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Mazda CX-9 Transmission Problems



  • jxs1jxs1 Posts: 2
    Thank you for your advice. Went to a different shop, and they said the transmission fluid is OK for the mileage of the car. Since this shop recommends almost all fluids be "serviced" every 30K miles, I figure it is safe to wait until at 30K...

  • phlips83phlips83 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a new 2013 CX-9 at the end of this past June in TX. I am experiencing the same exact problem(s) that you are currently having. This problem/issue started when I had around 450 miles on the odometer. I do not experience any issues when the car is cold. After I drive the vehicle and make a handful of stops (grocery store, etc...). The issue/problem appears. It is most noticeable when I come to a complete stop in a parking lot or my driveway, put the car into Reverse, back up while turning the wheel slightly, come to a complete stop, then I put the car into Drive then...........the CX-9 jolts/lurches forward (accompanied by a loud clunk noise/shudder) as if I released the brake pedal for a split second.

    I recently brought my vehicle in for service regarding this issue and the service department informed that what I am experiencing (hearing/feeling) is "Normal" and it is the car "Breaking In". I think they are full of BS. I have never experience this with any other New vehicle that I have owned. Currently, the issue seems to persist (when warmed up) and the noise has gotten slightly louder and all shift positions to Drive especially Reverse to Drive seems more "Harsh" (as you explained it). I plan on calling the service department tomorrow morning to schedule another appointment to get this checked out because something is definitely not right. Please let me know how you make out with your car and dealer service department. Thanks again for posting. I thought I was the only one experiencing this problem.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    Hello guys, wife and I have had our CX-9 since 2009 and it has been fully maintained with complete (11+ qts) of trans fluid evac and fill every 20-25k miles using T-4 fluid from Toyota which is compatible with the tranny (JWS3309 fluid). It is still running nice and smooth (knocking on wood) but this last weekend I was accelerating in a large three lane avenue and when it got to shift into 4th gear it literally slammed so hard into gear it felt as though someone had rear ended us. After that, no codes or no flashing "D" at all and smooth as always...very strange. I have a Touring model FWD and I added an after market hitch. So it didnt come from factory with the towing pkg. Two things to consider...
    1. I did let go of the gas as it shifted into 4th because i was going to slow down up ahead on a red light
    2. I had just dropped off an empty 12' flat bed toy-hauler trailer that I had been using and towing all morning long with about 1000lbs of cargo

    Any thoughts??
  • My wife broke down last week in our 8 month old 2012 CX9. Transfer case and drive shaft failed. Its been 10 days now and we're still waiting for the drive shaft to come in from Canada. I have a feeling its on back order. Never again will I get a Mazda. STAY AWAY!
  • astonlastonl Posts: 1
    Same problem here -- it shifts really hard into D. Shifting from any of P/R/N to D causes the jolt. It doesn't seem to happen when the car is cold, only once it's warmed up a bit. This is a brand new car, too (4 months old, ~4k miles on the odometer). Going to take it into the dealer, but I'm worried they'll just say it's normal or that they can't reproduce it... fingers crossed that they actually do something about it.
  • Here is my timeline:
    7/23/13 - (717 miles) Car clunks/jolts into drive from R/N/P
    Performed: Auto Trans Electronic Diagnosis
    Result: No Change

    8/07/13 - (978 miles) Car clunks/hits hard into drive from R/N/P
    Performed: Shift Shock - Reflash PCM/TCM
    Result: Worked for ~100 miles then problem came back

    8/15/13 - (1214 miles) Car engages harshly into drive from R/N/P
    Performed: Replaced Trans. Control Module
    Result: Worked for ~200 miles then problem came back

    8/22/13 - (1345 miles) Car engages harshly into drive from R/N/P
    Performed: Replaced Trans. Control Module Again
    Result: Worked for ~200 miles then problem came back

    8/26/2013 - Contacted BBB for assistance (Not much help at all)

    9/10/13 - (1792 miles) Car engages harshly into drive from R/N/P
    Performed: REPLACED Automatic Transmission
    Result: New Trans. helped a little but CX-9 still shifted harshly

    9/24/13 - (2290 miles) Car still engages harshly into drive from R/N/P after news Trans.
    Performed: Mazda master tech drove vehicle acknowledged problem but said everything is working up to Mazda's specification
    The new installed transmission created more/other problems: harsh downshifts into 4th gear, clunking/jerking out of 3rd gear, and the CX-9 would rev itself upto 4000+rpms when downshifting.

    Mazda acknowledge the problem was present each time but after the 6th visit to the dealer, they changed their tune and know stated that everything is normal. I lost all respect for Mazda so...The end result: after taking numerous days off from work to get this car repaired, I was fed up. I could no longer put my family at risk in this dangerous/unsafe/unpredictable car so I ended up taking a loss and I traded in the CX-9 in for a different (better) brand. I hope Mazda can fix your CX-9. Best of luck.
  • 1. We have a 2010 CX9 (AWD). While attending my mother's funeral last year (June 2012), a loud rattling sound came from under the car. I had the CX9 towed to Dothan Alabama's Mazda dealership and discovered the transfer case needed replacing. Two weeks later, we returned to Alabama and collected our car (parts & labor under warranty).

    15 months later, I am hearing the same noise coming from under the car. The Marietta Georgia Mazda dealership is telling me it is the transfer case and says my car & part is out of warranty. The info from Dothan AL indicates my car had 45,000 miles when they replaced the transfer case and now it shows 74,000, almost 30,000 in one year in Atlanta way.

    The MAZDA USA customer service and the dealership said they show no known issues with the CX9 transfer case. When I searched on, I find several postings and I see some postings on the Mazda247 site too.

    Is there a more common problem with the transfer case? I bought this car wanting a safe/dependable car for my wife and children. She takes the children to camps, practices/games/matches/church retreats, etc. I cannot be expected to repair/replace a transfer case ($1,800) every year/two years and possibly have her & the children be stranded somewhere.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    We have seen CX-9's with transfer case problems...We don't act like its a big surprise but we also have not seen Mazda ignoring the problem. We have not had any with multiple failures after a repair but I certainly can not speak for every dealer. We have seen cases where the consumer ignored the unusual noises and it led to transmission problems..
    This is not a huge percentage of vehicles but actually a small percentage but when it happens to you it sucks and of course reading a dozen others with the same problem makes it seem like its worse than it is... Other MFG have much larger and wide spread issues but I agree big bills for any car never makes anyone happy..

    Outside of the warranty period the best argument the consumer has is the ability to document 100% of scheduled maint being done at a Mazda dealership. This gives the dealer solid information to help argue your case with the MFG. This applies to all MFG, not just Mazda. Sketchy maint. history with any mfg will not lend itself to assistance outside of the warranty period.
  • the dealer needs to be more responsive when the owner reports an unusual noise - this happened to me - the dealer told me it was "normal road noise" and , of course, this was nonsense because the noise appeared after 25000 non "road noise" miles.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I understand what your saying....did you ask the dealer to have a tech drive with you in the car to specifically point out the noise and when it happens?? IWhenever we get a "strange noise" complaint we must duplicate it before we can fix it...taking the time to do a road test with the driver of the vehicle is very important. If your dealer won't do this for you, you have the wrong dealer working on your car.
  • i have a 1 year old 2013 cx9. The brake feels funny for last couple of days. I press the break lightly and is does not stop like it usually does but moves forward and little and slows down. I have to really hold the brake down if want to stop immediately. Maybe I pressed on of the button and accidently turn on the antilock break but cant tell. There are no lights but a little nervous about the sensitivity of the break. Anyone else have that problem???
  • kjw9kjw9 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 CX-9 AWD with 74k miles and noticed the burning oil, sulfur type smell after driving and coming to a stop (but only when the heat was on). The dealership confirmed the transfer case fluid had turned to sludge and the unit needed to be replaced. I called the Mazda customer experience center, the dealership followed up, and Mazda is covering the parts under warranty, I'm paying the labor, with no hassle even though I have done all the routine maintenance myself. I'd say that is better than most would do in the same situation beyond the warranty period, definitely worth the 5 minute call to Mazda.
  • I have an 07 Mzada cx-9 and have had the same prblem as Bruce (canam1212). Its the transmission. Parts $2k, labor $1k, dealer paid.

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