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Chrysler Minivan Transmission Problems



  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    Of course, _was_ is the operative word. Transmission replacement costs were eating Chrysler alive - which is why the warranty _is_ now 3 years/36,000 miles, just like the Honda.

    If you want a longer transmission warranty, you need a Toyota or a Mazda.
  • dmarksondmarkson Posts: 2
    Of course there are more Chrysler transmissions over 100K than Honda because there are far more Chrysler vehicles made. My neighbor just bought a new GC so we'll be comparing stories over the next few years. They had a ton of trouble with their last GC, but they had a requirement that they have 3 seats available in the 2nd position and the Honda can't do that. I like the GC, our choice was down to the GC and the Ody. If the GC has such an improved tranny, they should be giving the 7/70 warranty and proving everyone wrong. That might have made a difference to me. The GC seats, looks and stereo are superior to the Odyssey IMHO. I haven't decided whether to go with an extended warranty on the Honda. I have not had one on the last 4 cars and it would have been a waste in all cases. However, if my '93 didn't have the 7/70 then I would have wished for the extended warranty!
  • greg116greg116 Posts: 116
    Our 1990 Dodge Caravan SE 3.0L 4-speed auto had the transmission problem, right before the warranty ran out. We took it to a repair shop... not sure of the name, think it was a tire place or something... in downtown Victoria, BC. They said they saw what was wrong and could repair it, and they did. The odo just recently rolled over to 170,000KM (can anyone do the conversion to miles for me???) and the tranny's never had a problem since. Engine's in good shape too. In fact, aside from normal wear and tear, it's been pretty nice. It's only left my mother stranded once with a dead fuel pump, but other than that its been great.
  • belgameesbelgamees Posts: 3
    I live in Europe (Belgium) and own a 96 dodge gran caravan se. At 70000miles transmission went bad. It wouldn't take al the gears anymore or stay constant in 3rd until you turn of the engine.
    Chrysler garage says they never heard of problems like that wanting to charge me 2700$ to fix the thing. I went to an automatic specialist (there aren't much around) That guy tells me it cost 1600$ to repair. He even states that the chrysler garage brings the transmission to him to rebuilt. Torqueconverter is blown. He shows me the new piece and tells me he immediately takes it to a welder to have the piece welded like it should. He also put 100% synthetic oil in it and I did not have one problem with it yet (110000miles). He even tells me that over 50% of his work is for chrysler transmissions, he even wished me good luck because I'll need it with that transmission. But besides that I've had and still have windshield wipers starting to wipe when they feel like it, the car vibrates when i brake, except when i brake very hard, then it doesn't do it. (changed brakes and disc several times without result) The belt tensioner just broke of one day. aircontioner went bad, now I'm having problems with the starter, sometimes i have to start it 3 or 4 times before it engages,I had to take off the car alarm because it would immobilise the car while I was driving, now recently the car hasn't a stable iddle (even just stalls now and then) I even had a fire in the cockpit, couldn't see anymore of the white smoke, turned of the car, it stopped smoking, but never found where it came from, never had it again.

    But besides that I can live with it.

    very disappointed dodge driver
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    70,000 miles is excellent service from a Chrysler 42TE transaxle - that's probably above the mileage at which most drivers start to have troubles. Supposedly, another design fix was put in place halfway through the 2000 model year that was to fix the problems, once and for all (of course, that doesn't necessarily explain the 11.5 model years that went by before that).
  • belgameesbelgamees Posts: 3
    The transmission blew at 70000, but it started not wanting to shift or just staying in one gear until I turn of the engine at 35000 miles. It had changed the oil and oil filter numerous times because the computer kept saying the oil was dirty
    It anoyed me for almost 2 years before it finally gave up on me.
    This was probably the best thing that could happen to it.
  • twgvantwgvan Posts: 1
    I've been told that Chrysler has addressed the transmission problems in the past year or so and that the failure rate is dramatically less than it was. Does anyone know if this is true? We are thinking about getting a new van to replace our 97 Voyager (the transmission just failed) and if that problem really has been addressed, we would consider buying another Chrysler van. But if it hasn't been fixed, I think we're headed in another direction - probably toward Honda. Thanks for any advice.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I was under the impression they did make some changes in the 98 MY, I think they even changed the letter designation for it (maybe that's all they changed!) My question would be is have they fixed the Honda transmission yet? Oh well at least it fails sooner so it would still be under warranty.
  • h20guyh20guy Posts: 64
    43% 1999 Honda accord transmission failure rate. Was there a recall? Where did you get your info. ? Please don't delete your post. Not trolling just asking.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    Personal acquaintances and collegues, I'd guess, with a sample size of about five.

    According to Consumer Reports, which collects statistical data from a larger sample pool (say, 50-100,000 times larger), the 1999 Accord rates much better than average in transmission reliability, meaning a failure rate of 2.0% or less.

    The Caravan, et. al., were rated as better than average for 1999 transmission reliability, one notch lower than the Accord, with a failure rate of 2.0-5.0%.
  • norbertlnorbertl Posts: 4
    My 97 Caravan Sport (SOB)has 67,500 miles on it. When I idle at a traffic light, there is a loud mechanical noise, sort of like a ratcheting sound. This sound goes away completely when I step on the gas. Is this a transmission noise, or something else, and do I need to worry about it? I have noticed all other Voyagers and C&C vans do the same thing.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    It is a check valve in the valve body of the automatic. It is supposed to make this noise. It actually makes it every time the transmission shifts either up or down. you only hear it when coming to a stop because the raod and engine noises are low. I'd be worried if it didn't make the noise! I wouldn't call it loud though, maybe your version of loud is different then mine. You'd have to have the fan and radio off to hear it in the van's I've owned.
  • harrys2harrys2 Posts: 3
    After all I have read from posters I am convinced that the transmission problems have not been fixed. I have owned 5 chrsysler minivans, 4 with the OD and one 3speed. The 3 speed 1997 never had a sinle problem, although my brother in law's 1991 is on his 4th 3 speed with 60000miles. My 1992 DGC tranny1 at 11000k, #2 at 80k still running at 160k with no further tranny problems so far. All done by Chrysler. 1992 PGV tranny1 at 110k,rebuilt tranny2 at125k tranny3 at170k. 1996 PGV had slipping tranny when starting since 50k. Same vehicle had phantom autopilot wipers, and door locks that occassionally went on and off. Engine fire at 50k while driving totalled vehicle. My 2000 seemed to slip since new and I got rid of it with 5000 miles. It is too bad the transmissions are nothing like the engines, which I have never had fail. If you buy one new get an extended service policy before the 3year/36k warranty expires. If you buy one used consider the cost of a rebuild in the purchase price.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    NOT one of the many owners have had transmission problems with either the 3 or 4 speed automatic transmissions in DC minivans. That is why we did NOT get any extended warranty when we bought a NEW 1999 GC SE in March, 1999.
  • norbertlnorbertl Posts: 4
    The sound I hear is a constant rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, sort of like a watch being wound up, or a chain dragging on cement. When I pull in the garage with the windows open, I wonder, what the hell is that? As I say, I hear most other DC vans do this when idling, and maybe mine is a little louver. Do you think it is still the check valve?
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    asking for a transmission shop reference for his 80,000 mile Caravan. It needs to get towed.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Noises are tough to figure out, there is so much going on under a modern car it could be a 100 things. The check valve should make the noise for a few seconds then stop. Does the noise go away in park? Does it change as you rev the motor? It almost sounds like an ehaust leak, maybe near the transmission to make it sound like it's coming from the transmission itself. If it sounds like everybody else's though I really wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Well while I'm waiting for my new Dakota R/T to come in I sold my Jeep and am borrowing my Dad's 94 GC. It has 108,000 miles on it an runs really strong with the 3.0 4-speed. It leaks a bit from a valve cover, and the steering seems a little weird but otherwise it's great. He said he though he felt something weird in the transmission before, where reverse wouldn't engage. I noticed something like that the first day I drove it after it had not been driven fo over a month. I think the transmission needed to do some learning, the idle was irratic as well. We got new plugs and air cleaner in it and I have been driving it daily for 3 weeks with perfect performance now. This is about as close to a transmission problem we have had close to home on 6 current GC's in the family. Maybe this 94 transmission is starting to go at 108,000 miles. Look at and their trouble shooting section. They have updated the minivan transmission site with a bunch of new info. They say almost any transmission problem can be fixed rather then rebuilding the entire unit for a few hunderd bucks. They also have a couple of tips if you are going for a whole new transmission, on how to make it stonger, and in picking the right shop. Good luck to everyone, and stop trying to jink me.
  • dodger5dodger5 Posts: 1
    3 speed Auto Tranny with a few probs.HELP!!!!!
    When taking off it(tranny) seems like it is slipping, then after a few secs it grabs good.
    wondering if it could bethe band wearing out or if it would onlybe the filter, other than this NO PROBS PROIOR
    ANY HELP???
  • We have a 2001 Town & Country w/ 7,200 miles that we have had since 2/2001. We have had several instances where the van behaves as if it has shifted into neutral while you are driving along - no loss of power steering or brakes. The only way to restore power to the drive wheels is to shut the car off and restart it, much like restarting a computer.

    This leads to 2 questions:

    1. Has anyone had a similar problem?

    2. Has anyone had experience in applying the Ohio Lemon Law?

    If you want to reply to me directly, my e-mail address is

    Thanks for your help.

    Howard Kass
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