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Isuzu Trooper Check Engine Light



  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    Why not just get the codes read at an autozone or other for free. Once you know the code, that should help direct your efforts. That said, my guess is that you have an EGR problem, either needs to be cleaned or the valve itself is sticking or solenoid is not working. Odds are it is the EGRpassage in manifold. One guys opinion.
  • grabber7grabber7 Posts: 5
    I have a 2002 Trooper, 85,000 miles. When I accelerate the check engine light flashes, when I let off of gas it goes away. Just a weeks prior to this problem I turned on my heater and my truck died. There were none of these problems until I changed the spark plugs and put a new battery in it a couple of weeks ago. The battery that was in it was too small. Would either of these changes cause these problems?
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 835
    Troopers are real picky about the plugs you install. Stay with those listed in your owner's manual. My 2000 LS came with the following listed for use. I used the Champion RC10PYP4 that matched what came from the factory:

    Manual lists:
  • grabber7grabber7 Posts: 5
    I'm having the same problem except the light goes off when i let off the gas. I have a 2002 LTD 4wd.
  • grabber7grabber7 Posts: 5
    Is it okay to clean EGR with carb cleaner?
  • I am sure you did not disconnect the battery properly. When you did this You erased all the E.E.R.O.M Electrically erasable read only memory. I would not be surprised If the computer needs to be "reflashed" or reprogramed or even worse you might have done physical damage to the computer. Maybe if your lucky the PCM Power Train Control Module will re learn Its programed instructions.
    How do you know the battery was to small? Make sure you did not put a larger battery then needed compare the old and new battery. Hopefully you put O.E Orgnial equipment spark plugs in the car. There is a lot more to batteries, spark plugs and even air filters Nowadays. Every thing is tied into each other and the computer. I would suggest taking this to a shop. Hopefully this helped.
  • cleaning the erg valve isnt going to do anything you need to replace it. Here how to check to see if it is working (mechanical valves only) Have the vehical running take your hand under the egr valve and push up on the plunger if the car stumbles your good to go if not new valve or check for kinks in vaccum hose
  • I'm betting on intake gaskets. It'll just keep getting worse until the thing barely runs. The OEM's are a hard plastic that gets brittle with age. The good news is they are easy to change. Fel-Pro makes one that is softer, with steel inserts to keep it from getting crushed. You should be able to change both sides in less than two hours.
  • icarus681icarus681 Posts: 2
    Hi! I, already take out the manifold,and clean it,i also check the computer,clean the egr,change the O2 sensors,injectors were cleaned too,a new gas filter, i cant remember what more and the problem still,thanks for your response.
  • I am trying to helpl my daughter fix her 94 trooper, v6 dohc 4x4 4 dr......she has all kind of trouble lights took it to schucks to borrow a code reader, first off, they tell me they dont have an adapter for Isuzu, but that Chevy/GMC should then the cashier and I go out, pop the hood and spend a good 20 minutes looking stupid....then another good 10 minutes IN the car looking ever dumber..........does any one know where the code read is hiding?
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    There is a 3 wire pigtail located on the hump on the driver side just where the console meets the carpet and is usually tucked under the carpet. Just follow the carpet end til you meet the console and it should be in there. You jumper the right two wires and turn on the ignition key and the CEL will flash the codes it has stored, one after the other if there are multiple, and repeat a couple more times IIRC.
  • Hi,

    I am new to this forum and found this very helpful..... I have one question though..
    I have 2002 Trooper which runs perfectly fine, but from last month and a half I noticed that CHECK light is keep coming up, its right under TOD sign, its not the constant but keep coming now and then. sometime when I start engine it stay there and flashing then I turned-off and turned back on then it goes away.

    Any idea what is it for, I will really appreciate your help.
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    When the Check light comes on, there is also a code stored in the computer, which can be read by a OBDll code reader. Autozone and most part stores will read it for free. Get the name AND the code number and that will give you specific reason for light. Then you can research possible remedies. Hope this helps. One guys opinion.
  • I have a manual 98 Trooper and for the last two months the "Check Engine" light has been coming on and it's been difficult to diagnose the problem. Whatever the code that AutoZone provided only scratched the surface. My local mechanic has replaced: mass air flow sensor, manifold air pressure sensor, throttle position sensor, idle control valve, fuel filter, and fuel injectors. All of these electronics have to do with emissions, I have been told. What a nightmare. This will be the last time I ever buy a manual 4x4 of any kind. Too many parts, and the kicker is that this was all electronics that control the moving parts, the moving parts, for the most part, are fine! Having a good mechanic who can take the time to diagnose these issues is a lifesaver. Don't let a lesser mechanic brush off these problems.
  • i have a 2002 model isuzu trooper skyroof edition my problem is after doing the change oil the indicator for check trans is keep on flashing and the unit won't start. the engine is 4jx1 isuzu. :sick:
  • tonight check engine/check transmission light came on while in cruise control. Got home tried to reset by disconnecting battery waiting ten minutes. This did not work infact now the shifter indicator on dash and shifter read different gears dash says 2 and floor says D cycled through and dash does not show gear even when im in drive tried to drive it and it seems to clunk when upshifting and down shifting I just bought this 02 rodeo LSE truck a week ago. Please help!
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    The trans is an electronically controlled trans so any check trans light will be accompanied by a diagnostic trouble code in memory. Since you unhooked battery youmay have erased the original code, but since you are still having problems, I think your mode switch on the trans shifter input shaft is dirty, damaged or broken. This is a common problem as it is exposed to all the dirt, dust and crud the underbody sees. The mode switch has to be installed properly and work properly or your symptoms are the usual evidence......dash reads one gear and shifter lever indicates another. This will also result in screwed up shifting when it is not working right. This is where I would first check under the circumstances you describe.

    Check this out:
  • i just bought this 94 trooper 3.2 dual overhead cam.. it has 117,000 miles one it.. anyhow my check engine light comes on when i hit highway speeds, then when i stop it comes off, take off again it comes back on.. then the next day it stays off till i hit the highway speed again.. if i just run around town at slower speeds it dont come on.. so i replaced the tps and that didnt fix it.. So i am not sure what it could be.. just strange how it comes on only at highway speed. any suggestions??? Also in the morning when i first start it, it starts right up then i smell fuel till it warms up.. once its warmed up it has a little trouble starting.
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    There is a code stored in memory of the ECU when the CEL comes on. I am betting it is 32 based on your symptoms. That is an EGR code, and the valve needs to be checked for function, but likely the tube is carboned up in the plenum if cleaning and checking the valve does not resolve the problem. Not too bad a job with a small brass brush like you would use to clean a 22 cal barrel. I would check the EGR valve for function and if it is ok, then clean the manifold passageway. Easy to check codes. The connector is on the hump where the carpet meets the console. It has 3 wires, IIRC, and you jumper two of them and turn on ignition (don't start) and the CEL will flash the stored codes. HTH One guys opinion.
  • heartlanheartlan Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    1994 Trooper SOHC - One day it just didn't start, no warning signs. Checking to find the problem, I found hole in the radiator and fluid very very low. Have been doing oil changes at Dodge Dealer and they never mentioned the fluid level, just topped it off. I have put an ignition module in and the trooper starts but now have a check engine light that came on, during my five mile test drive, not sure what the code is yet. Will have to go see if I can get that read free somewhere. Would the radiator have some kind of a sensor that might throw a code?
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