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Volkswagen Cabrio



  • wetcarwetcar Posts: 2
    Molly I had the same problem ... and the shopped around 1200 to 1000 was the standard price ... I did find a web site that you could buy the top and the instructions for under 400... good luck ... By the way I spent about 8 hours sewing my seam back together ... I used fishing line and a heavy gauge needle it took some time and a lot of effort but the end result was this cost me 5 bucks ...
  • grimmygrimmy Posts: 1
    I just bought a 1995 Cabrio, and the stereo, drivers side window and windshield wipers do not work. Teasted all fuses, and have heard rumors that the electrical systems in these cars are faulty. I am putting it in the shop monday, but has anyone heard of such a thing? Also, I have a manual top, is it possible to make it into a power top?
  • kpann1kpann1 Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. We own a 97 Cabrio Highline 5speed and somehow or another the input shaft into the transmission got bent. We didn't realize it and over time it caused the front seal to basically disintegrate and the transmission lost all its fluid. Now we are being told that the only thing we can do is get a new(er) transmission by getting a used one or a rebuilt one. Does this sound right to you? Have any of you heard of the input shaft getting bent and how can that happen? Is it common? Any and all help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  • bob98bob98 Posts: 1
    My 98 Cabrio, when putting the convertible top up or down it moves about 3 inches then stops, I then have to turn off the motor and restart it to get it to move another 3 inches. Is this the motor or something else. I don't have much money, so if I can fix myself I want to try. Any ideas where to start?

  • I just happen to have the manual in front of me when I read your posting. Here it is:

    Perform the steps in exactly the following order:
    - Turn on the radio. "SAFE" will appear in the display
    - After 3 seconds, the number 1000 will appear in the display.
    - Use the radio station preset buttons 1 to 4 to enter the code number. Use preset button 1 to enter the first digit in the code number. Use button 2 to enter the second digit, etc. The value range for each of the 4 digits is "0...9". The digit will increae by 1 each time you tap the preset button. the number returns to "0" after "9".
    - After you finish entering the code, press the right side (">")of the SEEK button for longer than 2 seconds until you hear an audible signal.
    - For Monsoon versions, if you've entered the code number correctly, "MONSOON" and then "LSM" will appear in the display.
    - For standard versions if you've enterd the code number correctly "FM1 88.3 MHZ" will appear in the display.

    Warning; you have only two attemps to get it right. If the code is not correct it will disable the radio for about an hour. Leave the unit ON and the key in the ignition switch for this hour. Then you have two more attempts to get it right.

    Hope this helps! Good Luck. :0)
  • Hi, I'm going crazy trying to pull the backseat down on my 97 cabrio. It has a handle but it dosen't seem to do any thing... is there a bottom that I have to press??? please help! thanks :)
  • dongondongon Posts: 4
    I purchased a 2000 Cabrio for my daughter for going back to and forth to school and yesterday for the first time she had engine hesitation. I read that this is sometimes common with Cabrio's has anyone know what causes this? I really don't want her driving back and forth to Maryland from NJ. Please help!
  • cab98cab98 Posts: 4
    I haven't heard of chip upgrades. Who sells and installs them? How much additional power did they give you? Any info would be appreciated.
  • let me know if you find out ok?
  • Hey, I wanted to let you know that the auto top is a hydraulic system, and eather you have a leak in a cylinder (on the sides of the car where the top is stored, that's where the cylinders are) or you have a faulty pump...or pump line. But it is also possible that you just need to fill up the pump with power steering fluid. Make sure it's the right type of fluid before you put it in. whatever is safe to put in your power steering is safe for the pump.

    To check that, look in you truck on the left side there's like a little compartment area that you can unscrew and you will find the pump there. When the top is up it should be at the min line, if the top is down, it should be at the max line.

    Good luck!
  • Engine hesitation?!?! What do you mean?
  • Sounds like a heater core problem. It's never happened to me in a cabrio, but I had to replace the heater core in an escort and a mitsubishi cause it would soak the passenger floor. ICKY!
  • You can find a lot of info @ the folks there will be able to assist you very much. As for ABS light, I have a cabrio and some times the ignition (key) does not return all the way after starting, it sticks a little, this causes my ABS light to stay on but if I wiggle the key a bit the light will go off.
  • dongondongon Posts: 4
    She stated that her RPMs' were dropping and it felt like the car was ready to stall then she pulled over and the engine picked up and off she went.
  • cab98cab98 Posts: 4
    My 98 cab has a pull knob/cable set-up inside the trunk that you have to use to have the rear seat back go down. I imagine it's a safety feature so someone would not be able to get into the truck when the top is down and you're not around.
  • jnfjnf Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2001 Cabrio and found water is coming in the driver's side door, dealer says I need a whole new front window seal, more than $700 job. Can you tell me more about your seal problem and how it was covered to be repaired? Thanks
  • :cry:i bought my 2000 cabrio this last feb. like always everything was fine until a month after the warrenty exp. well the problems that i have w/ my car is that it makes this clicking noise when i turn the wheel, my engine light came on this weekend, my stereo wont play 'cause it has "safe" sign on, when i release my emergency break the light remains on on the dashboard and if i put my car in park when that happens the car turns off, the car kicks when going 30mph (i just know its gonna backfire one of these days). i just realized that my car didnt come w/ an owners manual and the dealers want to charge 65bucks to order one and then another 95bucks to turn off my engine light.... can anyone help?!!?!?!?!!?!?
  • Sounds like she might have gotten the RPM's up too high. (like around 7K) If that happens, the car goes into safe mode so you don't blow up the engine. Also, if you are doing a manual shift on an automatic and get into reverse accidentally, the same thing will happen. If it only happened once, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    those would be the only obvious answers. Is the check engine light on?
  • where is the cruise switch is located in the engine ?
  • dongondongon Posts: 4
    Check engine light is not on; actually the next day the car was dead, wouldn't turn over and they had to install a new starter. Since you know quite a bit about Cabrio's I have a question, her tailight is out and as we didn't have time to change it before she left for school, only noticed it the night before, is it that difficult to change can she handle it on her own?
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