without it in hot climates (and I don't see any MPV's on the lots here without it!).

    She also said she would have no problem getting us an MPV in sapphire blue or sand mica, but that the teal would be difficult, that it was not a popular color. What's the latest you're hearing on color availability?

    We're also looking at the Montana short wheelbase and the Subaru Forester (just in case 4'11" wife can't park big minivan in garage). We looked at Saturn LW2 but the tilt wheel in its most upright position still impeded my big knee when trying to hit the brake. That could be a problem, you know?

    In the next couple of weeks, I will rent wife a Venture or Montana short wheelbase (almost identical size to an MPV) to let her practice putting in and pulling out of garage. Anyone know of anyplace to rent an MPV, esp. in Houston area? Also, any comments about the other cars we're looking at would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • bugabooxbugaboox Posts: 23
    With the article I posted before, I was trying to make the point that as early as September 99, Mazda was saying that a 3.0 liter was in the works for model year 2001. I hope they stay true to that comment, because I think it will benefit all potential MPV buyers, even those who don't want the bigger engine!
  • dcoldcol Posts: 6
    I'm 5'2" and have no trouble parking the MPV-- I did have to learn to trust the front end since I can't see where the front of the van ends. We considered similarly-priced large sedans as well as the MPV, and it has a smaller footprint than anything else we considered. It also takes up less room in the garage than my husband's 1988 Taurus we traded-in. I also think it's about 3-4 inches narrower than the short Venture (but the same length).

    Our dual-air MPV "sleeps" in the garage and has no trouble keeping us cool out here in 100+ degree West Texas, but our humidity is nothing like Houston.
  • Er, make that three...

    1) Thanks TBoner for all the excellent posts..

    2) Anyone know more about the 3.0 litre in 2001?? We'll have 3 kids & 2 adults on trips. In the test drive, the van seemed a bit to eager to shift.

    3) The only other thing I can see needing would be a split back seat. Don't know if that's possible with the tumble under

    uh.. make that four..

    4) How `bout power controls to vent the rear window. Does anyone else find they need the feature on the MPV??

    The wife and I keep coming back to this van, and think it'll be the one for us. My biggest concern was/is the engine. But then she drives a `87 Tercel wagon, so any more power is great, but how `bout durability..
  • scrapplescrapple Posts: 3
    Am trying to buy MPV LX but only one available doesn't have the 3 in 1 audio that I really want.
    Salesman doesn't know if it can be added, service guy isn't in.... Anybody have info? Many thanks, this forum is great.
  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    I noticed that Hertz was starting to rent the MPV.

    If you want a picture of the teal send me an email I will forward you a pic of mine. I like it but then again Im weird.
  • The three in one audio can be swapped in NP! They can't locate one nearby? Good luck with the deal!
  • kondokondo Posts: 9
    scrapple: I waited for the 3 in 1, IMO it was worth the wait!

    bugaboox: it cost us 129 to uprade to the 3 in 1 (our dealer matched the cars direct site price)
  • bugabooxbugaboox Posts: 23
    msgjvh: I'll call Hertz again here. The rental people are almost as bad as the new car dealers, you know more about their cars than they do! Thanks for the offer, there's a great picture of the teal in the MPV brochure.

    kondo: Thanks for the info. Since I live in Texas, where you cannot buy from anyone but a licensed dealer BY LAW (no CarsDirect, etc.) Probably will have to dicker on every little detail or just use AutoByTel or DealerNet or Carpoint.
  • scrapplescrapple Posts: 3
    Steeplejack...What does NP mean? Sorry to be so dense!
  • cimccabecimccabe Posts: 9
    We are about to purchase a MPV LX (Rainforest Green) with the Security Package and the 4-Seasons Package, plus fog lights, roof rack, cargo net, and 3-in-1 radio. I was quoted $21,125 for this car.

    I can't decide whether the rear a/c is worth getting. I live in Phila. Do the rear vents work with the regular a/c? Is the regular a/c adequate given my location and climate?

    Also, what are the current rebates/incentives on the MPV. I know about the low financing. Autopedia also lists a "dealer incentive" of $1000 per car, as does Edmunds. But Kelley Blue Book lists a customer incentive of $500 to $1300 depending upon certain conditions being met.

    I have been told by various dealers that I can get low financing or $1000, but not both. But the prices I've been quoted seem to be below the dealer's cost (factoring in only one $1000 incentive and the holdback of 2% of base MSRP) which leads me to believe that the there is currently both a dealer incentive and a customer incentive. Can someone help me out here?

  • marcbmarcb Posts: 152
    Hi bugaboox, read your post with interest. there used to be a topic on this but it got frozen.

    My wife is an inch shorter than yours (4'10"), so i just though to share with you on this.

    Of all the vans we've tested my wife also finds the MPV's driving best for her. We both like it very much and is our current top choice. We think it has the best visibilty, maneuverability / parkability, and driving position for shorties. But it could be better.

    Watching her closely I could see that she is still unable to rest the heel of her foot on the floor while stepping on the pedals. If you really think of it, she should be booster seat fodder (ha ha).... just check those booster seat requirements and anyone below 4'11 is.

    So we are still waiting to see how the extendable pedals of the coming 2001 DC vans will suit her (and the DC power rear lift gates will probably be good for her).

    The only other van with the extendable pedals would be the Windstar. But it would be too big for her and has even worse reliability record.

    Personally we dont care too much about the DC vans so we are keeping as last option adding fixed pedal extenders on the mpv if the DC van overall doesnt cut it.

    Heres some links I've found just in case you are interested:


    Good luck and I sincerely hope you have better luck with the mpv than we do.

  • todd48todd48 Posts: 22
    cimccabe- Wow! That's an amazing price they're quoting you. Here's the comparison to our MPV LX, which we bought in March. Ours is an LX with Security package and rear air...nothing else. And we paid around $21,250. That price was invoice + $150 minus the $1000 incentive (essentially $850 below invoice) Considering yours with 4 seasons is about $100 less than mine, BUT factoring in the cargo net, roof rack, fogs and 3-in-one radio ($700-$800 in accessories) that is an unbelievable price--way, way below invoice. I say jump on it!

    marcb- My wife is also 4'10" and she loves the MPV...she has no problems driving it or reaching the pedals. BTW: I'm 5'10 and I can't see the front of the van either. One thing I've noticed though is that when I'm in the passenger seat with out baby in her infant seat behind me, even with the seat all the way back, my knees seem to nearly hit the dashboard. Because the placement of the dashboard is so low, if I have the seat close, my knees always hit it. Has anyone else noticed this?
  • waters4waters4 Posts: 1
    My current old van (Dodge Caravan) has the automatic rear windows and I love this feature. I'm in Northern Calif, so don't need to use the AC much, but I love being able to open or close the rear windows at will from the drivers seat.
  • blondemom1blondemom1 Posts: 90
    Yep, having rear windows that open with power is a great feature. Maybe a future MPV will also have FAR rear windows that have power too. :)

    I just love having the second row windows that open. One of the main reasons I never liked mini-vans, other than they weren't "cool" enough, was that the second and third rows seemed too closed in and stuffy. I love the fresh air, and only use the AC when it is very hot. I love opening up the moonroof, putting down the windows a couple of inches each, cranking up a CD, and taking off.

    About the stereo: I got the new Matchbox 20 CD a week or so ago, and it sounds great on this stereo. I played it in my husband's F250 crew cab and the CD absolutely didn't sound the same. The sound just sort of blended together, and you couldn't hear the individual instruments like in the MPV. Life is good!
  • agncommagncomm Posts: 1
    We took the plunge and got our MPV a week ago. We orded a Silver ES 4 weeks earlier (the model we wanted was already in port in Tacoma) from Elmer at Libertyville Mazda (IL). A great experience. When it came down to signing the papers, Elmer actually informed me that the final price worked out to be less(by about $75)than he quoted me 4 weeks earlier! The fantastic customer service and no BS attitude at this dealer is worth a long drive for all you Chicago area peaple.

    We simply found the best prices by surfing the web, then called the local dealers in our area to see if they could meet our web price. Many said "your crazy" and they lost our business. Elmer said "sure" and we settled on price and ordered over the phone. Painless.

    We paid Invoice price, minus the $1000 incentive plus $100 ("profit"),ie. $900 under invoice price.

    We immediately took our new baby on the road to Minneapolis (a 1000mi round trip). The car performed very nicely and is exteremely comfy. Slightly sluggish in city driving with the a/c cranked (I was trying to keep up with my uncle's Jaguar) but after all, it IS a minivan! Our gas milage on the first 3 tanks was 22 mpg, 19mpg and 22 mpg, much of it highway, most of it with ac on (it was hot that weekend), however we could not use cruise control and were advised to constantly vary the speed for the first 1000mi due to the transmission breakin period. We enjoyed the huge windows and sunroof, great visibility, smooth ride and great 3/1 sound system (flippin from CD to cassette and back again is NICE). The wife and kids LOVE the van.

    Good luck to you all and drive safely.
  • drubin1drubin1 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,
    Picked up my rainforest green fully loaded LX on Saturday! I love it! My thanks to everyone in the Town Hall for the great advice and helpful information. The day we picked up the car, I asked the salesperson about the 3.0 engine. He informed me that it would not be available until 2002, for what it's worth. We talked about Mazda's new Tribute, and he said that was a "honey" of an SUV and very powerful! He said he was going to buy one for his wife. That's the information I received on the larger engine. Hope it helps!
  • NP=No Problem. Didn't mean to be so cryptic.
  • Why could you NOT use cruise during your first 1000 miles trip?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Most engines require varied driving during first 500 miles rather than a constant speed such as being in cruise. I understand that it helps seal the rings on the pistons
  • cak4cak4 Posts: 1
    After months of information overload, we finally bought a Mazda MPV. Here's what we discovered along the way:

    According to Mazda, the Tribute has been backed off to a late August to early September arrival. The 2001 MPV should arrive shortly thereafter. On paper, the 200hp V6 Tribute engine gets better gas mileage than the MVP. Mazda said they don't know if it's the same engine that will find its way to the MPV.

    We haven't had any power complaints, though we also haven't loaded the van down with six people.

    With the popularity of the Odyssey, the MPV should continue to sell around invoice. You will still have to shop around. Some dealers in our area wouldn't dip to our prce.

    We thought about the entertainment system, but discovered that for $100 more than the Mazda price, we could get one aftermarket that includes wireless headsets and TV receprion.

    We found that straight ES models were hard to come by in the St. Louis area. Many were loaded with ad-ons.

    We paid $23,024 for a White ES with 3-in-1 stereo/CD/cassette as the lone option. The deal was actually $23,213, but I refused to pay the $189 "Customer Services Fee", so they backed the sell price off $189 and included the fee on the paperwork. After dealer incentives, we figure we paid $125 over base invoice. Three other dealers in the area wouldn't accept our price.

    We really like the van and feel that its fit and finish are nicer than that of the Odyssey, if you can accept a slightly smaller interior.
  • crvelacrvela Posts: 2
    Has anyone purchased their MPV in the DFW Texas area? I was wondering where I could get the best deal and the most cooperation from a dealership. If you have had a good (or terrible) experience in this area, please let me know. Also, what should I expect to pay for the LX model? I just now started looking at MPVs, so I'm new at this. Any help would be appreciated.
  • zmurphyzmurphy Posts: 2
    I'm only about a week into this but here's what I have a quote on:
    2000 ES w/4 Seasons/Moonroof/foglights/roofrack/
    $24,914 (net of $1,000 rebate) tax not included.

    Previous posts indicate a sluggish engine which
    has me a bit nervous...I'm coming out of a
    Trooper (roomy) and those backseats look small.

  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    Given the $1000 rebate I believe you can go to Roseville Mazda and beat that price by no less than $500 bucks. See Dave Barnes. Yes its a bit of a drive but well worth it. I wouldnt worry about the size of the back seats. I have had five kids back there they love it. Five adults in the back will have trouble in any van. BTW Troops are nice I want one for myself in about two years when I trade cars. I think they are better than the popular Rodeo and don't they get better mileage than the Rodeo?
  • bugabooxbugaboox Posts: 23
    Has anyone given any thought to this possibility: if Ford owns 1/3 of Mazda, and GM and DC sell short wheelbase minivans, would Ford consider taking the MPV, rebadging it with its own brand name, and selling it as a short wheelbase alternative to the Windstar to have two sizes of minivans in its stable? Just a thought...
  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    Ford has a short wheel base van. Its called the Mercury Villager and its made my Nissan under the badge of the Quest. If it wasnt for the poor safety results I would have bought one two years ago. Plus they are are kinda small inside lots smaller than the MPV.
  • salsa2salsa2 Posts: 1
    crvela, the invoice price for the lx model is 20,210 and 22,115 msrp. be aware that sometimes is difficult to get an lx model without some kind of package. good luck.
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