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Mazda MPV



  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    $650 for fogs is insane. Your headlights shouldn't cost that much. I'd opt for some nice Hella brand lights. They're some of the best on the market, and won't cost anywhere near $650.

    Regarding the cargo mat. I was going to purchase one for $99, but went to PepBoys and bought one for $20. I have it slid under the third row seats when the third row is up. Okay, it's not custom fit, but it's a rugged rubber unit with fairly high sides that can catch and hold a bunch of junk that may spill back there when I carry stuff. This might do the trick for you, I dunno.

    Also, does anyone know if there is an additional evaporator in the rear when you have rear a/c? I thought there was, but I saw a post to the contrary before. I thougth it was located in the right side quarter panel.


  • dapontdapont Posts: 21
    Susquehanna Motor Sports stocks Hella Micro DE foglights which should fit nicely behind the foglight escutcheons on the MPV. They cost as little as $115.00 for a kit of two.
  • cyclerklmcyclerklm Posts: 26
    WeatherTech (also known as MacNeil Automotive) offers custom cargo liners for 2000 MPVs. There are two styles... one fits into the rear well, and the other covers the flat cargo floor when the 3rd seat is stowed. Both have vertical lips and are available in black, tan or gray. They are kind of expensive.

    I don't have one, but am considering it. Anybody have a WeatherTech cargo liner?
  • dispatch1dispatch1 Posts: 30
    The top says you can view the product in the van.
    Doesn't happen with any of the browsers I own (Internet destroyer, and Netscape). I just get the order form.
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    Perhaps they mean for you to order it first and see how it looks in your van :)


  • kellyannekellyanne Posts: 5
    I live in Florida and the dealer acted like I was crazy to request the 4 seasons package. He said it was only if you're going to be doing a lot of towing. He said otherwise it's useless even in the heat here. Anyone else heard this line (or know if it's true?)
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    In terms of radiator capacity, generally speaking if more is better too much is just right. I'd rather have too much engine cooling capacity and not need it than need more cooling and not have it.
  • dispatch1dispatch1 Posts: 30
    My salesman thought it was a great package, but did say they probably should have called it the tow package instead. I dont think it's useless, otherwise I wouldn't have got it. How can you got wrong with the 4 seasons package? Short answer - you can't, and I don't care where you live.
  • bweinerbweiner Posts: 5
    Please remember that the salesperson will try to sell you what's in his/her lot. And if the feature is tough to track down, that's more incentive for the salesperson to convince you that you don't need it.

    My sales manager told me that the 4 seasons wasn't available. Then I got on the phone and found a bunch. Then after he was 'forced' to call around, he tried to get me to purchase one of the more loaded models.

    My mechanic said it was a no brainer, get the package. Bigger radiator, more cooling to the engine (remember it's underpowered) and transmission, and heavy duty rear defogger, all for less than $400. Come on, get real. If you're going to be keeping the car for more than 100K miles, you will need it. Especually in the South.
  • kellyannekellyanne Posts: 5
    I figured the dealer was trying to sell me what he has, and I wanted to validated my feeling that the 4 seasons was not only a good buy, but necessary for the heat. Thanks!
  • gaz2gaz2 Posts: 1
    We just bought a Black Mica ES last week, and we love it!! Thanks to everyone for all of your helpful comments.

    We didn't purchase the Mazda entertainment system, but we want to buy an aftermarket VCR to use for long trips. Has anyone purchased one that they are happy with? Is there one that fits as a console unit, or do you have to buy the one that hangs from the front headrests?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  • dispatch1dispatch1 Posts: 30
    You can purchase roof mounted systems from Rosen (MPV OEM supplier), or Audiovox. (Local installer here does either for about $1700 + tax.)

    Not sure if Steel Horse has one like that or not. Steel Horse does make the backpack (hangs from seats) and console units. I think their website is . They have a number of configurations available. I think the cheapest system is about $400.

    Some claim that roof mounted systems help avoid car sickness. How true this is, I don't know. A couple of friends of ours have seen our system and both liked it. One bought the steel horse backpack thing, the other is having a Rosen system installed in their suburban. The friend with the steel horse system loves it, if that helps.

    Basically, you can buy whatever you want, because all the various configurations are available aftermarket. How much you want to spend on it will more or less determine which you will get. I think the backpack idea is rather cool, since you can easily move it from vehicle to vehicle.

    Regardless of which system you end up with, your kids will LOVE it. You'll also enjoy the silence.
    (ie, no more "are we there yet?" every 5 miles) I have 4 kids, so I really enjoy the silence. ;) Good luck with whatever you decide to get.
  • dispatch1dispatch1 Posts: 30
    Opps. The steel Horse website is actually :

  • lgcannonlgcannon Posts: 1
    Well I got my brand spankin new 2000 Sand Mica Mazda MPV LX Wagon on July 1st. Love it so far, but still on my free gas; only 150 miles.
    I paid:
    Base Price $20,210
    Fog Lamps 215
    Mud Guards 56
    Rear Step Plate 43
    Roof Rack 172
    Rear Air (nice) 512
    3 in 1 Audio 129
    4 Seasons Pkg 344
    Security Pkg 946
    Transportation 480
    Advertising Fee 129
    Storage 65
    Subtotal 23,301

    Less Dealer Cash -1,000
    Dealer Profit 200

    My Cost 22,501

    Plus Zero Down and 0% Financing for 24 mo.
    That doesn't count sales tax 6.25% in Illinois document fees or license. I let them get away with that advertising fee and storage what ever that was for. I did see an invoice with those charges. At least he told me that the .09% financing that I expected was now as of July 1 zero down and 0% financing so I let him slide on advertising/storage. I don't seem to have a tilt or any shaking at 65-70 MPH or any wind noise. I hope my luck continues. Seems like I got a fair deal, but let me know if I was taken.
  • ndesmithndesmith Posts: 5
    Just want to thank everyone for all the info. We just picked up our Black LX with GFX. After hearing from one dealer that GFX was not available with the Lx we found a dealer that was willing to find us one. He quoted me $300 under invoice in addition to the $1000 rebate. But, I feared that
    the dealership wouldn't agree to that. But we went in and drove, without any pulling to the side, or problems with the engine. And the numbers were all as I had priced them. No advertising or bogus fees either. Our financing is through our credit union so no extra confusion there. I have never gotten such a good deal with so little effort. If you live in the Seattle area, be sure to try Milam Mazda in Puyallup.
  • doddhamdoddham Posts: 4
    Just got my MPV ES Sand Mica about a week ago and love it. In fact, both my wife and me like driving it better than our 1992 Mercedes.
    We purchased ours via internet ( This site will send out the vehicle you are looking for to several area dealers and the dealers will intern respond with their best offer. I ended up going to Jim Ellis Mazda (Marietta GA) and dealt with Jeff Boeser, internet consultant. He e-mailed me that they would sell the vehicle I wanted for invoice price (plus $199 documentation fee) and that Mazda was offering a $1000 factory rebate that would also be deducted. So we got the vehicle for essentially $1000 under envoice. And dealing with Jeff was the easiest purchase I have ever made - bar none. We got an ES with rear entertainment sys (with tuner), 3in1 radio, cargo mat, cargo net, and roof rack for the same price as an entry level Honda($26,565 including tag, tax, title - 6% tax).
  • timot30timot30 Posts: 2
    I am curious as to how many buyers had to pay the $480 destination charge. I read that many are paying a certain amt. under invoice or over invoice but this charge is not usually mentioned.

    Every quote I received was invoice price or a little under invoice but included a waiver of the destination charge. But only one offered some of the 1000 from Mazda.

    There are lots of ways to configure a deal and the 480 destination charge and any advertising fees or other charges certainly affect the bottom line.

    I only bring this up so that potential buyers realize these charges are very negotiable, something I didn't realize dealers would ever negotiate.

    It appears there is no reason anyone should pay more than invoice price for an MPV right now, or have to pay destination charge. The other minor fees such as advertising also seem to be negotiable. If you can also get some of the 1000 Mazda incentive and low financing, go for it.
  • auerbachauerbach Posts: 110
    I paid invoice plus destination, plus invoice for any options. I got the 1,000 dealer incentive, but not the special financing.
  • bugabooxbugaboox Posts: 23
    I'm interested in your internet deal, but the page you refer to is Mazda's global web site. I've been there plenty of times, but never ran across a buying service there. Am I missing something?
  • dickbobdickbob Posts: 2
    I'm working with a salesman whose dealership just bought the Mazda franchise from another dealer, so he is unfamiliar with the Mazdas plus he doesn't know what they have in stock. I inked a deal with him that didn't include the 4-seasons pkg and then asked him if he had a similar MPV with 4-seasons but told him it wouldn't be a deal breaker. This preface is to speak to his credibility. He said that when he sells Explorers, a heavy duty cooling system is meant for towing and that it can drain as much as 15% of the horsepower. Given that the MPV may be borderline underpowered, this may be a downside that should be considered. It also would take a toll on gas mileage. His opinion was that even if he had one in stock, I shouldn't get it. As a note, I'm in Virginia.
  • cyclerklmcyclerklm Posts: 26
    I have an LX with the 4-seasons package. In seven months of ownership, my mileage has ranged from a low of 19.4 mpg up to 24.4 mpg. My overall average has been 21.3. From reading other posts, this is on the high side of what many people are getting. So I'm still glad I got the package. It doesn't seem to be impacting my gas mileage.
  • dispatch1dispatch1 Posts: 30
    I think the 4 seasons package is worth it. There are discussions on this package further up, maybe 4 or 5 days ahead of this one.

    The buying service he's talking about at, is not a buying service per se. Go to the site, and "Build your Own". Once you have the vehicle the way you want it, you will have the option to send the info to 5 or 6 dealers who will then contact you with a quote. I used this service myself. It works out pretty well. A few days later (a week I think) Mazda asked me to rate each dealer as to who sent quotes, who contacted me, etc. from the dealers they listed. Seems like they are trying to really get it up and running.
  • dnamarteldnamartel Posts: 16
    Dickbob, I'm no expert, but that's got to be the the must uninformed opinion imaginable re: 4 seasons, to put it mildly. Its primarily an electric fan, more water capacity & transmission cooler. The engine load would be negligible. The A/C would put a bigger load on the engine. Remember, this 2.5L passenger car engine is shoving the MPV around, and darn well might qualify at "tow" level of duty.

    Hey Tboner, you know this stuff pretty well, what say you?
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    ...too big for my pillow :)

    A large cooling system should not put more load on an engine. The water pump can only pump a given volume of coolant per unit time (gallons/minute) Installing a larger radiator would not change this, it would simply allow the coolant to remain in the radiator longer, which should lower the coolant temperature more than if the same coolant passed through a smaller radiator.

    You friend with the Explorer story is probably pulling a number out of his rectal cavity, but there is some grain of truth. Remember, an Explorer is a RWD vehicle and may have a crankshaft belt driven fan. Depending on your age, you may remember when almost every car was RWD and you actually had belt driven fans. These fans sucked horsepower because they were always turning and moving air. Someone finally invented a heat sensitive clutch that the fan would "fully engage" if the temperature of the radiator rose to some level. Otherwise, the fan spun lazily, not robbing the engine of power.

    Ok, enough history, today probably all FWD cars have electric fans that are electronically controlled. They, like the upgraded mechanical ones, only turn on when they are needed. However, they do not use engine horsepower directly, rather they use electricity, produced from the alternator. But remember you car should always be producing electricity with a properly functioning alternator. While the alternator does experience more load, it is not anything near the load placed on the engine by a mechanical fan.

    If you place a great electrical load on the car, you can feel it slow down, but usually only at idle. Once the vehicle is moving two things occur. First, the alternator is turning faster, more easily generating electricty. Second, the vehicle is moving and there is natural air flow across the radiator, so the fan is no longer needed.

    So, no your cooling fan wont use 15% of your vehicles horsepower. Heck, if just a larger fan used 15% more horsepower, how many horsepower does the standard fan use? 15% of 170HP is about 25HP. That is 33,000 ft/lbs of work in 60 seconds times 25. I don't think so.


  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    My wife calls me today to tell me she "thinks" she has a small dent in the van and wants to know how to remove it. Boy was I pissed. If she wasn't afraid to walk a bit, she wouldn't have parked in some undersized parking spot with cars too close for comfort. While I haven't yet seen this "small" dent, and assuming I can access the inside of the door, has anyone ever tried to bang out a small dent with a rubber mallet from the inside of the door? There is no way I go to have it fixed and painted over at a body shop because, based on personal experience, that is the sure fire way to a deteriorating finish. Had van since February. Approx. 3700 miles.
  • dnamarteldnamartel Posts: 16
    Its going to be ok, bill24. Find a "Dent Wizard" in your area. No painting, perfect for your situation. I've had this done on my car on more than just dings. As long as the paint is not broken. They have a website, just put a .com after the name. Unless your really good, that rubber mallet will potentially cause more damage.
  • lcotelcote Posts: 1
    My husband and I just bought the MPV. We bought the MPV with less options in order to save $$. However, we are interested in getting the foglamps. The Dealer wants $490.00 installed. (I don't think so.......) I thought I read somewhere a web site that has these.... Can't find it now., and...I need to know which ones fit in these wholes., diameter, etc.
    Any ideas.... Thanks!
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Thanks for the reply. Never heard of them but sounds good. The ding is really small and the paint isn't broken so this may be okay.
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Called them. Said a small ding will probably run around $125 and probably less if it is real small, which I think mine is. Sounds great, though I haven't yet decided for sure whether, given the size of the ding, it makes sense to do it. Knowing that I can get things like that fixed without having to worry about the screw ups that repainting can cause gives me a great deal of comfort. Thanks again.
  • Clean dirt off the area, wet the rim of the plunger, cover, push in and pull. Have removed several dings in my days using this method. Never have damaged the metal or made a ding worse. Worth a shot, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Will save you $125 on up if it does.
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