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Nissan 350Z Problems and Solutions



  • pbcuppbcup Posts: 6
    i read an earlier post saying that a squeak originated from the rear view mirror (although it sounded like it came from the dash.) might wanna give it a check...
  • tom20tom20 Posts: 1
    yes indeed the 04 350z has tire problems. i had front tires replaced at 9500 miles and will need another set shortly. the dealer supplied the first replacements, after a 3 week wait, but i don't know what will happen this time around. its a shame, i really like the car but it has to go!
  • jlkmjlkm Posts: 1
    Got my 350Z Roadster (Touring) about 5 months ago. It now has approx. 5,000 miles on it. It's now stuck in a shop.

    I was stuck in traffic a couple days ago, heard a slight rattle from under the car, smelled burnt plastic, and the car stalled. Re-started only to find it could be shifted into first but wouldn't engage. Pushed off the road, towed. Yes, I know how to drive stick and I don't ride the clutch.

    I have spoken to 2 Nissan dealerships and a customer service rep, all of whom are trying to tell me that I burned out the clutch b/c I was in traffic. I had my last car for 7 years/125,000 miles without ever having to replace the clutch, yet I'm suddenly being told I don't know how to drive stick.

    But get this: The guy at the shop was able to drive it the next day. OK, so I destroyed the clutch, but suddenly it has self-repaired???

    Of course, in reality, the problem is that the clutch isn't covered under warranty, while the transmission is. They want me to be a crappy driver. I've been seeing stuff on the 'net that these AND the G35's (same tranny, same engine, right?) are experiencing transmission problems. Hydrolics system, air in the lines, something - I don't know exactly but I'm sure there's a transmission problem that's causing overheating and accelerated wear and tear of some sort.

    If anyone has advice, please share. Customer service at Nissan has been quite unimpressive. I took for granted the fact that my Integra was so reliable - never occurred to me that a brand-new car would need a transmission overhaul.
  • rjgcparjgcpa Posts: 11
    I have an '04 with manual 6-sp transmission (only 2,700 miles). I have intermittent feel of metal crunch through the shifter when up-shifting to 2nd. Sometimes I feel it going into 3rd as well but not as pronounced a feel. I don't grind gears but I can feel metal on metal. Mechanic says he can't feel it and can't think of anything that would cause it to happen sporadic. Can anybody offer a suggestion. Thanks.
  • I see a of people have had going ot be buying a 2k4 350z base model and was wondering exactly what problems should I address to the dealer what else?

    Are these problems suppose to be fixed in the 2k4 models or late 2k4 models??
  • luxieluxie Posts: 3
    The two front wheels on my new 04 Touring Roadster (17" wheels) became unusually greasy and grimy after about 1,000 miles. Rear wheels are absolutely fine. The front wheels look fine now after I cleaned them up, but was wondering why the two fronts should dirty up so quickly while the rears stayed clean. Is this normal based on braking action, or whatever, -- or could it possibly indicate a problem down the road?

    Many thanks for any feedback.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    So these are your first set of open wheels, huh? It happens in all cars, actually, as the front brakes get a lot more work than the rears. As a result, brake dust coats the front wheels much faster than the rear.

    It's just a matter of washing it off. Nonetheless, the stuff is highly corrosive and eventually will chew up your alloy wheels if left unwashed -- it will begin by showing little pit marks in the alloy after you wash the wheels.

    You can help out tremendously by -- obviously -- washing the wheels with a soft brush and the same car soap you use on the body. Don't use harsh (dishwashing) soap on your wheels, or on the car body.

    You can make your life quite easy in fact if you coat the alloy wheels with a good coat of car wax. This will make it much easier to wash the gunk off the wheels and will protect them a little bit from the corrosive brake dust.

    Hope this helps.

  • dltdlt Posts: 1
    I changed out the 6 1/2 inch speakers behind the drivers seat with 3-way Kendwoods and the door speakers replaced with 2 - 8" pioneer bass+ speakers. I also added a 4 channel amp, an equalizer and a bass tube in the back (it didn't take up much room except the space directly behind the seats in the hatchback area which is usually empty anyway). I also had a sirius receiver installed (hate commercial radio) and now my system is superb. All for about $1,000.00 which is great considering how much i am in my 350Z - averaging 30K miles a year and loveing it all, sound, speed and the stares.
  • luxieluxie Posts: 3
    Hey JW, thanks a lot! Your advice is very helpful. And yes, you got it, my first open wheels.

  • So I read all the problems that were posted about the 03Z and bought an 04 Touring automatic. I get 32 miles per gal on the open road. The Bose sterio is great,the car is tight,no rattles. The trunk space is not as big as the 2000 Mits Eclips that I had before the Nissan. But the Eclips is NOT a 350Z. I just moved to Florida from NY and still got plenty of stuff in the trunk. The tires have hardly any wear at 6600 miles. This will probably be my last car,as I do not want to make payments the rest of my life. I am 63 years young and grew up with fast cars in the 60ies. Gas was 25cents per gal. Those were the good old days. The car is Silver metalic and after a good wax job looks great. Not that it looked bad before. No problems with the the paint even after a 3000 mile trip.
  • bmiabmia Posts: 1
    How did you get your tires replaced. I have been trying for two weeks now, talking to the dealer, Nissan and the tire manufacturer and they are giving me the runaround. Need help...
  • Undicided [dcolas] see my posting [baker2]
  • kat9kat9 Posts: 2
    Let me know if you get help on this. I started having troulbe with my 04Z at 10000 miles. I have gone round and round with both Nissan and the dealership. I am now in daily contact with them and feel they may be weakening a little. I plan to notify all the car quality people of my difficuly and as a last ditch effort I am thinking about the possiblity of starting a class action lawsuit against nissan.
  • kat9kat9 Posts: 2
    Let me know if you get help on this. I started having trouble with my 04Z at 10000 miles. I have gone round and round with both Nissan and the dealership. I am now in daily contact with them and feel they may be weakening a little. I plan to notify all the car quality people of my difficulty and as a last ditch effort I am thinking about the possibility of starting a class action lawsuit against nissan.
  • Hi guys, just got my brand new Daytona Blue 350Z Touring Roadster, absolutely love it. Totally worthless in the snow, but hopefully some snow tires will take care of that.

    Just a couple of questions. I just finished the engine break in for 1200 miles so I can now rev it up, I notice a lot of vibration in the stick over 4,000, is that normal in these cars, and if so, do aftermarket shifters help eliminate the engine feedback?

    Next thing: on the auto dimming mirror, if in auto mode, it always has a blueish tint, even in the daytime, cloudy or sunlight. I thought it would only do that if it was night and someone had their headlights blasting you from the back.

    Finally this seems minor, but after 20 years of driving this is the first car I've had this issue with. Basically if you are not making a hard 90 degree turn the blinker won't click off. Taking exit ramps or even intersections with any type of rounded off turn, the signal stays on. I usually have the radio blasting and so driving during the daylight, it is easy to miss the signal that the blinker is still on(and I hate it when people drive with their blinkers on, so I don't want to become one of them.) Has anybody else noticed this, is there some adjustment that can be made so I don't have to get used to the fact that I will always have to turn the signal off myself. Basically if the turn doesn't require turning the wheel 90 degrees or more, it won't click off.

    Any input would be appreciated. With only 1200 miles I realize I'm no expert, but no mechanical problems so far!

    To others who might be considering not getting the Z becuase of this message board, remember this is where people gripe about their problems. So it is easy to get scared off, but even the venerable Acura's sites talk about failed transmissions and other nightmares. Years ago when I was considering a VW Jetta VR6 and read all the nightmares, people told me the same thing. The only difference was there were so many problems, that were very consistent(anything electrical), lasted for several model years, worldwide shortage of replacement parts(the O2 sensors were constantly failing). Bottom line that was a maintenance board too, but the complaints were 10 times worse and 10 times more frequent. Granted there are a lot more Jetta's out there than 350Z's, but so far all things considered the complaints are relatively tame and infrequent.
  • I bought a 2003 350z in B,ham AL. I have the tire troubles like everyone else. I tried to trade it in at a Mazda dealership where my uncle is the GM. He said that the value of the 350 is gone do to the tire troubles. I paid 32 grand for this car and it's now worth about 17 grand on trade in. He hired a guy from Nissan and was told they are buying some of them back at the same price the customer paid. Has anyone heard of this happening anywhere else? If so, what steps did you take to give it back to Nissan?
  • I noticed the turn signal seemed reluctant to turn off on my 2004 Le Mans Sunset Roadster when I first bought it in May. However, over time, the problem seems to have corrected itself (maybe the lever just needed some use?). I'm up to about 2900 miles now, and it usually clicks off on its own.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    My Father bought a '03 Touring model Z and Nissan bought back his car for the price he paid. He got in touch with a lawyer and went from there. Nissan tried to jerk him around.....tried to blame him for the tire wear issues. Nissan called his dealer and blamed them for not having the correct equipment to fix the ire problems. Bottom line: the only party that was to blame was NISSAN. They finally agreed and returned his money through the Lemon Law process.
  • After 2 years of owning a 350z.
    Excellent Design Horrible Engineering.
    I have owned 4 bmw's and thought the z would be a great value. It was fast, fun and had very good handling. But what a piece of junk. After 1 year, everything creaked, when ever I hit a stick on the road or bump the whole dash board sounded like a 2X4 hit my hood. I have had 6 alignments done in the past 2 yrs, went through 2 sets of tires ($>$1000) for the past $22K miles and was at the dealership every 2 months.
    I have three children and am 32 yrs old thus dont have a lot of time to hang out at dealerships, but the time I did spend at the dealership was "necessary" due to the flaws. I hope to buy a z again when they fix all the problems.
    I just bought a new honda accord, excellent quality,excellent power, dead quiet, awesome handling, great package but a bit boring. I am quietly laughing at all the nissan altima owners that they have actually bought a piece of scrap metal compared to a honda accord or leisure toyota camry.

    buyer beware...
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I hate to say it, but you should of gotten Nissan to foot the bill for the new tires. My Father had the same problems and Nissan agreed to buy 2 sets of tires for his '03 350 Z. This is a known issue with Z's and Nissan knows it.
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