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    Weatherdog-here's pictures of my new yellow 2000 before all the fun stuff got added on. ( The dealer's putting the fog lights, etc on today and I get to take my jeep home tomorrow. I just love that my friend who has a 2000 black sport is now in love with my yellow se. Ha.
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    I would look at buying instead of leasing. At the end of the lease you should have 12,200 in it and you give the jeep back. A new one cost around 15,000. You would be close to owning it with that much money in it. I know the monthly payments would be higher but I would definitely consider it. I am not an expert but just my thoughts. I think in some cases it is better to lease but in most I think you lose out. I think there some good websites that can compare the leasing and buying.

    Some places are better than others with the jeep wave. I don't get many wave backs here either.
    I doubt it has much to with your jeep being stock. Sounds like you have the right attitude toward your jeep also.
    Take it to the dealer and have them fix it under warranty. They have a problem with some of them having lose connections in the instrument panel.
    Get the black on black. My opinion maybe a little biased though. Don't forget it does show scratches and dirt easier. I don't care though, I still love the way my jeep looks.
    Soft tops can be nice going 75mph but on real windy days you will know it is there. The '01 soft tops are suppose to have 50% less noise. The full doors should also help out on wind noise.
    I think my jeep rides great on the highway. You can pull your back seat out and use it for storage when traveling. I have the high back seats which I think are comfortable. It may be worth the extra money if you find them more comfortable. I get around 15 or 16 mpg but I have a heavy foot. I have heard of people getting 20 on the highway. Gas mileage is not a good selling point for a jeep.
    I think the salesman may be trying to pull one over on you with the upside down trade-in on a lease. He probably thinks it is better just because you will have lower monthly payments that way. I would say screw it if you are upside down on your trade in and really want a jeep. If it is driving you nuts it may be worth eating the cost difference. I don't how much money we are talking about though. You should have not problems getting a new jeep below or right around invoice.
    Good move, I would get cold feet ordering a yellow TJ also.
    dragonfly03 I really don't see how someone owning a black jeep could be jealous of yours.
    I am glad you like yours though and I am glad people like different colors so I don't only see one or two different colored jeeps on the road.

    Sorry for responding to everyone's post but I had to give my two cents. Hope it helps
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    Here's a few pictures of my 2001 red wrangler. I haven't taken any offroad pictures yet but I'm going offroading this weekend and I'll take a few pictures.

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    Thanks Dave,
    It has not stopped working since then, but I will have them check it out. Are you a member of a Jeep Club? I just joined JNT today.

    Just curious...

  • saenzskisaenzski Member Posts: 50
    can you please explain what chicken grips are? I don't know what they are but I am pretty sure I want them.

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    in response to the post about having all your gauges go out, then later fix themselves miraciously: bring it to the dealer. I had the same thing happen 4 months ago and they told me a notice had been sent out (not a recall, just a notice to dealers) about some bad connections back behind the dash. The dealer fixed in under warranty in about a day. Bring it in soon because it will get progressively worse over the next few weeks.
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    I guess I'll just have to continue to suffer through my "Wrangler Fever." I am so upside down on my Grand Prix that not even a lease will work for me.

    The dealer figured a four year lease on a Wrangler Sport, and with all the extra miles I needed (22,000 to 25,000 miles per year is what I normally drive) and with the debt carried over from the Grand Prix, I was looking at $700 per month vs. my current $550.

    They apparently weren't even going to call me today like they were supposed to. I had them appraise my car last night, and they were supposed to locate me a Jeep like I wanted today and figure a deal. They were supposed to call me at work, but after not hearing from them by 3:00 pm, I called them and found out about the payment. I asked for details on the deal and the salesman said he would have to call me back, but he never did. I guess they figured I was wasting their time.

    Don't feel too sorry for me, though. I have a real nice practically new Grand Prix GT, so I can survive. Sure wish I had a Wrangler though.

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    why not try to sell the GP outright, privately??
    You sound like you really want to be driving behind the wheel of a wrangler! I have to agree with texasjeep about the leasing issue, its not worth it.

    btw Thanks texasjeep for the recommendations for the aftermarket bumpers!
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    I agree with Spike66 that you should try and sell it. Detail it with a toothbrush. Make it look so good that you wonder why you ever thought of selling it. Then advertise, but most importantly get a gas station, parking lot or someone with a busy corner to allow you to leave it for a few days and rent a car. Or drive it with a for sale sign and your phone numbers, preferably cell.

    I have sold every car I ever owned this way and got top dollar. Its all in the detail. But like I said before, I just don't know anyone who drives that much on business who uses a Wrangler, so perhaps it's a blessing!

    Remember, it's just a car (or Jeep). Not going to make or break you in the grand scheme of things, so don't let it get you down.

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Thanks for the advice, Weatherdog.

    I have just traded too often the last few times, and I have carried-over debt from each vehicle to the next one. I AM A NEW CAR NUT! It doesn't matter how much I like the vehicle I'm driving: I still get the trading bug for a new one.

    I think I would be better able to hang onto a Wrangler, though, because they look like they are so much fun to drive, and, of course, they never go out of style. Maybe it would be the same with one of those, though.

    I had a '92 Jimmy two door four wheel drive that I dearly loved, and if there was ever a vehicle that I would have been satisfied with, that would have been the one. It was medium gray metallic, and looked like a new one when I bought it used. It just seemed to fit me like a glove, but I totaled it when I was passing a backhoe with a bush hog on the back and a bucket on the front. The guy never looked, and he just started making a left turn as I was going around him. The bucket on his backhoe caught me just behind the right front tire and put me into a spin. That was a wild ride. The guy on the backhoe was not hurt, and I just had a few stitches, but my poor Jimmy was a gonner.

    I'll have a Wrangler some day, Good Lord willing.

    Catch ya' later

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    JNT sounds like a really good Jeep club. I am joining Southern High Rollers and I am looking at TX 4x4 also.
    I have never heard of chicken grips. I will be willing to bet they are "oh sh$t bars". and sells them. They are called roll bar strap handles. I like your name better.
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    A new user here...and seriously considering a Wrangler Sahara. One of the appeal is the off-road versatility. One problem, I'd love to hang out with other offroaders, but don't know where to start looking in the Washington DC/Maryland area. Anyone familiar with offroad groups around here?
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    Yep, I now the chick with the wind-blown hair very well. I think I might give them a call and order them just to remind me of her.

    hee hee
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    My locks on the doors of my 94 Wrangler are starting to seize up. Especially as it is starting to get colder. WD40 in the key hole does not work. Has anyone else ran into this problem? Any suggesstions?
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    your jeep has nice wheels on them! Could you tell me what type of tires and rims you have and whether or not you had it raised? I'm currently looking to buy a 2001 Sport. I am interested to see how the different wheels would like on the Wrangler Sport. Thanks in advance.
  • lerainkinglerainking Member Posts: 2
    Could anybody tell me how long it normally take for you to get the hardtop off. Also, how hard is it to take the full door off? Thanks.

  • dragonfly03dragonfly03 Member Posts: 46
    I got the Full Face Tire and Wheel group. I'm not sure, but we're thinking that they're 30". My best friend with the black sport has 27" and thinks that they're 30" as well. I havn't raised it at all, although I'm thinking about it for the future. Sorry that I'm not much of a help, but it all came standard with the wheel group.
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    There are a lot of jeepers in your area...the best place to find them would be to check out and ask around.

    Good Luck,
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    I purchased a hoist for my garage and can take off and put on the top by myself in less than 10 minutes. The most time consuming part is getting the 6 bolts out, though I'm thinking of purchasing some aftermarket clips would replace the bolts. As far as the doors go, I haven't tried removing them yet.

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    Where did you buy your hoist from? I saw one in J.C.Whitney and it stated " not for use with Factory Hard Top". I was wondering to myself, Who would want this thing if you cant use it on the factory top? Is there any other place to purchase one that will work with a factory hard top? I am ordering my Jeep, Jeep today if everything go's as planned with the dealership I have been dealing with, and a hard top is a must for me.So Giddie up!!
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    Hoists are a waste of money. Alternative: case of beer and 1 friend.
    The soft top is easy to work after a few trys. It takes me about 2 minutes down and 5 up. The hard top is a little tougher. You need to bolt everything down. I have a 2000 with both tops. Best of both worlds. Right now I have the hard top on with the tinted windows. Its great!
    Cya on the trial
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    First of all, Thanks Kevin for the jeepsunlimited web site.

    Secondly, to anyone with an opinion, I am having a difficult time deciding between a loaded Sport and a Sahara. It seems as if I get by a few hundred $ cheaper if I load up a Sport...I may be doing the math wrong (?).

    Also, any opinions on the tire/wheel selections? I won't be a constant off-roader, but I'd like to see some dirt every now and then. Most of my seat time will be sitting in traffic on my way to/from work. Any particular recommendations?

    Thanks in advance, Gil.
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591

    I'm just a Wrangler owner wannabe, but I think you should go with the Sport.

    It is purely personal preference, I know, but I like the interior of the Sport better than that of the Sahara. I also am not crazy about the looks of the palm tree logo on the Saharas.

    Now don't get mad at me, Sahara owners. I would gladly take a Sahara if someone wanted to give me one.

  • spike66spike66 Member Posts: 20
    I have my 2001 Sport on order. I ordered it fully loaded with the hardtop only. The Sahara is a great package, however the only things that set it apart a the seat fabrics, wheel, and standard options. It also has a very limited paint color selection. With the Sport you can really customize your option requirements and have several color options. Also for 2001, the sport has some really nice newly designed cloth seating surfaces. Overall, I think you would enjoy either model but you should be able to save anywhere from $300 to $600 by going with the Sport. Think of all of the aftermarket stuff/mods you could spent it on!
    Anyway, good luck and happy Jeepin!!
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    I have been reading your posts on dumping your Grand Prix for months now. Suck it up and sell the car. If you trade it you will get raped. Try to sell it privately. You cannot avoid a loss. If you really want a Jeep you won't be happy driving the Pontiac.
    I really don't like the Sahara. Green seats and plastic is the ONLY difference. Just above the side steps are some plastic molding. I have a 3 month old Sport and it has every option that the Sahara has, for $1,000 less. As far as the tires goes, I like the look of the 30" option. The rims are great looking and they are work horses in the mud.
    Just my $.02
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    Howdy kmq102!

    I would love to take you up on your suggestion, my friend, but how do I pay the difference between what the person pays me for the car and what I owe the bank to pay it off? Maybe you are assuming that I could get pay-off by selling the car outright rather than trading it in, but, sadly, this is not the case. I have made too many consecutive "upside down" trades, and am WAY in the hole on the Grand Prix. I am really surprised that the bank was even willing to finance that last trade, but I guess my perfect credit (have never been even one payment behind in 30 years of borrowing) had something to do with it. Don't mean to sound cocky- I know some people just have some bad luck and get behind on payments, and I have just been fortunate enough to keep good health and a good job.

    Anyway, pal, I am nearly $10,000 upside down compared to trade-in value! The stupid GM rebate of $2000 on left-over 2000 Grand Prix's is hurting me on trade-in, but I can't believe there are all that many 2000's left right now, and that factor will soon disappear. Obviously, I would still be hurting, even without that working against me.

    Know anybody that wants a 2000 Grand Prix GT for $25,800?

    I know I ought to be embarrassed by this, but what the heck, you can't take it with you. I am a new-car-aholic.

    Salesmen have probably been seriously injured trying to beat each other through the door to get to me when I pull up on their lots. There are a lot of college-educated children of car salesmen thanks to me.

  • goducks1goducks1 Member Posts: 432
    I think you need to forget about the Wrangler for a while and pay off the current car. No one should ever owe more on a car than it is currently worth. As you've admitted, you've made some bad choices in the past. Don't compound your mistakes.

    BTW, one way to avoid getting in this situation is to stick with brands that depreciate slowly (Jeep, Honda, BMW etc). Wranglers are wonderful in this respect, since the trade-in value on my '98 Sport is still 80% of what I paid for it new and I am almost done paying it off. Aside from my own personal views on GM products (they make a few good engines inside generally shoddy, ugly vehicles), almost every GM product depreciates horribly, and the fact that they always have to use rebates to sell their new cars makes this worse. My father "helped" my sister buy a used Grand-Am a few years ago, although I told him to steer her towards a Civic. She has been inverted on the payments/value ever since.
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    That's good advice, goducks, but I am probably too dumb to follow it.

    What I will probably try to do is trade for a used Wrangler of more or less equal retail value so that I don't go even further in debt, but still end up with a Wrangler. I'll have to allow for dealer profit, so I will have to be willing to go a little deeper in debt, but then I should have a vehicle that will depreciate much more slowly, like you were saying. Another thing that will hurt me even doing a more or less even trade is the interest rate. I am currently on a GMAC incentive finance package at 5.9%. I don't know what the going rate is on used vehicles, but I'm sure it is substantially more than that.

    I'm probably stuck with the Grand Prix for a while, but it "ain't no bad car to be stuck with."

    I really like the Grand Prix, goducks, but I just want a Wrangler real bad.

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    I currently drive a 99' Grand Am and living in Chicago, It's being destroyed!! My painted bumpers (not a good idea) are being scraped each day by the FID's. (I is for Illinois and D is for Drivers, I'll leave the F up to you to figure out.) The only way people parallel park around hear is to hit the cars in front and behind them over and over, until they are out of a spot. In addition to that the roads are no dream come true. I am thinking of buying a used Jeep Wrangler with good old steel bumpers. I would rather buy a used one, so I don't have to cry when ever it gets a nick. I think a jeep's character is only enhanced with a few battle scars. My only concern would be reliability. Is there any major maintenance items I should be looking out for? When I say used I'm referring to something in the 10 to 15 k range. I think I would rather the sport model over the other two. I guess I'm looking for any advice on a used Jeep someone wants to over. Thx
  • dragonfly03dragonfly03 Member Posts: 46
    Has anyone here been to one? I'm registering with my friend in the black jeep for one in Murphy, NC, which is, i think, a 3-8 or a 4-9. He has had some real offroading experience while I have not had anything major, just a large, steep and bumpy hill that I now like to play on. But anyway, should we try and find something easier for our first jamboree or do you think we'll be ok?
    And what should we look forward to on one of these? Also, any gear we should look into getting. He's putting 31" on his jeep, and I have 30". We both have fog lights and soon we'll both have "offroading lights". I have tow hooks and he'll be getting his soon. Anything else we should have?
  • gilbusgilbus Member Posts: 13
    Thank you, tsjay and spike66 for your advice. You are all a good group of people...Keep jeepin'

  • y2k_jeepy2k_jeep Member Posts: 6
    1st Appalachian Spring Apr 6,7,8

    I attended my first Jeep Jamboree this year ... what a blast.

    As far as equipment goes ... the first element of a Jamboree is a vehicle inspection that will determine which trails you can ride.

    I was at the Northwoods in Wisconsin a few months ago ... I would strongly recomend this Jamboree ... very good trail guides for all levels of Jeepers

    I am planning on Pittsfield, IL and Hazelton,PA and Crandon, WI for 2001

    Additionally, buy skid plates. Nothing is a better investment.
  • dpage35925dpage35925 Member Posts: 45
    I really want a Warn 9000. But I can't afford to spend $800. I realized this weekend that a winch is a must when you go four wheeling.
    I went out to the everglades with my friend who has a wrangler like mine. It was very muddy and some places the water was higher than the tires. It would splash onto the hood and I was quite impressed with my wrangler. We never got stuck and both had a blast. I liked going with another Jeep because if I get stuck he can pull me out. But what if we're both stuck or you go by your self.

    So I went to Sears yesterday and picked up a "Mini-Mule by Deuer" for $44.95
    Rated at 1ton lift and 2ton pull. It comes in a small box and I'll just keep it in the back along with my shuvel, 48" hi-lift jack, tow straps, and chains.
    It's not like a Warn 9000 but it's better than nothing.
  • krankitkrankit Member Posts: 6
    While I can't argue with kmq102's advice, (Alternative: case of beer and 1 friend) a hoist is a good solution when you're trying to remove the top by yourself. You also don't have to worry about dropping the thing. You can make your own, (I've seen some home made solutions that seem to work well) but I ended up buying a Lange Originals "Hoist-a-Top" from Camelot ( While it's not perfect, it does pretty well. I personally think it's easier to remove the hard top than the soft top, but that's my opinion.

    Good luck!
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    I test drove a really sharp jet black 2001 SE today, but I am now convinced that I should wait until I can afford a Sport. I know I could never be satisfied with the power that little 4-banger puts out.

    I noticed that the clutch had to be almost all the way out before the vehicle started pulling. Was this normal? It was a brand new Jeep. Are they all like that? I guess I could get used to it, but I kept over-revving the engine like someone who doesn't know how to drive a straight shift. I was doing better by the end of the test drive, but it still felt weird.

    Other than the fact people are willing to pay it, why does the Sport cost so much more than the SE? As far as I can tell, there is no real difference in standard equipment between the Sport and the SE other than the engine, right?
    Isn't the Sport about $2500 to $3000 more than an equally equipped SE?

  • spike66spike66 Member Posts: 20
    I haven't had the opportunity to drive the 4cyl. However the 4.0 is a blast to drive. Plenty of torque and no need to over-rev the engine. From what I have read the gas consumption is not much worse either. True it does list higher, but you can always look for a low mileage used jeep. Many dealers will also sell new for invoice or $100 over. I have a 2001 (silverstone 5spd with hardtop) on order, fully loaded for $22,032. There are also lots of year 2000's on lots. Even if you have to wait awhile, you will not regret getting your Jeep with the 6. Good luck!
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    I definitely have to have the 4.0, Spike!

    I would rather just keep my Grand Prix until I can get a Sport. I was thinking maybe I could get the SE in order to be in a Wrangler quicker, but I know better now.

    No offense to you SE owners. Everybody has their own priorities, and I like a vehicle that has pretty decent power. I'd rather not have to downshift to fourth gear on a long hill, and I want some passing power for two lane roads.

    I had a 95 Explorer, so I know what an underpowered (by my standards) vehicle is like.

    What about my question on the clutch? Is it a heavy-duty clutch or something? Is that why it has to be let out almost all the way before the power hooks up?

  • kmq102kmq102 Member Posts: 9
    I am looking to upgrade my speakers. The stock one just don't cut it. I am looking to install Kenwood Excelon's front and back @$250 complete. Has anyone had any luck?
    Next, I got my rig back today from the dealer. A panel just under the windshield on the left side was bad. In moist/rainy weather it turned filmy white. Has anyone else has this problem? They repainted it for me.
  • spike66spike66 Member Posts: 20
  • spike66spike66 Member Posts: 20
    try to pay off your pontiac, don't get over-burdended in debt. You'll be a Jeeper in time my friend!
  • weatherdogweatherdog Member Posts: 4
    I just had a set of PIAA lights installed on the lower part of the windshield of my new 2001 Sport. I had seen a older green Jeep like mine that had lights that were covered in a tan canvas (like a shower cap). I have checked everywhere and can't find the covers. Has anyone else ever seen these light covers? I would appreciate a source.

    I'll post some pictures tomorrow of the lights. Oh... I gave the Jeep dealer a plug on my Jeep web page. They passed the URL around the company. They really are good guys. They sent me a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant and called to say thanks for the recommendation.

    tsjay - Here is another angle. You have good credit so get an unsecured loan for the upside down part. Sell the "super detailed" car and pay it off with the unsecured loan. Find a really nice '97 or '98 and buy it. My 97' that my daughter borrowed has 12k and looks and drives like new. There are lots of Jeeps that were "2nd" cars and did not get 4x4'd or driven a lot period.

    Alee - I had posted a note to you about your new Yellow Jeep but accidentaly deleted it. I got a kick out how happy you looked and how much better you look in the Yellow than I would. "Delete Message" I understand. Who the heck came up with "Scribble"?

  • jacorobjacorob Member Posts: 37
    I'm an avid reader of jeeps unlimited and always on the lookout for good stores to buy stuff from. Ran across this hot post in the wrangler forum and figured you'd all better be warned too:

  • spike66spike66 Member Posts: 20
    And to think, I was only on my first beer!
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Member Posts: 270
    A 9 is a difficult trail. You may want to see if there is something easier that is close to you. I would call them and ask about it and see what they say. Maybe a 9 rated jeep jamboree is not as bad as a 9 rated trail.
    I think they will be having that jamboree twice next year though. If you go to the 2nd one in Oct, you may have time to get some good experience in. You may want to get some mods done to your jeep also. I would start with a gas tank skid and you may want to get a steering box and engine skid.
    You need tow hooks front and rear, a tow strap with no hooks. A CB, First aid kit and fire extinguisher are good to have. There is other equipment you could get but that is the basic stuff. Unless you plan on off-roading at night, you may want to skip the off-road lights.
    Look forward to waiting around during the jamboree. It is a fun trip overall. You meet a bunch of Jeep people and can check out there jeeps.
    I would look into Jeep clubs also. Most of them are cool and they can show you some good trails in your area and show you how to off-road properly.
    Hope that helps
  • 2001wrangler2001wrangler Member Posts: 112
    Here is a pic of my 2001 Wrangler Sport. It is Steel Blue, I-6, 5spd, air, dual tops....pretty much loaded. I have had it a month now and it's great!! I have checked my mileage 2 times and have gotten 17.6 and 20.2 and none of those were highway miles. I think I can get 22-24 on the highway.
  • 2001wrangler2001wrangler Member Posts: 112
    Let me try this again....
  • mark202mark202 Member Posts: 6
    When i purchased my 97 jeep in sept., the prev owner replaced the drivers side stabalizer link.My question is: Should I replace the passenger side now, or wait until it goes then replace it?
    Is there any trick to replacing them, or is it just a matter of removing the bolts?
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591

    I looked at the picture of it on the link you posted. That gas mileage sounds encouraging to me, since I am definitely trying to figure out a way to buy a new Sport myself.

    You have those "canyon" style wheels, and those are the babies I have been picturing my "dream Jeep" as having. They are by far the best looking wheels, although the "grizzlies" don't look too bad.

    My dream Jeep is a Sport, 5-speed, white with a black hard top (maybe the soft top, since they aren't real noisy any more), canyon wheels with the 30" tires, tilt, cruise, and if the sound system becomes halfway decent with this option, the sub-woofer.

    Your steel blue looks awful good, but I still think white is my color.

    My problem is that I'm way in the hole on my 2000 Grand Prix GT sedan that is only seven months old. I wish I had had my Wrangler fever back when I last traded!

  • 2001wrangler2001wrangler Member Posts: 112
    I have the subwoofer in the console and it is SO-SO, but I still have the factory CD player. I plan on putting my Pioneer CD player in very soon. I think the speakers are sufficient, but the deck does not put out enough power.

    Any know of a good rear bumper w/rec? I need to get a trailer to pull my ATV.
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