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2009 Nissan Skyline GT-R



  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,032

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  • A Nissan 350z Grand Touring edition is roughly around 34k.
    A Nissan GT-R has All wheel drive which nissan/infiniti market awd 4k up from base rear wheel drives. Stock twin turbo/cover by warranty....retail 6k each turbo (retail) with warranty which brings the price now to 50k. If its a brand new chassis, engine and other goodies im quessing 12,-15k. My quess is 65k, anything more would be a joke, not that the car would not be worth it but rather a nissan badged cars listed at that high would cause interuption in their marketing effort in Infiniti cars. Sweet ride, but nothing to make me jump at it yet, be nice to compare this with the toyota LF series.
    For now i'll stick with my Porsche, Nissan needs more work anyway. Owned a 350z 35th anniversary and the G35 good cars nothing Great though.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,989
    Anyone foolish enough to pay $80k ($10K over sticker) for a car that will get it's tail pipes whipped around the track by a 08' EVO-X is plain foolish IMHO. To each their own I suppose. :) The $45,000 difference buys you a lot of performance parts for a EVO-X to beat any production car made around a Formula 1 track not to mention a lot of gas and tires and vacations. ;)

    No Thanks......

  • First off I really hope porsche2277 is not a real salespersoni would hate to see one use "LOL"in anyemail to me a car buyer, but on top of that i hope he means that it will be there in the summer of 2008, not this summer, it won'e even be unveiled
    untill Nov 2007 as a production car, which is still a ways away
  • 4444444444 Posts: 8
    We now know that the G-37 comes out in 08/07 as the next generation G-series with 330hp 270tq better fuel eco. and air quality. and I guess most of all to please edmunds road & track top of the line high quality interior materials.
    I have owned 2 G35 and 1 of them I fliped twice in the air and landed on the wheels well 3 wheels and the side of the left front one I sat there for 15 sec's opened my door just like normal got out and the lady and her two sons that were running towards me she said your suppose to be dead not one piece of the cheapo material broke off and exterior was not compromised totalled yes all passenger areas completly safe You start put that car in the 40k range it will not sell.
  • alvegaalvega Posts: 1
    When you compare vehicles you compare apples with apples not apples and oranges. Sure they're both fruits but they don't cost the same. Let me bring in the the other apples (the competition) into this one. The price for the upcoming Skyline GT-R is projected to be around $70k, with about HP laying in the mid 400 range and all the other performance tunning available. The upcoming BMW M3 which is also on it's way is going to have just about the same amount of HP and performance tunning sans the all-wheel-drive that the Skyline is going to have and it's projected price is around $60k. What will make anybody buy a Nissan over BMW when cosidering this apple to apple comparison BMW comes out looking like such a bargain?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    AWD is a big factor. There are not too many sports cars out there in that price range/power with AWD. I'm thinking of only the porsche 911 w/AWD. People might say the same thing about the M3, why would someone buy the M3 when you can get an STi or an EVO with nearly as much power, at 1/2 the cost?

    I agree that the skyline shouldn't be priced so high, cause I won't be able to afford one, but hey if they can garner that kinda cash for it, God Bless! I'm such a capitalist at heart!

  • suvguy2005suvguy2005 Posts: 19
    "Anyone foolish enough to pay $80k ($10K over sticker) for a car that will get it's tail pipes whipped around the track by a 08' EVO-X is plain foolish IMHO. To each their own I suppose. The $45,000 difference buys you a lot of performance parts for a EVO-X to beat any production car made around a Formula 1 track not to mention a lot of gas and tires and vacations."

    That is like saying "why buy a Bentley when my minivan can hold more people and stuff at 1/10th the price?" Value isn't all numbers.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yup, my point exactly!

  • holdenguyholdenguy Posts: 145
    Yo Rocky,
    Is this where you are hiding mate.
    Got some heavy duty goss for ya,
    You may get your dream wheels yet.
    Check out the G8 thread ;-)
  • 54225422 Posts: 6
    The GTR will release in 2008. A couple of months after it debuts at the Tokyo Motor Show. The US model will debut in December 2007 at the LA Auto Show. A year later they will make an R36 and a convertible. Meanwhile Infiniti will make Skyline based on the G37 that they have now released and it will have the same body as the european Skyline. That will release in the Spring of 2009.
  • mardukmarduk Posts: 1
    Your not to Bright are u. I take nothing away from the evo. it is a hell of a car but until u actually ride in some serious cars like i have u will never know what it means to ride in exotics. I have had the fun of riding in almost 450hp evo on laguna seca. great car outhandled alot of corvettes. But im going to say this if the gtr coming out beat the 911 turbo on laguna seca by a few clicks of a second. U got to give respect where its due. if your talking money the gtr is half of what they are asking for when it comes to 911 turbo. The Evo isnt that great on interior either. Least in the gtr u will be comfortable. And key point that car is LEGENDARY. say it with me legendary. Maybe u should take a trip to japan if you can afford it and go riding in a couple of gtrs. Not stock ones either. then say if someone is stupied enough to get one. Either im getting 09 gtr or the Audi r8. maybe both
  • Obviously you don't have a clue. Take a look at the completely redesigned Evo X inside and out before you comment on it. Besides for my money I spent $35K on a 2006 Lotus Elise with >3k mile and have since put $24K in upgrades in the car and I will tell you with 337WHP, upgraded brakes, suspension, spoiler, etc. This car won't just beat the GTR, Porsche or M3, it will embarrass them.
  • sgtsneosgtsneo Posts: 1
    You obviously dont have a clue. First of all u dont look at the speed or looks only. You look at what car it is. Does it have a history like the Corvette or Mustang etc... First of all the GT-R has a TT meaning Twin Turbo. Second it has 480 horsepower. It already can beat ur Elise. And you didn't think the whole thing u were thinking of a stock GT-R. When is has all that stuff your car has then lets talk if your Elise can beat a legendary GT-R.
  • yowzersyowzers Posts: 5
    anyone know if dealers are taking deposits yet or do we have to wait till after its debut late this year? If so anyone leave a deposit yet and if so any of you in miami?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,913
    All of this "my car can beat up your car" macho talk is REALLY impressive. However, since this discussion is focused on the upcoming GT-R and not on what we think of other members, can we stick to the vehicle, please?

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  • jmarounjmaroun Posts: 150
    How much does this sucker weigh???
  • tlcruztlcruz Posts: 54
    Came to work and found this over on Inside Line!

    Can't wait to hear the stats on this puppy ;)
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,671
    seems rather odd. i mean, here they are hoping a $75k Nissan will sell in the first place and they go and trump the car already? I would think many folks who would have the money for the base version would just as soon wait for the better one, no?

    '13 Stang GT; '15 Fit; '98 Volvo S70; '14 Town&Country

  • jmarounjmaroun Posts: 150
    If the GTR=1/10 of what is being claimed, everyone will want one.

    Is there anyone here from Japan that knows how to get one?

    - How much will this sucker Cost, including expected steelership markups?
    - Will US Nissan Dealers sell for MSRP?
    - Is Nissan (US) accepting deposits yet?
    - What is avialability (how long to get one).
    - Is it possible to get a shipment direct from the European delivery rather than getting it from a dealer?

    I fear, if the GTR is a very limited production car, it will demand well over sticker and will take a long time for delivery.

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,671
    doubt it.

    -including expected markup? ummm... my guess is $90k.
    -MSRP? Not bloody likely.
    -dunno. probably some are.
    -dunno. I wouldn't be surprised if wait lists already exceed first year production.
    -no Japanese manufacturer offers Japan delivery ...yet. I believe it has something to do with European companies being able to deliver cars cheaper on their home turf, but Japanese don't? I dunno. Taxes or something. I'm sure there is an explanation in there somewhere.

    '13 Stang GT; '15 Fit; '98 Volvo S70; '14 Town&Country

  • jmarounjmaroun Posts: 150
    It seems this GTR will be a typical supercar in many respects.. even the negative ones.

    1.) It will probably command serious markups pushing into Porsche $$. Given the attitudes I've received already from local Nissan dealerships, my guess is that markups will be likely.

    2.) It will be limited production -> meaning long waiting times.

    3.) It will probably be very high maintenance given its extreme complexity.

    If the above prove to be true, it'll be a show stopper in terms of impacting Porsche 911 or BMW M3 sales. It may edge into Z06 sales though. The sad part is, it almost looked as if this Nissan would be kinda like a Robin Hood for poor auto enthusiasts. :( The thought of owning a supercar for $66k lifted many a poor enthusiast spirits. The disappointment will be crushing, especially if the performance and driving experience rumors prove out to be true.

  • proeproe Posts: 157
    Since GT-R will have tires that are not filled by air but rather by nitrogen to null temperature effect, how are you going to inflate your tires when you need to and how about getting new set of tires?
    I will wait to see if GT-R lives up to its name. I think it will.
    Cannot wait until 2010 to get my hands on GT-R.
  • pmc4pmc4 Posts: 198
    ...Will no doubt be a good car when it does go on sale here. However, it will fall to the same fate that the Corvette Z06 did; in fact, perhaps even worse.

    The GT-R is a front-engine car; the Corvette is mid-engine. Therefore, more weight will be at the GT-R's front wheels, meaning a loss of steering feel (the main and only failing of the Z06). Corvette's mid-front setup means better steering feel, but still behind rear-engine cars like the Porsche 911 or mid/rear engine cars like the Porsche Cayman or the old Acura NSX.

    The Z06 is still the more exotic out of the two (aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber versus Nissan's steel frame), so we can expect the Z06-with a more rear-bias, will almost certainly guarantee the Z06 the better handler.

    Any differing opinions from a technical standpoint?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    How do they compare weight-wise?

    Have you taken into account AWD v. RWD?

    Are we talking on a road course? Highway? Drag?

    I know I've ran laps around Z06s in my Legacy GT Wagon at Watkins Glen in anything but "picture perfect" conditions.

  • tlcruztlcruz Posts: 54
    Inside Line just announced the pricing.

    $69, 850 for the base model
    $71,900 for the premium model

    This includes the delivery charges. They will be taking pre-orders on January 1st, 2008 and will officially go on sale in June.

    They will only be building 1,500 a year and will later announce the dealership locations of these bad boys :)
  • pmc4pmc4 Posts: 198
    "How do they compare weight-wise?

    Have you taken into account AWD v. RWD?

    Are we talking on a road course? Highway? Drag?

    I know I've ran laps around Z06s in my Legacy GT Wagon at Watkins Glen in anything but "picture perfect" conditions."

    Since the GT-R weighs in at 3,800 pounds (200 pounds more than most luxury cars in the $50,000 range and as heavy as the Buick V8 Lucerne) and the Corvette barely tests 3,000 pounds, we can expect both handling and performance to be better in the Corvette than the GT-R.
    The GT-R does have AWD, but then again, so do most rally cars. This car should have been a Subaru, not a Nissan.
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