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Jeep Wrangler



  • Hi Al,
    It's pretty cool driving without the doors. After you remove the doors don't forget to remove fuse #4 behind your glove box, otherwise your dome light won't shut off.
    Be careful not to bang into a wall when you walk around with them, they're pretty big and you wouln't want to end up with an additional scratch or dent.
    I don't have a problem with the salt because I live 10 miles from the beach. Beside I wash and wax my Jeep pretty often.

    Have fun - Don't forget your seat belt :-)

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Someone educate me, please. Why does anyone get the half metal doors instead of the full metal doors? If you are going to go "topless," wouldn't you just take the doors off anyway?

    Doesn't it look kind of "dorky" to leave the metal doors on and just take off the top part of the doors when you have the top off?

    Just asking.

  • I have the hard top with full metal doors. Best decision I made. The full metal doors are great. I was a bit worried about how it would look with the top off and the metal doors on, but it looks fine. With the windows down it feels pretty open. Anyways, I don't think many people take the doors off just to get a topless feel!

  • After loosing my 1997 Wrangler Sport to my daughter, last month I ordered a new yellow dual top loaded 2001. It will arrive any day. Now I am not so sure. Worried about the dual top - taking off the hard top. Don't know if my garage is tall enough for a hoist. Color? Anybody getting sick of the Solar Yellow?

    I even test drove a Ford SportTrak yesterday. I guess I could use some encouraging words that the Wrangler will be practical and will not grow old fast.

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    No way can I call a Wrangler "practical." You had a '97 already so you know this. It is not comfortable for long drives. It has precious little cargo room and gets atrocious gas mileage for such a small vehicle. It is noisy. It is the very antithesis of a family car, which is one of the attractive features in my mind.

    But it won't look old, since Jeeps have kept the same basic form for 55 years. It just looks like a Jeep, a classic and unique form. I like this, like I like Levi's 501s. It is fun to drive around town and with the top down. The hard top makes it tolerable in the winter. You can take it anywhere. As I drove through the bank drive-thru yesterday, the same bank that has the title until I finish paying it off next year, I thought how happy I have been with the purchase. Plus it's still worth a bundle. Can't beat that.

    As for the Sport-Trac, it has the "Explorer" name on it (which screams soccer mom to me), looks dorky (as do all 4-door pickups IMHO), and isn't practical since you can't put a shell over the bed and camp in it (a necessity for any real pickup). Plus I've had bad luck with Fords. Stick with the Jeep.
  • Wow, I just bought a new 2000 Wrangler, SE, Solar Yellow, loaded. Any hints from Yellow jeep owners(or any color) on keeping it looking nice and bright? Alright, thanks!
    New Jeep Owner,
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Am I missing something? I am not a Jeep owner (yet), but if I get one, I want the benefit of other people's experience in order to get the best options.

    What is the reason that people get the half metal doors? I can't believe it is to save $125 compared to the full metal doors.

    With the top on, it looks like you would be better off with the full metal doors. With the top off, I would want the doors off too. I don't think a Jeep would look good with the top off and the lower part of the half metal doors still on.

    What am I missing. There must be some reason for the half metal doors- you sure see a lot of them.

  • jacorobjacorob Posts: 37
    i have the half doors. It wasn't to save money or anything. I just absolutely hate the way a jeep looks with full doors. Top on or off, IMO, looks terrible with full doors (especially w/ top off). I also like the look of half doors with the top off. You don't always half the top all the way off either - you might have a bikini top with the upper doors off, etc.

    Half doors offer more security then no doors, give a lot more freedom then full doors, and as i mentioned look a ton better then full doors. Half doors just gives you a lot more options then full doors. If you want glass windows you can always get aftermarket upper halves with sliding glass.

    Also, i live in Texas so i didn't get a hardtop, and have no desire to get one, which makes the only reason i would get full doors not a reason.

    Of course, as i constantly mentioned, this is my humble opinion.

  • spike66spike66 Posts: 20
    I just recently ordered my 2001 Sport (silverstone w/ black hardtop). Once I get it I really want to swap out the front and rear bumpers. Could anyone recommend some quality aftermkt suppliers? I live in Minnesota so I am curious as to which type of metal is least prone to rusting. Any advise?
  • All-

    I'm in the market for a used Wrangler. Someone I know is selling a '94 S for a decent price (compared to what I've seen). What's the word on the '94's? Have there been problems with certain years?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks.
  • Most people who are happy/satisfied will not bother to post on these boards or forums. It is only the people who have gripes or problems that will be motivated to post. So don't be suprised if the bulk of postings concern difficulty!

    Regarding your statement about wind:
    I too found the wind buffeting a problem. I have the hardtop on currently and even with the passenger window rolled down, the wind in my left ear was too forceful and became uncomfortable after a while at 60 MPH. The Quadratec Windguard is larger and much more effective than either Ventvisor or MacNiels offering. I
    bought it at Quadratec (#11063). It really helps.
    Glad to hear your enjoying your new Jeep.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    To all you new guys who now drive Jeeps- Dont forget the JEEP WAVE !!. When you see another Wrangler ,CJ, YJ give that person a wave. I have been driving a Jeep Renegade now for 10 years and it seems that most new TJ owners do not know about the wave . When you drive a jeep you are part of the Jeep family ,so say Hi to each other. keep this tradition alive.
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    I think half doors look good with the top down. I don't always take my half doors completely off when the top is down. I like how you can be across town or out of town and be able to put your top up and down and doors on and off if it starts to rain or if it gets cold or something. It has nothing to do with saving money. I just don't care for full doors.
    Hard doors are more convenient when you need to roll your window up and down at fast food place or ATM. I think they also make a big difference with wind noise reduction.
    Seeing a lot of half doors: You probably won't see them as much. Full doors were not sold on soft tops until 97 (I think). Almost all you see at dealers now is full metal doors.

    stay away from steel horse if you don't like rust.
    Try and
  • spoogspoog Posts: 1,224
    I think full doors are good for the north half of the country, half door for the southern half.

    In my view, I NEVER want plastic windows, ever. I think they are worthless.

    I would rather have the top off with the full doors, or no doors at all.

    For the summer I am planning on just leaving the full doors on and using a bikini top. For winter, the hard top with REAL windows.

    Plus, the full doors are great wind blockers when it gets chilly in the summer.....
  • How does everyone here wave? Over the last few days, I've seen many varieties of the wave. Thanks.
  • chefrkmchefrkm Posts: 34
    I am ordering my 2nd Jeep Wrangler, a 2001 SE w/ A/C, Hard top, Side Steps, Fog Lamps and 23N package. I am leasing it for $2000 down and $270/ month for 38 months. My former Wrangler a '94' Sahara was a GREAT vehicle, but I got rid of it for a Honda Accord, because I was sick of the soft top (I think I was smoking crack at the time!!), but now its time to get what I have been waiting for for 3 years...My Honda Lease is over and I'm Thrilled!!! I have been waiting to get out of the Honda lease for 2 yrs 264 days...Oh, by the way, its Flame Red with a Tan top and interior.
  • jacorobjacorob Posts: 37
    well, this newbie knew about the jeep wave way before getting his jeep. However, out of waving at pry 20 jeeps in the last 2 weeks (mostly TJs, some CJs, and one YJ) 1 has waved back - from a built up TJ.

    A lot might have to with the fact i'm just driving a stock TJ around though. Waiting for that monthly paycheck in 1 week to get 31" tires. First jeep so gonna take it nice and slow till i know what i need...

  • I think my Jeep was temporarily possessed by the Blair Witch. The other day driving home, none of my gages worked. I was freaking out trying to remember what these posts have said about that before, I was thinking it was a fuse or something.
    When I got home I turned my baby off and decided to turn it back on to see if it had fixed itself, and it had. I still have no idea what it could have been and it has worked fine and dandy since. It could have been because it was Friday the 13th..

    Who knows?!

    Any clues?? or am I just a dork?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I have done a bad thing, people. I test drove a 2001 Wrangler Sport after work today.

    It was a yellow one with a black soft top and had an automatic transmission. Now that one is not the Jeep that I want, but I hadn't even test driven one until today. I would want a five speed and I want either a white one with a black soft top or a black one with a black soft top.

    I was really surprised at how little noise the top was making at 75 mph, after having many people tell me how noisy soft tops are. I know they improved the tops in the 2001's, but I still thought the noise would be much worse than it turned out to be. I was pretty sure I wanted a hard top until I test drove that Jeep today. It had the half metal doors, and it was still not very noisy. I want the full metal doors, and I guess that would make it even more quiet, right?

    I don't think they will be able to offer me a deal that I can handle, so my decision might be very easy. I just bought a 2000 Grand Prix GT in March, so I am really big time upside down on trade-in. They appraised my car and are going to locate me a Jeep like I want and call me with an offer tomorrow.

    The salesman said that it is easier to handle an upside down trade-in by leasing the new vehicle instead of buying. Well, I guess I'll find out tomorrow about that. I drive about 22,000 to 25,000 miles per year, so there will be a big mileage premium to pay in the lease.

    I am afraid this is just one of my "fads" and that I will miss my Grand Prix after the "new" wears off the Jeep. The Jeep will have to be my only vehicle, and I do have to travel occasionally on business. Will I miss the room and comfort of my Grand Prix?

    The seats seemed very comfortable in the Jeep I test drove today, and it seemed to handle very well at highway speeds (took it up to 75 mph, and she seemed to hold the road just fine), so maybe a Jeep isn't too bad for long trips, but the lack of cargo room could be a problem.

    I NEED ADVICE! Is there anyone in the group who was nervous about going from a car to a Wrangler, and how did it turn out for you? Were you eventually sorry you did it, or did it turn out to be a good decision?

    I know it depends on what you want to do with the vehicle, and I must admit that I probably won't be off road very much. I just think that a Wrangler would be a fun vehicle to drive.

    Oh, yeah, what can I realistically expect for gas mileage with the 4.0L engine and 5-speed tranny (with the 30" wheels) on a mix of city and highway driving, with most of the miles on the highway?

    What do I do?

  • I had ordered a new Yellow Wrangler Sport dual top late Sept, got cold feet and went looking elsewhere (Ford). Well, I finally figured out it was the color I was unsure of, so I called my dealer and have them preparing a Green Sport with tan soft top for pickup Wed Oct 25. It's loaded, like my special order, but does not have the dual top. I figure, it's Texas and I don't need it anyway, and would probably miss the real pretty days being too lazy to do the top switch.

    I wish more people would post photos as I really liked looking at the Jeeps posted here. I just put up a page at that has a picture of my 97' that was hi-jacked by a family member. Ill post my new Wrangler after I pick it up.

  • Weatherdog-here's pictures of my new yellow 2000 before all the fun stuff got added on. ( The dealer's putting the fog lights, etc on today and I get to take my jeep home tomorrow. I just love that my friend who has a 2000 black sport is now in love with my yellow se. Ha.
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    I would look at buying instead of leasing. At the end of the lease you should have 12,200 in it and you give the jeep back. A new one cost around 15,000. You would be close to owning it with that much money in it. I know the monthly payments would be higher but I would definitely consider it. I am not an expert but just my thoughts. I think in some cases it is better to lease but in most I think you lose out. I think there some good websites that can compare the leasing and buying.

    Some places are better than others with the jeep wave. I don't get many wave backs here either.
    I doubt it has much to with your jeep being stock. Sounds like you have the right attitude toward your jeep also.
    Take it to the dealer and have them fix it under warranty. They have a problem with some of them having lose connections in the instrument panel.
    Get the black on black. My opinion maybe a little biased though. Don't forget it does show scratches and dirt easier. I don't care though, I still love the way my jeep looks.
    Soft tops can be nice going 75mph but on real windy days you will know it is there. The '01 soft tops are suppose to have 50% less noise. The full doors should also help out on wind noise.
    I think my jeep rides great on the highway. You can pull your back seat out and use it for storage when traveling. I have the high back seats which I think are comfortable. It may be worth the extra money if you find them more comfortable. I get around 15 or 16 mpg but I have a heavy foot. I have heard of people getting 20 on the highway. Gas mileage is not a good selling point for a jeep.
    I think the salesman may be trying to pull one over on you with the upside down trade-in on a lease. He probably thinks it is better just because you will have lower monthly payments that way. I would say screw it if you are upside down on your trade in and really want a jeep. If it is driving you nuts it may be worth eating the cost difference. I don't how much money we are talking about though. You should have not problems getting a new jeep below or right around invoice.
    Good move, I would get cold feet ordering a yellow TJ also.
    dragonfly03 I really don't see how someone owning a black jeep could be jealous of yours.
    I am glad you like yours though and I am glad people like different colors so I don't only see one or two different colored jeeps on the road.

    Sorry for responding to everyone's post but I had to give my two cents. Hope it helps
  • Here's a few pictures of my 2001 red wrangler. I haven't taken any offroad pictures yet but I'm going offroading this weekend and I'll take a few pictures.

  • Thanks Dave,
    It has not stopped working since then, but I will have them check it out. Are you a member of a Jeep Club? I just joined JNT today.

    Just curious...

  • Dennis,
    can you please explain what chicken grips are? I don't know what they are but I am pretty sure I want them.

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    in response to the post about having all your gauges go out, then later fix themselves miraciously: bring it to the dealer. I had the same thing happen 4 months ago and they told me a notice had been sent out (not a recall, just a notice to dealers) about some bad connections back behind the dash. The dealer fixed in under warranty in about a day. Bring it in soon because it will get progressively worse over the next few weeks.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I guess I'll just have to continue to suffer through my "Wrangler Fever." I am so upside down on my Grand Prix that not even a lease will work for me.

    The dealer figured a four year lease on a Wrangler Sport, and with all the extra miles I needed (22,000 to 25,000 miles per year is what I normally drive) and with the debt carried over from the Grand Prix, I was looking at $700 per month vs. my current $550.

    They apparently weren't even going to call me today like they were supposed to. I had them appraise my car last night, and they were supposed to locate me a Jeep like I wanted today and figure a deal. They were supposed to call me at work, but after not hearing from them by 3:00 pm, I called them and found out about the payment. I asked for details on the deal and the salesman said he would have to call me back, but he never did. I guess they figured I was wasting their time.

    Don't feel too sorry for me, though. I have a real nice practically new Grand Prix GT, so I can survive. Sure wish I had a Wrangler though.

  • spike66spike66 Posts: 20
    why not try to sell the GP outright, privately??
    You sound like you really want to be driving behind the wheel of a wrangler! I have to agree with texasjeep about the leasing issue, its not worth it.

    btw Thanks texasjeep for the recommendations for the aftermarket bumpers!
  • I agree with Spike66 that you should try and sell it. Detail it with a toothbrush. Make it look so good that you wonder why you ever thought of selling it. Then advertise, but most importantly get a gas station, parking lot or someone with a busy corner to allow you to leave it for a few days and rent a car. Or drive it with a for sale sign and your phone numbers, preferably cell.

    I have sold every car I ever owned this way and got top dollar. Its all in the detail. But like I said before, I just don't know anyone who drives that much on business who uses a Wrangler, so perhaps it's a blessing!

    Remember, it's just a car (or Jeep). Not going to make or break you in the grand scheme of things, so don't let it get you down.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Thanks for the advice, Weatherdog.

    I have just traded too often the last few times, and I have carried-over debt from each vehicle to the next one. I AM A NEW CAR NUT! It doesn't matter how much I like the vehicle I'm driving: I still get the trading bug for a new one.

    I think I would be better able to hang onto a Wrangler, though, because they look like they are so much fun to drive, and, of course, they never go out of style. Maybe it would be the same with one of those, though.

    I had a '92 Jimmy two door four wheel drive that I dearly loved, and if there was ever a vehicle that I would have been satisfied with, that would have been the one. It was medium gray metallic, and looked like a new one when I bought it used. It just seemed to fit me like a glove, but I totaled it when I was passing a backhoe with a bush hog on the back and a bucket on the front. The guy never looked, and he just started making a left turn as I was going around him. The bucket on his backhoe caught me just behind the right front tire and put me into a spin. That was a wild ride. The guy on the backhoe was not hurt, and I just had a few stitches, but my poor Jimmy was a gonner.

    I'll have a Wrangler some day, Good Lord willing.

    Catch ya' later

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