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Nissan 350Z Problems and Solutions



  • zzz350zzz350 Posts: 44
    The problem with the paint chipping can be summed up by saying,"It's your tax dollars in action", the EPA has eliminated quality of paint over a ridiculous overkill of lead paint conformity BS. What will be next, cars won't be allowed to have enough torque to smoke the tires because of the health risk associated with inhaling burnt rubber fumes. The madness continues, sheesh.
  • Someone was inquiring about too much base at times. I had this same problem & brought it to the dealer & it is the noise regulator inside the vehicle that listens to lower/raise the volume of the radio when you stop. It had to be replaced so far on all the z's in my area.
  • I definitely agree with one of the above msg that the paint chip issue is likely not the result of the new EPA requirements. I have checked other car forums and paint chips was never an issue that was brought up for their cars.
  • zgirl1zgirl1 Posts: 11
    Vonsud: can you help me find the Technical Service Bulletin on the dash rattle issue? I can't seem to find it or anything related to that issue, and I need it for arbitration . I would appreciate your help, or anyone else for that matter. Nissan removed the windshield to put the insulation or whatever their fix is however it has done nothing to alleviate the problem.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    zgirl, I'd try a search at There used to be a faq there on TSBs and though I haven't been there recently the people will be very happy to answer your question if you can't find it with a search.

    Best, JW
  • zgirl1zgirl1 Posts: 11
    thanks so much, unfortunately I am also on that site and although there are lots of complaints on the issue there no one seems to really be educated on it.
  • zgirl1zgirl1 Posts: 11
    Eric, I have the link I can't seem to find any issue relating to that problem on there. Sudder mentioned there was a technical bullentin so I was wanting to find that specifically. Unless I'm just darn blind. LOL
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    I can't find a TSB on that issue either, but check this one out:

    Check out #16. This might be an all inclusive TSB.

    Who are you using to represent you? I had good success with a firm in PA.

  • zgirl1zgirl1 Posts: 11

    Thanks so much for that. I intend on doing it myself . I do however, work for a law firm. :-)
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    I have to say you might have a tough battle. I had stacks of dealer repair statements and they replaced thousands of dollars worth of parts and it took almost 1 year to get them to buy my car back....
  • as the z was moving over dips in the road and
    moving to the left the right rear tire felt like
    it was going to come off... if anyone has had this problem or knows about this, please help.
  • Go to the Nissan website and go to technical publications and pay the $20 bucks to access the site for the day. Basically, they are charging you $20 bucks to gain access to the maintenance manual. But, a bonus is that you get to download all the technical service bulletins. Print them out and take them to your dealer to get the problems corrected. Remember, Technical Service Bulletins TSBs are not a Recall so it is on the customer to get the dealer to fix the problems. The nice thing about Nissan is that they will allow you to print theirs out. Most manufacturers keep this as inside information. All you normally get is the listing on the NHTSA page and that does not give the entire printout but just a small quote as to what the TSB corrects. The Nissan site allows you to print out the real thing that the mechanic will use to fix your car.
  • NTB02122

    IF YOU CONFIRM: A 2003 350Z exhibits squeak and rattle noise(s), ACTIONS: Use the following Service Procedure sections provided in this bulletin to resolve the incident(s): Squeak and Rattle Diagnostic Customer Worksheet - MUST be filled outwith customer PRIOR to beginning repair(s). · Front Area, Upper (dashboard, lower windshield) · Upper Area (headliner, upper windshield, sunroof) See this bulletin for detail.
  • i'm single, no kids and I (98% of the time) drive alon in the car.......
    since the Car is RWD, does anyone have any experience in driving the car in the snow, i live in the Northeastern part of the US and we have crazy winters here.......

    i'm planning on getting snow tires all around using the stock 17" rims. I'm very cautious before i buy the car.

    please give your experiences on driving in snowy climates concerning the 350Z w/snow tires.

    (i have to make up my mind, either
      the 350Z or the G35coupe)

  • rclab, like you too I am in Northeast (NJ). I too am interested in a 350Z which would be my only car other than wife 2001 Nissan Xterra which she needs for her job. I was told 200lbs of sand bags with snow tires on should do the trick in a 350Z, but not sure. I too would be interested in what others say about this or what they do. Thanks. Max
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    I live in NY & if it snows do not bother driving the car(you're going to be all over the road, if moving at all)...Unless you have a 2nd car(front wheel drive), I wouldn't get the Z....Especially with the winters we've been having lately.....
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    I live in Mass., I think it's fine -- obviously you have less clearance than in a SUV, but with a hundred pound bag of something in the back, four Blizzak LM-22s, and some practice in an empty parking lot for the driver the first time there is a couple of inches, a good driver should be fine.

    I was raised on RWD. It was all we had to drive. Just take your time. Fine print: fwd is easier, awd is better still, staying home is best. JW
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    The Z is especially good in snow, I think, and according to drivers on some of the web boards, because it's so heavy. Something like the S2k or the Z4 exaggerate the problem. In addition, you are helping yourself out by using the 17" wheels and (I'd suggest) the narrowest tire fitment you can get.

    No reason not to drive what you like. JW
  • Can anyone provide information on the recent recall of all 350Zs for engine problems that prevents the car from starting? What is the cause of the problem? What is the fix? Is the engine reliable?

    I am contemplating a purchase, but must have a reliable car that starts, since I travel a lot at night as part of my job.
  • There are only 171 350Zs that are affected by that recall. story&aff=national

    Unless the car you are purchasing was one of the first cars off the assembly line, you should be ok.
  • Thanks for the reference article, Jaquino. I'll check manufacturing dates before I buy.

    Has anyone out there experienced this problem? Does the recall "fix" work?
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    This is Nissan's most reliable engine, the mainstay of the Maxima, Infiniti, Altima, etc., lines -- more of them on the road than of almost anything else. Now if you were thinking of a Focus, we might worry about recalls! REliability (as in starting in themorning) is the least of your worries with a Z -- plenty of other glitches in its first year, but the engine has had awards from WArds for umpteen years in a row, and is recognized by Consumer Reports as the smoothest most reliable engine in V6 available. JW
  • rclab1: I live in the Pacific Northwest and I own a 350z. We annually receive 70 to 80 inches a year and for me the Z gets mixed reviews in the snow. I have 200 pounds in the back and if their is fresh powder on the ground the Z handles fine, it will move through the snow and get you where you need to go. But where the Z handles poorly is in packed snow and ice. Granted no cars handles well in ice but most preform well enough in packed snow. There has been numerous occasions where I have gotten stuck on packed snow and people had to push me out. The car's butt will slide back and forth barely gaining any form of traction and if you stop at a stop sign you are stuck. Will blizzak tires work for you? I dont know but its up to you and what you are willing to spend. I've come to the decision to just park mine during bad conditions. For me its not worth the risk driving it and wrapping it around a pole or hitting another car.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    What kind of tires do you have on? JW
  • I have a 03 350 touring I have had many problems with noises within my vehicle and have had the bose replaced due to cd's not playing and volume changes. Very disgusting since this is my first new car straight out of college. Some one told me that you must rotate the tires from side to side to help with the road noise. The only way I can think of getting rid of that for good is to get the same size tires all the way around. Which sucks due to it losing some of the handling because you must put skinny( stock) on front and on back. If you don't, be ready to replace tires alot depending on how you drive. I have also had both windows replaced due to scratching into the tint and glass. They replaced the felts for that.
  • g935g935 Posts: 3
    After I test drove an 04 touring model the other day, I jumped onto this forum to see what you people think of the car. I have been reading many squeak and rattle issues that go unsolved. This scares me to death. I have a Chevy truck with 360,000 miles and no rattles. My 88 930 Porsche never, ever squeaked or rattled. Did Nissan fix this for the 2004 model? I really liked the car. With a cat back exhaust and some minor changes, this car will put out over 300 easy. But, I cannot live with one rattle or squeak. Must be solid. Any info. is appreciated.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    I've seen several articles recently that say that Nissan is working (at last) on some of the early glitches. One author surmised that some of the coupe rattles and suspension problems should be resolved late in the 04 model run.

    But the Z is not at all like your Porsche and hp increases are hard to come by with simple changes. You mention exhaust -- because Nissan engineers have already tuned the engine pretty well, many of the aftermarket catbacks actually reduce the engine's output. The Nismo and Borla increase in the 2-7hp range, but the Borla shows its improvement in the topmost rpm range and seems to reduce torque at lower rpm's. Or so it has seemed from dyno sheets and talk on the Z boards. JW
  • Hi All,
             I have an '04 Manual w/ approx. 4300 miles. I have noticed a rattling (not body noise) sound during slow take-offs. It sounds like maybe the clutch or driveshaft has some slack in it(?) And it is easily mimicked when you get ready to come to a stop and depress the clutch pedal in a moderate manner. Also noticed during initial warm-ups (idling) if, you depress the clutch pedal (in nuetral) the RPM's will increase by a couple of 100RPM and decrease (same amount) when released. Anyone else notice this? Any input before, I take in for service?
  • With all Blizzak tires, it drives well in snow. Here in Calgary, Alberta, there ain't too many hills that I have to deal with. But snow, pack snow and ice are quite normal. I do see a few of the Z's are still out there. With the summer tire, it doesn't want to go anywhere.
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