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Saturn Vue Maintenance and Repair



  • We are having this exact same issue now with our 06 VIE AWD V6. We've had two techs drive it and neither one heard the sound. Skibunny6, did you ever find out for sure what was causing the problem on your vehicle? Ours only makes the sound if I go over 15 mph. It doesn't seem to make the sound in the mornings and it only seems to make it when I've been driving at least 20 minutes in the afternoon. The sound sometimes goes away if I turn the car off and wait 30 minutes or so to restart it. The sound is definitely coming from the passenger front area and gets louder the faster I go. I don't hear the sound when the car is just idling. It is a very irritating sound. :sick:
  • how come none are available to the average joe??!
    Because the "Average Joe" shouldn't be touching this car..! They are far too technical for anyone other than a trained mechanic. Screw with it and it will cost you lots to get it fixed. Save your money and pay someone who has a clue what they are doing.
    Not trying to be nasty, but mechanics get rich off guys who are going to save money. I know, I'm one who makes a killing fixing DIY'ers screw up... DON'T DO IT...!
  • Could it be a bad wheel bearing? I had a similar issue with mine. When the bearing would warm up it would make a "whirring" noise. Kind of like driving with agressive treaded winter tires on hard pavement. Something like that?
  • :confuse: I have a 2003 Vue,V6, Front Wheel Drive ,VTI Transmission. We were driving on the interstate with the Cruise control set at 70MPH, when all of a sudden the RPMs started running high and the car started losing speed. The car would then drive but would not handle conditions that required extreme power. In other words it would maintain speeds up to 70MPH as long as the terrain was level. But if terrain changed to up hill or if I needed to accelerate through traffic, it seemed like something was impeding any power or torque produced by the engine. The more I tried to accelerate the worse the condition seemed to get. It was almost like the transmission was trying to go in Forward and reverse at the same time. I have read where there has been a lot of issues with the VTI Transmission in these models. I was wandering if anyone has had this same or similar experience, and what was done to resolve the issue.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    You're right: the VTi trans has had lots of issues, most times replacement is the only cure - they extended the warranty to 5 yrs 75,00 miles on the VTi, maybe you're in luck. Otherwise, I've read that replacement is about $ 6000-7000. Sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news...good luck
  • moretjmoretj Posts: 13
    Two Questions

    Does anyone know the recommended frequency of a tune up for the 2002 Saturn Vue. Mine has just over 106,000 km and has never had a tune up. I've checked the owners manual and there is no mention in the maitenance and repair section.

    If I do need to get one done, should I go to the dealership or can I bring it my local mechanic which I've used before to change brakes etc.

    Also, just noticed the vehicle is leaking oil from underneath the engine - I think it may be a leaky gasket? Has anyone else experienced this with this vehicle. Thanks.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Most probable that a sensor has died and the CPU (Computer) is confused. Need to identify with an special electronic tools the code number of the error.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    After I started to look after my own car I stopped to have problem in my car. Garages seem to be happy that your car has problems all the time so they could be paid. Car without problems is not a good business for the dealership. I was desperate by the high cost of repair and maintenance of my car so I decided to buy “Repair manual” or “Shop Manual” for my car, bought mechanical tools and one or two books of how to look after my car. This has saving a lot of money. Now, I do all the jobs included the drain a re-fill of all the fluids.

    Brakes are a problem usually generated by jammed calipers. When this happen the caliper does not retract so the brake are all the time in contact with the disc. Equally if the brake is above 2-3 years the spring that hold the brake pads get corroded and the pad start to goes out of place. If the wheel has hit something hard the disc may be out of round (round out) and this affect the disc unevenly producing vibration when braking. For years I have this problem in my car and the garage was sucking me the money. I know about this jobs because I read and I did my practice when I started to look after my car. There is hundreds of very helpful advice in the Internet of how to do things for ourselves.

    Manuals can be very useful indeed. There ‘Troubleshooting” sections for each piece of car item. Of course there are problem that I could not solve by myself, as for example the blinking of a light in the instrumentation panel. I read the manual and I inferred that a sensor might be wrong. I took the car to the garage, show the page on the manual to the technician and he went to the part department got the sensor and changed it for me. They charged me ½ hour of labor plus the part. The blinking stopped.
  • Today I got into my car and saw some smoke coming out from behind my steering wheel, the top of the part beind the steering wheel. I also noticed the symbol of the car with the lock is on when I turn the car on, didn't notice that before. Could this be electrical. Later as I was checking i was turning the car on and off 2-3 times, 3rd time, i saw a light on the dash where all the symbols light up and then more smoke was coming out. Any ideas? I had less problems with my old 1997 certified used saturn car then I am with the brand new one i bought in 2005 and the dealership always acts annoyed when it's warranty covered work. Any ideas of what this could be would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Have you spoken with the Saturn Customer Assistance Center?
  • if you indeed have a V6 engine in your 2003 Vue it DOES NOT have the VTI transmission. Only on 4 cylinder models and only used in the Vue in 2003 2004 2005 model years.
  • I have a 2003 Saturn Vue 5 Spd. Recently my service wrench light and my air bag light intermittently came on. I called my dealership and the service advisor immediately told me my BCM needed to be replaced. I took the car in and the technician reprogrammed the BCM. As soon as I picked up the car, the lights came back on. Then I went back to the dealership. They called me and said the the BCM and the SDM might need to be replaced but they had to replace the BCM first. SO they did that and told me the car was fixed. It did not require and SDM. As soon as I picked up the car, the lights are on constantly now. I am so frustrated. Help! I asked the service advisor to test the BCM to ensure that it needed to be replaced. Now he is telling me that even if the BCM is not the problem because the put it in my car, I am stuck with it. The are telling me the SDM is $600 more than the $440 I just paid for the BCM. The service advisor told me he had seen lots of these cars (03 Vues) with the same problem and that the BCM usually fixed it. Well usually just cost me $440. :mad: :cry: :confuse: Any advice?
  • selofselof Posts: 1
    Just to let others know...I just had to replace the heads on my 2002 V6 AWD Vue (67,00 miles). Apparently there is an engine cooler inside the engine that failed (Dex Cool degrading gaskets?) and the engine oil mixed up a nice new frothy product in combination with the Dex Cool and spread through out the engine/cooling system. Disgusting and very expensive mess!

    I understand that this engine was only used in 2002-03. I had wanted to drive this car for another 3-4 years - now I don't trust it.
  • My wife has 03 V6 AWD. It has been a good vehicle. Recently tried to activate rear window defrost and light indicator flickers. When rear defroster activated automatic door locks do not work from either remote key or the switch on the doors. When I deactivate the rear defroster switch everything works. Fuse is good.
    Any Ideas??
    We also had rotors replaced at 17K and 30K. Dealer did not want to cover under warrent. VUE now has 50K. My opinion is the rotors are too small for vehicle and warp under heat caused during braking and next time I will replace them myself with after market rotors which are 1/2 the price. According to dealer front brakes only good for 30K miles
  • Here's a good one. When my ABS engage, my transmission will not engage immediately after the vehicle comes to a stop. Took it to Saturn and they have no clue what could cause such a thing, ( although they can duplicate the problem) Has anyone had such a problem ? 2004 AWD with 100,000
    Was thinking could it be the voltage level on the battery ?
  • I own a 2003 Vue and have recently experienced noise in the steering column when I turn the steering wheel, especially at slow speeds and tight turns. Do not have problem driving the car--not sure if it might have something to do with the power steering or some other problem. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • Yes, sadly it needs to be lubricated. I had ours done at the dealer. Noise went away.
  • moretjmoretj Posts: 13
    The shift knob located in the centre console has detached from the transmission shifter. It can actually be removed. However, when in place the transmission functions properly (i.e. I can move it from park to reverse, neutral, drive etc.). When I spoke to the dealership they indicated that there may be a "C" clip to hold it in place but they weren't sure and wanted me to take it in to look at the boot and linkage (about 1 hour service).
    I don't think this is necessary and wanted to get some thoughts on what I could do to secure the shift knob to the shifter. I was thinking of just using glue. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • moretjmoretj Posts: 13
    Recently started noticing a burnt smell when the temperature control is turned to HOT. However, this smell is only noticeable when the vehicle is idling. When the vehicle is in motion the smell is not noticeable. Any ideas what the problem might be?
  • I have a 2003 2wd Vue with the 2.2 L, L4 engine. I need to replace the clutch. Is there a repair manual for this? At 124,00 miles, it is starting to chatter when cold.
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