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Jeep Wrangler



  • hey tom we had a great time out at hollister hills today. we had beautiful weather here to. i had the top down again. so today we had some of the group from gottrail out at hollister hills i think 8 all together. but only six hit the trail.we all had fun and we all had a safe ride home. wish you could of been there.if you go to robs site theres some photos up. i'm part of gill's now but i think his site is a pain to use. did you guys know you could trun on the dome light by truning the head light nob all the way left?
  • lvcheflvchef Posts: 52
    It's almost unbelivable, but it rained all day!! A few of my friends who have Jeeps and 1 who has a Land Rover Defender 90 have called me and we are going MUDDIN!!! This is the 2nd time in over 1 year that we have mud to play in and it's gonna be a blast. I have been looking at TSJay pics and the mud looks wonderful.. I will keep you posted on the events of the day and our wheelin adventure!
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Wish I had my Wrangler with me this weekend - instead we have the Taco. Oh well, I guess it will be a long trip home tomorrow. It was great to see the rain in Vegas!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Man, I guess a little mud is OK, but I avoid it whenever I can. It's just not real good for your Jeep to be in too much mud and water. There's always some mud at Turkey Bay, and you can't avoid ALL of the mud holes, but whenever there's a way around them, that's the way I go.

    Glad you had your chance to play in some. It is fun, but I sure wouldn't do too much of it.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    I took some flak the last time I showed up for a trail ride because the inside of my wheel wells and the underside of my Jeep were "shiny" from a recent coat of silicone dressing. I found that a light coat of this stuff after the Jeep is clean makes it MUCH easier to clean up after a trip in any mud or slop. This is expecially true if you don't have time to clean up right away. With the silicone spray applied before any mud gets on there, everything just hoses off without leaving any residue. This also makes working on the jeep more pleasant since everything isn't caked over.

    Even mild offroading definitely means some extra time cleaning up and making sure everything is sound and maintained. However, for me it's definitley worth the extra effort. I've got some new scratches in my front windows I need to work on (Novus to the rescue), but it comes with the territory. Hope everyone had a nice, safe holiday weekend!

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Did you have fun playing in the mud? I was surprised to see the dry lake bed near Primm had water in it. And I regretted not taking the Jeep this weekend - the drive home was as miserable as I thought it would be. It took an hour to go 7 miles - and I couldn't avoid it because the Taco is only 2WD and I remembered a couple of soft spots on the last dirt road I used to avoid Kramer's Corners...

    Next time I'll take the Jeep!
  • My drivers side door (full doors) has a crack from the window for about two inches down the plastic interior. Just noticed it last night when changing the oil.

  • I had a crack appear in the driver's side door (plastic panel). It was close to the door lock lever. My jeep is a '99 Sport, with full doors, and was then about two years into the three year warranty. The jeep dealer replaced the panel under warranty.

    I do not know what caused the cracking.

    J. Thurlow
  • shill3shill3 Posts: 124
    We also did a little off-roading this weekend, although we had to leave the top and doors on. The scenery was great, but the big news was that while I was out I saw my first mountain lion. We were in the car and since everyone was busy looking out the windows at the snow, I was the only one that saw her(?) dash out in front of the jeep. I am amazed at how many animals I have snuck up on while off-roading. I am also pretty impresed at the size of the cat. I would guess she was at least 65-80 lbs.
  • i took the doors and top off yesterday. man was it nice here in san jose ca. i took the jeep out to the beach. it was like 70 there. and my jeep got another dent on the way to the beach. well i have this thing for driving on cars. so on the way to the beach we found a car on the side of the road. i got all the way on the trunk. just when i got on the trunk i thought i saw a cop so i backed off and right in to a phone pole. i thought i just hit the bumper so we left to go to the beach and when i got there i could not open the tailgate to let the dog out. so i got out the rubber hammer and went to town on it . now it will open and close. and the hardtop still fits. i now have it on .
  • Hah, I spent my formative years out in that Gawdforsaken country. Worked at two gas stations and three restaurants, or just about every place that was there then. At that time there was only a flashing red light and a 4 way stop. On the graveyard shift we used to hear screeching tires quite often and look up to see a car skidding through the intersection.

    Two families, the Darrs and Calliers owned that whole place. They have a lot of money now.

    115 degrees out and people used to ask me to check their radiator water, before there were reservoirs. Not for any amount of money.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I hope that was an abandoned or junk car? Tell me you don't drive up on cars that people are still actually using???


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • well i did'nt tell you guys that before i ran the car over i was at the bar and got in to a fight with some guy that said jeeps the guy left and went soon after him .down the raod we saw his car and that when it all whent down. sorry i had to do it for all us jeepers!!!
  • no tom the car was abandoned. just thought i would try and freek you out.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    It hasn't changed all that much. Think there are 4 gas stations (one is a Pilot truck/car stop with a Subway in it) and it now has a traffic light. The light is better for normal days, but does nothing on holiday weekends. You probably know all about the various dirt roads in the area that avoid that intersection. We've found a couple of them thanks to AAA SoCal county maps. Any suggestions or recommendations?

    Every holiday weekend (just about) we head for my parents place in Vegas, and every time I say I won't go again without taking the day after off, so I don't have to deal with the traffic. Of course, I never do. It wasn't so bad when we always drove the Wrangler - it was a great excuse to explore the desert and get some 'wheeling in...
  • Let me ramble just a bit. I've seen it on maps as Kramer Junction, Four Corners and Beecher's Corners. I used to navigate by dirt bike along the dirt road beside the railroad track. I suspect if you pulled off that trick you'd have a parade behind you. There are definitely other ways around both to the north and south but my memory would fail if I tried to guide you. Got a GPS? You could mark a route once and navigate even in the dark after that.

    For a little diversion some time, the old mining towns of Red Mountain, Randsburg and Johannesburg are maybe 20 miles or so to the north on 395. A few little places trying to eke out a living selling dodads but fun to nose around. I do believe there is off roading at Red Mountain too. Things have changed so, when I was there the only things off limits were mining claims defended by cranky gun toting recluses.

    And further up the road at Ridgecrest they run guided tours (you'd drive your own Jeep) out onto the Naval bombing range to view some petroglyphs in a nice little canyon.

    The real capper would be a trip through Boron, my old haunt. A ghost town in the making. The film Erin Brokovich was shot there since Boron had just the right "run down" look. There is a quaint little museum there though. It's across from the earth mover on display that appears to be about 3 stories tall. One of the small ones. Of course that's 20 mule team borax country and the borax pit is a sight to behold with a really very nice little tour center. Domingo's mexican is supposed to actually be a good eatery.

    There are tons of places to off road over there. The Death Valley, Saline Valley area is a place I never really got to explore much in the back country. It is on my list.

    Forgive my rambling, I'm just trying to scare up some commerce for my buddies still in Boron.

  • Mine is the same year, and its a Sport also. The crack, from your description, is in the exact same place. Too bad it happened after my warranty ran out. :(
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    The Wrangler has discovered the road along the railroad tracks (along with a road along the power lines further north, and the one quite a bit north that goes past Rainbow Basin and on to the 395). I've been surprised that more people don't try the railroad one, but then, there is a couple of soft spots that could grab the unwary and 2WD folks.

    I didn't realize that Erin Brokovitch was filmed in Boron - I figured they would have filmed it in Hinkley, which really does look pretty empty from the 58. I've thought about stopping in Boron (the sign for Domingo's is very notable), but somehow that homing instint is just too strong and I keep on driving. One of these days I'll take the time to really explore Death Valley and the desert.

    We don't have a GPS, though it is on the list of "toys" to get. I use the odometer and maps primarily, along with an old fashioned compass if I need orienting. A GPS would be much more fun!
  • I could use some suggestions. I have a 95 wrangler. The thing runs like a champ, the problem is getting it started. It is fuel injected, but i have to put the gas pedal to the floor and crank it for about 30 seconds to get it to start. Like I said, once it starts, it runs great. I took it to a shop, the guy told me that I needed a new O2 sensor. he was gonna charge me $120.00 to do it. Needless to say, i went to the parts store, got the part for $40.00 and took 10 minutes out of my day to install it myself. It seeed to do the trick, but a day or 2 later, it was haveing the starting problems again. Any suggestions on what the problem might be? Do i HAVE to have the O2 sensor on, or is that just for emissions control? Or would taking it off even help?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    could it be a fuel pump problem? Could it be taking a while for the fuel pump to pressurize the fuel line enough for the injectors to work?

    Could it even be as simple as a clogged fuel filter, causing the fuel pump to work harder to get the line pressurized at start up?

    OK, I SAID I ain't a mechanic, so don't laugh! :)


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
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