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Mitsubishi Eclipse Engine Problems



  • My friend has a 1996 Eclipse and is not sure where and how to add windshield washer fluid to the resevoir. Can u advise?
  • it should be under the spare tire in the trunk and the fill should be in the drain rail where the trunk comes down on
  • broke_dadbroke_dad Posts: 10
    An old "trick" dealers use on cars that have this kind of problem is to put in a 100% synthetic oil like Syntec. That kind of oil will still burn but it will have zero blue smoke. Just an idea if you are thinking about trading the car in or just don't want the smoke. Sometimes a quart of oil every month or so is better than the huge expense of fixing the rings.
  • i have a problem with my 95 eclpise rs. its a 2.0L DOHC non turbo. when i start the car its like it hesitates and does not want to go, and sometimes even wants to back fire. but once it gets a little warmed up it will drive pretty good. and just recently i was drivin it around and it started to die almost everytime i came to a stop. sometimes it would keep runnin and sometimes it wouldnt. it does have over 180XXX miles on it, and i will be rebuilding the motor soon, but i know this is not a motor problem.
  • broke_dadbroke_dad Posts: 10
    If you are sure it's not an engine problem check the oxygen sensor on the exhaust. It can affect the fuel/air mixture especially when the engine is cold. A new one normally costs around $20 at an auto store. If you don't do the labor yourself expect to pay for an hour wherever you have it done. Hope that helps.
  • thanks, would that help with the car shutting off when im coming to a stop also?
  • broke_dadbroke_dad Posts: 10
    It was the one thing I could think of non-engine related that might account for a backfire. A backfire is the cause of incorrect air/fuel mixture or timing. Also try some injector cleaner for a couple tanks of gas. Having the injectors pressure cleaned by an auto shop would run around $110 so it's best to try that first.

    Check the condition and tension of your belts. Most modern cars have only one or two belts these days that run everything. A timing check isn't that costly. If your timing is off it can cause stalling at low rpms.

    Hope the suggestions help you find the problem and fix it for the least amount of money.

  • thanks. i will check and doo all those, hopefully this weekend if i have time! i will kepp posted though.
  • My daughter has the same car and I have gone all over it trying to find the miss and sometimes won't idle problem. Most of the time it will not throw a check engine code to find the problem. I have changed the EGR valve, Idle Air Control Valve, Vacuum hoses and spark plug wires only to still have a intermittent problem.
    At times it will idle poorly but when you hit the gas it revs up fine and if you push the pedal to the floor to pass someone it will miss very bad and then the bad idle begins. The problem appears to be electrical because at one stall time it had no spark. If you find the solution please post it.
  • broke_dadbroke_dad Posts: 10
    WOW .. you've done alot of stuff. Hasn't anyone suggested the ignition control module ? Sounds like that would be the first thing to look into with that kind of problem.

  • turbo91turbo91 Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 GSX turbo , broke down on road only running on #3 #4 cylinders,checked compresion 148psi on both also getting sparkno water in oil or oil in water took to dealer they said coil pack was bad, so i bought a new one at the parts store, still would not run on #1 #2 same thing called dealer they said it needed to be replaced with a mitsubishi coil pack only? or it would not run right. replaced the computer also..were do i go now???
  • broke_dadbroke_dad Posts: 10
    I hate to sound redundant but have you done a timing check or had the ignition control module checked out? It's separate from the computer module and if it could be getting the right signals from the computer module but not operating correctly.
  • i have a1994 plymouth colt with a 2.4 mitsubishi engine it suddenly died and the next day it started again went for a week and died again it wouldn,t start at all after that , can anyone help me please.
  • broke_dadbroke_dad Posts: 10
    I take it you have cranked the engine with a spark plug removed and grounded against the engine to check for spark ??? If you are getting spark I would then look at possibly a bad fuel pump or clogged fuel filter. Removing a plug will also let you check this after cranking. If it is "wet" with fuel then you are getting flow.

    Let me know once you have checked both those things. Good Luck.

  • yes broke dad i tried them 2 thing,s and not getten any spark,
  • I bought this eclipse to one of this magician guy here In UAE, it is a 96 mitsu eclipse DOHC Turbo with 4g63 engine 1st Gen. tried to put it back on the street, but the temperature was unstable, when I hit the accelirator from 100KM/H up to 130KM/H, temp guage start to move from the mid point to 3/4 of the guage, slowdown the car to 90KM/H it will go back to mid point, replaced the radiator into 3 rose Brass type, its the same, until one day the engine seised.

    I bought Japan surplus engine 4g63 DOHC Turbo 2nd GEN, and replaced the following;
    = water pump, timing belt, tensioner, thermostat, with NEW one, and a surplus original radiator for eclipse, put it back on the street, I've got exactly the same problem with the 1st Gen engine regarding temperature. trouble shoot again and replaced the following; coolant sensor, sending unit or guage sensor, with NEW one, swap the dashboard guage with another eclipse, check the working condition of the two electric fan, when the car is in idling position and reach a certain temperature, radiator fan will activate on low speed, after a certain temparature again, radiator fan will be in high speed togethwer with AC fan. Test drive again without a thermostat, still the same problem...........please help

    Another problem, car is in idling position 800 RPM, turn AC ON, idling goes down to 400RPM, replaced the IAC, and re learn the computer for the idling by pressing the accelerator to 800RPM with AC OFF for about 5 minutes, it doesn't work.

    I will really appreciate what ever help that you can extend to me, I've done all the basic things that I've learn about cars, but I consider my limitation, I can say that, it is really a nice fault, please helpppppppppp.

    Thank you,

  • Hi, here in UAE, 1990 up to 1994 eclipse has a 4g63 DOHC turbo 1st generation engine, 1995 up to 1999 also a 4g63 DOHC turbo but they call it 2nd generation due some modification on the crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor, now pay attention on the wiring of the alternator, crankshaft sensor, and camshaft sensor, I've got the wiring diagram of it, if you need just post a message and i'll post it, I hope you've got the same engine, just incase you dont know your engine, there is an aluminum plate in the firewall midlle top, near the battery.
    Thank you,
  • troublettroublet Posts: 2
    My 2003 spyder won't idle smooth and misses when sitting in gear and sputter badly when pressing the gas. Sometimes the rpms rev up real high when trying to make it go. I have to use manual shifting and rev the rpms up just to get it to run smooth and go. Please help!
  • i am attempting to put a 94 motor in the 95 eclipse. can you post the diagram. there seem to be a few diffences between the two motors. like engine mount and oil filter to name a few. will these affect the engine swap?
  • my car keeps over heating whats the best thing i can do :sick:
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