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Acura RL



  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaPosts: 7,909
    I think the RL has gotten a bad rap primarily from those that lean toward more "performance". I have owned 2 RLs in the past and I would have to say they were two of the best cars I ever owned. Very reliable and drive and handle in normal driving like a dream.

    That sounds like a great deal, and yes, I would spring for the warranty. The way things are in the auto industry today I would try to get them to "throw in" the warranty. Make an offer on that basis and see what happens. Keep us posted.

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

  • I've owned my 05 RL for four years and love it. I would definitely go for the warranty. Even as reliable as my three Acuras have been, there are at least four on-board computers on the 05, and lots of gadgets, all of which will be expensive to repair. For example, on my 99 RL, the auto-dim rearview mirror quit working and the mirror alone, with no labor, was $500. I can't imagine how much one of the computers would cost to repair.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    I have a 2000 RL and purchased the Acura extended warranty which carried me thru 75,000 miles / 7 years. Well worth the money. Parts and labor although not as expensive as the German cars, still costly. I have the vehicle with 87,000. Runs great. No market value, but a good winter driving car. Will drive it until the repairs exceed the value..Remember, their cost for the warranty is minimal compared to what you have to pay.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    We bought a new 08 RL. We got the extended warranty. The original warranty is for 48mo/48miles.

    I have taken the RL back on warranty six times. First three to repair the computer stuff. Then three times later, presets on radio still was going out, ergo, new radio. All obviously covered by warranty.

    After 48 months, if I go back for a problem, what will be the labor rate per hour? I don't know. But I do know here in Disneyland, er, California in East Bay, the rate at my dealer is about $ 120 an hour. The local Lexis dealer rate is $ 200/hour.

    What will it be when your warranty runs out where you live?

    We have five Hondas and three Acuras. One Honda had a window electric switch go out, at 110k miles. I sold it at 151k miles. Wife's Oddessy and our other Hondas no problems of any kind.

    Other two Acuras no problems.

    I think its a difficult decision but we will always have the extended warranty. My wife even got the extended warranty on her new 95 Oddessy where IF we did not drive more than 75k over 5 years, we would get our money back. Dublin Honda paid us our money back. Don't think they do it now, but when she sold it after 10 years she had 74K on car and we spent the $ on our vacation.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I made a mistake in my last post, We have HAD five Hondas, etc...


  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Gentlemen, I recently replaced the original Michelins on my 2005 with an outstanding tire made by Bridgestone called the Turanza Serenity and if you check it out on Tire Rack it far exceeds the OE in every comparison category. I knew I would need new tires before this winter was finished and found out that this particular tire was out of stock on back order nationally. A friend of mine associated with Firestone/Bridgestone in the Midwest ran a check and found a set of 4 in Baltimore (probably the last available set in the country at the time) I have had them on the car for about 3 weeks and can honestly say they have absolutely improved the ride. They are quieter, corner better, brake better, and the traction in snow and rain has improved dramatically. check them out on: They are also priced about $65 per tire less than the OE's. Nationally they are supposed to be back in stock at most major retailers by the end of the month or early January. Have a safe winter everyone and Merry Christmas.
  • msaniomsanio Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Acura RL, it has just over 100,000 miles, it's been an excellent car. Occassionally, when it is cold I get an odd deep noise from the front of the car, the brake pedal also vibrates while I am driving, it also has to be cold outside, less then 50 degrees, any ideas?
  • triplecoretriplecore Posts: 3
    I have read that on the 2006 and up equipped with technology package have a collision warning system that the seat-belts tighten. Does anyone with this feature can verify how this feature works? Or does it beep and flash a light like on the new Volvo S80 when it detects a quick closing rate.

  • triplecoretriplecore Posts: 3
    I am going to a 2005 or perferbly 2006 and up RL. The only thing is I am not sure how to differentiate one with the technology package and one without from pictures. Can someone let me know how to tell?

  • nebraskaguynebraskaguy Posts: 341
    At JJAcura's recommendation, I replaced the tires on my 2005 RL with Bridgestone Turanza Serenity. Immediately afterwards I took a 500-mile drive. They are far quieter than the Michelins that came on my RL. Since most of the trip was freeway driving in good weather, I can't attest to his comments regarding handling, but on most of the surfaces during the trip, the tires were nearly totally silent. A big improvement!
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Cool nebraska guy! Hope you made it OK to your retirement and are enjoying it. I now have 51,000 miles on the 2005. Best investment I ever made in an automobile. One happy note... my A/C compressor died 2 months ago. The warranty expired last November but I was still under 50,000 miles. My dealer went to bat for me with the Acura rep and they covered the replacement (No Charge). A big ticket item. Really glad for the A/C in this unusual 90 degree June weather in Wisconsin. Also makes owning this Acura very enjoyable. You take care. JJ
  • nebraskaguynebraskaguy Posts: 341
    Thanks, JJ. Yes, I'm enjoying retirement and my RL. After putting 21k on my RL in the first 3 1/2 years, I put 24k on it last year in my first nine months of retirement! I'm still thoroughly enjoying it, especially now that I've put the new tires on it that you recommended.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Living in WI with two Acuras, I have a choice of WI or IL dealers. Would like to know which dealer service department went to bat for you with the Acura rep?
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    That would be Acura Brookfield in Wisconsin
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi JJ, nice to see you! :)

    You might consider adding a review of that dealership in our Dealer Ratings & Review feature.

    Hope you are well!
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Thanks for the information. Will consider them in the future for service.
  • On RL you need extended warranty, the parts are EXPENSIVE. I bought additional "pre-certified warranty" from the dealer when my 05 RL was 35000, the warranty runs to 98k / 2011; my AC ring developed a leak and the repair bill (covered) was $900.

    Overall, Acura has been good to me, if the problem they "fixed" showed up again, they would pick up the bill.

    Hourly charge at the dealership is $95 in NJ
  • I have an 05 RL and recently bought a Blackberry Storm. So far, I've been unable to get it paired with my RL. Has anyone been successful with this phone?
  • Hello Everyone,
    My wife and I bought a 2006 RL Certified Pre-Owned on 09/05/2009. 3 hours later while I was waiting to pick up my pizza, the fire and smoke started to come out. We called the fire department and the fire was put out. I don't want this car anymore and had it towed back to the delership where i bought it. What do you guys suggest I do as my next step. Thanks everyone in adavance
  • After much trial and error, I was finally able to pair the phone. No thanks at all to the detailed instructions I downloaded from Acura's site.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Talk about leaving out details! :surprise:

    Were you across the street from the fire department? How did they get there fast enough for you to even have a car worth towing back to the dealership, let alone "not wanting anymore?" I would imagine it would've been burned to a cinder in that amount of time. Something's fishy w/ your story.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    My 08 RL has been very good to us too. At first, I had to have warranty stuff done on the radio, and presets. They finally replaced the whole unit. Other than that I have had no repair issues and it drives very well. My wife was the one that got me to get the extended warranty, but now being retired, and money is not 'flowing' like it was, lttle things like that warrant will let my wife and myself have some assurance of repair and not break the proverbal back of the camel.

    Got 30k on the RL and it is very smooth driving and for us, very comfortable.

    Good luck to all and stay safey.

  • I read an earlier post about the shark fin..i just bought a used 2008 (only 4000 miles), and i don't have the fin..2009 models seem to have it missing?
  • wmjwmj Posts: 6
    Do you have Navi? If so, you wouldn't have one.
  • I'm in a dilemma and need your opinion, particularly from RL owners. I'm comtemplating of buying either a 2005 RL with 65K on it for $18K or a new 2010 Accord V6 for around $27.5K (hence a price difference of 9.5K). The reason I'm buying the RL is for its AWD and of course, the savings. However, what worries me is that it might cost a lot to maintain the RL as it's already passed the warranty.

    Which one do you recommend? 2005 RL or 2010 Accord?
  • The powertrain warranty is for 6 years and 70,000 miles so it still is in effect. I say buy the used Acura and save the $9,000 bucks for the repairs that likely will never come.
  • The 6 year / 70K mile powertrain warranty is on 2006 and newer RLs. The warranty on 2005 was only 4 year / 50K miles.

    There were a few bugs in 05RLs (all of which were addressed with warranty TSBs). It may be better to shop an 06 Rl to avoid these buds, get a vehicle under that longer warranty and still have the option to get an extended warranty by AcuraCare. this is typically offered with a CPO purchase.

    My 06RL has been the best vehicle I have owned. However, with all the expensive electronics and new technology, an extended warranty is still on my agenda.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Totally different type of cars, ride, handling, mileage, etc. The RL will definitely cost more in repairs as I have had experience with both. My 2002 RL was purchased off lease and I secured the Acura Care Warranty prior to the expiration of the factory warranty. Now the warranty is expired and my repairs costs are starting to add up. Has the vehicle been maintained? Replacing tires, brakes, fluids will have to be added to the equation. If the AWD system goes, expensive to repair.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Totally different type of cars, ride, handling, mileage, etc. RL is a luxury car and the Accord is sportier. The RL will definitely cost more in repairs as I have had experience with both. My 2002 RL was purchased off lease and I secured the Acura Care Warranty prior to the expiration of the factory warranty. Now the warranty has expired my repairs costs are starting to add up. Has the vehicle been maintained? Replacing tires, brakes, fluids will have to be added to the equation. If the AWD system goes, expensive to repair. you will have to have the money available to do the necessary repairs if needed.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    If you're willing to spend $27500 on a new Accord but are considering a used RL, why not spend the $27500 on a newer RL w/ fewer miles? That is, of course, assuming you aren't averse to spending that much money on a used car. In the grand scheme, there's a LOT of really nice, new cars you can buy for that much coin. Maybe even have a look at the new Buick Lacrosse among many others.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    2010 Buick LaCrosse is a very nice first class vehicle, longer warranty with the same accessories as on the Accord EX-L V/Nav, your pushing $35,500. It is more in line with the Lexus ES350. Not even sure if they are discounting off the MSRP.
  • i bought a new battery for my rl 3.5 and now the only thing working is the hore or the alarm,i have put the key into the door to disarm the alarm but there is no power to the car the key will only unlock the door, what should i do.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    Take the battery back and get it checked and if it works with them, suggest trying the dealer. Sometime brand new batteries are flat or need acid to get them up to snuff.

  • I'm still contemplating of getting a used Acura RL (2005/2006). For those of you with high mileage (60K and above), what repairs/maintenance have you done so far? I'm a bit worried of the long term reliability of the 2005/2006 Acura RL.
    Please respond. We need to make this forum active :) Thanks.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    I have a 2002 RL with 96,000 miles. My Acura care extended warranty expired 2 years ago. It did help me with replacing the following; 2nd set of rear wheel bearings ($487.00) @58,000 miles. First replaced at 22,000 miles. Also the EVAP system at 65,000 miles for a cost of $650.00 and wheel speed sensors, cost unknown. Now two sensors have to be replaced again and the part alone is over $100.00 plus labor. Replaced rt rear sway bar link @$195.00. The other one may need replacement. Fuel pump relay @$185.00. Now I have an estimate of $1,400.00 for the timing belt/water pump package to be replaced.
    This does not include replacement of Brakes, Rotors, fluid changes, tires and batteries. All parts are expensive and Acura service targets luxury owners. As much as I enjoy the car (poor city gas mileage) based on the market value of the vehicle and possible future repair/ maintenance costs, it may be better to dump and cut my future costs.

    However, I agree we do need to make this forum active again.
  • a acura repairman came and checked it out,i was told that the computer system is not working and will need to be reprogamed.
  • 10sfan, I've added all your expenses since the warranty expiration data and after 60K miles. Excluding the timing belt and tire/brake replacement, your expenses so far between 60K and 96K is around $1200. It's not that really bad!
    Should you decide to keep the car, you'll be spending $1.4K (timing belt) + $2K (brake/tires/battery, for a minimum expense total of $3.4K. If it will last for another 30K miles (up to 130K) then I think the additional cost of keeping is worth it. What do you think?
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    Hewitt, just talked this evening to the service advisor at my Acura dealer. She confirmed what I've read elsewhere: the '05s had a LOT of teething pains. They included various electronic gremlins, A/C compressors that went bad prematurely, and more. By '06, most were fixed.

    You can get an '05 much cheaper, but I just paid extra for an '06 basically for this reason. Just got it, but knock on wood, nothing so far. I did, however, choose it over another '06 whose Carfax showed three telltale dealer visits for "check electrical system." I wasn't buying this car without the CPO warranty. (Worth mentioning: it's been reported that if the car is under 50,000 miles, you can buy the AcuraCare warranty separately from any Acura dealer; it needn't be the selling dealership).
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    I just purchased an Acura Care Warranty on my MDX which was comming off a 4 year lease which had 36000 miles, hence the reason I bought it. Shop it around, I had Acura dealer prices form a high of $2,195 to the purcahse number of $1,300. 3 year 36 month with a $100.00 deductible.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Appreciate your reply. Since I have an MDX with 36,000 and a 3yr 36000 mile warranty, we most likely will use that vehicle more as my wife does not drive it much. The RL is worth $10,000 -12,000 (@ auction) now, however a private sale would most likely have to include the new timing belt, tires, trans and radiator fluid flush, as it is 7 years old. It's a numbers game now with the unknown cost of any serious mechanical problems. Will have to decide soon...
  • Keep us posted!
  • hewittphewittp Posts: 14
    So quiet in here!
  • Hi Pat!

    Hs anyone ventured an opinion re the 2011 Rls that will debut this year? Will the smile be wiped off its face? The design studio may come to its senses and provide a more 'serious' grille.


  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    You can get the Japanese-market Honda Legend grille right now, provided you don't mind having the Honda H in the middle instead of the rather similar Acura A. (The RL is sold in Japan as the Honda Legend.) It looks much, much better than the U.S. snaggletooth.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi, does anyone know anything about the 2011 RL that is to debut here in the US later this fall? I've been told by others that Acura is NOT going to be putting in a RWD/V8 platform on the RL now? can anyone confirm this for me, because I thought Acura was still going ahead with it!
  • bufsol50bufsol50 Posts: 1
    Just turned in my leased 06 RL and picked up my new 2010 RL ...... got tired of waiting for Acura to make up their minds about powertrain specs ...... my decision was also prompted by info that I got from Car & Driver ....... supposedly Acura was very serious about V8/RWD pkg until the economy tanked and they got real cold feet about introducing a 70k high tech / high performance sedan in a down economy. I fully feel that the vehicle could successfully compete in that market segment but I wouldn't commit to that kind of money to be the first kid on the block to have one .... I always said that I'd much rather spend 5-7 k more for an S-spec RL (think M-5, AMG E-Class, S-spec Audi, etc.) I've owned / leased 96,00,04,06,and now 2010 RL's and have loved every one of them ....... and apart from a warped rotor issue on the 06, we've never had a problem with any one of them. I wanted an all weather capable sedan that my wife would feel safe driving when I was gone ....... she spun her BMW on some black ice and swore the Bimmer saved her live .... I told her not to get it twisted .... God wasn't ready for her yet ..... but we started buying Acura's and never looked back ....... We've owned em' all ..... high line German, American, Swiss, and even owned a Peugot 505-S, and I tell all of my Lexus LS, Infiniti M, buddies ........ for value, handling, and grin thrills per dollar ...... nothing beats an RL ..... in the meantime, I love my new RL just like I loved all of my other RL's .......especially when the weather goes south on you . :)
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    edited March 2010
    you know, I can understand them holding off with the reintroduction of the NSX because that obviously would be a extremely expensive sports car but I don't know how much longer they can wait for a RWD/V8 platform! they really need to add one to the RL so that it can compete completely with its other American, Japanese, and German competition!

    the V6 RL should slate in price between 42-50k with the V8/RWD option slating somewhere between 52-62k! a V8 RL should not be priced at 70k, that should be for a new model above the RL; what Acura will eventually need to do, and Infiniti too, is they are going to have to introduce a model above of the RL, and the M37/M56 in Infiniti's case, that can compete with the LS, A8, 7-series, and S-Class; that way the RL with a V6 or V8 option would compete with the M, GS, 5-series, E-class, and A6!!

    eventually, they'll need to bring back the NSX, which I am so looking forward to, and possibly 1 other sport/convertible coupe type, maybe a restyled/redone version of the CL because most of the competition has at least 2 different sport coupe models!!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi all, I am not sure if this was the specific discussion to post this in so I thought why the heck not and see what a bunch of you guys think! I have a 08 TL, actually my second, after a 06 TL I had and there has been a lot of BS spread on a couple of luxury forums on here, namely the one that questions Hyundai ever becoming a luxury brand on the auto news tab, that Acura isn't really considered a luxury make like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, and Infiniti are?

    I have currently both luxury and mainstream cars and I can say with 100% certainty that Acura is just as luxurious as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc! and this is based off not only my experience with the cars but with the dealership, service department, and corporate in regards to customer service etc!

    I have been having to constantly defend all our honors because I personally feel this argument is ludicrous, and while Acura certainly doesn't have a luxury sport enthusiast background (ie the lack of a V8 with RWD model) that doesn't mean that they are not any less luxurious then the other 5 in all sense of the word "luxury"

    I've argued that except for sport performance/super crisp handling, Acura provides all the necessary characteristics of a luxury brand, such as high quality, proven reliability, above and beyond dealership/service experience, loaner cars, high reliability, great technology, and luxury creature comfort! all of which make it a luxury brand

    I'm sick of people trashing Acura like they are rebadged Honda's while I have test driven Honda's back to back with Acura's I can assure you they are not simply rebadged Honda's!!

    I wanted to get all you Acura owner and leasee thoughts on this subject and suggest you visit the luxury boards on edmunds and defend Acura's luxury status with a passion and tell all the rest of the luxury car owning community, especially the sport enthusiast community WHY AND WHAT makes Acura a luxury line!!

    I personally and tired of hearing from the BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus people that Acura is a "wannabe" or "pretend" luxury brand - their is more to luxury then V8/RWD don't you think???

    Look forward to hearing your posts!!!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news everyone, but Acura announced today that they are going to be getting rid of the RL due to years of stagnate and poor sales so for all you with RL's, savior them and enjoy them because it will never come again! ally-discontinue/
  • ed307ed307 Posts: 1
    The site for which smarty666 provided a link now carries an update saying:
    "UPDATE: Acura has released a statement saying that RL will continue to be the brand's flagship model and it's in no danger of being euthanized." As the satisfied owner of 2008 RL, I'm pleased to hear that, though for all practical purposes Acura been doing no marketing of the RL at all in the last few years.
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