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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • bg, good point about the scratching, but the Performance can't handle 5 bikes. I emailed them and they said no. So, my only options thus far are the Saris and Swagman. I prefer the Saris and will have to deal with bungees/pads to deal with the scraping problem.
  • What I said about CR's assessment of the Odyssey's reliability was *very* specific and quite accurate. I did not lie.

    Did I misunderstand your note ??
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    I don't think that you guys (grplavloff and cliffyb) are on the same page (and I don't think accusations of lying are flying). As I understand it, CR has different issues, and also a web site area for subscribers that publishes some articles earlier than the print edition. CR's recommendations for new vehicle purchases may indeed differ from what their subscriber reliability surveys may yield as far as recommended vehicles. But I'm not a subscriber, so usual disclaimers....

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  • "CR's recommendations for new vehicle purchases may indeed differ from what their subscriber reliability surveys may yield as far as recommended vehicles. ..."

    CR will recommend a model "when it performs well in our tests and when our reader-survey data indicate it should be at least average in reliability." - That comes straight out of the guide Mr. Cliffyb referred to. Since, as I said, the 2000 Odyssey got an average reliability score (I was defending the blasted vehicle !), it will be recommended by CR.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    Thanks for the clarification!

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  • billg7billg7 Posts: 342
    Consumers Reports says in their April 2000 issue that any vehicle that they put a check mark beside "means the model is recommended: a recent version performed competently in our tests and,based on the models history,we predict that its reliability will be at least average."

    For mini vans there are four check rated vehicles in order, Odyssey LX; Toyota Sienna LE; Chrysler Town & Country LX; Dodge Caravan SE. This is for the April 2000 issue.

    In later issues the Odyssey is still top rated and check rated so there is no reason to believe the Odyssey will have a below average rating.

    I write on the issue when I receive it. I received the April 2000 issue on 03/13/00 so we can expect to know on approximately that date one year later which would be 03/13/01 what the rating is that CR gives the Odyssey. I will post it here if no one else does.

    As of the January 2001 issue, which I received on 12/04/00, the Odyssey is still the top rated vehicle and is check rated. Odyssey EX ; Sienna LE; Dodge Grand Caravan Sport are the top rated minivans in that order in that issue, with only the first two check rated. The Grand Caravan is not check rated because they say it is to new to predict its reliability.

    Conclusion: The Odyssey will almost certainly be check rated when the CR April 2001 issue comes out in about 5 weeks. How the 1999 model will be rated is a question however.

    There is no certainty in the world,except death and taxes, but I am assigning a 90% probability that the Odyssey for years 2000 and above will have at least an average reliability rating and that the Odyssey will continue to be check rated and the top minivan.

    If you want more certainty then that in your life you will have to wait about 5 weeks, until the next issue of CR comes out, which will be the April issue as I received the March issue on 01/31/01.
  • While it may be difficult to find out the most popular color for 2001 Odyssey, it is possible to find out the information about '99 and '00 models. Just check the Edmund's Used Van/Light Truck Price. There is a price adjustment for color. Obviously, you would need to enter each color to get the adjustment sum.
  • This question was posted on another board and I thought it raised a good question. So I posting it hear to see what comments this group has on this. I also have a EX on order so I can not test this out...

    "I have a 2001 EX and am curious about how the rear doors are affected in case of an accident. Since the tranny has to be in PARK for the doors to operate (automatic mode), what happens in the event of a frontal or front side impact where the driver would be incapacitated and/or can't get tranny in PARK. How are the doors affected ? The doors are very hard for kids to operate manually. How would they get out ? "

    It does make you stop and think.. Anybody have any comment or experience with this?
  • We are considering a EX-NAVI. Why would I buy a Honda NAVI system instead of the latest GPS Handheld system. One obvious advantage is that it is built into the dash, but what about 5 years from now? Is it going to be as upgradable as some of the latest Handhelds, that cost 1/2 the price and can be replaced easily? Also, does it cost to keep it upgraded and updated? Thanks for your help.
  • mtsangmtsang Posts: 70

    I live in Northern NJ, my experience with my '99 Ody EX in the snow leaves much to be desire. Take yesterday's snow storm for example, the Ody was losing traction going uphill and getting stuck in less than a foot high snow banks. I couldn't manuver snow-covered hills where smaller sedans were able to handle with seemingly no problem. The snow-handling capability of my Ody has been way below expectation - given its weight, FWD and TCS.

    On the other hand, I have been reading alot of Ody owner who have re-assuring snow driving experiences. I am wondering if it's the Firestone Affinity tires that I have?! I have 20K miles on the tires and there is still plenty of treads. WHAT KIND OF TIRES DO YOU AND OTHERS HAVE THAT RESULTED IN GOOD SNOW-HANDLING? (not shouting, just want to get attention :) Thanks.

  • I fitted my 1999 EX with Michelin Artic Alpin snows, got them from Discount Tire Direct, mounted on new steel wheels w/ hubcaps. They aren't as pretty as the alloys but it sure does go in snow. More than once my response to "how are the roads?" has been "They must be bad, everyone else is acting like they're terrible, and people are in the ditches, but I just took it easy and didn't slip at all." I don't know that the Oddy will match a big 4x4 in deep loose snow, but I know that it is very sure footed on ice and packed powder. I have yet to see a single Odyssey in the ditch, which I can't say about most SUV's! Incidently I also have a 1988 Volvo 760 on which I have run Bridgestone Blizzak W-15 tires for 5 winters now. I believe the Blizzaks are better in deep snow, while the Alpins may have the advantage on ice, but both are very good on ice. The Alpins also have the advantage of being quieter than the Firestone Affinity wife complained when I switched back last spring.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    1) Odyssey is CR's top rated minivan based on their subjective overall rating (i.e. the ratings bars in the review). According to CR, reliability is not a part of their subjective overall rating, except as indicated in previous posts and point #2 below. Of course, editors can always be biased by these reliability ratings when making their subjective overall rating...
    2) As of the 1/01 issue, Odyssey has an "Average" reliability projection. This projection is based on all model years for which the vehicle has the current design (i.e. starting with 1999 for Odyssey). Previous Odyssey reliability projections were based, in part, on the previous generation of Odysseys. CR carried over their excellent reliability projection in their review of a 1999 LX. It is always interesting when they do this, since on many redesigned vehicles (like the new Grand Caravan), they chose instead to give it a "New" rating for reliability.
    3) The website and an e-mail I received BOTH confirm that the 1999 model year Odyssey will be rated below average in reliability. This, presumably, is why the overall projection is now "Average" while the previous projection was above average.
    4) It is still likely Odyssey will be a recommended vehicle (check mark), because it got at least a "Good" evaluation and at least an "Average" reliability projection.
    5) Even so, the 1999 Odyssey may or may not be added to the "Used Cars to Avoid" list. This is still speculation, as there has been no confirmation of this by email or on the website.

    There really isn't much to dispute on this. The 1999 Odyssey was a first year model, and it's reliability is going to be worse than average. No one said their overall projection would be worse than average, or that it would cause the Odyssey to lose ground in its overall evaluation. These things could happen in the future, of course, as more reliability surveys are returned. CR frequently adjusts its overall ratings bars even without re-reviewing a vehicle. Case in point, the 1999 minivan reviews put Sienna as the top rated minivan. When the April 2000 issue was released, Odyssey had moved to the top, even though neither Odyssey nor Sienna had been re-reviewed in that time period. This happens quite often, and no explanations are ever given...

    CR is not perfect. Its reliability results are based on surveys [poorly worded in my opinion] that are only sent to its subscribers. It's overall reviews are subjective, as with any other magazine. As such, there can be an unbroken cycle where the editor's opinions affect the consumer's reliability surveys and vice-versa. So, don't take CR's word as gospel. I find it valuable, but don't use it as my only reference for automobile information.
  • The Honda Nav system is an upgradeable DVD system, you should have no problem in upgrades.

    Now as to why this system works a little different than a hand held GPS. First of all this system is specifically made for roads, and it will prompt you for changes in directions, and alternate routes. Your hand held won't do that. You can also program in your daily schedule and it will map you a route, while giving you ATM's, gas stations and more.

    I would suggest that you visit your local dealer and ask to see the next Nav that comes in for a demonstration.

    Hope this helps.
  • The TCS in our 99 EX is fantastic here in the MN winter. However, I do hear a clicking or grinding noise from the dashboard area when it kicks in. Does anyone else hear that?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,599
    Just like richcolo, we put Michelin Arctic Alpins on steel wheels on our Y2K EX. Thus far, they have been great. I have not used snows since 1984, but decided to with this van as it is our primary family transport. Drove it on snow packed , iced, and wet roads this AM. Flawless. TCS lit up a couple of times, but stable otherwise.

    Only complaint is that the tires sing on wet pavement, but you get used to it.
  • Your posting was extremely well-written, clear, informative, non-inflammatory while managing to include some of your own (also clearly represented as such) opinion, and exemplary in every discernable way. This makes your post stand out as well above the average quality level found in even this very high quality Odyssey forum.

    Please, immediately cease and desist from such postings as they make the rest of us look bad. If you will kindly descend once again down to the level of the rest of us, it would be greatly appreciated. Mediocraty possesses large quantities of gravity.

    Tongue-firmly-in-cheekily yours,
    TAD ;-)

    PS Lest the wrath of the skim-readers fall heavily on my head, let me say that you have my highest compliments for posting in the very best way.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    If it pleases the court:

    Odyssey RULEZ! All other minivans suck! Consumer Reports is clearly biased against 1999 Odysseys. All of these facts are supported by irrefutable evidence, which I cannot post at this time.

    Thank you.
  • much better, er ah, worse, er... preferable?!

    Whatever.... ;-)
  • My wife and I have a '99 LX. The original Firestone Affiitys
    were terrible last winter in the snow here in Cleveland. To make matters worse, they wore out quickly, 5/32 of tread with less than 23K miles.
    I replaced them in late Nov. '00 with Michelin Symetrys. Much, much better. I personally think these are an excellent all season tire choice. We have Blizzaks on our '89 Accord which also perform exceptionally well in the snow. Good seasonal choice. I suggest dumping the Affinitys. If your budget allows a winter and summer tire arrangement you will get optimal performance. If not, then I think the Symetrys are a good compromise.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You may be interested Townhall's Honda Odyssey GPS Navigation system discussion topic. I believe you will find that most of your potential questions (and answers to the questions) are in there.

    Hope this helps!

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