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Taurus/Sable Electrical Problems



  • the gremlins are gone. it was the transmission range sensor. i have been with out any problems for 5 days. this rocks
  • I'm working on an 02 Taurus, the problem is, when it's cold, the first start of the day, turn the key and I get no warning lights on the dash and it will not crank. If I leave the key in on position for one or two minutes all the lights come on, I hear a clicking noise, and the car starts and runs fine till it sets overnight again. Temp has to be 30 or lower. I've already changed the trans selector switch and the electrical ignition switch.
  • carl323carl323 Posts: 2
    had this problem a couple of months ago,inside lights are comeing on when car is shut off,, Ill sit in the car and wait a minute and ill hear a click in the back left rear and the interior light come on ,,,Then wait a minute and they shut off ..another they come back on ..I thought it was in the steering columm or ignition,, I replaced ignition to no avail ,,,replaced the whole steering columm,,was good till tonite..went to go for ride in another car looked over and saw the lights on the problems back..I beleive its some sensor but where do I look ?The clicking sounds like its back by the wheel well..Can anybody help me?
  • stryker3stryker3 Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 Taurus 24 valve V-6 4-door sedan with approx. 112,000 miles. Lately, when the ignition is turned off the air pump, located below the battery tray, remains on until the battery is completely drained. The car runs fine and there are no warning lights. Any idea what the cause could be and how to fix it? The part number on the pump is F5DE-9A486-DB.
    Thanks - MJB315
  • phjohnsophjohnso Posts: 1
    short story. 1999 sable had a battery drain caused by fuse 22 and the battery saver relay. Power drivers mirror was sideswiped and ripped off the car and was replaced by a cheap imitation. There was a bent pin in the mirror connection shorting out the circuit and cause the battery saver relay to never work causeing the battery to drain down over a week. After that the battery would be charged with a charger and the car would work for another week.

    Prior to this I bought a new battery at wmart and things seemed fine until the battery died for the first time. Well it has been about a month and the battery drain was fixed this weekend and this morning the car was dead and would not start click, or anything (no light in the car either. The batter was charged up fully 24 hours ago.

    If I jump the car the car starts right up but when I remove the jumper cables the car shuts off. Tried this 3 times with the same result. While the car was running the battery light in the dash was flickering. I am surmising 2 things at this point. Defective battery or bad altenator or both. I was going to pull the altenator this weekend ans have it tested but id did not have a long enough handled wrench to release the belt tensioner so I could get the altenator off.

    What sort of wrench do you use for this belt tensioner, i know it is 15 MM but you can not fit a socket on it because there is no clearance.

    I am thinking bad battery at this point because of the number of full drains and charges I have had to give it.

    Thoughts??? AIM tbirdpj
  • dew188dew188 Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem. Did you ever figure out what was wrong?
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    A friend of mine recently asked me to take a look at his wife's 2001 Taurus. All I know is that when they try to start it, it cranks but just won't start. Then maybe the next day it will(I should have asked him if it KEEPS running). The way he talks it sounds like there may be a loose connection somewhere. I asked him if the engine light is on of if it has been, but he said no. He said it is a 6 cyl engine, I don't know what size it is. Reading some of the replies here, I'm wondering if that "mega-fuse" is what might be causing his problem or if he just may need a good tune-up. When I do get to take a look at it, I'll check all connections from the battery, alt and starter, things like that. He said the trans went out about 3 or 4 years ago, but that was the only real trouble they had with the car until now. I will appreciate all suggestions anyone might have on this. Thanks!
  • avneetavneet Posts: 3
    I am having a strange problem with my car. It smetimes starts ad sometimes doesnot. When i turn the key 3/4(dont crank) the lights come on and a noise come (i guess the fuel pump), the car starts.If this fuel pump noise doesnot come, the car starts momentarily and the then shuts off. After 4-5 attempts its just cranks and doesnot start. It doesnot give any problems after it has started. No other problems at all. I got the fuel pressure from the fuel pump checked by attaching the pressure meter and it was fine. Can anybody please help
  • I recently installed a new starter. Car ran fine for about 2 weeks then stopped. Checked all wire connections and one wire came loose. Re-connected and ran fine for about another week. Now won't start. When turning over it just clicks. Checked all connections again and they seem solid. Any help in some troubleshooting ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • lildavidjaxlildavidjax Posts: 68
    Enough said above, trying to help a friend. Hazard lights don't work, neither do the turn signals. but can't seem to locate the flasher/hazard relay. :shades:
  • krg15krg15 Posts: 1
    My Sable has an electronic fuel indicator bug that is driving me crazy. I know I have gas, but my indicator is giving readings that range from empty to full. I do not want to take it to a garage and spend money on getting this repaired. Is there any thoughts on what the problem may be? I would like to tackle this myself if it is fairly easy. My car has alot of electronic bugs and am working on one problem at a time. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • ffzffz Posts: 1
    1997 Sable - won't start - duratech engine

    The car worked fine one day then the next morning it would not start. It now has a new starter, new battery, but it still will not start.

    When the key is turned only a clicking sound from the dashboard is heard. It will not turn over.

    Has anyone run across this? Any info would be helpful.
  • francine1francine1 Posts: 2
    bought a used 2008 taurus se. great so far but the dealer didnt know the code for the door locks, is wasnt hidden on the trunk strut or under the passenger side dash. is there any where else i can look for wants 75 to put it on the machine and get it.
  • I've got a '99 Sable with a constantly on dome light. I am very aware of the WD-40 fix with the door latch switch. The door ajar light on the dash goes on/off when each door is opened/closed. This leads me to believe that the door latch switches are functioning properly. I removed the interior light relay to keep the dome light off. I attached the removed relay to a 12V power supply and verified that it is functioning properly. The GEM (Generic Electronic Module) looks at the door latch switches and controls the dome lamp relay. Anyone have a similar problem that required GEM replacement? One bad aspect of the GEM is that its programming is configured to match the options that are installed on the car. All '99 Sable GEMs may look the same but may not function properly.
  • We have a 2002 Taurus that is having some problems. The windows won't roll down and all we hear is a clicking sound under the dash. Also, the windshield wipers won't work at all and the automatic door lock feature doesn't lock the car. All this is happening when the engine is running. Also when we turn the car off, the radio stays on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I believe that all the functions you describe are controlled by the Generic Electronic Module (GEM). It is a computer module located under the relay/fuse box which is inside the car on the driver side to the left of the brake pedal. Check that all connectors are attached securely. You may try reseating the connectors. No doubt the Ford dealer can run diagnostics on the GEM thru the OBDII port and determine if it is alive. Check the connectors first.
  • Hi I was driving home in my 2001 mercury sable when I notice my radio acting weird and sounding weird. I looked down at the dash and my abs light came on and shortly after that my airbag light came on. When I stopped at the next stop light my car began to lose power. I was able to drive for about 5 blocks and just as I thought it was going to die the power came back on and all the warning lights went away. Does anyone know what would cause this?
  • My son has the same problem but it does not effect the engine. Radio, dash warning lights come on, and even the headlight go out when in automatic mode. This only lasts for a second or so. It is a 2002 fully loaded Sable we bought new and now has 120K miles. Right now I think it is a GEM module problem. The GEM was replaced under warranty many years ago when turning on the rear defroster, the driver's window rolled down a few inches. Well I got a GEM module at the Junk yard for $35 and will see if that is it. We changed all the relays and checked the grounds. You may have the same problem. When I get an answer, I will let you know. Meanwhile if you found the solution, I would like to hear it. Have a nice day.
  • My brother had a 98 taurus an it was running hot and we would do the same thing and finally we pulled the water pump off and the fins were gone solved the hot problem. Also the thermostate on the top of the motor could be closed unless you have heat. There is probaly a relay some where to control the fan. Good luck!
  • we bought a mercury sable from individual and we had to replace alternator and new battery , and we are having a draining of the battery problem over night. Nothing is left on and we have to unplug it every time we park it. We took it and put it on a DC and nothing is coming up, can the DC read the memory even tho the battery has been disconnected for a long time on the car? also when the car is shut off and keys out of ignition and door open the door dinger is going off even when lights and nothing is on? could this be the problem to our drainage and how do we fix it?? Thank you very much . Also the other day as I was stopped at a stop light my service engine light came on and the fuel light came on as well, yes It had a full take of gas lol but didnt know what exactly is going on. Thank you very much
  • I would take a voltmeter and pull one fuse out at a time and use the test leads from the voltmeter to check for current drain through each fuse position. This would give you at least a clue as to where the battery drain(s) are coming from. You will have to have a schematic of the fuse block of course that will tell you what each fuse goes to.
    The door dinger coming on even though the key is out of the ignition seems to be a normal thing I believe. Now, if the door dinger is going off with the door closed this would indicate a problem for sure, causing battery draining. That would need fixing of course. Maybe a bad door switch stuck in the 'on' or 'closed' position.
    The engine service light is something I've been dealing with on my Nissan Pathfinder since it rolled over 100k miles. It comes and goes but I pay no attention to it knowing I've serviced everything and all is up to date.
    I'm no expert on cars but I do have experience in electronics and electricity.
    Good luck to you.
  • have similar problem with 2003 sable is not starter battery fuses relays have no clue need some advice
  • did you find the solution to this problem? I had the exact same thing happen on my 2002 SEL wagon.. Was thinking alternator/voltage regulator.. Not sure though! Any input would be appreciated!!
  • This happened to me last winter off and on and went away during the warmer weather. It' started happening again with the colder weather. I will stall at stop lights, no power and cannot turn my car on. I wait a few moments then everything springs back to life.

    Other times, tonight for example, I slow down to turn into a parking lot and all of my warning and engines lights come on, I lose power to everything, I pump the gas pedal and it all comes back to life.

    Any insight into this would be great, it's scary driving around like this, especially when it happens on the highway and occurs when I try to gun the engine.
  • I have pretty much the exact same problem. It happens while at a light or when my car is slowing down or shifting upwards when i try and pass a car on the highway.

    Did you ever find out why your car did it?
  • Did you ever find out why your car stalled when stopping or sometimes at highway speeds? I have a 2002 Sable giving me this issue a few times a week...
  • Did you ever find out what the problem was with your car? I am now having the same problem with my wifes car. I though she was crazy, I drove it many times and could not recreate the problem. I finally got it to happen to me and is driving me crazy. Please help.
  • i seemed to have fixed my similar issue with a battery change, dunno if the fix will last or if it'll be as simple as a solution for everyone else that has mentioned similar symptoms.
  • Im trying to help a friend out on this one . They check fuses bulbs. Any ideas thanks.
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