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Mazda CX-9 Transmission Problems



  • i have a 1 year old 2013 cx9. The brake feels funny for last couple of days. I press the break lightly and is does not stop like it usually does but moves forward and little and slows down. I have to really hold the brake down if want to stop immediately. Maybe I pressed on of the button and accidently turn on the antilock break but cant tell. There are no lights but a little nervous about the sensitivity of the break. Anyone else have that problem???
  • kjw9kjw9 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 CX-9 AWD with 74k miles and noticed the burning oil, sulfur type smell after driving and coming to a stop (but only when the heat was on). The dealership confirmed the transfer case fluid had turned to sludge and the unit needed to be replaced. I called the Mazda customer experience center, the dealership followed up, and Mazda is covering the parts under warranty, I'm paying the labor, with no hassle even though I have done all the routine maintenance myself. I'd say that is better than most would do in the same situation beyond the warranty period, definitely worth the 5 minute call to Mazda.
  • I have an 07 Mzada cx-9 and have had the same prblem as Bruce (canam1212). Its the transmission. Parts $2k, labor $1k, dealer paid.

  • Our 2011 CX 9 with 41k miles just had the transfer case replaced under warranty. Mazda is extending the warranty on the transfer cases for 7 years and 90,000 miles. The tech told me they overheat and the synthetic oil breaks down, causing failure. He said a lot of in town driving typically causes this. They've already had 15-20 CX 9's in for replacement, and the dealership is brand new. The transfer case is not the transmission, but the part that allows the vehicle to shift from 2WD to AWD. It's constantly under wear and tear. Just make sure on AWD vehicles the transfer case is checked out before replacing the transmission. Mazda paid the dealer $890 to do the work. The retail cost, I was told, would have been over $1200.

  • atom88atom88 Posts: 4
    We bought a 2013 Mazda, CX-9, around July 2014. It's now Jan. 2015 and the vehicle has about 29,000 miles on it. Bad transfer case, will be replaced under warranty.

    We noticed a burning smell but didn't know what it was. Last week the drive train had some major issues, sounded like loud grinding gears sound going 1-2 mph in 1st gear. All gears seemed to have a problem. I drove it right away to the dealer, luckily it made it there. Just having the tech. drive it from the parking space to the garage, he heard the terrible sound. So far they have confirmed that the transfer case has gone bad and needs to be replaced. They say it will be under warranty.

    Many forums say that the burning smell is caused by leaking transfer case fluid, that leaks on the exhaust and causes the smell. Possibly due to overheating of fluid that turns to sludge (for some reason?)

    He said some of the vehicles they've seen that have come in with this issue have damaged transmission "splines" that mean the transmission would need to be replaced also.

    Got a free loaner vehicle while I'm waiting.

    If you google this you will find aerticles on forum and forums mentioning this an an issue dating back several years.

    You wouldn't expect a vehicle that is 14 months old with < 29k miles to have a transfer case / transmission problem!

    This doesn't inspire much confidence in the Mazda brand.

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    @ atom88 -- try not to post in too many duplicate topics with this problem, or you'll lose track of people answering you--pick the most active one and stick with that, okay?

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