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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • Spider,
    Yes, I know what you mean: little info about Designo anywhere except the brochures. Dealers here have not seen one. I was intrigued by the paint colors in the brochures- looks different, and I rather liked the color, but again, choked on the $6 grand. I don't think there is any way you would get that money back in resale. Maybe in Beverly Hills or Costa Mesa or some other Rock Star Haven... It is pretty, though, isn't it?
  • ESF:
    Absolutely try the E320 CDI!! Better mileage, still quiet, nice ride and a LOT MORE TORQUE!! Really fun to drive. These diesels don't puff black smoke, don't smell, and are smooth to drive with amazing "get up and go". I think it is the best of both worlds...

    I used to drive an Audi A6. Nice car, but the E320 is better. I do not see any advantage to the E350 over the CDI unless you are afraid of diesel. This is a woman's perspective, however... :)
  • There hasn't been a post for 12 days on this topic. Is the E no longer loved? My dealer says my E just left the factory and now they need to find a "vessel". I guess the Queen Mary was not available ;) He didn't give me an ETA. I hope 3 weeks isn't too agressive.
  • I am looking at buying a used e500 4matic with navigation. My question is does the navigation have the regional DVD or the entire USA DVD? I have heard that Mercedes Nav use to do only regional but now they have the entire USA. What year did this practice start? Plus, if you get the new DVD does that mean the older Nav will work with the entire USA or not?

    Plus, is $41k a good price for a this car with 43k miles?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Has anyone had the MHI kit added by the dealer? I have many questions and hope to know more before I get taken when I ask the dealer.

    What should I expect to pay for the MHI kit not including the cradle/phone?

    Has anyone used the new MB Bluetooth cradle/adaptor?

    For E-Class 2006, does MHI include voice dialing? Does this voice command also control some none phone features?

    Is the voice quality outstanding? I don't want my callers to have trouble understanding me. And I need very clear sound since I have trouble hearing to begin with.

    On the MB website, it shows dealer add on at $995, but factory price of $1500. Seems like it should be the other way around. I think both prices were w/o phone.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    I mentioned this in another site. Maybe this is a better place.......

    If I purchase one that has more than 50K, am I going to have all kinds of electrical and electronic glitch problems, or by 50K, they should have ironed out all the issues under warranty? Is the brake by wire troublesome?

    I am also considering a 02-03 Lexus GS300. I know Lexus is reliable, but is not as good looking as the 03 E320. We had a RX300 that gave us no problem. I also have a 96 Camry XLE V-6. In 10 years, I have been to Toyota dealer once for replacing the timing belt. I like the look of the 03 E320. It has the most attractive look and lines of any sedan out there. I just don't want to spend repair$.

  • Has anyone compared the Audi A6 3.2 and E 350 2006 models? I am planning to buy one of these cars, so would like to hear about the experiences.

  • picard12picard12 Posts: 55
    why does MB has such poor reliabilty? I read so many bad reviews of MB regardless of any models. Has MB cram too much electronics into the car that they aren't able to test those gadgets properly? Has MB top engineers retired a decade ago causing a huge brain drain in MB R&D dept?
  • billodbillod Posts: 31
    Before I chose my 2005 E320 4-Matic, I looked at the A6 and M35x. The MMI on the A6 is (IMHO) a real PITA. The M35x was a nice car but it was way too loud. The engine noise was too loud for my taste. I have not regretted the E320 at all. It hugs the road, is quiet and gets decent mileage, 18-21 around town, and 25-27 hwy. Not bad at all. I also use mid-grade gas most of the time. Once a month it gets a drink of the high test. Get the MB you won't be unhappy. Good luck.
  • blissfulblissful Posts: 79
    I could be wrong, but I think there was a factory recall on the electronic braking problem in this car. Check with the dealer locally and ask them.
  • blissfulblissful Posts: 79
    I sold my 2000 A6 and purchased an 06 320 CDI. Best decision ever! There are a few things in the A6 that I miss: slightly better rear leg room (but smaller rear cargo area tradeoff); Hmmm... can't really think of anything else!! Quattro was good, not avail in the cdi though.

    Fuel economy in the diesel is superb, way better than any of the others you mentioned, quiet still (new diesels really aren't smelly and noisy like those of yesteryear) and it has a TON more pickup (torque) than the Audi. The ride is much more smooth, yet still feels like you are driving the car.

    I originally started looking at the E350 and E500 wagons. The CDI won my heart and I have been happy. Best car ever!
  • tiltuptiltup Posts: 2
    I had to sign up for this just to let anyone know what a piece of junk my A6 is. I have a 2001 A6 4.2 and it is the worst car I have ever owned. The transmission dropped yesterday and after 42 days in the shop over 18 months I bought an E500 today. I don't know what is ahead for me with the E500 but it can't be any worse than the A6. I had a 2006 A6 4.2 with the S package at the dealership was going to get until the transmission went. I will never touch another Audi again.

    Good luck!
  • cse430cse430 Posts: 2
    I am in negotiation on a 2000 E430 4 matic sedan - 80k miles - one owner - I am seeking owner opinion on reliability - gas mileage -they are asking 12,900 want to move the car quickly - I am leaving a volvo s70, 99 basically problem free - until now 140k miles.
    I do mostly highway driving -
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    cse430, I might be a little late in coming to this forum but I have a 2000 E430, RWD, with 32,000 miles. I've had the car since new and it has been wonderful. Common to Mercedes is that you will probably have to replace the rear window regulators. I did have to have my sunvisors replaced under warranty because the lids on the vanity mirrors broke off (twice) and I don't even use them much. Other than that, it has been smooth sailing. Keep in mind that the tires on the E430's last only about 20,000 miles. Since I don't drive mine very much, it's not an issue.

    I think the E-class cars that are model year 2002 and earlier will be cheaper to run and more reliable. But, that's just my opinion.

    Mark :)
  • I have a 2000 E 320, 126k miles. Recently had a low oil light and added 2 quarts of synthetic oil. In doing so, the FSS (service B) indicator went from about 4,800 to 6,200. Is that normal? Should I follow that? thanks.
  • That seems like a decent price to me if it's in good shape. I have a 2000 E 320 with 126k miles. The reliability has been decent at least. It is expensive to service and I have had some things I had to pay for such as window regulators, replacing headlight assembly (not cheap), and part of the display (temp and time) went out long ago but I have not spent the $800 to fix. But for the last 30-40k miles basically no problems whatsoever, and I love only having to replace the oil every 13k miles. I noticed in a recent pub that the new Es have the worst reliability rating given so assume quality has gone down (I think that's well chronicled). good luck
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Yes it is normal for FSS to reset higher after an oil change.

    Just had a rear regulator replaced on 2001 E320---under Starmark warranty. Dealer said that windows should be lowered often to reduce this problem. This is my first one in almost 5 years.
  • Hi - I wonder if anyone can give me some guidance on my problem

    May 2005: The Odometer Clock suddenly turned back to 0000 (on my Mercedes Benz E200 Classic 1996) – Mercedes dealerships were contacted who had not heard of this problem and said it was not in their power to revert it back to its proper mileage.

    July 2005: The doors start locking by themselves and will not open with automatic door opener.

    In the mornings when I would try and start my car the battery would be totally dead.

    I brought it to my local trusted garage owner (who has a very large business and is a good friend). He checks the car out and says that he cannot find a problem but, from the car repeatedly locking itself the motor that controls the doors has burnt out and has to be replaced. As he could not find out what was causing the problem himself he brought my car to two Mercedes Dealerships.

    The first Mercedes Dealership had my car for two weeks and did every test, but could find nothing wrong. The second Mercedes dealership had my car for several days and they neither could find any problem. My car was returned to me after a month and a series of large bills that needed to be paid.

    The problem seemed to have subsided on the cars return – however, a month later it was back with a vengeance.

    This time I took my car to a dealership whom I originally had bought the vehicle from. They too could not find anything wrong and decided to take out the alarm system, as they thought this being connected to the automatic doors might be the problem. With no alarm and three weeks later (and another huge bill for services), my car was returned.

    Alas, after three weeks the problem has returned again. My Car is locking itself whilst I’m driving, stationary - ALL THE TIME.

    EVERYONE IS BAFFLED. No-one knows what the problem is.

    I take really good care of my car – it is kept in my garage and not used for long distance travel and huge mileage as I am a mother of three small children and do not travel thousands of miles per week.

    My real and very logical concern (which I have nightmares about) is that the car will lock whilst my two youngest babies are inside and I’ve left the keys in the ignition while picking something up or unloading the babies’ strollers. The car has locked several times like this already but thankfully on those occasions there was always an older person in the car who knew how to open the door from the inside.

    I went out to my car this morning and the doors were locked and wouldn't open with the automatic opener - I opened them manually, strapped the kids in and tried to start the car - it was as dead as a dodo HELP!

    Anyone know whats going on ?


  • sailsail Posts: 17
    Just a long shot. My MB had a problem with the trunk lock and would allow the battery to drain down. It appears as if a solenoid? or something will remain in contact and cause the battery to drain and perhaps lock the doors. Good luck with any fix.
  • berndbberndb Posts: 2
    Hi- I have a 1994 E 320 with 170K miles that needs a head gasket. I can't seem to find some basic information I need to do the job. Can anybody help?
    Q1 Headbolts, do they need to be replaced? What are the torq specs?
    Q2 Cam timing, I marked the cams @ tdc #1 cyl, and there is a small hole on each cam that intersects the casting. I see that the variable cam timing device is normally retarded at idle. Any other things I should know?
    Q3 The 104 engine seems to suffer from this problem, any thoughts on using a sealer on the gasket?
    Any advice is appreciated, Thanx!
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