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    Please let me know!
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    Looks just like how I ordered mine. That Steel Blue looks great, hope I don't regret ordering mine in Silverstone. Anyway its due in in a few weeks and I am get more excited by the day. Congrats!!!
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    Hi folks. Need some more help. More detailed this time. I'm ready to order my Jeep and I have run into some confusion with an option. (And the dealer doesn't know the answer, imagine that). So, does the TRAC lock rear differential come with the 30" wheel package?

    Reason is the Jeep site/brochure says the TRAC lock comes with the Dana 44, and the Dana 44 comes in the package. MSN Carpoint site lists it as included in the package, but CarsDirect lists it as a $244 option in addition to the package. Any one know the true answer to this mystery? Someone with a recent purchase who has the window sticker and can tell me if the TRAC lock is listed under the 30" package? Please help so I can get my Jeep ordered soon.

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    Hey, you guys, if I can sell my children into slavery or something and get myself a Wrangler, will you throw me a welcome to the club party?

    I am really getting desperate now, people. If a bank will take the loan, I'm going to take on the huge payment. My local dealer is supposed to be working up something for me, but I'm afraid the trade-in on my 2000 Grand Prix GT is going to be a show-stopper.


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    Can someone please tell me how much a hard top costs vs. the soft top? I get confused trying to figure out the option list in Edmunds.

    I assume that the soft top is standard, and the hard top is an extra cost option, right? I see the deep tinted window option, but I don't see the option for the hard top. Actually I see it, but it says it costs "0", but requires GCD, which is the tinted window option. There are three different "GCD" options at prices from $125 to $365. Can someone explain this mess?

    Here's what I want, but I don't know how to package it:

    2001 Wrangler Sport
    black hard top
    deep tint windows
    highback cloth seats
    canyon wheels w/ 30" tires and Dana 44
    air conditioning
    am/fm radio with cd (actually, the sound system is so poor, I'd just about as soon not have a radio, but it wouldn't save me any significant amount of money to delete it)
    anything else you guys recommend for a non-offroader? (Well, I'm not an offroader now, but I just might have to play around some if I ever get my Jeep.)

    What would invoice and retail prices be on the Jeep I just described?

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    Thanks Spike.....I have seen the Silverstone and it looks really nice too. I am sure you won't be disappointed.
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    Need to know if it cost more to insure a Wrangler vs a regular car with all things being equal, I'm looking at full coverage with 500 deductible.

    Thx in advance
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    The '87 Wrangler is not a generally reliable vehicle, especially if it has the 4.2L engine and Peogeout(?)(damn French, I can't ever spell that name right) transmission. That is probably the least reliable Jeep you could find--I've known several owners who have spent many $$ trying to make up for the poor build quality that marked AMC vehicles as that company was on its deathbed.
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    It appears that the Jeep having been built by AMC may very well pose a problem! Would love to know if others have also had bad experiences with an 87 Jeep and its Peugot transmission?
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    The dealer should be able to give you a list of all the options you want with the invoice and retail prices.
    The hardtop should be $1500.

    We will throw you a party. Just let me know when you are driving your Jeep down here. Or let me know when you get it and I will go out and drink a few for you.
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    I am waiting for my Jeep to arrive and will probably stick with the standard factory warranty.
    However, I was wondering what anyone thinks about the available extended warranties. Good/Bad, Rip-off/Worth it??

    Also does anyone have any leads on manufacturers of tire mounted ski racks for the 30" spare?

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    I was quoted around $740/year from Illinois Farmers. Prior to ordering my TJ I investigated insurance rates for cars as well. Surprisingly the Jeep was the lowest!
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    this question was posted before. now i have my new wrangler, i don't know what i was waiting on!
    anyway does anyone know if a 6.5 speaker will fit in the stock soundbar. i think that it will just need someone else to tell me that it will. thanks
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    Go drink a few for me, but in sympathy, not in rejoicing. I can't even get anyone to talk to me about a new Jeep, because I am $10,000 upside down on my Grand Prix. The dealers don't think any financial institution in the world would take the loan with that much debt carried over. ( I guess they're right, though.)

    I will just have to suck it up and drive the Grand Prix for another year or two. Hey, it is an absolutely great car, but IT AIN'T NO WRANGLER!

    I will let it be known that it is for sale, and who knows, maybe I can get a decent price for it. I could then get a loan to pay off the balance in order to sell it to the interested party.

    By getting retail rather than trade-in, and with maybe two or three thousand cash for a downpayment on the new Jeep, maybe I could join the club.

    For Pete's sake, if anyone knows of someone looking for a used Grand Prix GT, and if they live anywhere in the general vicinity of western Ky., please let put them in touch with me via email. I'm telling you, no one takes better care of a car than I do, and this car is in showroom condition!

    Later, Tex

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    I have heard that the 6 1/2 will fit but am a little wary to buy expensive speakers and them not fit.
    I have been looking to swap. I am not sure if I should put new 4x6's up front or install aftermarket cases that hold bigger speakers. I saw some that go just to the front of the front seats under the sill.
    There are also ones that fit 5 1/4's that sqeeze betweeen the roll bar and wheel well.
    Any tips?
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    I'd like your opinion on two rigs I found for sale. Both for around $3000:

    '88 YJ 140k on body 30k on aftermarket 4.2L. This one most likely has the BA 10/5 Peugeot tranny 5spd. Starts and runs fine but idles a little high. Has new carb, water pump and other parts. No rust, factory htop and soft top. All stock.

    '86 CJ7 4.2L 120K, orig engine. New exhaust, no rust, runs good, VA insp.

    So, what do you think?
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    The CJ is the next best thing to the TJ. They are much better looking than the YJ. Besides, real Jeeps have round headlights!
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    I placed a order for my 2001 TJ SE, Red w/ Tan Hard top this past weekend. The dealer has givin me the VON #. Now what I was wondering, Is there a Web page to go and check on the status of the vehicle? Or do I have to call an 800 # and what is the 800 #? If any one can help me out on this I would appreciate it...
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    Well, I've looked at the CJ-7 in the dark, I'll look at it in daylight this weekend. It has the Dana 44 in the rear. The transmission is 5spd with curved stick so it could be a SR4 or T5. It feels REALLY loose! Brakes are almost gone, so is the clutch. Steering feels a little loose too. It idles fine and seems to have good power. Starter makes a really loud grinding sound but it starts easily. Checked transfer case, really hard to take it out of 4H back to 2H. 4L works fine and feels pretty slow (that's good I guess). It recently has passed mech. and emission inspection. Has soft top. So, the question is what am I looking at regarding fixing the problems mentioned? It's going to be my first Jeep and I got a lot to learn but I don't mind. Given that I don't have a lot of tools yet I might have to have most repairs done by a mechanic for now. I need to know what is a good price for this rig and what would I be looking at in repairs? Any advice is appreciated.
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    I was wondering if anyone has noticed the drivers seat in the 2001 wranglers are cocked to the left a bit..Is this the way they're supposed to be. Last week I bought a 2001 Black Wrangler Sahara with a tan hard and soft top..Dana rear end..30"tire package..everything i could get on it.I've put 500 miles it..Problem is it killing my won't exchange...will sell if I can get $22,500..Paid $25,000. Any help would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]
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    Forgot to mention I am in north Florida..Thank you...SKI
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    I have had my 2001 Wrangler for over a month now and the seat seems level to me. I haven't had any signs of back discomfort at all.
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    I've got a 2001 as well, and while my back feels fine, I do notice that I always seem to be sliding towards the left. I was going to have it looked at the next time I brought it in, though I thought they'd think I was a bit nuts! The seat is probably hurting your back because the lumbar support is pretty weak.
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    ok, i realize somewhere in topics I-IV i might find all my answers but i would still appreciate any help. this is my first car purchase and i'm looking at a '01 sienna sahara: auto, hardtop, cruise, abs, and sentry only for invoice + fees. i'm trying not to go too high b/c one can get a much better vehicle for that price... but i've been infected w/the jeep bug and can't get it outta my system. i think there's no chrg for the '01 auto, but i've gotten conflicting info. one mngr sugessted not getting abs b/c its not such a safety thing like in ordinary cars. but i told the person 90% of my driving will be in city and i've never been off-roading (i'm sure i will once i get a jeep but nothing serious). during two diff test drives, the sales person had trouble disengaging the 4x4 - is this a problem or are they inexperienced like me? how is one suppose to use that thing properly? the spare wheel and tire aren't the same as the other four unless you get the 30" pkg, right? btw, carmax's selling $ is $200 over (not under) invoice after i added it up myself. thanks in advance for any insight!
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    I'm about to order a 01 sienna sahara too. I'm just waiting on VW of America to send me a check for the lemon I bought from them. I had a 93 wrangler before the jetta. loved it and put about 150k miles on it. I too want the ABS due to I live in the dc area and we get a lot of ice storms. Plus 90% of my driving will be hwy as well. I'm not going w/ the 30inc pkg. I love the rims and the mich tires that come standard on the sahara. You do get the same rim and tire as the spare plus a spare tire cover that you don't get if you go w/ the 30in pkg. Of cource when the go bald I will get bigger tires. I'm getting the dual top option, and cruise. I'm also getting the auto trans. I have been told two different things as well. I was told by one dealer that they took that away. Jeeps web site says just yr 2000 jeeps until 1/8/01. One dealer priced it out and said there was no charge for the Auto. I e-mailed Jeep and the guy told me that there was a no charge Auto and it would probably go all year due to it relieves some of the high demand for the manual. I went through a buying svc and I got the jeep priced at 100 over invoice. I took that to another dealer and they are willing to match it. I've been told it will be about 4 weeks to get it once it's ordered.
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    Momma don't understand,
    And I could just strangle 'er.
    Daddy's gotta have,
    A brand new Wrangler!
    I toss and I turn,
    And can't go to sleep.
    I'm thinkin' about,
    That brand new Jeep.
    She's shiny and white,
    With a top that is black.
    Thirty inch tires,
    The spare on the back.
    Mortgage the house,
    Rob the 401 K.
    Get a down payment,
    For that new TJ.
    Some way some how,
    She's gonna be mine.
    I'll get that Jeep,
    And Momma can whine.

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    I did it. Took the plunge today. After months of research and patience, I bought a 2001 Wrangler Sport today. It's loaded. Got it off a lot for $200 over invoice. Couldn't wait to order, and I must admit I got lucky. Not too many loaded Sports with the Dual Top option on dealer lots. Found only 2 after searching 5 dealers. Anyway. I'm excited thanks for help in the past from this forum. Here are some details on my new baby:

    2001 Sport - Forest Green
    Dual Top (Black) w/Tinted Windows
    30" Wheels / Dana 44 / Trac Lok
    CD / Subwoofer / Cruise
    Fog lights / Steps / Tow hooks.

    BTW, What's the deal with the Jeep wave? Read about it here. After driving off the lot I waved at 6-7 Jeeps with no response. Is it a myth? Or did I just find some Jeep imposters.
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    Congratulations, man!

    I hope you will post a link to a picture of that rascal.

    I wish I had one!

    Maybe some day.

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    After a record 42 days of no rain here, we finally got some. So of course I had to take my TJ to find some mud. It was the most fun I've ever had. I'll post pictures when they develop.

    kevinvsr-the wave
    Normally the wave is for CJ/Wranglers. Normally I'll see at least 3 on my way to work, and only 1 will wave. Alot of people have no clue about it. But I always wave, even if it's a soccer mom who doesn't realize that she's driving a Jeep. I figure that sooner or later, they'll get why people are always waving.

    alee and Sparx the yellow TJ
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    To the folks asking about the automatic trannys, it appears that they are no longer "free." You are right in that they probably offered them "free" for a while to relieve the high demand for the manual trannys, but you neglected to mention that the reason there is a strong demand for the manual trannys is because this automatic tranny is LAME LAME LAME. Not ALL automatics are lame, just the specific one offered on the Wrangler. I had it on my last Jeep and it sucks powers and LOTS of gas because it has no overdrive. Expect Suburban-type mileage with the 6-banger: 12 in town, maybe 16 on the highway. Compared with the 16/20 I get with the 5-speed now, I can't understand why anyone would choose the automatic.

    I have the ABS and it is a safe and worthwhile investment. The reason the dealer didn't want you to buy it is because he wanted to sell you a vehicle off the lot and you have to order an ABS-equipped Wrangler since dealers never order it on their stock.

    tsjay: Wow. I've seen guys write love poetry to women they desired before, but never to a car...except maybe all those Beach Boys songs about hot rods...
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    I have had all I can stand! I ain't gonna be happy until I get that Jeep. Tomorrow I'm going to place an add in the local paper to sell my Grand Prix. I'll get a conventional loan to pay off the difference in the selling price and the pay off amount.

    I have a hard time being rational about vehicles, so I need some good advice before I take the plunge.

    I'm not talking about financial advice, cause anyone with half a brain would tell me to keep that nice new Grand Prix I'm driving until I get the payoff way down closer to trade-in value or at least close to retail value. I will borrow from my 401K to get a down payment to cover part of my "upside down" trade-in allowance. Stupid?
    Yep. No argument.

    Now, the advice I really, really need is this: will I be sorry that I have a Wrangler Sport as my ONLY vehicle? I drive 27 miles one way to work five days a week on mostly four lane divided highway. I also have to take fairly frequent business trips up to 300 miles one way. ( I will need a lot of those trips and the mileage money I get from them to help pay for the Jeep ).

    Please refrain from telling me I'm stupid for thinking of trading with such a big deficit on my trade-in. Oh, go ahead and tell me that if you want to, but I won't listen. But I DO need honest opinions on having a Wrangler for my only means of transportation.


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    Well, my 2 cents. I just bought my Wrangler yesterday, and I admit I am sooo glad my fever was finally relieved. But I will admit, I had the Wrangler bug 3 years ago and was 1 year into an auto like you. I was slightly upside down, so I endured and waited until I was in positive equity. That happened recently, and it was worth the wait. Now I have my Wrangler, got a great deal, and have a loan that I won't be upside down on right from the start. My advice. Be patient. Don't make a financial mistake that you may regret.

    Aside from that, you may have another option. With all these loans and "big" payments you have been talking about, is it possible for you to hold on to your Grand Prix and also lease a Wrangler? Maybe the 4-banger, stripped, that you can get a really low payment and use it as a second recreation car only? Trust me, I love my Wrangler, but I would never want it as a long distance commuter.

    Just some thoughts...
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Thanks a bunch for your response.

    When you say you wouldn't want to drive long distances in your Sport, what exactly is it that you don't like about it as a vehicle for traveling? I test drove a new Sport at highway speeds, but it was just a couple miles. It seemed very steady and not at all hard to steer. It didn't want to wander all over the road. The ride wasn't bad, but the stretch of road I was on was pretty smooth. I can see only the lack of luggage space and security as potential problems, unless I just didn't take a long enough drive.

    Please tell me what you are concerned about.

    As far as leasing, that isn't a bad idea, except that I couldn't handle my Grand Prix payment AND a lease payment at the same time.

    I want to see a picture of your new Jeep! Email me one, if you have one. Once again, my friend, I am very happy for you and I hope you have the very best of luck with that Jeep.

    I really appreciate your help. I hope to hear from others also.

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    Well, My SE is my only car and I'm fine when driving for long stretches off time. The wind noise is the only annoying thing and can be taken care of by the cd player and sound bar. On the highway, mine does fine. No steering problems, etc. The gas milage and lack of luggage space would be the only thing that I'd be worried about for long trips such as yours. Hope that helped.
    -alee and sparx-
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    That's just the kind of info I am looking for. People who actually own a Wrangler for their only means of transportation, or who have at least taken some trips in their Wranglers, are the people I hope to hear from.

    Thanks a million.

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    my 2000 sport is my only vehicle

    i drive 15 miles each way six lane divided highway

    i have no problems with the ride or comfort

    and my jeep is really set-up for off-roading

    money-wise ... obviously you are not married ... or you would not be able to even consider the buying and selling of vehicles

    but, i look at it this way:
    you have to determine your needs and wants

    if you want a TJ ... too bad; you already have a new car - quit your whining ....

    if you need a TJ ... make it happen; better to make a mistake then to regret not doing wht you really want to ...

    Mike's $.02
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    I have a Y2KTJ in a concrete jungle. I live in North Dallas. I off road very little, but enjoy my jeep very much. I have taken long trips, 8-10 hours and have had no complaints. I have the soft top and it flaps, but if you crank the A/C it fills up the cabin and flaps less.
    I know the money thing is an issue, I traded a 98 Mustang in for my 2000 Jeep. Worth it?, yes. This puppy is my daily driver and I loves it. I have the 30in" wheel package and it is just fine off road. I am no crazy wheeler, not yet.
    The choice is up to you, but you do post more on Edmunds than any jeep owner I know.

    good luck

    P.S. take a look.
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    I commute on my bike generally, so my Jeep gets driven either for fun, errands or the occasional road trip. For a commute <30 miles, it's tolerable, but I don't like taking long road trips in it particularly. Wind noise isn't too bad with the hard top but the engine droning and and stiff suspension can beat on you after an hour or so. I would not choose this as a vehicle for frequent business trips.
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Thanks a lot to both of you for your input!

    This is exactly the stuff I am looking for. I know that the financial part of this makes no sense at all, but I just want to be sure that I'm not doubly stupid by getting so far in over my head and then ending up with a vehicle that is totally impractical for my needs.

    The responses are about three in favor and one against having a Wrangler for my only vehicle.

    As far as my frequent posting, I hope everyone will bear with me. I am the world's biggest Jeep-owner wannabe. I hope to join you guys as a fellow Jeep owner soon.

    Thanks to everyone for your patience with me, and for your thoughtful inputs. I guess that's one of the main reasons for a group like this.

    You guys are great! I will be proud to join you, if things work out.

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Thanks, Pal.

    I'll put you in the "Not in favor of a Wrangler as only means of transportation" column.

    That makes it three to two.

    Gee, I hope we don't end up having to have a recount!

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    engaging and disengaging 4wd is easy. It takes a couple times to pick it up. Just follow the instructions in the manual.

    kevinvsr - Not all Jeep owners wave. Sometimes you will get a wave back and sometimes you won't.

    tsjay - Nice poem.
    I probably have told you, but my only concern is gas mileage and windy days on long road trips. The wind makes the top flop around a lot and makes it harder to drive whatever speed you want.
    You need to stick with the Grand Prix or the Jeep for a long time. You will have financial problems if you don't get the car loans under control. Borrowing from your 401k is probably the last place you want to borrow from. You will pay taxes twice on the same money and you have to pay it off right away if you quit or get laid off.
    Good Luck
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    I think I have to put you in the "Wranglers are ok for only vehicle" column, based on your comments.

    That makes it four to two so far.

    I've just about decided on the hard top, so the flopping and noise won't be a factor.

    If I don't find somebody willing to deal realistically with me, I will have to forget the whole thing anyway. I just got offered auction price on the Grand Prix and no discount from sticker price on the new Sport from my local dealer. They can SHOVE it!

    Tex (or anyone else reading this), what should I realistically expect to pay for difference between my 2000 Grand Prix GT sedan and the new Wrangler?

    My car is a white four door with tan leather interior. It is absolutely spotless and has 19K miles on it. It was stickered at $24,225 when new. The new Wrangler was sticker priced at $23,870, the way I specced it out.

  • peterskmpeterskm Member Posts: 79
    goducks is being a little harsh. The automatic in the Wrangler is not lame. Actually, there are many people with new manual Jeeps that wish they woulda got the automatic cause of all of the problems with them. While it is true that the 3 speed revs higher, there are many people that report similar gas mileage with the auto as those with the manual. I was a bit leary when I got my automatic. I got it cause my wife couldn't drive stick...and it was FREE. I have yet to hear one complaint about the durability of the manual compared to the hundreds of complaints I've heard about the manual.

  • peterskmpeterskm Member Posts: 79
    My Jeep is my only vehicle, too and I have used my wrangler for commuting way more than 27 miles each way at times. It is a bit noisier, and will not be like driving your Grand Prix, but fun nonetheless. I feel no need to have an additional car. If you get the soft top only, it might be a bit much, but I have the dual tops and the hard top sure quiets things down.

    Good Luck.
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Peterskm, thanks for your input!

    I am hearing from people with real experience in driving a Jeep for their full-time vehicle, and there's no substitute for that. People can speculate all they want, but you guys (and gals)who own a Jeep as your only vehicle or at least have experience in taking trips in one have valuable information for me, and you guys have been great about sharing it.


    That makes it five to two.

    I appreciate your taking the time to post your opinion, Peterskm.

  • 2001wrangler2001wrangler Member Posts: 112
    tsjay -
    I have had my 2001 Sport for a little over a month now and 1,800 miles and I don't feel the need for another vehicle. I drive 25 miles each way to work on rural, curvy roads and I have no complaints. It doesn't handle like a Grand Prix, but that's to be expected. I have yet to take a long trip, so I can't comment on that, but I do not think it would be bad at all. As far as MPG, I have checked 3 tanks with an average of 18 MPG.
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Thanks for the input, 2001.

    I remembered that you had posted a link to a picture of your Jeep, so I just looked at it again.

    She's a beauty! Must be nice. Maybe one of these days I'll have mine too. I really like those canyon wheels- that's what I want on mine.

    I'm still thinking white with a black top, but I sure wouldn't mind a steel blue like yours either. I also like silverstone. Black is nice too. I guess I like just about all the colors.

    If some dealer doesn't get serious with me, though, I'll be waiting a long time. I'm not going to give my Grand Prix away.

    Well, even though you haven't taken a long trip, you have a pretty good drive going to work, and, if you don't think a trip would be a problem, then I guess I have to count your vote as "Wranglers are ok as only vehicle."

    That's six to two.

    Hey, I appreciate everyone's input. I thank everyone who has expressed their opinion, whether positive or negative about a Jeep as the only vehicle.

  • bcooper3bcooper3 Member Posts: 3
    I've had two jeeps so far an 86 Cj-7 and a 91 Wrangler I will be purchasing another soon. A TJ Wrangler if all goes well. I took the CJ on a five hour drive with out complaints. I drive the Wrangler back and forth to school so about four hours a week and then around town. It does just fine. I think it is fairly comfortable and handles fine. My only complaint would be the noise but that is to be expected. I have ridden in a 4cyl TJ. I can tell you highway driving with the 4 cylinder can be scary at times. Get the 6 it is an excellent engine. Also its no Caddy you will feel the road. Overall I'll always own a Jeep and so far they have been my only vehicle.
  • 2001wrangler2001wrangler Member Posts: 112
    Anyone have any recommendations about what lift kit is the best for a TJ? I want to lift mine 4" and put some 33's under it. Right now I am considering the Rubicon Express and the Pro-Comp. Any input would be appreciated.
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    I am a second time Wrangler owner. I would reccomend this vehicle to a certain crowd. If you have kids.....forget it. If you can't take a little wind, or road noise don't bother. If you enjoy a powerful agile vehicle, this is your best bet. My first Jeep was a 1991 sport. Red with black tops. A rough ride, but an absolute workhorse. It had 90,000 miles on it when I bought it, and 130,000 when I sold it. She still ran like a champ. I didn't have one mechanical problem with it. I know Jeeps are meant to go offroad, eventhough I do it very rarely. But when I do go offroad, I know I am behind the wheel of the most capeable vehicle out there. Last spring I bought a 2000 Sahara Wrangler. Roll up windows are a must in my opinion. The plastic windows get scratched too easily. It is also less noise, because I drive it to school, and work everyday. If you need a car that is good on gas mileage this car is not for you. I get about 15 mpg on my five speed. The 97-2000 style Wranglers, are a suprising improvement over the 88-96 Jeeps. Its "almost" like a car inside, and the suspension is ten times better than the latter. I'am not saying it rides like a Ferrari, but it is still a "truck". (I hate when people call them trucks:)To any one considering getting a Wrangler, I would suggest the 6 cylinder engine, and a hardtop for the winter. Stay away from the yellow ones. Yellow is a sports car color, not a jeep color! I opted for the abs on my Wrangler, which means I couldn't get the 30 inch tire package. I got the "grizley" rim instead, keeping it somewhat original, because most people don't opt for those wheels. I am a "car nut", but will always have some kind of Jeep in my garage! I hope you learned something about my very opinioniated article!!
    Keep on Jeepin' Oh yeah-they rule in the snow!!!!
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