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Acura RL



  • Saw the Oprah show and those 276 motorists with their new Pontiacs. How about ACURA rewarding me for continuously having an ACURA vehicle in my garage since their introduction in April 1986?

    1986 Legend (1986-87)
    1987 Legend L coupe (1987-88)
    1987 Integra LS (1987-1991)
    1988 Integra LS (1988-92)
    1991 Legend LS (1991-94)
    1993 Integra LS Special Edition (1992-2002)
    1987 Legend L coupe (1997-2000)
    1996 RL (2000-present)
    2003 RSX (2003-present)

    Also in the current stable are a 2001 Odyssey EX and a 2002 Accord EXL V-6.

    The dealer should also pitch in as I've referred over 100 transactions to them over the past 18 years. My associate's wife refuses to accept anything other than an "A" on the hood (the "H" is not adequate for her) - he has had ACURAS in his garage continuously since December 1986, He has a 2003 TL-S; his wife's ride is a 2004 TSX.

    It's all my fault since I showed up at his home with my first Legend and helped him secure an eight-month-old Legend with 6400 miles on the clock.
  • Prophet:

    That is an amazing story, a legacy impressive enough to warrant a new car! Well, then again, knowing that Acura can be kinda stingy, maybe they'll do an article about you in their owner magazine and sent you a FREE COPY! How about that?

    Your dealer must LOVE you. You should be entitled to free lifetime service and loaner cars, that's for sure.

    6,400 miles? You got anymore like that hangin' around? Heck, I'd even throw in a fruit basket!
  • You can add in others close to me:

    my sister - '87 Legend L coupe (1987-94); '01 MDX (2001-present); '04 TL (2003-present); her then boy friend and another family friend also bought 1987 Integras at the same time - a three car deal for the salesman;

    business associate - '88 Legend L (1988-94); '94 Legend LS (1994-2001); TL (2001-present);

    sister-in-law - 2001 TL (2001-present); declined an Accord ($8K savings) because "everyone has one;" time to get something different (she always liked my '96 RL).

    BTW, the 2003 RSX is my daughter's car. It replaced the 2001 Integra which she "totaled" in December 2002 after having it for just four months. That was a CPO with only 11K miles on it when I picked it up.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    A cursory calculation of all car purchases brings an estimated $952,627.12 Buy the RL and shatter the One Million $ Mark!
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Most major newspaper sites require you to register before they open up their sites which seems to be the case here with the Chicago Tribune.....(Worth it though to see why they feel the RL is in the running for Car of the Year) If that happens ...all those dealer allotments will suddenly become like gold!
  • Our first Audi, in 1978, was followed by over two dozen more -- in November, 2000 I found a FedEx envelope on my front porch.

    In this FedEx Letter package was a letter and two round trip tickets to San Moritz Switzerland. The letter invited my wife and me to fly to Zurich, be picked up in an Audi A8 and escorted to St. Moritz. Fast forward, we took Mr. Hunt (the apparent author of the letter from Audi of America) up on his offer.

    We flew Business Elite (Delta) from Cincinnati to Atlanta to Zurich -- we were met by an English speaking Audi of America representative handed ~ $150 in cash and put into an Audi limo. There were two French passengers who rode with us.

    We were taken to a five star hotel (a castle) in St. Moritz, where we were given Audi winter clothing and allowed to check in for a 4 hour nap prior to our "greeting" sleigh ride, dinner and entertainment slated for that evening.

    The next three days included non-stop entertainment and pampering all courtesy of Audi. 25 couples from North America were in the group of 50 couples from around the world. We were Audi's guests for the Women's Down-hill skiing racaes in St. Moritz. The first evening's sleigh ride and Alpen (orAlpin?)Horn greeting (replete with an Audi Hot Air Balloon as our marquis) was followed with a breakfast and ride to the finish line (where the skiers finished) where Audi had erected a tent on the snow (complete with a buffet, bar, carpeted "floor", auto showroom and lit with chandeliers!).

    That evening a black-tie affair with the "singing waiters" who performed Disney classics (in costume) was followed by a chance to meet and mingle with the winning women skiers.

    The trip, at the risk of sounding trite was truly "magical" -- and, even though the little town of St. Moritz was literally covered with Audi cars, there was not one moment of "Audi" sales or marketing effort beyond the Audi napkins, Audi wine! and Audi clothing provided by the "Audi Bunnies."

    The short, one-page letter, from Len Hunt that got this all started said it was a "thank you" from Audi to its best customers -- we had purchased more than two dozen Audis and actually, my 2001 A6 4.2 arrived in the US while we were in Europe.

    Acura may be producing a European beating auto in the RL (there is plenty of evidence that it has hit this one out of the park).

    Acura, however, could take a lesson from Audi in terms of customer appreciation. Our trip was the third invitation from Audi -- two previous invites we were unable to oblige.

    I know -- I am one of Audi's biggest FANS and most concerned citizens -- that Acura and other Japanese companies can build excellent cars. I must tell you however, no one has EVER shared such a customer appreciation tale that rivals Audi's.

    Despite this, the new Acura remains on my shopping list, as I have grown weary of even the smallest of issues relating to auto ownership. My impression after participating in this town hall for these many many months is that with an Acura, I will virtually only have to buy gas, insurance and new license plates and only visit the dealer for service with relative infrequency.

    I have wondered here and elsewhere if either those who have had Acura and Lexus cars have had great experiences or low expectations.

    Despite my extreme prejudice, I am willing to "buy into" the notion that Acura will treat me better than Audi.

    I hope I don't have to eat these words.
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    Just an amazing story markcincy!

    I have owned Nissan/Infiniti cars for 16 years now. Not nearly as many as you have had nor the amazing Acura/Honda poster in an earlier post.

    I can say that I, for the first time in 16 years, am very intrigued by Acura. At the same time, I can tell you that I am writing this post because of your words re: ease of ownership of an Acura re: just regular maintenance. I can say that this has been my experience with Nissan/Infiniti. I'm not looking at Acura because of a lack of reliability of Infinitis. I'm looking in this direction for additional (and equivalent, in my opinion, in the reliability department) offerings primarily in the RL or possibly TL.

    I'm not sure the G35 is what I'm looking for (kind of smaller, TL seems a bit bigger at least on the inside) and the new RL is very interesting and will need to be lined up side by side the the new M35/45 from Infiniti.

    It is a great time to be looking at cars!!!
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    I've owned Infiniti for years and have enjoyed their loaner program. Every service I've been given a loaner, even oil changes. I have 121K+ miles and they still give one to me.

    Does Acura have a similar program? I don't think so, just checking...
  • You and I deserve trips to Japan from our respective automakers.

    My brother-in-law's (he has the MDX) parents bought a 1989 Acura L because they liked my sister's '87 coupe. That car was eventually sold to my other sister in 2001.

    We have also enjoyed a number of Nissans. My brother started it 35 years ago by convincing my parents to trade-in MY '61 Ford Falcon for a new '69 Datsun 510 wagon. He promptly modified it with headers and other parts to race it - he's an ASE certified mechanic today.

    My other sister replaced her gas-guzzling Camaro RS (350 V-8) with a Datsun 240 SX in the late 1970s. My father-in-law (not driving at age 89) still has his '87 Maxima GXE (40K miles).

    We also had a used '88 Maxima and a new 1993 Quest GXE which was traded for the Odyssey with 164K miles after eight years.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    Nice, even BMW & MB don't necessarily do that....

  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Mark, Your postings are the best. Really enjoy your contibutions. Thanks a lot. JJ
  • Whenever service requires more than an hour and a half wait, I'm given a loaner. Two weeks ago, the service guys were busy and weren't able to get to my car quickly enough to replace a wheel sensor; they gave me a practically new TSX for the day.I bought my '96 RL there and so have compiled some good-will credits.There's nothing wrong with adding a small codicil to your purchase contract mandating use of loaners when necessary.... "necessary" has to be defined.
    I'm still driving my "96 RL, with 104K miles on the odo. Going to be hard turning it in.
  • I have purchased two Acura's from my local dealer (01' CL and '02 TL). Since then, we had a child and had to get rid of the CL, I purchased a Nissan Murano as a replacement - Now, when I take the Murano to the Acura dealer to get my oil changed, they still give me a loaner...maybe it varies from dealer to dealer?? Sorry to be off topic here. I am looking at the new RL, the new M35, and possibly the new avalon when it is released next year. I have such a great relationship with the Acura dealer, I have a bias towards the RL, we'll see!
  • Check out the RL link on the Acura website. The interactive showroom is now active. Really cool!!
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I’m eagerly waiting for Honda to launch the Legend in Japan. So far, they have not announced it yet for that market, only a mini-site is up. That market is definitely going to get all the additional frills that we won’t (for now) including CMS, E-Pretensioner, LKAS, (potentially) intelligent night vision and intelligent cruise control. All of these features (except nightvision) are already offered in Japanese Accord and Inspire.
  • Robert:

    Why do think that Honda/Acura will offer those features in Japan but not here? Why don't we get the air cooled seats - but supposedly Canada does?

    Oh yes, can you tell us what "CMS" and "LKAS" mean?

  • >Does Acura have a similar program? I don't think so, just checking<

    Last I knew there was no formalized, corporate inspired (or augmented) loaner car program. However, my experience has been that if you are a regular service customer, who gets their major service performed at the dealership, chances are good the dealer will set you up a with a loaner car, or a free rental car -- if you make an appointment in advance.

    Having moved cross country several years ago, I called the local Acura service manager, introduced myself, and said to him that I was interested in developing a relationship with his dealership. I told him that I had gotten free loaners at my former dealership, as well as a 10% discount on service (to compete with independent garages who send out discount coupons) and he said "fine", he would be happy to match that discount, and to provide me a loaner car.

    I've done that at two Acura dealerships, and have always found that when approached the right way, the service manager is willing and indeed happy to do what it takes to get a new customer on-board and to keep those service department dollars flowing in. Giving out a loaner car is usually no sweat for them.

    Ask and ye shall receive!
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    If you love acronyms, you will love this…
    LKAS (Lane Keep Assist System) and HiCC (Highway Intelligent Cruise Control) are parts of &#147;HiDS&#148; (Honda Intelligent Driver Support system). HiCC is a no brainer as it does what any adaptive cruise control does. Excerpt on Honda&#146;s LKAS from a IEEE cover story…
    &#147;A lane-departure system alerts the driver that the vehicle is drifting toward the edge of the lane by playing a rumble-strip noise through the speakers. If the driver fails to respond, the system progresses to generating a vibration in the steering wheel that mimics the feel of passing over road-edge rumble strips.

    Now, suppose the driver still doesn't rouse from blissful slumber, or look up from the hot coffee that has tumbled into his groin. That's when the Honda LKAS shows how it isn't just another lane-departure system: it actually takes over the steering of the car, at least momentarily, to keep the vehicle in its lane&#151;something no other such system now on the market can do.&#148;

    You can read about it here (scroll down)

    Honda has offered LKAS and HiCC in Japanese Accord for couple of years. It was also offered in Inspire when that car was launched last year (FYI, Inspire is &#147;American Accord&#148; with TSX-like interior and some cosmetic changes). BTW, Inspire was also the first Honda to use VCM with its 3.0/V6 as well as active control mount (standard in Odyssey w/VCM and in RL) and active noise cancellation (standard in Odyssey w/VCM and in RL).

    CMS (Collision Mitigation System) was introduced with Inspire. It utilizes a radar and brake assist to serve its purpose when called for. CMS is designed to evaluate potential of collision with a slower (or stopped) object in front. If the car is traveling too fast, it starts with a warning to the driver. If the driver responds, CMS continues to assist the driver in braking effort. If the driver doesn&#146;t respond, the system will slowly apply brakes, and continue to warn. If the collision is imminent, full braking is applied to reduce the intensity of impact.

    E-Pretensioner was also offered in Inspire. It is designed to work with or without CMS. With CMS, if the collision is imminent, the seat belt will tighten up before the collision.

    I think Legend will have these features simply because they are offered in lesser models in that market (Accord and Inspire). We do get keyless ignition, something even the Fit gets over there. :-)
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I thought Acura Total Luxury Care (which is extended to new as well as pre-owned Acura vehicles) includes provision for a free-loaner. At least one dealership that I have dealt with, does. If the dealership can't provide a loaner, TLC allows for rental car reimbursement.
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