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Nissan 350Z Problems and Solutions

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited March 2014 in Nissan
Share any 350Z problems and possible solutions here.

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  • I just got my silver roadster and was giving it the first waxing. The paint in the rear fender panels looked to be uneven. There also appeared to be a bit of clear tape in a small part of the seam. Thinking it was left over from protective sheeting that the car arrives in, I rubbed it a bit and the paint began to come off!

    Anyone out there have a similar issue? Will the dealer do anything about it. I did not get the car from the local dealer?


  • I replied to your other posting in the "traditional" thread -- but yeah, this needs to be seen by any Nissan dealer, at least to get a file started on the problem in case it develops into something more major than just a seam edge. JW.
  • I just got a brand new z and I get a whistling or rustling noise in the front right dash air ducts. Apparently they don't know how to fix it and now it's intermittent and they say they can't duplicate it. It happens to me every day and I think it might be when the car is cold and the plastic hasn't expanded yet. Any thoughts would help.
  • My Z has a few rattles in the dash, but the dealer did not say it was ducts. They said everything was tight and it was dash touching windshield, would have to take apart entire dash, but instead they stuffed some kind of packing material into the space between dash and worked. Hope it holds out for the long term. Hate to have to get rid of this car.
  • as the window-in-touch-with-dash is a feature very carefully copied from Porsche 911s, mandatory for the most part in all, including the $180k GT-3.

    See, don't you feel better now? JW
  • I did not know that we had some Porche inspired stuff in our cars, cool!

    buck350zx might not feel any better, but I sure do! :)
  • The could have left that out. It is the most annoying noise you could immagine. haha
  • After doing some research, I opted not to buy the BOSE system due to very poor performance. So I have the basic system which okay but not that great, anyone had any luck with putting in some aftermarket speakers? The main problem appears to be lack of mid-range.
  • I got the CLARION radio & speakers. Nissan Knew they were inadequate from 03 feedback yet still put them in 04's. The rear speakers are totally worthless.Can't get it to sound good. Fade it to front speakers to hear anything.
  • MPG for 60-80 during a long road trip averaged 27.5 for me. And that was the middle grade gas, not premium.
  • zzz350zzz350 Posts: 44
    I just took a trip down 101 to Morro Bay and I at the speeds you mentioned, I got 30 to 31 mpg, of course using the correct grade of fuel.

    Thanks for the response to speaker issues. Did you replace the door and rear speakers with Clarion or just the rears?
  • five8five8 Posts: 1
    Anyone else notice a sort of low level grinding or rumbling sound when applying the brakes. Getting ready to have the dealer check it out but wanted to see if anyone else noticed anything similar. Mine is a 2003 Coupe with about 7,000 miles on it; base model with factory 17" rims and Toyo tires.
  • Nissan has a Technical Service Bulletin that provides for the technician to fill out a sheet with the owner. The technician then uses a kit consisting of felt to isolate the noise of plastic rubbing or knocking against plastic. Pretty easy fix if the noise can be duplicated in front of the technician.
  • Check to make sure that the gas cap is tight by turning it to the right and getting it to click atleast three times. The computer senses that the colose fuel system has an open and it will set the check engine light
  • Check to see if the door panel is adjusted correctly as it intersects with the duct with the ?Z? logo on it. If the gasket is not sealing it will make a wind noise. If the gasket does not seal you might adjust the door panel to the front to take up the gap.
  • Crutchfield has a nice selection of radios with the trim kit that will fit the car. I am looking to replace my base radio as it is pathetic and I took the panel loose from behind the driver's seat and found that the sub woofer panel is there. Check out Courtesy Nissan on the web and they sell the speaker for the unit along with the proper cover. Then all you have to do is take out the old system and wire in a new head unit along with an amp to power the sub. You cannot believe the room in that sub woofer compartment. Plenty of room for several amplifiers. Now, I just need to pick a head unit, speakers and a couple of amplifiers. Courtesy Nissan sells the six disc changer for the stock non-bose unit for over five hundred dollars. You can buy a pretty good system for that kind of money. Decisions - Decisions...
  • All,

    I bought a 350Z and the seat bolster is wearing at the point you rub against it getting in and out of the car. There is a Technical Service Bulletin to correct this. So, if you have the problem go to the dealer and they will replace the top seat cover.
  • There is not a Technical Service Bulletin for the brakes as of yet. But, if you complain enough to the dealer they should turn the rotors and replace the pads to correct the problem. I had a similar problem on my 2000 Maxima and they fixed it by turning the rotors and replacing the pads. However, there was a Technical Service Bulletin on the car. You can check out the Technical Service Bulletins on the car by going to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board website and click on Technical Service Bulletins. Then click on the year, make and model of your car and it will display all Technical Service Bulletins related to your car. The detailed information is not available but the basic description is. If you want all the information on a particulat Technical Service Bulletin you have to order it and pay a small fee. Once you know there is a Technical Service Bulletin is out on your car you can go the the local dealer and have them fix the problem. Oh, if you have that smearing on your driver and passenger window there is a Technical Service Bulletin on that. The dealer will replace the window snubber with one that does not leave residue on the window.
  • Can't comment on the overspray unless the car has been touched up. But, the hood chips easy because it is made of aluminum. So, get the paint touched up and stay back from trucks. The first day I had my car I got a huge chip in the hood from a flying stone...
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    The hood chips easily because the paint on the car is water-based, per EPA decisions against traditional techniques. Your bumper will chip as easily even tho it's not aluminum. JW
  • jaquinojaquino Posts: 90
    I thought the 350Z is built in Japan, are they subject to the EPA over there?

    Does Nissan have to abide to the EPA regulations before they can sell it here, even though the car is not built here?
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Nissan USA for sales which occur in America. It's a legal thing, I guess, and I also would guess you're right that it is required for sale in-country. This statement is not, however, binding on the party of the first part and you should consult an attorney for its applicability to your situation. JW
  • zgirl1zgirl1 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the tips on the dash noise issue. I have had it at two seperate dealerships where the technicians heard the noise but either couldn't later duplicate it without me (although they sat in the car with me and heard it and said it's not a big deal to fix)or didn't have a clue what to do about it. I am going to fill out the lemon law papers to get them to fix it. It's such a small issue you'd think they would want to fix it and be done with it. I have carboard in the dash now and it's quiet. haha nice to pay that much for a brand new car and have cardboard in the dash.

    Also, my hood and front bumper has a plethora of paint chips out of it. I drive 1000 a week and never had a chip out of my mercedes but have huge ones out of this car. Very dissapointing. I'm wondering if I should touch them up or just leave them. I don't want any rust issues.
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    Seems that paint chipping is a common complaint with Nissans. Don't you think they would do something already about this??? Hello, Nissan, are you listening?

    The funny thing is the 2000 Maxima brochure shows them shooting diamonds at the paint to test its chip, that is the best PR B.S. in a long time.

    Does anyone know if the volume of 350's produced this year will increase or remain the same?
  • I have a grease rag in the dash of my 92 corvette and it has been there since it was less than a year old. The ducting in the center was rubbing against the inside of the dash and that was their fix. So, don't feel bad about a little cardboard...
  • The EPA has banned the use of chromates and lead in paint. Since this is the case there is a problem with the paint sticking to the layer of primer below. And, since the primer is non-chromate it does not self etch as the old kind. Also, since the chromates have been removed it does not allow the paint to fuse to the primer it is only an adhesive bond. If the paint is struck with enough force it just chips off. Can't fight the EPA so get a bra or the 3M covering. Or, you can keep back from trucks and hope for the best. I have already invested in the touchup paint for my 2003 350Z that is Readline Red. If you are going to buy a 350Z get a solid color for the paint and the touchups do not show as much.
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    I don't hear these chipping complaints in the same volume from other non-Nissan owners that I hear it from Nissan customers. I do know about the EPA changes but do not think that this solely are the cause of Nissan's paint issues...I think there are other factors involved.

    As far as bras, they are crap IMHO. Had one on for 1 day and it scratched my car. I made sure it was as clean as possible before putting it on,
    but it is impossible to stop dirt, sand, etc from getting behind it. My next car will have the 3M product applied....
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    for complaints re: paint durability and finish in other cars, check out forums devoted to Subaru, Mercedes, Chrysler products, Jaguar, Porsche, Honda, Chevrolet .... you get my drift, I hope. JW
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    I will take a look at some other boards again. I usually look at other threads and I never really saw many discussions about paint issues on other cars...but I will look again....

    I also can compare my Maxima to my 1996 Dodge Ram and 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix. Both vehicles had no where close to the same paint issues as the Maxima. Unfortunately, neither were built as well, so that's why they are gone....
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