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Buick Regal



  • There is nothing in the service manual that indicates you need to "rotate" the engine to change plugs. While I have not changed them in my Regal, I have changed several sets in Reattas (same engine,slightly different engine compartment)

    They probably can be changed from the top side, but I find it much easier to change from below.
    Jack up the front of the car, put your jack stands on the engine sub-frame and crawl under, they are almost staring you in the face. While this is a little more work than changing from the top... it's a lot easier than trying to rotate the engine. Mr Coalcracker must have other serious problems if his engine rotates after disconnecting the air cleaner. Better check the motor mounts.

    Besides you only need to do it every 100k miles.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I hope this is just the ignition switch.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    If you are doing most of repairs youself, there is indeed absolutely no sense buying the extended warranty.
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    What part of the midwest? Here in northern Illinois they are saying 8-12"+ tomorrow with 40mph winds and -40 windchills! I'm almost kind of glad my car's in the shop!
  • Our 90 Regal GS had the 3.1 engine and I got lazy and had the dealer change the sparkplugs and it cost $75.00 in 1994.They had to roll the motor forward to do it.It had a miss on the way home so called them and took it back the next day.They hadnt gapped one of the plugs correctly and had to roll the motor and pull every sparkplug out again.Correct spark plug gap on these engines is critical.When we got our 91 Regal Limited several years ago I got a Haynes Manual and it said you didnt have to roll the motor on it.So I bought a set of sparkplugs and did it myself.It was a tight fit against the firewall but got the job done in a little over one hour.The hardest thing was pulling the sparkplug wires loose.Had a few scrapes on my hand but was well worth the money saved.The car ran great when I started it back up.I do all the work I can myself.A good repair manual is well worth the money.In one long afternoon on our 91 Limited I changed sparkplugs,the motor oil and filter,fuel filter,air filter,changed tranny oil and filter,and put on a new serpentine drive belt,plus checked the brakes.I was going to change the radiator hoses but they looked great so the new ones are still laying in the trunk just in case.Any time we buy a used car with over 50,000 miles I always do all this.A dealer would charge you a fortune to do this stuff.They want $74.95 just to service the tranny here.Our 91 Limited may be for sale at 122,000 miles even though I wouldnt hesitate to fill it with gas and go anywhere in the U.S.We live in Missouri.Yesterday we found a 2000 Regal LS that caught my wifes eye.Its loaded,has 18,000 miles, has leather,fancy wheels,and is over $3,000 under book.More later.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Sorry to hear about your Regal not starting. I'd say something in the ignition switch is bad. Don't feel too bad. I've seen brand new cars costing twice what a Regal cost not start because of something minor. I'm sure they will have you back in business in a day or so.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Of the upcoming 5.7L V-8 powered Impala SS....Smokin'!!
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    You da man!!
    Where did you find that link? Man I hope they make it so all the auto mags will stop whining about the lack of V8 in the Impala (even though the 3800 is very powerful).

    etharmon- Thanks. Unfortunately the dealership was closed today due to a huge blizzard which paralyzed the city. Even snow plows quit for awhile it was so bad. We have about 12 inches with drifts over five feet out in rural areas.
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    Got the GS back today. The ignition cylinder went bad. The part cost $50 and towing cost $40, the labor etc was almost $200. Ridiculous.
  • I recently contacted Borla about the exhaust they built for the Buick Regal at the SEMA show.
    They actually built two, one had dummy exhaust coming out the front fenders.

    Bottom line... they were one-off systems, but if there is enough interest they will consider building a cat-back system for the Regal. I am guessing the price would be $500-$600 but it is stainless and could be transferred to a newer Regal if you traded.

    Give me some feedback on your interest.
    How about sending me a note at if you or anyone you know with a Regal would be interested. I will try to twist their arm to produce one for our cars.
  • peufanpeufan Posts: 53
    The Intriguers are killing off Buick next.

    Time will tell.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    peufan - Olds is being killed because it MAKES NO MONEY.
    I believe Buick, with its superior cars, MAKES MONEY.
    At least, we hope so.
  • Well, IMHO...(by the way sorry to hear about the baby 96GS)....TO JPSTAX IMHO this example is a plus for an extended warranty. I do not have yet on my 00 GS but will, it pays for itself. It is almost impossible to do any repairs to cars these days unless routine. $970 is the cost of my 5 yr/60 K with a $100 deductible. On my 94 GTP two visits post warranty at about 40 K and it paid for itself. Extended Warranty is good if you will keep the car for over 36 mo or 36K. Ignition switch alone was $200 labor, imagine what other items cost. The 3800 is bulletproof but knowing how GM altenators are (ha ha) useless. You will be out $300+ one altenator repair beyond 36K, plus heaven forbid the supercharger does something that is $2700 alone.
  • peufanpeufan Posts: 53
    Plus, Buick will now remain as the
    "near luxury" division with lots of room to
    go after whatever gap Olds will leave.

    In my perception, Olds, despite their attempt
    to establish themselves as an Import fighter
    seemed a duplication of Buick.

    The way I see things:

    Caddy - Lux

    Buick - Near Lux/performance

    Pontiac - Young, impulsive performance

    Chevy - American Pie, can't afford a Buick or
    didn't want the image

    Saturn - Patriotic, didn't want a Corolla

    GMC - My truck is more serious than the Chevy truck.

    GM could save even more cash by junking
    Chevy Trucks, keeping GMC and combining
    Pontiac & Chevy for more of a full range;
    sporty performance all the way into american
    pie family fare.

    Well; that oughta make some people mad
    (not meant to though).
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    pacinpelo- Ya I really wish I had bought the extended warranty now. Makes me kind of nervous that something so minor cost so much.

    I hate to see Olds go but the weak die and the strong go on.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I don't want to start a war and I'll admit, I like Buicks too, but the decision GM made today to drop Olds should scare Buick fans as well. GM HAS MADE IT CLEAR, THEY ARE CUTTING ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T MAKE A PROFIT FOR THEM AND THIS INCLUDES VALUABLE BRANDS WHICH HAVE EXCELLENT POTENTIAL IN THE LONG RUN. Call it looking out for short term interests. Someone said that GM would not cut Buick because Buick makes them a profit, that may be so now but Buicks profits are declining year by year. The Park Avenue only sells about 1/2 as well as it did just 3 years ago and Regal sales are flat. The LeSabre and Century are what keeps Buick alive and the customers of these cars are aging every year. Again, I like Buicks, but the censensus among alot of younger people is that Buicks are not "hip." Oldsmobile has a better image among most younger buyers and it seems GM still didn't care. Mark my words, if the new SUV isn't a major hit, and especially if LeSabre sales start to slide, Buick will be the next to go. Now, if GM is smart, they will give the Bravada and Aurora to Buick. The Bravada can give them another SUV and the Aurora can replace the aging Park Avenue. Buick better start looking at ways to increase their sales and lower their buyer age.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Of course, Buicks have an "old guy" image - that's been true since at least 40+ years ago. Although today's Buick mbuyers may be aging, the number of old guys is increasing. But many of them don't think old. That's a problem for the future.

    So, what do we have now? [These are the findings of my low-priced "focus group of one-namely, me].
    We have LeSabre, which outsells all the others in its group put together [which includes Crown Vicky and Marquis].
    We have Century, a good-selling Camry fighter [which could use some of the Camry's build quality].
    We have Park Avenue, a true "Baby Caddy", well worth the money that beats any Olds design by many miles [except, maybe, looks vs Aurora].
    And, we have Regal, a brilliant design combining baby Caddy content, Century compactness, Park Avenue power and low-key looks. Plus BMW-beating performance [in a straight line]. Plus it's cheap for what you get. Does the old guy image of the name, "Buick" keep GM from selling 100,000 of these every year? Maybe.
    And don't put much faith in the new SUV. It's based on the Pontiac Aztek platform at a time when SUV's are a glut on the market.
    What we need is good management, something GM hasn't had for at least 35 years. Olds simply had the worst of the managers.
    Judging by build quality, I think Buick has some of the better ones. [Many fingers crossed].
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    If GM scrapped the Chevy truck and went with the GMC, Ford truck sales would double overnight. As the Chevy truck outsells GMC Sierra 3 to 1. And most of the 'rado ownerw wouldn't be caught dead in a Sierra even though they are the same truck...LOL!!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    This is the confirmed replacement of the F-Body Pontiac Firebird/TransAm beginning in 2003:

    Pontiac will sell this baby...I guess Pontiac and Chevy will get some of the Opel gems within the next few years.
  • Last Sat morn we were searching the internet for a 1998-2000 Buick Regal LS to replace my wifes 91 Regal go to work car.The Buick dealer at Harrisonville,MO had some cheap priced 2000 Regal LS program cars so we went up to look at them.Our favorite was a loaded Green 2000 LS with 18,400 miles,leather,aluminum wheels,etc for only $15888 which was nearly $10,000 under new list and $2500 under book.Our salesman wasnt pushy and didnt even take our names.We went back last evening and bought it and drove it home.This is a nice dealership that prices its cars low to start with and they arent hard sell.I offered less than they were asking but knew they wouldnt accept it as it was priced right.I did not get the extended warranty with it but they do have one now where if you never use it you get your money back which makes one alot more desirable.Knock on wood but I have never lost an alternator on a GM product but sure have on my farm tractors.I hate to see Olds go but kind of expected it.I think Buick will be around for awhile as they have made GM money.We had 8-15" snow here today so it was a mess getting to work but the 91 Regal did great.The wife is a school teacher so she had the day off and no school tomorrow either.
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