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Acura RL



  • >>Does anyone know the price of the extended warranty? Either the 7/75 or the 7/100?

    The price for the 7/75 was $12xx and the price for the 7/100 was $15xx. Not sure the exact dollars but those prices are within about $50.
  • In my experience -- at the tender young age of 53 -- most sales representatives do keep their promises and most, even when they don't, did not intend to break them. I know there used to be some jokes asking the question "how can you tell a FILL IN THE BLANK (lawyer, politician, sales rep, etc) is lying?" -- of course the answer is "when their lips are moving."

    I do not sell cars for a living, I employ two sales people (they do not sell cars either) -- but my most truthful answer to the question "when was the last time a salesrep [sic] kept his/her promise?" was the last time I spoke with one.

    The rep sees a car come in, sees the sticker and sees the "accessories" without notation that they are accessories. The dealer or the manufacturer perhaps did not fully explain the situation to the actual rep and he/she probably figured "this is the way they come."

    I can think of no reason that the rep would deliberately want to set expectations incorrectly -- I suspect it was a mistake.

    Like I keep reading here and all over edmunds, we "customers" seem -- often -- to know more about the products than those who represent them.

    I don't know whom to fault -- so I will fall back on the "marketing department" of the car companies themselves. My Acura dealer owns an Audi dealer (and some others, too) and it seems that these two dealerships quite regularly have product education; for instance, there were at least two days worth of training on the new A6 -- my long time rep said his last four hours was to explore the nuances of the voice activiation and smart key features (of the Audi, in this example).

    My Acura sales rep seems to know EVERYTHING there is to know about Acura's AND Volvos? As far as I know, this dealership has no Volvo affiliation, but this guy thinks that his A#1 competition for Acura is Volvo (I, for one, think the Acura and the Audi are the real rivals).

    During the past three years of a soft economy I have come to believe more and more than the sales reps (in whatever industry) are the key to moving the economy forward, for "nothing happens, nothing is made, there is no commerce until something is sold!")

    My request, then, is to stop picking on those guys who help me meet my paycheck, and, I suspect, yours.

    On the pure Acura subject, what exactly is the issue with the "engine" sound in the new RL (or noise as I think I saw it called)?
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    Also did the passenger side try out and found it ok, was concerned about my wife who just broke her leg - it will work out. Ordered my Red on last week from stock coming into dealer but not here till 3rd of Nov... Ugh....
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    We don't get to even preview an RL until Nov.1. And that's by invitation only.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    >The price for the 7/75 was $12xx and the price for the 7/100 was $15xx. Not sure the exact dollars but those prices are within about $50.<

    Those prices are subject to haggling -- I mean, negotiation.
  • akuo1akuo1 Posts: 5
    For about the same money $49K, you can get the M45 with journey option or A6 3.2 with more options. Depend on what you really want and whether having all the goodies in RL is important for you. For now and for me, the M45 seems attractive if I can let go the add-ons. Will test the A6 when it's available.

    BTW, the sales hype for RL is there but not as crazy as the MDX 4 years ago. When we got our MDX (the first shipment), we were forced to buy accessaries plus the markup.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    To get as much stuff as RL in an Audi A6/3.2 (I just built it), you pay $51K.
  • Audi will likely negotiate vs no negotiations for the RL.....resulting in the same price. IMHO. I believe the fit and finish in the A6 will be equal if not better than the RL. As for reliability, the A6 is questionable...hit or miss.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Any vehicle that has harder time moving off the lot will be easier to negotiate versus one that is not. If MSRP holds up for RL in the longer term, it would be a win-win situation for Acura.
  • I've felt that if you do not absolutely have to have the car, you should wait after the car to cool off and get it below MSRP.

    Like to know from those who bought, say the MDX when it first came out, if it was worth the price paid. I believe you could get some good discounts now for the MDX.

    One needs to have patience when buying a hot new car. Treating it like any investment, do not buy high and sell low. At $ is an investment.
  • I agree with the statements about the discounting by Audi and all the rest -- the Audi will, however, come with all maintenance "built in" -- in essence the Audi has no aftermarket service costs for 50K miles other than perhaps a set of tires.

    This does not suggest the Audi will have better reliability. However, let us hope that the new A6 will be "the best" Audi in this regard ever.

    My Acura dealer has no RL's that can be test driven yet and the Audi dealer (owner by the same group) only has the A6 4.2.

    For once, my lease is working for me, rather than against me.

    So, of the cars I want to apples to apples (well, sort of) compare, I can drive NOT ONE of them.

    Waiting for the A6 3.2, the RL and the 300C AWD (and heck, by the time all these things settle down, I'll even look at the S-Line A4 3.2).

    'Tis a wonderful time to be shopping for cars, it is!
  • akuo1akuo1 Posts: 5
    As for MDX, even now we feel it was well worth the price when comparing to today's similar SUVs. We had to buy at that time anyway.

    In considering RL/A6/M/GS/5/E..., we do have the advantage to wait, so let's see how the market develops for each model.
  • If the RL and A6 may both be described as being superbly "fit and finished," it will be hard to crown a winner. Preference, then, will be based upon neither fit nor finish but upon the "thumpety-thump" factor! Which car hit the retina and remained there longer than eight seconds!
    I'm pushing eighty and am about to take delivery of my third Legend/RL, the three of which were preceded by three Accords (and three Honda bikes). My Lakeshore Silver should be in by mid November.
    I, too, had the impression that the demo RL didn't come off the line as crisply as I had hoped, but it may have been my flawed expectation of what 300 horses would do when I stepped down. I found the RL to be husky looking and executed beyond criticism. The specs of both the trunk and rear leg room are academic. I will admit, however, that you younger fellers will apply more stringent standards than I when evaluating the RL.

    Just a postscript: The love of women and the love of cars aren't dampened by age. I still subscribe to four car mags and bemoan my idle tool box, laden with timing lights and dwell meters, now put out to pasture.

    Too bad that the Bluetooth phones aren't enabled.
    I'll simply transfer my hard-wired Verizon Motorola cell phone to the new RL.

    Thank you all for the stimulating postings.
    Drive safe(ly)!

    George, a/k/a Acuraphile
  • Great post George! Likewise I had a toolbox full of dwell meters and timing lights and I sold them on all eBay.

    Keep us informed on the new RL. I've driven one and really like it, but as I've stated previously I wish it was just a little larger. Hey nothing is perfect.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Yeah George (Acuraphile) To me...dwell meters and timing lights today sound like Al McGuire's "Seashells and Balloons" because that's the time frame (1977) I crawled out from under my '75 Olds Cutlass with grease on my nose and skinned knuckles for the last time. Thank God for sophisticated computer chips and 100,000 miles between have a championship car in that new RL!
    Surrfurtom...What cars are you looking at for more room?
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    Would be delighted to help you out but my Redondo Red with Parchment will not arrive till 3rd week of Nov. I will joining the sedan board when I get it and have a few trips planned so Hopefully I can add some value to that board. Also I will be doing the bluetooth and onstar phones so I shold have a lot of experiences to speak about. If you want further contact outside of the board you may e-mail me at
  • bparrbparr Posts: 2
    Enjoyed reading your notes, sounds like you enjoy cars the way they're meant to be.

    I've bought an RL to be delivered in a few weeks. Traded in a BMW 530i which is a beautiful car, hoping I won't miss my manual transmission. Was literally blown away by the test drives I've taken. The 530i has a great combination of ride and handling, I truly did not expect to match it.

    Wrong. The RL has a well damped ride that's a pleasure, and at the same time it can turn into a tiger tracking bends and corners. You're right, it doesn't seem so fast off the line, but it may be deceptive, it never seems to strain. Won't know till it's mine and broken in but will let you know.

    The paddles for gear changing are prompt and it's easy to downshift before a corner, something few automatics do well.

    In the meantime I can hardly wait

    Bob alias a car fanatic
  • Robert, everything I read says the RL will be priced under $50K in the US market. Canadians like me have more reason to hold off as the price North of the border is slated to be almost Cdn $70,000, a premium of $10,000 at current rates of exchange!
  • gijoe2gijoe2 Posts: 6
    but I bought the A6. I think the RL is priced aggressively, obviously wants to compete with the midsized german cars. I liked the RL a lot for all the reasons above, but the looks, handling, hushed ride, and superior interior finish on the A6 pushed me that direction. Since it is the same amount of money, be sure you check out the competition before you buy. Now I hope the A6 will be as reliable. That's where Lexus and Acura have the edge.
  • liyliy Posts: 47
    And, if the 3.2, were you able to drive it before you bought it?

  • An Audi with better handling/fit and finish than a top Acura? That's got to be a first!

  • Drove 2005 RL today - NW suburbs of Chicago. They have them, 50K and it's yours.
    Have couple questions:
    What is 0 to 60 number?
    Second it's missing autodimming mirrors and 'cool ventilated seats' . Will it be available in near future?
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    You can price out the A6 at now. A similarly equipped A6 3.2 is about the same price as the RL. Of course, you don't get "SH", but the A6 also has a few knick-knacks that the RL doesn't. Twelve-way power passenger seat for one.

    Anyway, looks like $50,000 is the sweet spot for fully-loaded V6 vehicles in this class (RL, STS, A6 so far), except the 530i ($55,000 and no AWD) and the E320 AWD ($59,000), which always carry a premium.

    I expect similarly loaded M35's and GS300's to run about $50,000 as well.
  • 9482494824 Posts: 8
    Is there a performsnce advantage to the 18" wheels? If so, what is it? Also, has anyone seen the RL in the celestial silver? How does it look?I have seen the white with parchment, and black with ebony, and both were attractive.

  • Drove 2005 RL today - NW suburbs of Chicago. They have them, 50K and it's yours.
    Have couple questions:
    What is 0 to 60 number?
    Second it's missing autodimming mirrors and 'cool ventilated seats' . Will it be available in near future?
  • sacguysacguy Posts: 27
    I was only looking at the RL until I saw posts like yours, then decided to check out the Audi.
    (never considered an Audi before, I own a 2002 BMW 530i, but do not really care for the new 2005 BMW 5 series). I Have not driven or seen either RL or A6 live,in person......but am now split but leaning towards the Audi because of its great exterior looks, the interior in the photos looks a little dated compared to the RL, what is your impression of both in person and how different is the ride, quietness and handling?? I too am a little worried about the reliability of the Audi, but I noticed it has free scheduled maintenance. Also, what options did you purchase and did you test both the 3.2 V6 and the V8 Audi?
  • bparrbparr Posts: 2
    Haven't driven the Audi....but one thing is for sure. Acura has always had a sterling reputation for reliability and Audi hasn't. Just check the consumer reports.

    Quiet...nothing will beat the RL because it has noise cancelling built into the audio system. You can talk in a normal voice at 90 mph with a passenger.

    The ride is great, well damped, not too hard or too soft. Totally comfortable, but at the same time the performance is REALLY there.

    And last but not least, there's so much built into this car you'll have to read the manual a few times to realize it. Example, the rear head rests retract to give better rear vision. A sunshade on the rear window. The total is really surprising. And here in Canada it also has free scheduled maintenance.

    I find it hard to believe that anyone wouldn't lust after the RL once driving it...but that's what makes the world go round, different tastes.
  • rqcrqc Posts: 95
    I'm surprised no one is comparing the RL to the Volvo S60R. The Volvo has 300 HP. slightly more torque (295 ft/lbs), 0-60 in 5.5 sec. (manual), 6.5 sec (auto), advanced AWD + continuously active chassis, Brembo brakes, 6 speed manual or 5 speed manumatic, three instantly changeable suspension settings, 325 watt Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound, 18" wheels, fantastic sport seats, split folding rear seat, 14 cu. ft., $37K-45K.

    The RL has a few features that the Volvo doesn't (like BlueTooth), so personal preferences may influence you there. Anyway, I thought I'd mention it because many would consider it quite a bargain in sport/luxury sedans. And there's a wagon version also, but I doubt anyone here is looking for a wagon.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    TL/SH-AWD, whenever that happens, should compete with S60R. RL isn't designed to be a "sport seda" (although it probably has the abilities without resorting to stiff springs and low profile rubber.
  • kfhmailkfhmail Posts: 199
    I saw my first 05 RL on Friday at the local Huntsville Alabama Acura Dealership (Damson Acura). The RL is a great looking car. They only had one left from their initial shipment; it was White and it really looked sharp.

    Interested in seeing some of the other colors but I think the White exterior with the Ebony interior will be fantastic.

    Based on the discussion board, I am disappointed that the seats are not cooled in the U.S.

    I think ACURA may have a winner!!!
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