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Nissan Xterra Manual Transmission Problems

greg62greg62 Posts: 3
My 2006 X needs a new clutch, they say, at 23000 miles. No excessive driving habits. No fluid leakage detected upon visual inspection. What's up with that?


  • I have a 2006 xterra offroad. I am having the same problem, clutch replacement required at 40,000 km (25,000 miles). Again, normal City driving, no offroading. Nissan Canada customer relations won't budge on the warranty or providing good will help on the cost. Seems to me like a classic "premature wear" on the clutch material, rather than normal wear... will likely sell the truck ASAP and never buy Nissan again due to the below standard parts and horrible customer service relations.
  • greg62greg62 Posts: 3
    The end of the matter is that Nissan sucks in this situation. 23000 miles and the Xterra needs a new clutch. I neglected to say that the steering column had problems within months of our purchase. I got rid of the vehicle and went with a Jeep. Nissan is off my list forever. Perhaps when the truth comes out that Nissan quality is going down, down, down I will at least have some personal satisfaction. Maybe I just got on board to late. Once bitten twice shy.
  • mcamaramcamara Posts: 1
    i bought my 2006 nissan xterra last feb2007 and just this weekend after drinving the car for only a year and 2months with 11,000. miles the clutch is worn out.
    the dealer said that the cost for the replacement of the clutch is $1700 and not under warranty.
    i just have a had time believing that i have driven so terrible to have to repace the clutch. I've been driving for over 15 years manual cars and never had this issue.

    i just feel at the mercy of the dealer since they told me that they had never had a nissan xtrerra with a clutch issue....WTF :confuse: :mad:
  • I have been driving manual trans. for over 35 years, including 2001 and 2003 Xterra. the 2007 I purchased has a clutch failure at only 16k.

    no city driving,

    no hauling,

    over 10 years experience driving xterra manual trans.

    over 35 years experience driving manual trans

    and nissan wont pay for new clutch -- not even a dime!!!

    needless to say, i will never buy a nissan again.
  • You guys WHo are Having the verry rair clutch problem. There is a bulitin out you should have got a lettor in the Mail from nissan. If you did not bring it to your Nissan dealer. these trucks are real grate trucks. and peapol with the Nissan frunttear are not having problems same trans same clutch. Think you 3 guys just happen to have bad luck. I will try to find the bulitin for you guys Thankyou Marco.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Please let us know when you find something on this Marco. I've been lucky so far with my '06 Frontier 6-Speed at 13,500 Miles and have had no troubles. But, I've read on some Frontier forums that owners have had the same sort of clutch failures despite conservative driving.
  • Hey guys I think you guys should look at Nissan They will have your answer I dont no any mor at this time I no that is a grate websight how ever. If I have sum time I will look Let me no Thankyou have a real grate day Marco.
  • gsouthamgsoutham Posts: 1
    I also have a 2006 Xtera and the clutch went at 35,000 km. My Ford Explorer clutch lasted 220,000 km so I wasn't expecting to replace the clutch this early. Today at 40,000 km, I was told I need $750 in brake work. I called Nissan Canada today and they said if there are enough complaints, they will do a recall.
  • My clutch failed at 23,000 miles. I recently had it repaired at my expense since it is considered a wearable part and not covered under warranty. I am having a hard time believing this part failed due to my driving behavior. I travel mostly over flat lands, do not down shift to slow the vehicle, do not hawl loads. The car has not been abused.....Nonetheless I've driven 2 different makes also manual transmission for a total of 15 years before the Nissan and never had a clutch failure.Sounds shockingly similar to your experiences. There is a trend here that Nissan must address. I hope all have voiced their concerns to the Nissan Consumer Affairs thru Nissan Official site under the contact us tab. I suppose this is the right place to start.
  • tasintasin Posts: 1
    Ok - 2nd clutch at 43,000. This obviously is a design flaw. Have been driving standard transmissions for about 40 years and did not believe this was happening. My dealer was great on the first incident and replaced at no cost. 2nd just occurred this weekend so will see what happens, but afraid this car is going to have to go. I do a lot of cross country driving and cannot have this happen in middle of nowhere. This really should be a recall issue
  • ...mmmm it would appear I am not alone. I learned today that my clutch is worn out at 31,000 km. I am also a manual diehard (30 years). A significant chunk of this distance was long distance in Canada - so not a lot of gear changes. This travel is well documented. Lets hope Nissan will come clean. I am in the process of talking with Nissan... I will continue to post.
  • I have 2007 Nissan Xterra with 22000 miles and am in the process of having the second clutch put in. The first one wore out at 8000 miles. The dealership is now in the process of replacing and will let me know what they find after they take it apart. I have not been given any encouragement that they would find anything other than driver issues. This is a two wheel drive Xterra no off roading. I cannot afford to be replacing clutches every 8-12,000 miles. Any ideas?
  • grubzgrubz Posts: 2
    This is my 3rd nissan and it will be my last. I picked up my 07 xterra after the frame on my old pathfinder rusted away even though the exhaust was still original and the engine and tranny ran like new. I gave nissan the benefit of the doubt that they've learned to build a decent body by now but now am faced with selling a truck that I bought 4 months ago off a friend who knows how to drive stick. I figured I wasn't going to have any major problems for at least 5 years and that i'd have it for at least 10. yeah right.... dealer tells me it's my fault and being the nice guy he is will do the work for 1800, as opposed to 2400. I'm not sending any of my money in the direction of these clowns so i'm having a tranny shop replace the clutch and for sale it goes in the spring. worst thing is that centerforce doesn't make a clutch for these 4L xterras (or frontiers); if they did i'd consider keeping it, but if it's just gonna be replaced with the same bad part then it's gone.

    Does anyone know of any quality aftermarket clutches for these trucks?
  • So, $2,600 CAD bought me a new clutch but not the confidence that I won't need another soon. Again, this vehicle has had an easy life. There are no bulletins out regarding the clutch. I am an ex automotive engineer engineer - something is amiss! There is just too much evidence concerning the 2006 release. I wonder if we will see a spate more with the 2008 when the mileages get to the break point or whether Nissan has done a sneaky fix. I invite you to contact me, I am pusuing Nissan on this. Don't be a victim! (
  • coach877coach877 Posts: 1 goes.

    I bought my 2006 Xterra new in March 2006 and have done over 70% highway driving. The truck currently has 43,000 miles. As most of you know the mileage is well below stated on the sticker. I drive 75 mph and am lucky to get 16 mpg. I don't do any off-roading and have only towed with it once while moving.

    The steering column was replaced under warrantee during the first year.

    I have dutifully completed oil changes and use synthetic oil. I have been driving a stick since 1985. I have not had the dealer complete the scheduled maint but was planning on it since I have owned it for 3 years without changing the rear end fluids.

    I noticed the engine over-reving slightly during shifts last week and took it to a local Nissan dealer.

    Once I found out that the vehicle was no longer covered under warrantee I took it to a local repair shop that does work on mostly foreign late model autos. He is a friend of mine and I have used his shop for over 12 years on Saabs, BMWs, Volvos, and Toyotas with excellent results.

    The total bill came to $3,300. I'm sure the dealer bill would have been closer to $5000.

    The $3,300 bill included:

    Clutch replacement at 43,000 miles

    Here lies the problem!!! Nissan uses a $160 clutch disc in a vehicle that makes 260 hp. I'm no engineer...but this doesn't seem like a good place to skimp.

    They used to install beefy clutches in their high HP vehicles. My 1984 300zx turbo clutch lasted close to 100k.

    Flywheel replacement ($800 part...surprisingly in stock at a local dealer the part was torn up pretty bad)

    My repair shop said it was unusual to find a part like this in stock!!!!!

    30,000 mile service (the fluids and filters were close to $400)
    New battery...Too early in my opinion.
    Wiper blades
    Mass Inspection

    total parts: $1454
    Labor: $1768

    Should I cut my losses and trade this puppy in now while I can get a good deal while the dealers are hurtin? Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your advice.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    It's unfortunate that no aftermarket manufacturer is marketing stronger clutch components for the Nissan 6-Speed. That way, when the work was complete, an owner would know that the fix was good.

    I'm wondering too if the clutch master cylinder set up might be a partial culprit. The 4.0L 6-Speed (only) clutch master cylinder assembly should be adjusted to a length of 120.5mm (4.74") from the hole in the clevis (where it attaches to the pedal) to the mounting surface plate of the assembly (engine side of firewall). Ya pretty much have to remove the thing to measure the set up.

    My clutch master cylinder squeaked and after FOUR trips to the Dealer, they finally replaced it ..... and didn't adjust it properly before installing it. Fortunately it's set so that the travel is slightly beyond where it should be, but if it were adjusted short, I wonder if clutch slippage might occur? This being a hydraulic clutch, it's hard to say. I'm no Engineer. :(
  • gfggfg Posts: 5
    I too just had to have my clutch replaced at 20.5k miles of normal driving (no off road). My wife and I have had only manual transmissions in all our cars for the past 40 years because of their durability vs. automatics. Boy were we burned by this our first Nissan. I am an ex-automotive engineer and currently restore cars, and I can restate the obvious: Nissan clearly put a weak, underdesigned and untested clutch in this vehicle. My guess is that since they adapted the 350Z 6-speed trans with its integral bellhousing to the X, they must have also had to use the Z clutch, perhaps smaller OD and which is designed for a car of significantly less weight. I was expecting a pickup-type of rugged drivetrain, not to mention Japanese design durability. Instead we got a junk clutch; very un-Japanese. If there is no news of a Nissan recall and free replacement with a truck-type beefy clutch in the next 6 months, we will sell our 08 X and never buy Nissan again. It is still hard to believe a major Japanese car co such as Nissan would release such an unreliable drivetrain, when their major sales advantage has always been their great designs for reliability and many troublefree miles.
  • Sometimes manufacturers under-design clutches, or they increase the horsepower and try to get away with using the same clutch. Sounds like Nissan may be guilty of this. You may want to look into using a Tribco clutch, their 100% Kevlar composite clutch discks are available through many clutch rebuilders.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Jim Wolf Technology now offers a clutch disk and flywheel for the 2nd Gen Xterra and Frontier with the VQ-40 engine and six speed.

    Prices are $450 for the Flywheel and $485 for the Clutch Disk.

    Jim Wolf Technology VQ-40 Stuff

    I do not own these; I've had no trouble with my Frontier as yet, but I have only 20,000 Miles on it. I am very happy to see that there's now an alternative out there if I do have trouble.
  • d3363d3363 Posts: 4
    I also have a 2007 Xterra and at 32,000 miles and told it is not covered under warranty. I am ready to fight on this after reading all the other complaints regarding this same issue.
    Have you had any luck with Nissan? I am waiting to hear back from a regional manager regarding having this repaired at no cost to me. Does not sound positive though.
    I am very interested in joining the fight and possibly even a class action suit if this is not taken care of by Nissan.
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