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Jeep Wrangler



  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It's not only bigger, it's stronger. As well as the internals, the actual casing is stronger as well. It would be a good idea to have it if you're going to fit larger wheels and tires, maybe 33"+. It's also handy if you like to race around off road at speed and get lots of air :-)

    The only reason I don't have it, is that ABS is a higher priority for me.
  • '95 Sahara 6 cyl. w/60,000. Used Mobil 1 10W30 every 3,000. How much oil use is normal? Add one quart/1,000,000 ? Changing it every 3,000 might seem excessive to some...but it's NEVER been in the shop for ANY problem at all except routine maintanance!
  • spoogspoog Posts: 1,224
    Your Jeep leaks oil with only 60,000 miles?

    Thats awful.
  • Test drove a Jeep yesterday. Not as bumpy as I thought it would be. I drive a 94 Ranger now and its pretty bumpy.

    Was noisy. I drove the soft top. No hard tops were available. How much quieter is the hard top?

    Engine felt more powerful than I expected. One thing I did notice a lot though was because of the gearing, I guess, you have to shift through first and second, all the gears really, very quickly. Was a lot of work getting it up to speed when pulling into traffic, etc. Do you just get used to that over time? Initially it seems to take away from the performance aspect.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    yeah, soft tops are noisy, though the new ones are supposed to be better. I have both tops and the hard top is much quieter, though the engine is still plenty loud.
    I never notice how often I shift gears in my Jeep until I drive someone else's stick-shift car. I sometimes start my Jeep in 2nd gear, the 6-cylinder is plenty strong enough to do that.
  • Hi folks. Pretty much decided on a 2001 Wrangler, and just a few weeks away from taking the plunge. I do have a few questions remaining though, and looking for help from Jeep owners.

    1. Stereo Security:
    Which is generally more "secure" in a Jeep: A factory CD or aftermarket CD with removable faceplate? Reason I ask, is I assumed faceplate CD, but ran into someone who had them stolen twice, both times with the faceplate off. I guess the thief assumed the faceplate might still be in the car. So wondering if it would be more of a deterrent to just get the factory CD. Any thoughts/experience?

    2. Dual tops:
    Really want them both, but trying to reduce cost and storage in the short run. Are aftermarket hard tops similar in cost/quality? Will the new quieter soft-top suffice? Anyone in winter climates get by on a soft-top only?

    3. ABS/Axle:
    Although second car, I have 2 kids and have to drive in snow/ice. So I really want the ABS. But that takes out the Dana 44. I plan to do off-roading, but light duty. Getting to a fishing hole/stream, recreational camping, and occasional jeep event. Can I get by without the Dana 44 for my usage? Can I still upgrade the stock tires to say maybe 30" with no problems later? Is it a re-sale issue?

    That's it. Thanks in advance for helping me get my options straight. I really look forward to owning a jeep!

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    1)the stereo thing is a toss-up. In my old Jeep, I had a beater cassette deck and nobody ever messed with it, even with the top down. In my new one, I have a CD with the removable face, and still have never had anyone mess with it, even with the top down. As far as I can figure, the only intruders I've ever had with my top-down jeeps have been cats, lots of cats. Cat prints on the hood, car hair in the Jeep. I wonder if this is a common problem.
    2)if you have to make a choice between tops, absolutely positively get the factory hard top now and an aftermarket soft top. Aftermarket hard tops are inferior to the factory hard top, which has a rear wiper and will be already wired to go. There are lots of good aftermarket soft tops, especially from Bestop.
    3)the Dana 35 is fine for light off-roading. get it with the limited-slip differential and ABS. I have this set-up and it works well.
  • Hey all! I purchased a 2001 sport about 3 weeks ago and am very happy with it so far. With all of the negative posts I see here I started to get a little unsure about getting one, but decided I had to do it. I ordered a yellow Sport pretty much loaded. It rides better than I thought it would and isn't too noisy with the hard top. I haven't tried the new soft top yet because it's been so damn cold here, though it is supposed to warm up for the weekend and the hard top is coming off! The factory stereo is definitely improved with the optional subwoofer in the console – it's actually good enough that I probably won't upgrade it for a while.

    The vehicle feels very solid. There is some wind noise, but I expected that. I got it up to 80 and it handled fine, though because this sucker eats gas, I won't be doing that too often! I find that I am driving a lot slower in general than I used to... that's a good thing.

    It took less than 3 weeks to get the vehicle after I ordered it. It probably helps that I'm in Detroit which is less than an hour from Toledo...
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    I think the factory stereo would be more of a deterrent. I just don't think factory stereos are stolen that often.

    I don't know about soft tops in winter climates.

    The Dana 44 is a tough call. Maybe the dealership can give you some more info. They won't sell a jeep with the 30 inch tire group without the D44. Almost seems like some Dana 35's hold up better than others. I know people that are running 33's and 35's on Dana 35 with no problems yet. I personally don't care for ABS, but I don't ever drive in snow or ice either
  • I'm looking to order a 2001 Sahara....I understand that most of them come with the 'usual' stuff such as ABS, Dual Tops,Sentry Key, Speed Control etc. Are the 2001's coming with Axle-Trac-Lok along with the 30" tire group?? I know when I priced out the 2000 in Aug. that wasn't included on the invoice, and now it is. Also, for the 2000's the destination charge was 560...has that cost gone up?? I hate this process, it's truly painful for me so any help would be appreciated.
  • A guys, I took a few pictures of my 2001 wrangler last weekend and put together a quick web site.
    Check it out

    The web site is very basic, I'm not an expert
    But it works... Let me know what you think

  • silksilk Posts: 4
    I'm jealous, looks like a lot of fun to be had, enjoy it!!!
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    nice pics man ,but in your info listing you list your engine as a V6 , it is not a V6 but an I6 .Inline 6 cylinder . FYI .
  • If you tried to access my web site last friday and saturday, you might have seen a "Grill" That was my mistake.
    If you try again it will work. You will actually see pictures of my Jeep. (Sorry about that)
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    Sahara's don't come with ABS, dual tops, speed control and sentry key. Most of them on the dealer lot may have them but you pay extra for those. Not sure what you meant when you said "comes with". Just FYI. I think I am right on these options. The Dana 44 should come with the 30 inch tire group. I think the track-lok is separate. In 2000 you could get the 30 inch tire group without the Dana 44, but not anymore.
    The Destination charge can go up or down at any time I think. Either way you just pay whatever it is.
    Hope that helps
  • Texasjeep-thanks for the reply. Yes I know the Sahara doesn't 'come with' those things and that they are extra. I guess my real question is, what is an Axle Trac-Lok and why would I need it?
  • Rear axle track lock means that the wheel with the most traction will get the power.
    With a regular axle the wheel with the least traction will get the power, so that if one wheel is in the mud and one wheel is on solid ground, the wheel in the mud will be spinning and the wheel on solid ground won't move.
    If you have track lock the wheel on solid ground will get the power and you'll probably move.

    You can also buy it after market. There's all kind of lockers. There's too much to say about lockers and the different types.
    I think the ultimate locker is ARB Air locker which you can activate off road and de-activate on highway.
    Seach the internet for "ARB AIR LOCKERS"

  • I just picked up my 2001 Wrangler with the Dual Top option and have a couple of questions:

    1.) The owner's manual & video says that one of the tops should be removed immediately due to potential friction from the hard top wearing down the soft top. The whole process seems rather complicated, do I need to do this right away or can I wait until next spring?

    2.) I've seen several online catalogs with hoists for the hard top. Can anyone recommend a hoist that they like, or alternatively, those to stay away from?

    3.) Putting up & taking down the soft top seems a lot more complicated than taking off & putting on the hard top. It seems to me that it would probably be easier just to take off the hard top when the weather is nice and to put it back on when it's cold or rainy. I would be interested to hear the opinions of people who have used both tops.

    Thanks for your help.
  • I want to purchase a wrangler and need your help in what to look for when buying a used 1991+ for less than $4000. Are there specific options I should ask about? I found a couple, are there different running gears I should look for or are they all standard? Is there one year that is better than the rest? I am not an a "four wheeler" but we do have snow and ice. What do you recommend?
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    You are going to have a very difficult time finding a used Wrangler for less than $4000. You are probably looking more like $6000 or $7000. CJs and Wranglers are the slowest depreciating vehicles around and almost never drop below $4000, even for relatively old ones. People just keep rebuilding them as parts wear out. That said, the Wranglers to avoid are the early ones ('87-90 I believe) with the carburated 4.2L engine (stalls) and Peugeot trannys (breaks constantly).
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Texasjeep was kind enough to respond to my post in the "Consolidation" conference about whether the SE has enough power to accommodate the 30" tires or not. He said he didn't ever want another 4 cylinder Wrangler because of low power for highway driving, especially in the wind.

    Anyone else have an opinion, preferably based on personal experience? I probably can't even afford an SE anyway right now due to the high pay-off on my current car, but I sure don't want to rush into a situation and be sorry later. I sort of think I would be better off to wait until I can swing a deal for a Sport.

    I wish I had bought a Wrangler the last time I traded, back in late March, but I didn't have the "fever" for one then.

    Thanks for your response, texasjeep. Anyone else, please feel free to put your two cents worth in.

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    I've had both engines; I had a '94 4-banger and traded it in for a '98 6-cylinder. I prefer the 6 because it gets about the same mileage on the highway (IF you get the stick). I think the 6 is worth the extra $$, though I also think the price difference is more than it needs to be and is worse now than when I bought mine 2 years ago. It seems to me that if you are going to buy a new vehicle, then you should avoid shortchanging yourself on items as basic as the engine. Let's put it this way: I have met plenty of I-4 Wrangler owners who wish they had paid the extra $20/month for the 6-cylinder. I've never heard someone with the 6 wish they had gotten the 4 so their payments would be $20/month LESS.

    As far your current car goes, don't envy Wrangler owners too much right now. Consider what we're paying for gas at the moment.
  • Thank you for the help. I have found several under $5k but most are the 4cyl. Which versions did the Peugeot tranmissions? Please drop me an email at
  • abaltoabalto Posts: 22
    That questions and technical advice web site...

    I have also looked for a good Dodge web site to ask questions and technical advice, opinions, etc. The best site I have found is This site is clearly the best in quality, with over 60,000 posts! Good luck either way Trevor!
  • Hey guys,
    if you have a picture of your Jeep E-mail it to me

    No Jeeps are alike and that makes it a lot of fun

  • If anyone else want to see mine, go here
  • I sent you mine already, Looking at your pics I noticed how jealous I became.

    How close to the beach do you live? Do you ever get any hassle because you drive without side mirrors? That is the only reason I don't take off my hard doors.

  • Hi Al,
    Yes I did receive your picture last time. Looks good!
    I never got hassle for driving without doors and mirrors. I think the cops in South Florida have better things to do than to pull over someone driving a Jeep without mirrors.
    I live 10 miles from the beach. Those pictures were taken in the Keys. I drove down to Key West for the weekend with my wife.
    It was really cool
  • Thats it, my doors are coming off tomorrow!

    Man, it must be hard living that close to such a beautiful place. I live in Texas, so I guess I can drive to Galveston, but why would I?

    Does the salt water do anything to cars down there?

    Later, Jeep on.

  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    I don't have the dual top, just soft top. I would think you could take the soft top out in a couple of hours at most. I would think the whole process would take about a half hour.
    I think taking the hard top off on nice days rather than using the soft top would work better. You just can't put the top up when you are away from your home. For example, if a rain shower blows in you could get caught in it.
    You could also sell your soft top if you decide your not going to use it.
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