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Taurus/Sable Electrical Problems



  • mws9646mws9646 Posts: 1
    1997 Ford Taurus, I did a head gasket job on the car and now ther is no spark or injector pulse. Everything is plug in, check that 100 times, and we even swapped some parts, crank sensor, cam sensor, pcm, control mod., I just don't know what is wrong. A number of us are STUMPED! Did I mention the parts work in the other idenical car. HEEEEELLLLP!
  • steveon3steveon3 Posts: 1
    check the motor has all grounding straps connected to it. had same problem with a 94 mustang with a 3.8.
  • My car is driving me insane. I have had the ignition switch replaced, the camshaft sensor replaced, the computer replaced twice, all the wires taken off and cleaned, the battery tested normal, and so did the alternator. All in the last four months. Car still doesn't run right. It will stall in any condition or situation. When it stalls everything goes out like you take the battery cable off the car. Most of the time will crank right back up and drive fine for a little while. Then starts acting up again. Mechanic gave up. Please if anyone has had similar problems or knows whats wrong I would love to hear from you. Ready to give up on it. :mad:
  • I have a 2001 ford taurus that is draining the battery which I have isolated to fuse #16. I am trying to find the integrated control panel, which I believe is the culprit. Also the same fuse controls the rcc memory cluster and GEM power module. Any help would be appreciated.
  • aninajessaninajess Posts: 1
    I also have a 2002 taurus, every once in a while about every 2 months ill be driving along and the car will die for about 3 seconds and start on its own again, or the car lights will dim and then come back, the theft light usually shows the most on the dash but other lights on the dash show too.... what is wrong ? does anyone know ?
  • gevisualgevisual Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Taurus SE and the following problem just started yesterday. When I press the "AUTO" button on the climate control system to start the A/C, the light on the panel illuminates, but nothing else happens (blower usually starts blowing cold air after 4-5 seconds). Same result if I hit the "MAX A/C" button. Here's where it gets interesting. I then hit the off button, drove for about 5 miles, tried the "AUTO" button again, and it worked. Drove the car home without any problems. When I got in this morning, same problem - A/C wouldn't start back up. This time, I didn't switch it back to "OFF", and after 10 minutes or so on the road everything seemed to switch on. When it does come on, everything works as normal (blower will variate with the temp set, etc.). Doesn't seem to be a fuse - I'm not sure where to look at this point. Any ideas? :confuse:
  • danni3danni3 Posts: 1
    I just changed my starter tonight and my car still won't start and now my power windows don't work. Could this be a fuse problem also?? also my cd player works but not the radio? I am confused.
  • Check the fuel pump. I had an 86 Taurus that would start bucking and then quit. The engine cooled, and it would go. There were 2 separate problems: The spark plug wires were shot and the fuel pump also had some problem.
    Hope this helps
  • Having a problem with the remote keyless entry. Neither remote works and have checked batteries. Remotes do not unlock doors or open trunk. Any idea? Thanks.
  • I've got a similiar problem that started yesterday with my girlfriend's '99 Taurus. She has no lights on the A/C panel whatsoever. I got under the hood and checked every fuse I could find but none were blown. I did notice that the compressor was not turning but I assume that is because it is not switched on. I'm not much of a mechanic but I do know electrical a bit. She didn't have any owner's manual to point me to a schematic and I didn't find any when I tried to Google one. So, out of desparation I'm looking for help here. I'm hoping that GEVISUAL will reply to what he found and maybe it will give me some insight as to what I might look for. This looks like a great forum and web site. I've never been here before but Google gave me a link. Best to you all! Paul in Tampa, FL
  • ewuewu Posts: 13
    My car has starting problem recently.
    I can not start it right after I turn it off.
    But it has radio and light, and battery light is on also when try starting.
    I can not hear any starting sound except a "click".

    After wait for a while (after the engine cool enough???), it can be started without any problem.
    Could any body know the possible reasons?
    Thank you very much.
  • First thing to come to mind is a bad battery. How old is the battery? I just added water to my battery yesterday. Keep the water level up but don't overfill. I check my water level at least every three months. The heat from our weather today evaporates the water quickly. Click, click, click sound can also indicate a bad starter. If you can keep trying to start and it eventually catches then you might have a burnt spot on the stator of the starter. It will get worse until you can never get it to start again until the starter is replaced. Check the battery voltage first. If you see a date on the battery and it's getting to be four years old or older, just replace it. Get the largest amp rated battery you can afford. The more amps rated the easier it is on your starter too so not to burn so easily in the future. A 'Heavy Duty' battery rated is good. You'll probably spend anywhere from $60 to $80 for a battery but hey, they last for years. This is all I can tell you for now. Oh, check the battery connections. Most of us let them go without every cleaning them or keeping the clean of corrosion. Corrosion impedes electrical flow. Take the connectors loose with a wrench or vice grip and clean the battery post and connector with a good grit sand paper or wire brush. Make sure it shines before connecting cables back. Then, put a battery grease or vasoline works well too all over the connection. Check the grease every six months at the longest. You have to keep the air and moisture off the connectors. Good luck.
  • ewuewu Posts: 13
    Thank you, pstreicher.
    It seems the battery is fine.
    Is there anyway to check the starter myself?
    I just need this car for a coupole of months (looking for a new one). Thus jsut wanna keep expense on repairing it as little as possible.
  • From my experience in the past I was able to unbolt the starter and take it into a starter repair shop where they can hook it up to a tester. They can immediately pinpoint where the burn marks are and how bad they are if any at all. Then they would offer you either to repair that one or possibly sell you one they have already repaired that is on their shelf for sale. Neither you or I have a starter tester to check this. And, I don't remember if you can visually see burn damage on a starter's stator. Quite possibly you can but you won't be able to test to see how bad it is. My suspicion is if you can see dark burn marks on what normally looks copper or bronze colored metal then you have wear. The severity of the wear or burns is what the tester can check if good of bad. If bad it means that there is no continuity through the windings to the stator. The burn marks take away from conductivity and that's where the problems lie with starters. A check of prices for a new or repaired starter you may find is not that expensive. But, expensive to me might be different ot you. I'd say check out all the options yourself and decide what you want to do. Maybe a repaired starter would be cheap enough for you for the two months you need to use that car. A small investment in a repair to give you peace of mind knowing your car will start when you want it to. Good luck!
  • ewuewu Posts: 13
    Thank you very much.
    I am going to have my car (battery, starter) tested in Autozone tonight. Not sure how good they are, but it is free anyway. Hope they can find out something.
  • We own a 2003 Ford Taurus. The lights mounted inside the side mirrors on both doors will not turn off. Is there a fuse specifically for these two lights? Where's the fuse box? Any suggestions?
  • My Mercury Sable LS headlamps come on in the daylight when the switch is in the automatic position. The Headlamps shut off when driving at night, I was able to turn them on by manually turning the switch. The headlamps turned off and than came back on. I experimented with the headlamp switch by turning back to automatic to see if it would do it again and it shut off again and didn't come back on. I drove the rest of the way with the switch in manual. What is the problem and can it be fixed easily?
  • Hey,
    Got the problem fixed finally. It was the battery all along. Apparently sometimes when the plates get weak in the battery they will hit together and causes the whole car to short out. The mechanic who fixed it said that he has had one other car to do this and that is how he figured it out. The battery will not show battery on the testers unless it is actually doing it at the time. Replaced the battery and it has ran fine for over a month now. So Happy. :D
  • I have a 2000 Taurus that I bought about a year ago. When I turn the cruise on and hit the set button, the "cruise" light on the display flashs but doesnt stay on and the cruise ofcourse then doesnt work. If anyone has any ideas about how to fix this, if its something that I can fix, I would really appreciate any suggestions,

  • 2003 Mercury keeps blowing fuses for the horn and cruise controls. It happens each time I blow the horn for anything more than a quick. No other electrical problems just this one quirky thing..suggestions????
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