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Pontiac Vibe - MPG-Real World Numbers



  • hi All well I have a 2006 Vibe and it started at 31 mpg and now it is down to 21 mpg , I took it in and they said every thing is OK and I should be glad as it is winter and then asked if I had my tires at 33 pis and yes I did even though it rides like a wash board on rollar skates then . Any Ideas of any thing HELP as my old windstar got that with 180,000 on it There is only 5,000 miles on my Vibe but it smells like rotten eggs also . Mike
  • k2qok2qo Posts: 10
    Hi Gang,

    FWIW, my vibe returns 28 MPG summer and 26 MPG winter. It is AWD AT and the EPA sticker reads 26/31. For winter, I use Semperit Ice Grip tires. As far as city/hwy mix, I'd say it's 70/30.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 317
    I just traded my 2003 Vibe (39,000 miles) for a 2007 Vibe w/automatic. I can assure you the sticker says 29/34 for city/highway.
  • I own an 04 vibe auto with 70k miles. Driving is around 75% 2lane to highway miles and 25% in town. Great car with very good gas mileage.
  • bognvlybognvly Posts: 4
    I have an '06 AT Vibe with 16,000 plus miles. I average 34 mpg weekly (70 miles daily back and forth to work). Heavy stop and go will give me 29+ and long highway trips will bring 39 and better. I track every tankful and note where I buy my gas. There is also a website for fuel economy which helps record keeping, driving tips, and let's you know how you're doing compared to others.
  • hal9001hal9001 Posts: 28
    Make sure the tires are at normal pressure (I keep mine at about 36 psi) make sure the air filter is clean. Get the wheels off the ground and make sure they all turn freely. And if you're really adventurous, gently clean off the MAF sensor.
    Also make sure the temp gauge is reading very close to the middle: a thermostat that opens to soon will kill your gas mileage AND wear out your piston rings AND let gas get into the oil which will kill the rest of the engine.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 883
    We recently bought an '04 Vibe as an around town runabout, dog and grocery hauler. So far on my first 3 tanks of gas I have gotten 28, 25, and 26 mpg, pretty much as advertised. This is all in town driving, no highway. The wagon it replaced was lucky to get 20 mpg around town so it has been a good choice so far.

    This is the base Vibe, automatic.
  • I have a 2004 Base Auto that I bought in August 2005. I've been tracking my mileage since 4/16/06 and have averaged 28.05 mpg. During that time I drove 16080.5 miles and used 573.351 gallons of gas.
  • vibe05vibe05 Posts: 1
    I'm hoping you're still around to elaborate on your post. I have a 2005 vibe, auto, less than 10k on it. When I bought it, it was great. Seemed like I never had to put gas in it. After maybe the 4th tank that all changed. I know I was getting 34 highway, and maybe 28-30 city. Now I get 20-21 mpg city. I also got that rotten-egg smell from the a/c some mentioned. I did take it in for service. They dismissed everything except for fumigating the a/c. everything with specifications I was told. Now I hear a brake noise, front passenger side. Started with a severe grinding backing out of the driveway after a rain storm. The grinding stopped after 100ft or so. But now there is a noise that sounds like woooooooooooo when i apply the brakes. Took it in. They told me they heard nothing and found nothing. I asked for someone to drive with me and, ofcourse, they heard it then. The shop foreman looked at the tire and said it was tire wear causing tire noise. I don't believe this to be the case and will rotate the tires and show them the noise does not move with the tire in another place. I believe maybe the brake is rubbing somehow and wanted to know how freely the tires should move when off the ground. Should I lift both front at the same time or individual? Any help would be appreciated, thank you
  • "Started with a severe grinding backing out of the driveway after a rain storm. The grinding stopped after 100ft or so. But now there is a noise that sounds like woooooooooooo when i apply the brakes. Took it in. They told me they heard nothing and found nothing. I asked for someone to drive with me and, ofcourse, they heard it then. The shop foreman looked at the tire and said it was tire wear causing tire noise."

    Replace the caliper and rotor and pads. A wraped rotor or a sticking caliper will cause a pulsating sound when the brakes are applied. A sticking caliper can cause the rotor to get red hot, which may be the cause of the smell. If it doesn't smell when you drive two blocks to the store but smells when you are driving on the highway then a sticking caliper is likely the culprit. IMHO you also need to find a new mechanic.
  • I been getting poor gas mileage on 03 vibe 48000 miles on the car 20mpg Ive done some repairs changed air filter K&N mobil1 oil tranny fluid car threw a code said either fuel injectors or o2sensors so i took a shot and changed o2 front and rear ,code did not come back on but car still getting poor gas mileage, if you have any adivice i;m listening also did front rotors brake pads an front tires .whats an maf sensor . next is plugs then off to the dealer
  • Maf stands for "Mass Air Flow," and is critical to the combustion mixture, (possibly along with the "Air Intake Temp" sensor if this car is so configured). But I wouldn't replace either sensor willy nilly. If the sensor/s is/are malfunctioning you should have an appropriate error code in one of the status registers of the car's computer. I would see a vibe mechanic before replacing those. Those two sensors talk to the computer, which then adjusts the fuel/air mixture. It follows that if they are out of order you might well be running way too rich or too lean and your gas mileage will suffer accordingly, along with smooth running and power availability.
  • Purchased a new 07 Vibe in August and now with 7600 miles on it have been getting an avg of 15 - 17 mpg city 26 highway with one trip taken from Salt Lake City to Modesto, CA around the first of December. Prior to the road trip and the first oil change was getting 33 - 34 mpg highway, 28 - 29 city. Has anyone heard of this severe of a mpg drop in a vehicle with less than 10k miles?
  • You have an almost new vehicle still under warranty. Go to the dealer (or at least get it checked by a reliable Vibe mechanic) quickly when you observe such a radical change. It's hollering at you to do something.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Posts: 148
    25K miles and gets mid 30s highway with no effort. Have seen 38 a few times.
  • bzribeebzribee Posts: 27
    I wrote that I'd gotten 40 mpg on a long road trip. Well, that was nice but since then I've been getting 26-29 mpg. (4000 miles since bought in August).

    Question: I've noticed that when I initially go in reverse (rolling backwards out of driveway)--as I shift into 1st there's a single clunk sound that I hear from the back. That's it--just one clunk. I will bring this up at 5000 mile check-up--but any thoughts from anyone.

    I've been thrilled with the car so far. I had the alignment done at 1500 and the pulling to the left is pretty much over--thanks to those of you who said to take care of it immediately. I did.

    Also, has anyone installed an MP3 jack into the stereo system? I'd rather have that then a plug in but I'm not sure it's do-able or worth it...
  • I just purchased a 07 vibe new a left over. I got a great deal sticker was 19,380. I got it out the door 16,367. I only have 1000 miles on it mostly highway driving. I only get 30.7. The dealer said, that it will take 1500 to 2000 miles before I see better mpg. Can anyone verify that statement. My experience is that if I get 30.7 now I'll still get 30.7 1500 miles. I hope someone can shed some good news for me. I drive 300 mi a week. I bought the car strickly for mpg. Waiting to hear from anyone.
  • repoman1repoman1 Posts: 64
    868 miles on my 2009 Vibe, 2.4l, automatic, 90% highway driving, most at 70-75MPH, just started to use the air conditioning the past week so most was with AC not running. Average to date: 30.65 MPG
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Our 05 generally gets around 35 mpg on the highway but we never use any sort of ethanol blend. Strictly real gas. That may have something to do with your lesser mpg. City mpg is usually around 27-29. Staying near the speed limit helps a lot, too.
  • dhammittdhammitt Posts: 1
    About the cluncking when you go in reverse. Check if your exhaust wiggles, it may be a loose muffler clamp. My Olds had that issue right after I bought it and my father in law fixed it quickly and easily for free.
    Good luck!
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