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Ford Ranger III



  • jfowlerjrjfowlerjr Posts: 20
    Has anyone out there bought a new Ranger with this engine? What are your thoughts of this engine? Gas mileage, passing power thing like that.

    On a side note does anyone if the new 2.8 I5 engine is coming in 2002 or 2003.

  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    According to this article, the 2.8L I5 is "on hold" (see last paragraph):

    I'm interested in any comments on the 2.3L I4 too...

  • btate2002btate2002 Posts: 64
    I know the 3.0 is supposed to be discontinued, but does that mean it will stay another year now??
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    P265x75R16 are about the same size as a 31"...
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Has anyone installed a Hi flow air filters assembly in their Ranger? I have a 99 with the 3.0 liter motor that lacks guts and am thinking freeing up the air flow could not hurt. Any thoughts?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    air filter on my 4.0. A friend who also has a Ranger with a 3.0 has a K&N air charger kit. If you can afford it do dual exhaust. He has it on his Ranger and it upped his HP easily 20HP. If you do the K/N you should also open the exhaust system somehow.. A chip also will help but you have to run super... Also try better plugs, iginition system. The 3.0 can be built up, there are plenty of aftermarket parts... Good luck.
  • Don't forget some big ole plug wires with a minimum of resistance, splitfire or platinum plus plugs, upgrade your battery to a 1000+ cca(this may require updating your alternator), open up the air box, take off any snorkel unless you're always playing in deep puddles. High flow mufflers are okay, but high flow catalyst converters are better. You can get aftermarket ignition like MSD, accel, or holley. Carb's can always increase jet size, or upgrade CFM, EFI's can get larger injectors and higher volume pumps, and chips galore. Put in some zmax for less friction and wear internally, use that royal purple synthetic oil for the same. You can delete the A/C to eliminate some parasitic drag, but not recommended in the warmer states. Move the water pump to electric, put the alternator on electri charge, and go with manual steering or brakes. If you're handy with a die cutter, you can port your own heads, but don't do this unless you know what you're doing. Intake as well can be ported/extrude honed. If you're feeling brave you can try a small fogger shot of laughing gas(less than 75hp!!!) At lot of these are crazy and most are expensive, but it might give you some ideas.

    Or when buying, pay 220 extra for the 4.0l!

    The bosch platinum plus plugs get pretty expensive for my four cylinder that has 2 plugs per cylinder! V8 tune up cost for a 4 banger, but at least I can still beat up on imports with coffee can exhaust pipes.
  • gk3gk3 Posts: 13
    My 2001 Ford Ranger SC 4X4 4.0L/5 speed AT has Firestone Wilderness AT tires, size 245/75R 16. Following the recent announcement by Ford, on May 22nd 2001, on the replacement of all Wilderness AT tires, I would like to have my tires replaced ASAP.

    Any suggestions as to what would be a dependable tire w/ good traction on wet pavement, that wears well and is quiet on the road (almost exclusively city/highway driving), that would qualify for the $130 per tire reimbursement by Ford?

    Is it your understanding like mine, that Ford dealerships are authorized to use only certain tires for the replacement, while going through a tire dealer/shop one could choose any tire manufacturer or type or size of tire and be reimbursed by Ford (up to $130 per tire), by taking the old tires and an original sales receipt to a Ford dealership?

    I would appreciate any comments, input or personal experiences on this subject... Thank you.
  • teknogeek9teknogeek9 Posts: 12
    I have a 94 Ranger XLT/4x2/4/shortbed. I replaced the factory installed tires with Dunlop AT Radial Rovers and have been very satisfied with them. Thus far, I have over 25K on them and they still look new. The one thing that I did notice was the handling improvement. The rear end no longer swings when going over a bump.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    key. Get a P265x75R16 or a 30" or 31" tire. Believe me this will make your RAnger have a more aggressive stance, give you more clearance, and stand taller. Tires make a huge difference on how a truck will perform offroad also. BFG, Toyo, and Goodyear are also good tires. Shop around prices can vary quite a bit... Good luck...
  • gk3gk3 Posts: 13
    for your response. I'm looking at Michelin LTX M/S size P255/70R16. What do you think of those? Anyone else with some input? Thank you...
  • urbanallenurbanallen Posts: 2
    Hi, Two weeks ago to date, I bought the cheapest 01 Ranger from a dealer here in Oregon. 8988$ sales price for an XL. I had this exact model of truck in 1997 and it sucked, really uncomfortable. Ford has done something to the 01 where it's more truck, much more comfortable. Even the vinyl seats are tolerable... Drives nice, looks beefy enough too, nice tires even though they say Firestone on them, ooops. Anyway I like this truck and you can't beat the price, I just wasn't willing to drive an Accent, the next cheapest car down the cheap car lineup.
  • jfowlerjrjfowlerjr Posts: 20
    Today I purchased my first truck and new vehicle. Got a 4x2 XLT 4 door 4 liter auto loaded. I have to say this truck is fun to drive. Paid 18000 after 2000 rebate. Do you think I got a good deal?

  • frey4frey4 Posts: 30
    I would be REAL CAREFUL before I started to change stock tire sizes, especially when going bigger. bigger is not necessarily better. going bigger means that your speedometer will be off, your truck will encounter more drag (higher trucks have more turbulence UNDER the truck), and, bigger tires according to my dealer are harder to balance. in SOME cases, wider can actually affect steering geometry slightly and require camber-caster adjustments: YOU DO NOT want to get into this, especially on a highway truck. i have a 2000 Ranger 4x4, 4.0 liter, 5 sp. aut. it shakes and vibrates, and i can't get it to steer straight. it has only 6700 miles on it. undoubtedly [after much hassle] i have concluded it's the stock Firestones. i am going to go with Michelins (stock 235, 75, 15 size) either in the XCX APT series (older) or the newer LTX series. got to to get an education on what's available: very interesting. if you use the truck for heavy duty use, get a 6 ply tire, which has a stiffer sidewall. the plus in Michelins appears to be their smoothness (important on the highway, where i use my truck). also, i am reading that Dunlop also makes a good tire. AVOID the el cheapo brands. good luck....IMHO, stay with the STOCK SIZE.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    Granted, larger tires will hurt mpg a bit and give you a different ride and maybe change your speedo 3-5mph. (This can be adjusted also) The 235's and 245's Ford puts on the Rangers are puny in comparison to what Toyota and Nissan and Chevy are putting on their compact truck lines. These tires make the Ranger look whimpy and smaller. Go ahead and ask a tire person about putting 31" or 30" or P265 on a Ranger. They fit fine, bumps stops are fine, clearance is good too. I am a Ranger fan and this is one area that gets me angry at Ford. A new Ranger with an offroad pkg is going to debut here soon. It will have stock 31" BFG's. I presently have P265x75R16's (31")on my 1998 Ranger XLT 4x4 and have NEVER had any problems with handling or road feel. It made my Ranger look more aggressive, gives it a better stance, better offroading feel. I do admit my MPG did drop about 1-2MPG though.. I guess it comes down to what you want your Ranger to look like and perform like..
  • dle01dle01 Posts: 37
    I have a 1999 Ranger extended cab with the 4 door option. I love the truck, and have found the 4 door option to be great - I can't imagine the truck without it.

    The truck is equipped with the rear jump seats, which I believe are standard. I don't have any kids, and think the jump seats are a joke for real adults. The rear area is the domain of my 70lb labrador retreiver, and she could use some more room.

    Has anyone removed the jump seats to get more room in their 4 door Ranger? If so, how is it done, and what should I look for? From a visual inspection it appears that the seatbelt assembly could be a problem.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • frey4frey4 Posts: 30
    I appreciate your comments, but I stand by my post. I use my Ranger as a truck; I am not concerned that I look "macho" driving around town. I didn't buy the truck because it looks "cool". I use it for towing smaller bassboats; if I could get the shake and shimmy out of it, I would love the truck. (I am thinking seriously of trading it for a new Tacoma). Even Ford marketing (I read this in Car & Driver magazine) admits that the big tire phenomenon has been marketing to younger kids who buy the truck to look cool. BIG TIRES WILL NOT BALANCE AS WELL; That is all I am trying to say. Any tire shop who says otherwise is not telling the truth. Going up even ONE size in a tire adds a disproportionate amount of tire (unsprung) weight. I still maintain this affects fuel economy, shock selection, and possibly steering and rollover stability. Good luck.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I use my 4x4 Ranger as a fishing, hiking and offroad vehicle. I needed, and use the larger all terrain tires as they are supposed to be used. I agree with you that most of these trucks are for show, and the younger crowd loves the larger tires and "macho" look. Just like Toyota and their excellent marketing for the TRD package. A package that give you a locker, some Bilstein shocks and springs and walla! you have a "Toyota tuned suspension" wow!! The locker is useless to the everyday user. It doesn't help you tow, pull or haul. When not activated its an OPEN rear axle. The Bilsteins can be had aftermarket for a fraction of the price Toyota is charging.. Most people buy this truck for the pretty sticker....
  • I think the bigger tires look cool, and give better off road clearance. I would opt for taller over wider. Wouldn't taller tires give BETTER mileage (from ratio change)? I am not worried about speedometer, since I don't usually drive the speed limit anyhow. Would this "put less mileage on the car" over its lifetime?

    Vince8: Are you from that "younger generation"?

    Jump seats: I was wondering the same thing. Nothing a set of wrenches can't fix. As far as the seatbelt, how about a razor? Maybe remove just the driver's side seat?
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