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GPS screen error: Application error DrFish - serious error (per the pop up)

Folks: I worked in the computer field and searched this error to no avail. It only happens with GPS on (it's on a 2013 Elantra Limited). I had not driven much or used the GPS prior to going on a recent long trip that tipped me over 1k miles.

An error pop-up msg appears that wraps on the right side around the left side. The screen locks. I can go to other modes but the screen is chopped off - it has part GPS and part whatever mode I'm in. I can power off and power on but it only goes away when the car is powered off (computer terms - complete reboot is done). I won't do that on long trips to heavier traffic states. It happened once in 300 miles to our destination and 2x coming home within two days.


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,989

    Have you taken it to the dealership? I presume your vehicle is still under warranty. They may need to re-install the software, at the very least.


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  • Thanks for responding. No. I've had so many issues with the dealership that I've got concerns going there - that took a day to get over. First I sent an email describing the error but the guy that got my email did not look at my message and called me about my interest in a new car. Then I left a voicemail for the service manager.

    I understand reinstalling the software may help but only if it's got a fix for this issue or is newer. An installation with the same software lands you in the same place, Kirstie, unless you're more current on software reinstall knowledge than I am. It's possible :) because I haven't worked in the field for several years. Thanks much.

  • whatfuturewhatfuture Posts: 47

    This is interesting. I didn't get anywhere with my local dealership and I don't trust them for too many valid reasons. So, I called a dealership over an hour away (they're the next closest dealer). He said Hyundai would never allow him to correct the error (he had never heard of it) without reproducing it because it was a $4k unit (the price sounded bogus to me). I said he won't be able to reproduce it. I can but it has to be on long trips. It does not happen driving around town. That meant, I had to live with it. But, I tend to be stubborn... especially when I'm dealing with people I think are ripping me off.

    I have to come to zzzzz (not using the name because I don't want to get them in trouble - different state) on occasion. Driving here, the GPS locked up w/the same error after I drove 274 miles. I pulled off the road, powered the car off and on and saw I'd be in heavy traffic within 13 miles. I'm in the southwest. If I was near NY or NJ, pulling off the road would be dangerous and this is why a locking GPS is a serious issue for me. I told one mechanic, I'd bring my $100 4 year old Garmin GPS with me; it works. After my appt. was done, I walked to the Hyundai dealership and asked to talk to a mechanic who knew the cars. I was pleasantly astounded at his response. He allowed me to run back to my hotel and bring the car in. He had heard of the error and said it would probably be a simple sw update. Drove it back and within the hour, the mechanic said the unit needed to be replaced and he had permission to do it. I was in shock. The unit will be replaced when I come back here in a few weeks. Amazingly, he also said he'd show me how to turn up the volume on my GPS - something the inept dealer from whom I bought the car couldn't do. This is what I expect from a reputable dealer and company.

    The bottom line is what I've read too many times in these forums. All cars of every make come with problems. The difference with Hyundai is despite their warranty, I had two dealers do what they could to avoid acknowledging a known problem (certainly there's a database that has it) and their ability to deny a fix for it. The local service manager had also told me I had to go to him for regular maint. work (he lied and that was acknowledged by a manager and I knew he was lying - he wanted the business). My concern is this was a non-mechanical fix - it didn't stop me from driving the car. What happens if/when something serious happens - use AAA (we're keeping it because of our lack of trust of our local dealer) and have them tow it 300 miles to a dealer that I trust?

    If Hyundai/Kia wants to improve their reputation because it's still rightfully bad, they need to either make a car with quality or fix the cars when there's a problem. I will NEVER buy another Hyundai. My prior car lasted ten years and I sold it and got a good buyer despite the way it looked. It was mechanically sound. It was my third of that brand. The seats are uncomfortable, so I switched brands and brother, what a mistake that was.

  • whatfuturewhatfuture Posts: 47

    Oops - the car has just over 2k miles on it. So, it's covered by a warranty.

  • jlandon62jlandon62 Posts: 5
    For what it's worth, I've had that error message appear on my 2013 Genesis Coupe.
  • jlandon62jlandon62 Posts: 5
    I was able to grab some video of the message when it recurred last week. I've uploaded it to YouTube in case it's of any help to anyone else with the same problem. You can view the video HERE.
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 48,741
    heh, they can't even get the error message to show up without breaking it in half.

    Thanks for the upload/link!

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  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 51,008
    Any chance this is related to a bluetooth connection?

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