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Acura TL 2009



  • Hello everyone! I am so new to this, but I am looking for a place where I can learn as much as possible about the Acura TL before I purchase. I currently own a 2002 Accord EX and have been eyeing the TL for a couple of years. I am trying to wait for the 09's to be revealed before I decide against the 08's.

    What can I expect from an 08 if I purchased now?
  • Why buy the Acura? the accord ex v6 is as better or should I say a step above the current TL (not the type S).My sister bought it and I drove it last weekend for an extended period and I was taken aback by the how sweet the ride and comfort is.

    Although its not for me, I would definitly recommend this car for someone shopping the regular TL.Also, you can save your self money for the long and short run.

    Please note- I am not bashing the current TL (I am a past owner of the previous generation type S) but buying an Accord V6 would be prudent in my estimation. I am actually waiting to see what Acura has to offer on the next generation TL. If I dont like the offering- then off I go to either Lexus for the GS 350 or to Mercedes for the E350 (Sport model only).
  • gasnetgasnet Posts: 49
    You can expect the most enjoyable car to drive.I have a 05 TL and love it so much i'm getting a 08.I would not buy a 1st year car.However a 08 can be had for a great deal right now.Yes the G35 is faster but not much and if you live in the north G35x little slower.A TL handles better than a G35 (read road & track)Has more room,and a better ride and build quality, for less money.IF the new TL is going to set the standard as it did in 2004 you are going to pay for it $$$$. BUY A 2008 without nav.The Navi isn't worth the money.If it was harddrive based it can do xtras like hold 9 gigs worth of music and other things a dvd based system can not.I have one in my TL and my wifes garmin works better.
  • gasnetgasnet Posts: 49
    The new accord handles like a ridgeline.Not as fast or fun as a TL. Its a Buick from Honda. And forget about leasing this car right now (rip off)
  • I have taken the 08 TL on a test drive twice and I think they drive hard or rough, not as smooth as I expected from a luxury sedan. The 08 Accords look awful!! I know its backwards, but I look at body style first then go for performance. If I don't like the way a car looks and I can't see my self enjoying it, then nothing else matters. So, I am curious what the 09 TL will look like. I think I'll wait. I hope they smooth out the ride...I hear that a lot of people say its is a fun ride.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Besides the TL, I would also take a look at a loaded Accord; the two are very different in real life compared with on paper (the Accord is larger) so I would try each and see which one you preferred.

    I would also consider the TSX, too.

    I personally would lean towards either Acura since the deals are pretty good right now (whereas the Accord deals aren't as good)
  • A V6 Accord auto to auto is on par with the current TL in regards to speed.
  • Looks are subjective-I personally like the lines on the Accord.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The coupe is attractive. The sedan....not so much! Also too damn big.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    No Turbo Engine. 2 v6's are likely. A base 3.5 FWD and a 3.7L SH-AWD model. The SH-AWD model will get the 3.7L 09 RL engine. Base model will get the TL Type-S motor.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Acura reps at the Chicago auto show knew little about the '09, but all said it would debut in September. Some thought it might be introduced at the New York show, but it looks like it will be the TSX instead. Some said there will be two engines, one with SH-AWD, and rv65 is probably right on the money when he says the 3.5 for the base and 3.7 for the AWD. That would be my educated guess, based on what little info I could get at the auto show.
  • It sounds like people are saying that the new TL Type-S will have the same engine as the RL. Is that true? That would pretty lame if that is the case! I have a 2007 Type-S and it has 29 more HP than the standard TL. If the new TL will use this 286 HP engine, the Type-S will only have 14 more HP! That would suck and definitely prevent me from wanting a new one. We need more than 300 HP on the Type-S! We need a turbo option also. Acura needs to understand that BMW, Infiniti, and Lexus are bringing serious HP in their new models. So if we are willing to pay for it, Acura needs to bring the thunder with the Type-S and twin turbos! No half stepping!
  • I just would like to say as a loyal Honda customer that I am done with their vehicles. I am tired of waiting for them to develop a rear wheel drive vehicle. It will never happen. I will buy a 1 or 3 series BMW. Why buy a car that is always chasing another competitor when you can have the fastest and best handling vehicle on the market. Has anyone seen this new RL or TSX. How do you like that huge grill or that flashy chrome. It looks like a flucking Hyundai. All Honda has is reliability and that is not good enough for the enthusiasts dollar. :mad:
  • Does anyone know what Acura's deal is with saying they want to get to Tier-1 in the market? Are we talking about twin-turbo cars with top shelf electronics and styling? That RL looks decent for what it is but the TL has to look way better and have much more performance than 300HP. The BMW 335i and G37 will kill this car unless they really push the envelope. There is no need to buy one of these unless they make a TL model that can hang or beat the 335i. I don't see any other way to compete at this level. Do you?
  • jwaggonerjwaggoner Posts: 22
    Your right they cant compete. Not with styling like the RL and TSX, poor balance and weak torque. I think you will find the new TL will look alot like the TSX just bigger. And whats with this new cocky direction Acura is going with Tier 1, Super handling, Advance my [non-permissible content removed]. They are trailing big time. I dont believe they will sell near as many cars with this new generation of cars.
  • dap2006dap2006 Posts: 68
    I'm afraid you're correct. I own a 2006 and I've been waiting to see the 2009, hoping Acura will provide a substantial upgrade - the new RL has me worried. I'm still waiting, but I've been seriously checking out the 335i in the meantime. If Acura doesn't come through with the upgrade I'm ready for I'll be working my next deal with the BMW folks, for sure...
  • ldsilverldsilver Posts: 3
    Does anyone know of a site that tells you the number of TLs and RLs sold in the US for model year 2007? Please advise. Thanks
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    I love the rear of the acura tl,and my 08 tl drives fantastic, I comparing my experience to after owning a 07 m35x,q45,Lexus es300,06 accord ex v6.
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    The new Accords look ugly,even the dealers acknowledge this.with exception to the coupe.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The appearance and the general bloatedness of the new Accord are what drove me straight to the Nissan dealer to buy an Altima.

    But, let's hope Honda doesn't mess up the 2009 TL...
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