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  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Thelma Jane doesn't do that, and she's a 2001 Sport with the 5-speed. I thought maybe they had that fixed in the 2001's.

    I read in this group somewhere that the noisy tranny was due to misalignment of the engine and the tranmission, caused by a problem with dowel pins. At least I think it was in this group that I read that.

    There's no noise at all with mine when the transmission is in neutral and the clutch is out. I am not having any problem shifting, either, which I thought was supposed to go along with the noisy neutral problem.

    Mr. 2001wrangler has posted that his 5-speed 2001 Sport doesn't have the problem either.

    What about the rest of you guys (and gals)?

    Oh, by the way, mine was just built on Dec. 5th, since it was a factory order, so maybe the ones made after a certain date did not have the problem???

  • mac24mac24 Member Posts: 3,910
    I've re-read your post several times, and (although
    I understood the last part well enough), I really
    couldn't make any sense of the first section.

    Were you trying to hold it on a hill using first
    gear instead of the handbrake? I'm sure it's my
    fault for not grasping the concept properly, but
    could you explain it again please?
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Member Posts: 270
    Sounds like you are getting screwed.
    Get a hold of the salesman's boss and tell him how he is screwing you. You still may be able to work out a deal and get your jeep sometime soon.
    I paid 100 over invoice plus the BS advertising fees which was 2 something. There was no dealer prep fee and I have never heard of one. If you don't want the alarm then tell them.
    I would go to another dealership and see what they can do for you.
  • saenzskisaenzski Member Posts: 50
    anyone brave enough to run their wrangler thru one
    of those brushless car-washes? I was in a real big
    hurry once and I almost went for it. Is there just
    a danger of water leakage or damage to the top

    Go ahead and call me lazy, but anyone do this?

  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    Thank you for responding. I just came back from the dealership and had them remove the alarm, drop the price 150 over invoice and remove the 299 dealer prep. So I'm happy with that.
    I'm picking up the Jeep tonight.
    I'm really excited!!!
  • bstone2bstone2 Member Posts: 5
    Skip the car wash - may not leak - but I have seen these "brushless units blow attached "things" (side moldings, antennas, side mirrors) off of other vehicles. A fabric top is just risky business - get to know your Jeep - hand wash that puppy.
  • peterskmpeterskm Member Posts: 79
    I certainly would not pay for the alarm. As for the insurance discount, get the Sentry Key for about $75. This is a passive alarm and should get you your insurance discount (did for me).
  • peterskmpeterskm Member Posts: 79
    There are a couple aftermarket companies that make a bar that goes across the roof between the doors. This is supposed to reduce flapping, but I can't confirm this as I've never used them. Also, some companies make an insulator that installs under the roof which is also supposed to cut down on road noise.
  • peterskmpeterskm Member Posts: 79
    When I upgraded my sound, I wanted to keep the stock headunit as a theft deterrent. first upgraded the stock speakers in the dash and the soundbar to Kenwoods (from Crutchfield). This made a huge improvement in sound quality, but the bass was still not there. Then, I added an amplified bazooka tube (which I got from for about $80, new). This did it. My sound is 1,000 times better and I still use the stock radio/CD player. I have an alpine, but I don't think I'll use it...too tempting to theives.
  • blackjeep1blackjeep1 Member Posts: 6
    Where can I check on the ordering status of my new Jeep Wrangler 2001?

  • kmq102kmq102 Member Posts: 9
    Soem people say I can put 6 1/2's in the sound bar. Does this involved cutting? I am not a mechanic. Thanks
  • grape_tjgrape_tj Member Posts: 1
    I put 6 1/2" boat speakers in my soundbar - -don't
    have to worry about them getting wet!

    The only thing I had to do was drill a couple new
    holes for the screws (I think I was still able to
    use 2 current holes for each speaker)
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Member Posts: 778
    Before shifting into rev. push the clutch in and go to 5 gear then go to rev.This works for me .Reverse is not synchronized as are the forward gears.
  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    I finally picked up my 2001 Wrangler last night. I plan on taking pictures and put them on my web site. I'll let you know what the address is, once the pictures are in there.
    Let me tell you it's very exciting to pick up a brand new Wrangler when you've been waiting so long.
  • 4421244212 Member Posts: 1
    In July I bought a 2000 Sport with a hardtop. I want to buy an aftermarket soft top for summer driving. From what I read, bikini tops are not really useful in rainy weather, so I'm looking for more of a full size top. Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about Bestop? Do you recommend a regular soft top? I am looking at the Sunrider, which seems to allow one to easily open the top back to the rollbar - for trips to and from work, but still can be fully convertible for weekends and days off. Comments? How about installation? I'm leery about drilling holes into my brand new jeep!

    I appreciate your feedback and guidance.
  • blackjeep1blackjeep1 Member Posts: 6
    Hey dpage,
    When did you order your 2001 Wrangler?
    My dealer just put the order in on the 29th and I am an anxious person, I wonder how long it will take. How long did it take for yours to come in and are you happy with it?
  • kdw278kdw278 Member Posts: 2
    For those few out there with a 2001, does the improved top make a huge difference?

    How about the other new features, make the 2001 that much better than the 2000?

    (reason for asking = considering buying the 2001 vs. the 2000)
  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    I ordered mine on 5-28. I originally wanted the 2000 but the dealer couldn't locate one like I wanted and it was already too late to order a 2000 from the factory.
    Let me tell you, I'm so happy I waited for the 2001.
    I took a 2000 Wrangler on a trip last year and I tought that the roof was so loud. It was flapping like crazy at 75Mph. But I liked everything else about it so much, that I was willing to live with the flapping roof.
    I didn't get a chance to go too far with mine yet, but I took it up to 70Mph and it was so much quieter. The roof is actually much thicker this year, and it makes a big difference.
    The center console has been redesign with 2 cups holder for the back seat passengers.
    The seat color has been redesign. I can't say if it's nicer or not. It's just different.

    If you have any other questions about the 2001, don't hesitate to ask me

  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
  • blackjeep1blackjeep1 Member Posts: 6
    Hey Dennis,

    Did you get an auto or a 5 speed, if a 5, how does it shift. I have read comments that people say that they have had problems with the 5speeed. Maybe that was on the 98,98s. Did it also 3 months for your Jeep to come in.
  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    I got the Sport 4.0L red with black soft top
    5 Speed
    25D Package
    30" Tires
    Rear track lock
    Fog and tow hooks
    Full metal doors
    Steps - Bodyside
    Cruise Control
    CD Player
    As far as the 5 speed, it seems fine so far. I also heard a lot of bad things. Hopefully the problem has been resolved for 2001.

  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    Give me a list of the equipment you ordered
  • dragonfly03dragonfly03 Member Posts: 46
    Hi. This is for the people that have already received their 2001s. I'm going to be getting a Wrangler next year, and I wanted your opinion. I will pretty much either get a used 2000 or a 2001. I was wondering if I should pay more to get the 2001 or not. Is the sound from the soft top reduced alot? Ok, thanks! -alee-
  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    I don't know what your budget is, you'll probably pay between $1000 -1500 more for the 2001. I beleive the base price is only 800 more this year, but you should be able able to get a year end sale on the 2000.
    The problem is that you might not be able to find a 2000 the way you want it. You gonna have to settle for what they have.

    I just picked up my 2001 and the roof is much better this year. I'm glad I waited.
  • blackjeep1blackjeep1 Member Posts: 6
    I ordered a black 2001, both tops, hard top is black. I ordered fog lights, cd with the five speaker,(subwoofer) included, sentry key, tow hooks, 5spd, 6cyl, air, cloth seats, grizzly wheels. Also, how long did it take for yours to come in afer you ordered it?
  • y2k_jeepy2k_jeep Member Posts: 6
    lose the "Steps - Bodyside" and get Rock sliders.

    Mine paid for themselves first time I went four-wheelin'
  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    Seems like a nice one. I didn't order the dual top because I live in south Florida.
    I ordered it on May 25. It took three months. You have to remember that they start production till mid july.
    I beleive the average time is 4-6 weeks.
  • enannemanenanneman Member Posts: 1
    Check out this article about the new soft tops and how they've been improved. Pretty in-depth!

  • ryan23aryan23a Member Posts: 6
    What does the new dash look like in the 2001. That's the one thing I hate about the previous TJ's. They are too car-like. Is there a significant difference?


  • boggleboesboggleboes Member Posts: 8
    ottowrkr... I can't find the question but if the tranny is a NV3550 that is in the 2000 Sahara and the Sport, reverse IS SYNCRONIZED, so the problem going into reverse is not normal!!!!!!!!!! When will you people stop sleeping here? So as I said before, good luck just another lucky customer of D.C. As for hating the Jeeps....I can't find my reply so I'll make it short I bought the 2000 because I like Jeeps! Stupid could'nt figure that out. I now own 2 of them. The TJ and the CJ8. Unfortunately the new ones ARE SHITBOXES and anyone who buys one is gonna most likely be in for a problem when it breaks. Other than all the problems, I like it. It just sucks!
  • jeepguy69jeepguy69 Member Posts: 4
    sorry the dash still looks like a car. thats one big reason i want a 91. that plus the signigant dif in price and the better looking bikini tops
  • jim222jim222 Member Posts: 8
    I have a 1999 Wrangler 4.0 with stick tranny. Thinking about purchasing a "Jet" brand performance module. Is it worth the $250 for the stated claim of 15 to 25 hp gain. Is premium fuel needed? Anybody have knowledge or personal experience with this unit?
  • boggleboesboggleboes Member Posts: 8
    Jim222 you will notice a difference with the chip.. how much depends on how many other mods you make to the unit..I.e. different air filter different exhaust ect. As for 25 ponies from the chip, don't count on it. That is alot to expect, it will however adjust all the computer controlled goodies in the beast and you will like I said notice a difference. Just make sure you save the old chip for the warranty work just in case. They are easy enough to change in and out. I believe they have a stage 1 and 2 for that. The stage 2 I don't think will be very emissions friendly and is supposed to be used with some pretty extensive mods. Good luck and let us know how it works.
  • sfs52sfs52 Member Posts: 1
    Looking into purchasing a Wrangler. Any advice? This would be my primary car, already have a minivan for the wife and kids. I have already decided on the Sport or Sahara, the SE doesn't seem to have enough power. I've driven both hard and soft top...can't notice much of a difference between the two, any reason to get a hard top? I live in Ohio (Toledo, home of the Wrangler), how's the winter driving, safety, etc. I've been searching the web and can't find much information. Also, any real difference between the 2000 and 2001 besides the top? Can you get a 2001 top on a 2000? Finally, any reason not to buy?? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  • boggleboesboggleboes Member Posts: 8
    Mine is a reason NOT to buy! 101 problems and still counting.
  • cticctic Member Posts: 291
    What are good prices for Jeep Wranglers? Do they go for MSRP, invoice, somewhat above invoice, below invoice? Any year.
  • spoogspoog Member Posts: 1,224
    What are your problems with the Jeep?
  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    Well it didn't take very long...
    My brand new 2001 Wrangler broke down 48 hours after I bought it. The computer that controls the fuel to each injectors has to be replace. I barely made it to the dealership saturday morning.

    They need to order that computer, so I won't have it till wednesday or thursday.

    So much for that labor day weekend, I was looking forward to. They ended up giving me a Chrysler Concorde until it's fix. I felf like a 60 year old men driving that car.

    I heard a lot of horor stories about the reliability of Jeep products. I always thought it would happen to others, not me.

    As excited as I was when I picked it up on wednesday, I was equally disappointed when I brought it in on saturday. :-(
  • jim222jim222 Member Posts: 8
    I have a 1999 Wranger Sport. There is now over 15k on it and have not had a problem. The only rattle is the compass that I installed. I did put on a set of 31 inch Michelins. They are much quieter and seem to take sustained high speeds much better than the original Good Year tires. I have had it for over a year, and like it so far.
  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    I'm glad to hear that you had no problem. I hope I didn't get a lemon. Hopefully the'll replace that bad computer and I'll be OK.
    For the 2 days that I drove it, I really loved it. I went for a ride on the beach last friday night with the top down and the doors off. It was a blast!
  • saenzskisaenzski Member Posts: 50
    I hope I don't jinxs myself by posting this, but I have had no problems so far. I have had my Sport for three months, it might be too soon to tell, but it seems to be holding up so far.

    I will keep everyone posted!!
  • batlinbatlin Member Posts: 4
    I just got my self a 2001 jeep wrangler sport on Sunday and I LOVE IT!
    I have a concern though.. has anyone here had a problem with theft? either theft from the jeep or of the jeep or of the stereo? I'm scared that someone might be able to just rip my stereo out since i have a soft top. Does anyone suggest I get an alarm or a club or something? if so what should i get? what type/brand etc.

    also i cant wait to take it out 4x4ing, anyone here from the san diego ca, area know of anywhere i can go?

  • bstone2bstone2 Member Posts: 5
    Of all the vehicles I have owned over the last 20 years - the 99 Sahara had the least amount of problems - this includes a few Japanese products in there as well. In over 20K miles one trip to the dealer to replace a break light switch. The biggest gripe was the louder than hell soft top and the low grade stereo for which I spent considerable cash to improve - mild improvement for the cash involved and still had to overcome the noisy soft top. From reading some of the posts on the new 2001 soft top - that problem is much better and the added woofer in the console should be a great help. I also liked having two tops - the hard top was a blessing on extended trips - where motel parking was more secure and the atmosphere change from the soft top was cool - more upscale feel when you needed it. Have fun
  • spoogspoog Member Posts: 1,224
    Sounds like Jeep has a major quality control issue. After driving bulletproof Toyota 4x4's for so long, Im starting to wonder about JEeps quality.......
  • boggleboesboggleboes Member Posts: 8
    Here is a list of some of the problems I have..... The paint is horrible, tranny sucks, clunks and grinds, sticks and rattles. 3rd brake light didn't work on delivery, noticed when I got home. it wasn't plugged in. engine is very rough. vibrates at 60-65, steering wheel is crooked, rear-end leaks, no child tether strap anchors. the book and the DC web site say they have it. fenders and doors and hood don't line up, the doors didn't close right when I got it. after the dealer told me that was normal for a jeep, I brought it home and fixed them! And without using the clutch I can make my jeep go fast enough to go into gear. on flat ground. who needs a clutch, I own a jeep! Good luck to any of you who are as stupid as I was and bought a Jeep! You are gonna need it. Oh buy the way, I am in the process of trying to lemon law this "[non-permissible content removed]" Oh and another thing, Medway Auto is where I bought mine so I would advise you all to stay away from them! They are in Medway MA and all of the above are either normal for a jeep or are not really there.
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Member Posts: 270
    I personally don't like the sunriders. I never owned one though. I like the bikini tops because it is hot here and it will keep the sun off of you and you get plenty of wind with the top down.
    With your doors on and bikini top on you won't get wet. It all depends really. If your moving it is not bad at all. At lights you may get a little wet or if it is raining sideways. You probably would want to keep your carpet out when you drive with your bikini top on for a long period of time and know it will get rain in it.
    Bestop is good.
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Member Posts: 270
    I would only get a hard top if you have a lot of cold weather or snow there.
    Winter driving should be fine. Just take it easy just like you would with any other car. You can also use 4wd so it should be an advantage.
    If the soft top on the 2001 makes a big difference I would go with the 2001.
    I am sure you can't get a 2001 top on a 2000. Maybe in a few months you can't get one aftermarket.
    Reason not to buy:
    I think there is a quality control problem with jeeps but not everyone is having problems and I would still get one.
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Member Posts: 270
    Lots of people have had problems with theft in jeeps. Basically you don't want to leave anything of value in your jeep.
    I would not worry one bit about them stealing a stock stereo. They are not worth it.
    An alarm is not a bad idea. I don't have one yet but would like to get something. I have heard good things about clifford. You may want to get one with motion sensors and shock sensors.
    Check the internet for a jeep club in SD. They will know of good places to go and show you the right way to off-road.
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Member Posts: 270
    You may want to try another dealership. I know of two dealerships in my city that I would never take my jeep.
    Have you called Chrysler?
    I think they have a website called that might have useful info.
    You should of got a book also from the dealer explaining the lemon law process.
    You may not want to go to another dealership if you are trying to use the lemon law. I am not sure how that works.

    There definetly seems to be a quality control problem with Jeeps. Not everyone is having problems but I guess you are one of the unlucky ones.
    I had a paint run on my hood, which I am bringing in for them to fix and my a/c compressor went out. My manual trans is a little sticky but not to bad. I have had my jeep for three months. I still love my jeep and I am happy with it. Hopefully Chrysler gets there act together
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