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New Prius Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • elsonluielsonlui Posts: 4
    We just got the 2006 Prius Package #8. We love it. The only thing is we're not getting the mileage we expected. We've been watching the MFD - we haven't driven it enough to calculate it by gallons put in the tank. At first we were using the "B" to go uphill and downhill, but we learned from this forum that we're only supposed to use B for going down steep hills, so hopefully our mileage will now improve.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    Congratulations on your new car elsonlui! Check the Toyota Prius: MPG-Real World Numbers discussion for answers to your questions on mileage performance.


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    Stay away from B, period! Unless you are on a severe, prolonged downhill stretch, all it does it eat gasoline.

    And the first tank of fuel is no way to measure fuel consumption, anyway...

    I drive the car like every other car we've owned, and I refuse to play the "Prius games" to try to get over-the-top fuel numbers. At the 4k mark, we consistently get 40-45 mpg, which is what every long-term magazine test has achieved. That's a realistic number. If you do better, fine...doing worse is pretty hard...
  • gilliewgilliew Posts: 1
    Had to remove roof Antenna - too tall for garage door.
    Any suggestions?
  • mtuftsmtufts Posts: 12
    We just got our new 06 Prius! I wish I could send a picture to show you how proud I am! Husband and I bought one in HOT red - with Package #2. I am a MIS/IT support tech--and when I read about saving the environment AND waving at the gas pumps as I drove by, I just HAD to have the vehicle! We got 48.9 on the way home from the dealership. We had to buy the car 4 hours from our home because the home dealer would NOT order one for us--but wanted us to buy a much higher priced model Toyota. We persisted and asked for quotes over the internet (in all of Texas). We had ONE dealer respond--from Round Rock. He got the sale--and our recommendations. I think he has had three new car sale prospects since then from us! They have a one-on-one orientation (before you are allowed to drive from their lot) from a lovely lady--and we are SO impressed!! We got the "barely street legal" tint on the windows--so we can't operate them for a few days--but who wants to in 100-degree heat? Call us ROMANCED and looking through rose-colored glasses at this point (and hopefully forever) with this new 06 Prius! :shades:
  • mtuftsmtufts Posts: 12
    Got our 06 Prius! Went to a one HOUR "one-on-one orientation" which was excellent before they would allow us to drive it off the LOT even. It is HOT red--and with Package #2. Glad I didn't get the "whistles and bells" package because we would have had to attend the orientation for TWO hours! Drives like a dream; surprised that there was no break-in; dealer said to drive it like we drive it. Got the "barely street legal" tinting for the windows so we can't open them for a few days (who wants to in 100+ degree heat?) and we drove it for the 4-hour trip. Averaged--AVERAGED 48.9 MPG on the way home!! So thrilled. I have switched over to the "New Prius" owners section--and I have told the dealer all about Edmunds. I hope for many, many happy miles in this "computer with wheels." :shades:
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    There is a kit available that replaces the whip antenna with a low-profile "shark fin". Do a Google on Prius antenna replacement, or go to PriusChat and do a search there. I'm only vaguely aware of this because others have done it primarily for appearance, and I tuned it out as a result. Sounds like you need for for a practical reason....

    And you do know it unscrews easily? I take it off every time we garage our car because we also cover the car [condo garage with open air at either end - too much dirt]...but I do realize that doing this every time you come and go out of the garage is more than most people are willing to do.
  • kienkien Posts: 5
    Could you share with us the name of the dealership you bought your Prius and the contact person?
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    I just put down deposit on Prius w/#3 over the weekend after comparing it against TCH and HCH. I chose Prius not really for its mileage or performance, but for its unique experience (it's so different than anything else). Anyhow, I need some advice from current owners. If I skip NAV, besides not having a GPS, a fancier stereo and bluetooth capabilities, do I miss any unique, novel or useful features? Thanks.
  • I just purchased a 2006 Prius (what a project to get one in Connecticut!) last month. Reading the past posts on here (especially from last spring) and reading/hearing a bit in the press about so-called liberal hybrid owners, I am curious if there is a "typical" Prius owner in terms of politics, background, or interests. Any thoughts?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    That might be the "easy" answer, but after reading these forums in detail, the only real, repeating common thread I have discovered is a love of new technologies and a hate for paying high prices for gasoline.

    So in this case, its a good love-hate relationship! ;)
  • Thanks for responding, Terry. You helped me with my cruise control question a few weeks ago--
  • Purchased a new 06 Prius, package3, about 3 weeks ago. Driven about 1800 miles and absolutely no issues with the car. Am averaging 53.4 mpg. When i bought, the dealer only had 3 cars on the lot. He still has the other 2. Another dealer an hour away has 16. What happened to the sales?
  • Hi all!
    Just bought a prius 06 package #5, waited about 2.5 months for it,had really unusual feeling when driving on highway at speeds 60+, steering floats left and right, surging noticed too. Returned to dealership, it needed new wheel bearings, they replaced those(delearship was very nice about the problem),but
    only to find out it still "floats" and surges at a lesser degree?? Anyone else having this problem? Love the car but if this is the norm on the highway,can't deal with it even with the gas mileage of 47.5! This is the first Prius I have driven on the highway,so if anyone else has comments on the handling? Or maybe its a lemon.
  • Hi Swellfish -- I have a similar problem. I too am wondering if I have a lemon! I have only 134 miles, and this week I did a real highway drive for the first time. The steering is super loose and feels unsafe; the alignment is off and the car veers to the left, and the steering shaft is shaky at highway speeds. I don't like this. I thihk the handling is crummy, and the vehicle feels unsafe. I'm ready to sell it already! Please keep me posted!
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Just picked up my 2007 Prius #2 on 9/29. Was going to get a 2006 #3 but a dealer promised to get a 2007 before Sept. 30, and they delivered.

    Put 100 miles on it so far, gone maybe 60+ miles at highway speed (65-75 in SoCal), and have not experienced too much steering wheel drifting problems reported. In fact, I was concerned about this (before buying), and so far am pleasantly surprised about not feeling it.

    I have read in other forums about adding BT Brace to stiffen the lateral (right-left) rigidity of the car. It's not too pricey ($ 150-200 I think), and takes only 5-10 minutes to install (mainly taken to jack up the car). I was going to get it myself but so far think the handling is not too bad. So I may wait until later.

    So far I am just thrilled by the mileage and running in silence (electric). It's fun again to drive and see how far I can go with a gallon of gas.
  • ck90211 said "It's fun again to drive and see how far I can go with a gallon of gas. "
    LOL I had the same feeling when I drive my S2000 with the top down. I can not for the life of me image a Prius being fun-to-drive. Economical ( weil except for the inital cost), drum rear brakes, languid acceleration and braking, mediocre handling on skinny high mileage tire, "green". Yes it is all of those, but fun-to-drive, are you serious?

  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    As was noted, this is not a political forum...

    To keep things for spinning completely of topic, I'm removing the off topic posts.

    This discussion is for new Prius owners to give us their first reports about their new vehicles.


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Midcow, I am serious about Prius fun-to-drive. Can't argue with S2000's performance, but fun (for me at least) is about nearing a car's limit (and pushing the limit of your handling skills). That is why fun (even sporting) is defined differently in every era, in different car class, in different terrains, etc..

    You probably get a lot of fun darting around traffic, putting S2000's shifter, suspension, redline, brakes to work. For me, I will be putting the Prius's electric motor to work, hoping I can cover the same trip by using the electric motor as much as I can, still keep up with the traffic. Your fun probably comes from how little time you use for your trip, my fun comes from how little gas I use for the same trip.

    But if your trip is so "FUN", why are you trying to shave time off it?
  • Hi everybody,
    We just bought our 2007 Prius with the #5 Options Package and have driven it about 250 miles. No problems, just smiles. Car drives smooth and tracks perfectly. Gas mileage is overall 45-48 mpg, wow! What a change from my old Tahoe and SS Camaro. Paid regular msrp, no extra or up charges. Sierra Toyota in Lancaster, Ca. was great! Surprises? Yeah, I am surprised how much I enjoy the Navagation system, too much fun! The sound system in the opt.5 is outstanding. :D
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