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Acura RL



  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Whereas I personally don't see a strong resemblance between the new RL and the Accord, I DO see a much stronger resemblance among the entire spectrum of the BMW, Mercedes, and Audi offerings. There's nothing inherently wrong with these similarities and I simply view it as an extension of a brands heritage - this is, fundamentally, a good thing! In defense of Mark - since I've participated in this Edmunds forum, I've come to enjoy his posts immensely. For the most part they've been informative, balanced, intelligent, substantial in content and well written. So I too, was surprised to read his uncharacteristic short post merely stating that the "...RL looked like an Accord" Now, Mark has publicly and repeatedly professed his love for Audi (having owned over 20 I think) and this allows me to understand his affinity for the brand - I mean, come on, don't we all have our automotive passions?! My passion rests with Acura...what they've accomplished in the last few years with the MDX, TL, and TSX is phenomenal. Now getting back to resemblances?! IMHO, what Acura/Honda has wrought in the 05' RL, "resembles", in the automotive industry, nothing less than an engineering tour de force!
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I was flipping the pages of a recent issue of Motor Trend a few days ago, and came across Audi A3. The first thing that appeared to me was that I'm glad nobody is going to confuse between $25K RSX and $50K RL. OTOH, $25K Audi A3 bears no visual distinction from $58K Audi A6 (thats how much a loaded 4.2 would cost). Pretty much the same can be said for Mercedes C-class through S-class, the only difference is in size.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    We could bring the Passat into this.

    But still... the TSX and TL look awesome, and I was hoping their design theme would make it to the RL. It's strange that the TSX and TL got headlights like the old Odyssey's, while the RL's look more like the new Odyssey's. One of these days Honda is going to have to use the Acura badge worldwide to allow for a separation of design themes. But do keep the "real word" names in other markets, if not here...
  • . . .if for some reason my comment pertaining to the appearance of the new RL was taken as a negative, well, that was not my intent.

    I can also note a strong Passat influence in the Phaeton -- this does not necessarily imply I think that is a negative.

    Currently I am unable to test drive the 300C AWD, the 3.2 A6 and a new RL (and still wondering if the A4 3.2 will be a contender, but just found out that there will be no manual transmission in the A4 3.2, so it has become less interesting.)

    Of the cars my wife and I have test driven of late, the one that we like the looks of the most is the Acura TL.

    The family resemblance of the RL and the Accord are real (for me). I had thought, based on the pictures, that the Acura (from the rear anyway) would look a bit more Chris Bangle-ish (5 series BMW).

    I am a long long time Audi owner -- as is my wife. The Audi loyalty "incentives" may make the new A6 irresistible -- but the savings of over $9,000 may make the 300C AWD attractive too.

    The only thing I have ruled out from my short list is the new STS AWD (at $62+K, the A8 would be my choice, but I am not looking in that price range).

    Yes my Euro-bias is there, but I still will give these cars their due.

    Just got a call to come and test another A6 -- but again it is the V8. Not interested in that flavor, at that price.

    Of course, my wife thinks I'm nuts for even considering the 300C AWD (thinks it looks too much like a "gangsta car!")
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    There is family resemblance among cars in every brand/parent company. The Accord/RL is no different, especially since they share the same platform (Honda Global Midsize Platform) and are similar in size.

    Perhaps, the similarity between the Accord and the RL is more pronounced because there is no striking differentiating design on the RL, such as the HUGE grill of the A6.

    The 2006 M looks a lot like the Altima/Maxima as well.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    Is it only me or do I see only jfallon mining this place repeatedly to make his $?
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Interesting isn't it Mark how our wives get involved. Actually I remember a year ago the all new TL was introduced and I had been salivating for months waiting for it to finally appear. When it finally arrived I was ready to write the check, all hopped up on adrenaline and the realization that here was this fabulous new machine. Enter my wife, a comment here, a question there, a test drive with her along, and pretty soon that adrenaline level subsided and she helped me come to the realization that finally, maybe I really did not want this car. (I guess she has a different opinion than your wife about this car) A year later I'm chomping at the bit again, only this time the car is the RL, And I love the car...she knows this. and I am sure that she really likes the car . But now there is one last factor that enters the picture that every couple in America has to deal with and that's the money! It isn't a question in my mind about affordability for's where we both came from. She really thinks I have gone off the deep end and have finally lost it. I like to think about this as my own personal reward that goes beyond the homes we have built, the kids we have raised and put through college, and a career that was rewarding and left me with a good feeling about myself. I don't have to prove anything to anybody ever again. That's what I love about Acura . Understated...not flashy...but the quality is there. This forum has been enjoyable. (Something I have never done before.) I often bring the wife into the den to have her read your posts over my shoulder. We will continue to enjoy this forum until it obviously runs the course. There are some nice folks participating here.
  • monet5monet5 Posts: 32
    markcincinnati - I'm also debating between the A6 3.2 and the RL. You mentioned Audi loyalty incentives. What are those? I currently have a '01 A6.
  • jjacura;

    There's been some subliminal bonding going on hereabouts,and leaving this forum will definitely produce a tug. Perhaps we should have a reunion every new -model year! (I'll bring the hors d'oeuvres, you bring the wine.)
    These postings have been a wonderful anodyne and a welcome relief from the abrasiveness of the "outside" world. For months we've discussed the RL with such specificity, all the while sharing, learning and contributing with patience and respect; Kirstie's whip lay idle. Drivers, take a bow!
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Few people in America have a greater "Loyalty" incentive to buy Audi than the man from Cincinnati.
    How many people do we all know that have purchased 26 cars of any make in a row? I would venture to say that if Acura can sell an RL to this guy it would be worthy of a story in Motor Trend and a free trip to Japan for the dealer rep and Mark and his family.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    I'm thinkling Kirstie's whip may become more like a cattle prod for some of us to join another forum called...  Acura RL: Prices Paid & Buying Experience. :-)
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Acuraphile - FWIW, I think the low cd goal for today's cars has more to do with fuel economy than sprinting.

    Please understand that my previous posts on the subject were not meant as an attack on Mark's perceptions. He is more than welcome to his opinion and I doubt there can be a definitive right and wrong on the issue.

    It's just that I raise an eyebrow whenever I read that someone thinks car A resembles car B. Seldom do I read a post where someone can explain why they see this resemblance. The remarks seem based more on convenience than real similarity (The Accord is a sedan. The RL is a sedan. Both are made by Honda. There must be a similarity.)

    Now, if someone says, the Accord and RL share a raked profile and short decklid. That's all very true. But as you've mentioned that's true for nearly every car on the road. Styling elements like that are not at all distinctive. So why does the RL look like an Accord, but not a TL, or an Impala, or a Mazda 6, or a 5 series, or an E class, or a Malibu, or a Camry, or a Sonata...

    You might as well say, "The RL and Accord are similar because they both have four wheels."

    The other problem I see with comparisons of the sort, is latching onto one similarity and claiming that the cars are twins. The Monte Carlo and new Subaru Legacy sedan both have similar (distinctive) headlights. That does not mean the two cars were separated at birth.

    I think that in order to make a meaningful comparison, you need to find several shapes, lines, or curves which are shared by both vehicles. A meaningful comparison would include 5 or 6 styling elements. And they shouldn't be details that are shared with the entire auto industry.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    When I see RL pictures, I "feel" an accord. When I saw the RL in person at the NY auto show, I saw hints of accordness. When I saw it on the showroom floor, I did not see any accord in it.

    I wonder if your comments hold. Most people "feel" similarities between half brothers & half-sisters, like honda/acura (car-wise), they don't necessarily are able to quantify them.

    For that reason, I thought that broadly speaking the Infinity "M" looked awfully similar to the RL at the NY Autoshow, though the devil was in the details where I personally thought the M looked better.

    Then again, I'm more likely to buy a RL before I even think of a M or a GS. Blame it on personal tastes.

  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    I would be surprised if the majority of our wives didn't think we've gone off the deep end when it comes to our toys - but somehow, some of us, manage to prevail...over and over and over again...I wonder why? (LOL)
  • This is funny, because at our house I am the "car nut" and my husband is always trying to hold me back!!

    My new RL black on black should be in this week or next. I went to two dealers. The second was going to give me $2000 more on my 2000 E320 trade-in and they also gave me the all-weather floormats and the spoiler!

  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    In my case, she is quite accommodating to my whims, be it cars, guitars, electronic gizmos, and the like. It's a form of bribery on my part as I provide what she wants/needs at the drop of a hat.

    Example: three years ago, it was time to replace her '93 Quest with 165K on the clock.

    ME: What do you want?
    HER: A minivan.
    ME: You've had a minivan for 12 years. Don't you want a "regular" car?
    HER: I like the space and roominess. To me, a minivan is a "regular" car.

    So, we went out to get an '01 Odyssey EX. We were lucky to get one in her color choice.

    Other "bribes" include furniture, computers, and home renovations (kitchen, flooring, etc.) in return for my men's toys. I don't think I'll get any flak for the new RL.

    I have an anti-European bias from my previous ownership of one BMW and two Porsches over 14 years. Then, I grew up. Traded the Bimmer for a Legend in 1986 and have always had an Acura in my garage since.

    But, I don't drop in on these other boards to post messages against their marquees.
  • We pulled up to the dealer's in our '96 RL and I said to my wife: "I'm going to take the splash guards, cargo net and, possibly, the back-up sensors."
    She said, "Fine."
    I then said, as we sat in the showroom looking at a TL with chrome wheels: "The RL would look slick with chrome wheels. We've never had chrome wheels, but they're probably about $1,500."
    "So," she said, "I don't need to know ALL of the numbers."
    We've been together forty-seven years, during which time she never raised an eyebrow when I went through three Honda bikes, Tandberg separate components, Inspiron 8600 laptop, Collins radio equipment and, last night, a new Dimension 3000 series Dell, plus countless other toys over the years..
    But, as Prophet stated, there are quid pro quos when, if volunteered, rather than extracted, smooth the waters. I do countless things,, occasional pieces of jewelry, and household chores, never implying that it's HER job because she's a woman. Yup, they're "bribes" of a sort but more like "reciprocities."
  • Audi like most car companies will, from time to time, send owners loyalty coupons good for $ off or in some cases a complete cancel of the remaining lease payments.

    Last time I got 5 months off my lease, for example.

    Sometimes it is an e-mail that says "print this out and it will get you $1,000 off your best deal on a new such and such for the next x days. . . ."

    Several companies do this, and most offer some kind of loyalty bonus "if you ask!"
  • Now there's a suggestion that would seriously get my attention -- a free trip to Japan. As you may know, Audi did send my wife and me to Switzerland as a thank you for so many cars over the years.

    My issue is not a dislike of Audis AT ALL -- it is, in part, especially with respect to the Acura, that they have assembled all the things in one car that, ON PAPER, press my "buy buttons."

    It was relatively easy to buy so many Audis over the years because NO OTHER CAR could touch them since I wanted two main features: AWD and stick shift. Who else offered a wide variety of cars with these attributes? I did not, heretofore, consider Subarus, so essentially they didn't count.

    Dr. Piech (the father of quattro) said, in 1983, that "all cars, eventually, will have AWD drive trains for performance, safety, efficiency and fun." OK, so here we are 20 years later and it is coming to pass (slowly, I'll grant, but accelerating).

    I mean, for example, did you see the new Ford 500 ad on TV? Touting AWD and ripping off the Passat 4motion slip slidin' away ad!?!

    Subaru, Volvo, even the mighty BMW and Mercedes lines are or soon will, across virtually their entire ranges, offer AWD. SH-AWD will, I'll wager soon be available on the Acura TL (and won't that be awesome -- especially if it is with a 300HP V6 powerplant?!)

    My [Audi] loyalty is strong -- but NOW, practically for the first time in 20 years, there are (in my mind) many legitimate choices, where there have been very few until the last couple of years.

    With Acura, Audi, Cadillac, Chrysler, Ford, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes, Saab, Subaru, Volvo, VW and certainly others that I have missed or overlooked for some reason -- now offering competent AWD vehicles (where before there were practically only Audis), perhaps you can understand why it is not that I have fallen out of love with them so much as now I have some choices.

    Furthermore, even though there are now many more choices, something will soon be dead and gone: manual transmissions. Since the A6 for example cannot be had with a stick, comparing the RL to the A6 is now easy (for if the A6 came in stick, I would not even consider the RL or the 300C, for instance).

    This is the "golden age" of car shopping and buying.
  • Does anyone know if there exists such a thing as a Bluetooth adapter for a non-Bluetooth phone (Samsung SCH-i600 in my case) that would work with the RL?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I've never heard of such a device. But to be honest, even if there is one, it would likely be less expensive for you to simply do an upgrade to a Bluetooth phone with whichever cell phone service you're with.

    (Remember when they sold adaptors for 8-track players to play cassettes?)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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    Acura RL
    PLEASE bookmark this discussion now, since this one won't exist after the transfer.

    That way, this conversation can continue just as it is now - the only difference will be a slight URL modification! I've put this note in the discussion header as well, in the hopes of notifying as many members possible.


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  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Well written, Mark.

    For my part, Honda/Acura has left a similar impression on my buying trends. The ownership experience with my first Honda was a radical departure from my prior experience with a Ford, a few Subarus, two Mazdas, and a (terrible) Chevy. I learned that simple things make a difference. Perhaps I wasn't paying enough attention with earlier cars (I'm not old enough to claim decades of experience), but my first Honda really changed what I expect from a car.

    I love not being on a first name basis with a mechanic.

    I appreciate effective engine technology (FWIW, I consider VW/Audi the second most inventive company in this regard.)

    I now consider ergonomics more important than styling.

    I'll take a powerful, clean, and fuel efficient engine over one that provides the same power, yet sacrifices efficiency for more torque.

    The things Honda and Acura ownership has taught me do not exclude other brands. I'd buy a Mazda 3 over a Honda Civic (though maybe not a Civic hybrid). But I look for these "Honda-like" qualities whenever I consider a car.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Acura offered some in recent years although I never actually received any in the mail. Perhaps they were limited to leases. My colleague did apply one when he leased an Integra in 2000.

    He has to contend with his wife who will not consider a Honda - she wants the "A" logo on the hood, not the "H." According to him, it's all my fault. I showed up at his place when I got my new '86 Legend, then later told him about an immaculate Legend w/6300 miles traded in for a Mazda RX-7. I took them down to "just look;" they drove it home a few hours later. It was even in "her" color. Presently, he has an '03 TL-S, she drives an '04 TSX, and the spare car is a '90 Integra.

    The Ford 500 only gets 208 hp from a V-6. No attraction for me despite the $20,000 price advantage.
  • jhk_dbjhk_db Posts: 25
    There are bluetooth headset adaptors for non-bluetooth phones - that may or may not be what you are looking for. Jabra makes one called Jabra Freespeak; I think Motorola makes one as well. On ebay, you can get various versions of the Jabra for $50-$65.
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    How true, my wife and I have been together 28 years and I have followed your course of actions. Actually learned it from my dad. Yes it costs on occasion, like a recent 9 carat tennis bracelet presented on our 25th while flying to England but you hit the nail on the head here. I had no issues when announcing my purchase and a few add-ons too. Take note you young guys - happiness just costs money AND consideration!!!!
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    Motorola makes one for about $30 but I just got a new Erickson for $49 with camera and color screen. It is on the RL recommended list - there is a wide choice. Go for broke get a phone...
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    There you go!
  • Hi to everyone,

    I was struck to see the significant number of new postings that seem to grow with exponential pace! This is rendering quite difficult my choice of which are the most significant to address when they evoke my impulse to reply.....

    So after diligently reading as many of them as I could manage I stopped here (I will thoug meander toward other ones later on). This post has struck me has having the rare quality of being 'inspired' by a genuine gift of linking one's own personal matters/feelings with other held to be sharing similar values.

    If over-interpreting jjacura intentions, I still was pervaded by the impression of dialogueing with a friend baring his toughts to me. And I was struck because for this and other posts I suddenly have realized that something in me has totally appreciated this forum and developed a bond of friendship with many of you.

    So jjacura let me recommend dearly that you go and get yourself that new RL you want and that I am sure you (and your wife) will enjoy immensely. After all, you have taken your responsabilties in becoming the man you wanted to be, the father and the husband that has pitched in and there is nothing wrong in getting yourself a nice present now and then. I totaly agree with that advertising campaign the instructed that 'what is important is not the final destination but how we got there' and I would add 'the state of mind you have enjoyed getting there'. So I would conclude that for many of us putting an RL in our driveways/parking spots etc would be the tonic just to accomplish that and as we boost our enthusiam for life and all it has to offer we can fend off those, sometime enslaving, all so rationale processes by which we deny ourselves essential gratifications.
    In other words life it is too short to pass on occasion such as this, go on get your RL.

    Going to other topics. Can somebody explain me why markcincynnati got picked and put in hot seat? OK he is an Audi enthusiast, so what's wrong with that? I believe he has always posted excellent comments/thoughts and most importantly has reminded us that indeed the new RL is not and will not be the only luxury sedan on the market with excellent pedigree/performance/styleing etc. In fact, we owe him a debt of gratitude if anything. Think to the Acura exec reading throughout these postings and then discussing how much we will have to pay for getting our RL! Well with Mark on board the result has been ~$49,000, without Mark it could have been a couple Ks higher (OK, OK Mark is not the only market force in setting the price but you got my point, he has helped in moderating our 'highs' and directed us to be more realistic).

    OK so my final conclusion is all but that of thanking all of you, the tech gurus, the gentlemen, the admittedly not so young, the green ones etc, I truly enjoyed the ride in your company......and I will buzz in once I get to my next destination ('07 RL?).
    Well may be a little earlier than that.


    P.S. I decided to identify groups rather than individual Posters because this message was already getting a bit too long without writing down 2 more pages of names. You know who I am referring to just the same!
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    How true, how true! Some of you guys need to loosen the purse strings once in awhile.

    My "better half" seemingly has little use for trinkets, I gave her an exquisite sapphire and diamond necklace several years ago. She wore it at a dinner party I hosted a few weeks ago - there were inquiries by several of the other women there. It reflected well on me.

    One of my requirements is that a vehicle look good when driven by the women in the family. I can't say that an Aztek fills the bill, but the RL undoubtedly will ........
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