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Top Not SecureMsg and Trunk not opening

I have an 07 GT Convertible and am getting frustrated. I've looked through a number of topics on this forum and haven't seen this one specifically. I have seen a number of posts on this issue on other forums but had problems registering with them.

Here's what happens: The driver trunk release button nor the FOB will release the trunk and a "Top Not Secure" msg displays on the ECM (Top comes up and down fine). If I disconnect the battery...The trunk will release with either the FOB or the manual button...unless I start the car first. The trunk won't open if I start the car first. So all the parts (actuator, etc) are working correctly but it seems to me a sensor would be causing this problem since the battery resets them all. I just don't know what else to check. I did contact a dealer in AL and they are supposed to have a good tech for these cars from what I hear. I'm just hoping someone with a similar experience might be able to provide some light on this.

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