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Oldsmobile Intrigue Coolant System Problems



  • dbrozakdbrozak Posts: 6
    Mike, thank you for your response. But we have no idea where the water pump pulley is or where it is. Also how would we know that it is leaking from there? I know I probably sound stupid, but is there anyway to talk me thru where to find this & how to know if that is the problem? I guess if we can't do it then my son will have to take it to someone. But he is in school & doesn't have a lot of money. Would it be expensive to replace if we can't figure it out? Thanks Donna
  • mike251mike251 Posts: 19
    Sorry if I confused you let me start with easier questions. Do you have any puddles of fluid under the car when the car sits? How much antifreeze do you put in it and how frequently do you have to add it. You might not have any problems right now. Does the car overheat guage stay below the half mark or is the needle near the the hot mark "H"? When you open the hood can you smell the antifreeze coolant? Does the serpentine belt look like it is slinging fluid? Sincerely mike
  • dbrozakdbrozak Posts: 6
    Thanks Mike for responding so fast. I asked my son & he said today at work there was some coolant under his car. It was already dried & he did smell coolant. A guy at work said something about the sepentine belt & it was wet. So it looks like it is the water pump, I think that's what you called it. Is that expensive to replace? We have no idea how to do this stuff on our own & my son has already put a ton of money into this car. The only reason he still has it, is because he owes money on it. Any ideas? Thanks so much Donna
  • dbrozakdbrozak Posts: 6
    Mike I forgot to tell you that the gauge is registering closer to the C. So atleast it is not overheating, Yet. Thanks Donna
  • mike251mike251 Posts: 19
    Unfortunately fixing the coolant system on this car is not as easy as most cars. This car has a reverse flow coolant system and the only other car that I know of that has this coolant system is the corvette. This is not something I would try to tackle if you are not mechanically inclined. The parts for this coolant system must be OEM "original equipment manufactured parts". The pump and thermostat from GM cost me $203.00. The premixed Dexacoolant cost $10.00 dollars gallon. There is also a flush coolant adapter that you would need to bleed the system $5.00 at autozone. Do not by a pump and thermostat from autzone and don't let any mechanic tell you otherwise. It took me 30 to 40 hours to figure out the overheating problem on my car and that was because I bought my pump from autozone. The rebuilt pumps can not build enough pressure to keep the engine cool. Look at and read my early posts in May of 2008 another guy had the same problem and I helped him through it. If you know a person who is mechanically inclined ask him for help and follow the instructions in my early posts May of 2008. I would not recommend driving the car until you get this fixed as further driving could cause the engine to overheat and crack the engine block. I feel your pain and burden I have had my car since it had 20,000 miles on it. Between this year and last year I have spent a lot of time fixing my car It Cost me about $5000 dollars mainly because I put a transmission in it two weeks ago. But I have done several other things also all are things that come do between 100,000 and 120,000 miles. It beats having another car payment though. Plus I like my car. I am a mechanic but not for cars I fix airplanes. I just wanted to let you know that so that you don't think that I am leading you in the wrong direction. Sincerely mike :)
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Mike has given you all the correct information. Here's a link to a website that sells geunine GM parts. Looks like the water pump will only cost $75 plus shipping. I would find a mechanic that is wiling to install it for you. shouldn't take more then a couple hours.

    I have a 2000 Olds Intrigue with 164k miles and still running strong. If your son keeps up with the maintenance and is not afraid to get his hands dirty under the hood, he can easily get another 40k-50k miles.
  • dbrozakdbrozak Posts: 6
    Thanks for your message. The only problem my son doesn't know a lot about cars. So how do you suggest he starts, to keep his car running? He takes it for oil changes all the time. What else can he do? Thanks Donna
  • dbrozakdbrozak Posts: 6
    Thanks Mike for all your help. My son took his car into his mechanic because it was leaking & it smelled on coolant. The mechanaic had it for a couple of days & told my son he could not get it to leak. I don't have any idea what is going on. It has been fine for a few days now. He is going crazy because he is going to be starting school & working & he doesn't need it to break down. What do you think is going on? I must say I feel much better flying knowing you are helping take care of the planes. Thanks for your help. Donna
  • donp9donp9 Posts: 29
    Mike: Thanks for the info. Glad I read your post as I was looking to replace the water pump in my 2000 Intrigue (120,000 miles) just as preventative maintenance and was planning to go to Auto Zone or Checker auto for a replacement. I will now get the OEM part and likely save myself a great deal of grief.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    If the mechanic didn't find a leak, has your son been losing coolant since then?

    As far as keeping up the Intrigue going, a lot of it has to do with educating yourself to the issues with this car and not being afraid to try to fix things yourself. I'm hardly a shadetree mechanic but I changed the ignitions switch about 3 months ago. Paid $100 for the part. would have costed about $400 at mechanic. The Intrigue is a nice vehicle but it does have 7 or 8 things that are almost guarenteed to go wrong during the life of the vehicle.

    The thing that has really helped me is joining online forums like this where you have folks who are willing to share their knowledge.
  • Help, I'm trying to replace the water pump and there is a bolt behind the power steering pully, I got a 98 olds intrigue 3.8L engine. Anyone can tell me the steps I need to remove the pump(s)?
  • Does anyone happen to have the part number for the 3.5L water pump?
    Mine just started leaking in a BIG way.

    Also, are there any gaskets that need to be replaced when replacing the water pump?

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Check or

    both websites sell parts cheaper than the dealer. Each has an easy to search database to view the parts. I would check first.
  • I wanted to post the part number and such from GM Parts Direct.

    19168613 water pump kit (with gasket)

    The total cost was about $95, though I had to pay a NC state sales tax. GM Parts Direct offers low prices but then gets you on the shipping. They are located near my house, so why are they charging me $15 to ship this thing!? Oh well, still a heck of a lot cheaper than getting it from a stealership. :)
  • 12458115 gm # and of coarse there is a gasket and be aware that some bolts are longer than others.

    13 bolts and 5 are long. I think.

    water pump bolts to 124 inch lbs.

    idler pulley bolt to 37 ft. lbs.

    water pump pulley bolts to 106 inch lbs.

    Added: old # has been has been replaced by a new part number
  • This ended up not being too bad of a job.
    Drain the reservoir coolant and then remove the reservoir by (a) unscrewing the two bolts at the top of the shock mount, (b) disconnecting the hose near the thermostat, and (c) disconnecting the electrical sensor under the reservoir.

    Now put a half-inch ratchet on the tensioner pulley and crank that bad boy over to release tension on the accessory belt (easiest to remove the belt from the top pulley). Be sure to note how the belt runs across the pulleys. Took me 45 minutes to put this back on because I couldn't remember the order it was in (should have taken a picture!).
    You'll need to loosen the idler pulley and pull it out as far as you can (the bolt on mine was too long to completely remove it, but I only needed to get it out of the way) which will provide you enough space to remove some of the bolts on the water pump.
    It is also easiest if you remove the 4 screws holding the water pump pulley on, which will also give you access to bolts for the water pump.

    Now you just have to start taking the bolts off the water pump. There are a lot and you need to keep track in which holes the long bolts go and which ones have the shorter bolts.

    Once you remove all of the bolts and pull the water pump off, you'll need to clean the engine block of any stuck-on gasket from the old water pump. A razor blade is best, but a flat head screwdriver would suffice.
    Also, take a can of compressed air (like what you use to clean a computer keyboard) and blow out each of the bolt holes in case any gunk/debris fell in there upon removing the water pump.
    The instructions said to put a little bit of gasket sealant on the new water pump gasket, so I used some RTV sealant for high-temperatures. It's probably meant for exhaust applications, but 200 degrees is pretty hot too.
    I put some of the sealant on the new water pump, laid the new gasket on top, then put additional sealant on the new gasket (so the gasket now has sealant on both sides).
    I put the new water pump and gasket on and then started threading all of the bolts.
    Put the accessory belt back on, though now might be a good time to replace yours if necessary, and reinstall the coolant reservoir.
    Go ahead and add some distilled water and Dex-Cool coolant to the reservoir and start the car with the cap OFF of the reservoir. Let the car get up to temperature and add more water/coolant as necessary. This should allow the system to burp out any air.
    Finally, put the cap back on the reservoir and take it for a drive. Please note any low coolant lights on the instrument cluster or overheating. Since this is a closed system, it is probably important that the reservoir not be overfilled.
  • I have a 2000 olds intrigue with about 50000 miles on it.The thermostat gauge has been reading in the red, or very close to it, very frequently, although the coolant level is ok & the engine doesn't smell "hot". The gauge going up seems to be associated with a banging sound, which can also be felt, on the driver's side. The GM mechanic replaced the thermostat & bled the system, feeling that an air lock was causing the banging- the symptoms reappeared within 12 miles after leaving the garage. I haven't noticed that the performance of the car has been affected- that is, I still get 25-26 mpg. What is wrong? :confuse:
  • haguchaguc Posts: 2
    So... my car recently started to leak a little bit of water after it was turned off each night. I am pretty sure it is the water pump because it has 135k on it and hasn'te been changed and seems to be coming from that general area. I am going to look into it closer. Additionally, this winter when it has been very cold (less that 15 degrees) the temperature on the car has been getting too hot. After reading the posts in this thread I believe it is because it is the original thermostat with poor design and when I do rev the motor it cools back down as described by other posters. So.. I am looking to get the parts to do it myself, but saw some posters were pretty picky about where to get the parts from.

    I see the part numbers listed by others for the gmpartsdirect site for the water pump. I needed to get a water pump and the thermostat for my 01 with the 3.5, however, gmpartsdirect doesn't have the thermostat, they only have the water pump. rockauto has both of the parts, any suggestions on which one I should get as they have three different brands of thermostat (none listed as oem) and 7 water pumps (bosch listed as oem). It looks like the cheaper water pumps may just not come with the pulley, but that would come off the old pump anyway correct? Is the OEM truly the same as what I would get from the dealer or gmpartsdirect? Just want to make sure that the parts I get are going to work for me.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I'm wondering if your car is not signaling the fans to come on when the tempeature comes on. Have your mechanic check this.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Any of the aftermarket thermostats for the Intrigue should work fine. I believe they should be 180 degree. I haven't had to replace the water pump but all should have a warranty. I wouldn't buy the cheapest nor the most expensive. go for one of the pumps in the middle.
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