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Mazda RX-8



  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,894
    There is also someone else here on edmunds who claimed they got offers from 4 dealers with a substantial discount. Audia8q knows what i'm talking about. Anyway, i've asked for the names of those dealers and received no answer. Always seems to be the way, doesn't it?

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • Like graphic guy said, it seems that all these ads are just smoke and mirrors to get you to the dealership. At the time I bought my RX-8, paying MSRP was actually getting a good deal. Little did I know that the dealership was planning to stick on a Rust Protection Plan for $600.00 when I actually came in to buy it. I was able to get it without it once I threatened to just get up and leave, but they were putting "the plan" on all the future ones they were getting. I can easily see them discounting the cars now for $600.00, when in turn, they aren't really discounting the car at all. The extended warranty is another ploy. One has to ask a dealership these questions before they even waste time heading out to their lot.

    pmarini - It's too bad that the IRA dealership couldn't have been straight with you right away and given you the money off. It's funny that the offers like the one you received twice are either at times when you have already completed a transaction with someone else or no longer care if a deal is made at all. Personally, I have lost my excitement of car purchasing due to a negative experience. So when I get a new car, either the salesperson reaches my buying price or forget it. I just don't care anymore and that's such an advantage of scoring a great deal.

    I've always been super neurotic about taking care of my new cars. Most of the time this can limit the amount of fun I have with it since I won't push the engine hard or take it to certain locations. I was acting the same way when I got the RX-8. However, since I planned to have it bought back, I realized I could let go a bit and just have fun with it. Let me tell you, I've had more fun with this car the last two weeks than I've had with any vehicle I've driven. Like graphic guy mentioned, the HP seems to be raising. The MPG is still sort of iffy, but eventually, I believe that will improve too. Though I have my reasons for having it bought back, it wouldn't have disappointed me to keep it either. It's easily the best car for the price on the market right now (even if you did pay MSRP). I just found myself not using the practicality of the vehicle. I don't put anything in the back and put all my stuff in the passenger seat. I still have the two seater, convertible scent (which was my last car) and I just haven't been able to get rid of it! Perhaps I can get a good deal this winter on a new S2000.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    p....the deal for the 6 MT in Boston looks to be a "stripper" which would be in the $26K range MSRP. That's without destination charges, though. How much you want to make a bet they all of a sudden add the dest. charges back in once you get to the dealership?

    brozen.....yep, always seems to be the "best deals" out there aren't ones we can duplicate as they all of a sudden didn't exist or dried up. Same way with huge amounts of inventory. Someone says they saw a bunch here or there, but once you do a little follow-up, the stock disappears.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    Can't fault your S2000 choice at all....nice cars.
  • Quote: I've been a big critic of Nissan's horsepower inflation, as well as Acuras. Not because I care about the rating, but because the performance doesn't add up. The 350Z, based upon it's "ratings" should be able to come close to my old 1997 Supra TT in performance and certainly surpass my current S2000 or the former 240hp E36 M3. In reality, it's slightly to significantly behind all three (not within eyesight of the similarly heavy Supra). And I too question the whether the identical engine that produces 240 hp in the Altima can be "tweaked" with exhaust system changes to produce 287 hp in the 350Z. Almost every model that uses the 3.5 liter Nissan workhorse engine has a different horspower rating, coincinding, just by chance, with their "level" in the Infiniti/Nissan hierarchy. Altima - 240. G35 - 260. G35 coupe - 280. 350Z - 287. Come on, do us customers look that gullible? "

    You must own an RX and feel pretty bad with all the issues to make some of these suggestions about the performance nissan offers. First, no owners of the nissan products you mention were let down from the expectations they had from a tricked up test car that never came to market. Not to mention when you drive the Z or G the thrust feels like a V8 and not in any way compromised like the less than thrilling acceleration of the rx-8.

    "slightly and significantly behind the e36 m3 and the s2000" Thats just wrong man...i beat an m3 last month from 1999 and raced my buds 6 mos ago in my sedan G35 and really made him mad. As for the s2000 - much better than a mazda but still beaten often by sedan g's with that awful VQ that wins award after award. s2000 need a launch from hell to run with the VQ and yes then they are many lauches you got at 7000 rpm before something flys off the drivetrain? 3, 4, 10 maybe??

    I mostly found your comments about the altima hp and the z hp being bogus and assuming they use the same exact setup in each and simply market the hp # as whatever they want. Dude have you looked in the engine bay of a z and then an altima - check it out. The Z has a much different intake pipe and plenum not to mention the exhaust is significanly different with variable output top increase low rpm torque in the Z. Can't speak to the supra from experience but the NA supra was about 1 second slower which actually says alot about the supra I-6. Turbo should not be compared. Drive a Z and then an Altima 3.5...listen and look and then think again. I actually think that TT Supra with 5 seconds and 340 HP is right on compard to 287 HP NA and a 5.5 time. Your talking 53 HP lower and its prob a drivers race.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    Hello everyone and I am seeing many RX8s sitting on the lots at local dealers that I pass by everyday. One dealer is advertising over 30 new 8s for sale.

      This does not bode well for winter sales where traditionally sports car sales are weak.

      My guess would be the dealers will be very flexible with discounting soon. My target would be a maximum of $500 over cost.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    With Bpraxis. I'm seeing those same ads...And unbought cars.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    same people, posting the same tired stuff, dredging up the same tired points over and over again.

    "My car beats this other car...tons of stock over, its over there....big discounts aren't here yet, but they're coming (no matter what those who have experience say)....." and on and on and on!

    ...mostly from Nissan lovers.

    You guys keep chasing ghosts.....
  • Habitat does not own a RX-8, he has a Honda S2000, so please dont bash the RX-8, the owners here dont need another RX-8 vs 350Z argument :) Thats the last thing I want to see here. I will soon own a 350Z myself, and if I could afford another car I would get the RX-8 rather than another sedan to haul the family around while having fun! :D

    Its funny, even on an RX-8 board Habitat manages to insert something bad about the 350Z in between discussions. It no secret about his displeasure on the 350Z, anyway he is entitled to his opinions, some of which I actually agree on.

    The 350Z is definitely not a lightweight, most especially compared to the S2000... however its unfair to compare a 4 cylinder to one that has a V6. Lets compare the 350Z to a Honda sports car that does have a V6, the Acura NSX. The 2004 Acura NSX 6MT coupe weighs 3153 lbs (from Acura's Website). My Enthusiast 350Z weighs in at 3197, only 44 lbs heavier, and the NSX is made mostly of Aluminum while the Z is not!

    Also when comparing to the 1995 Maxima, while the 350Z is indeed heavier, it does have a significantly better crash score as well. I checked on the 1995 Maxima crash scores, and it was rated poor/marginal, while the 350Z is rated Excellent. All the weight was probably used to increase structural integrity.

    It is not fair to compare newer cars with the older generation. I looked up the 1991 NSX, and it only weighed in at 3069, so you can see that the newer generation NSX has gained weight over time, no doubt to make it more crash worthy.

    Plus all that platform sharing is going to cost the Z some weight no doubt, but at the price point it is selling I cant complain.

    Although I agree with Habitat about the HP thing, compared to BMW ALL Japanese makes seem to be overstating their horsepower. BMW either understates their HP, or their transmission is the most efficent on the planet, with RWHP quite near to their crank HP.

    The S2000 puts out 195HP average to the rear wheels, the 350Z puts out 230HP average. Given this figure,

    S2000 240HP, about 18.75% drivetrain loss.
    350Z 287HP, about 19.86% drivetrain loss.

    Given these figues, the Z is not too far behind the S2000. Now compare this to a BMW 330CI that makes 201HP to the rear wheels.

    330CI 225 HP, 10.6% drivetrain loss.

    As you can see, BOTH Japanese cars have over-inflated HP compared to the BMW. So if the 350Z is guilty of over-inflating the HP numbers, Honda is guilty as well with theirs.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    I know that some of you are Nissan fans. Question is why do you want to congregate here instead of the Z or G forums?

    Only thing I can ascertain is that you want an RX8?

    If you really want some discussion points, you can take a look at this....
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    Thanks for the sanity!
  • What else is a nissan owner with some time to do?? Thw whole thing about the buy backs has any enthusiast bummed for the owners choosing's gotten tons of attention and I am actually looking for a wifer car and the RX-8 was on the list until she saw the Z and now wants a murano...ugh.

    My comments are valid and welcome or not you dont need an RX to post here. I contemplate purchasing everything that comes out that i can afford. I have no strings attached to my vehicle - i just want the best that 40k can buy..I am always in the market and never upside down in my car.

    Of course we/YOU don't need another 350Z arguemnt but I can't read that kinda of comment that the altima and 350 have same setup and let it reaction is to that poor mis-informed soul who has yet to see the wisdom and value in the VQ3.5.

    I have no doubt that the RX-8 buyers give &@#^ whether I like the car or not - these guys prob got calloused by people like me from rx-7 days and are stronger fans now than ever. It's a nice car I never dissed it for anything other than lack of power...which is butt dynod anyway and while it may be faster it simply doesn't feel faster...actually the only reason i even poseted was the old m3 comment and the s2000 comment. I get fired up about m3 as my bud and I have quite a fued about it and i have gotten more emotional over time about G vs M3.

    Everyone uses inconsistent methods to rate HP and someone above just did the math to show it. Nissan markets the number a bit high as Mazda did but mazda has a bad track record from miata - neither are good for doing it. BMW is lowballing the # for either insurance reasons or to market that thier car is better with less HP and i suspect the latter...only way to tell us to put em all up on a dyno same day same way and dop some more math.

    My best goes to anyone who didn't get what they paid for when they bought any car.
  • isnt the link to the 350 article written by a world rally publication...if i drove a impreza based car all day i would get in the z and think i was in a limo. And the z is a little hard as described there - thats what the G sells so well for. Few bad press comments have been seen for the car of the year. I would hope someone has something bad to say about every car - it's not a cuban election.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    Just a bit weary of all the people posting blatantly false information regarding the RX8.

    The only thing I can ascertain is that they really want to be in an RX8, but can't for whatever reason. So they come in here, not to give pertinent and useful information, but to spread FUD.

    The HP quote has been debated to death. I applaud Mazda, not for misstating, but for the guts to stand up and say "the HP issue isn't very significant when it comes to actual performance, but here's a strong offer". I don't see any other manufacturer doing the same when it's clear they've fudged the HP numbers, too....not Nissan for misstating the Z/G numbers, not Daimler for the 300M...none of them.

    Then there are those who are trying to drag down the value of the RX8 by blatantly misstating purchase and stock figures.

    That's some large jealousy to get that much attention, in my book. Maybe us RX8 owners should consider it a complement that our cars get so much attention.....
  • Glad to be of help, even if I am a wanna-be RX-8er! :)
  • First, I ask again, has anyone completed the buy back process? Please provide details. When I talk to people on the 800 number, they make it sound as if it will be weeks before they get me an offer. And it does not sound as if many people are going for buyback, but expiration is at end of month. FWIW, my dealer says I am the first customer calling in with questions.

    Amyway, I am leaning to keeping. I am not a subject matter expert or nut on sportscars. Mid age, 4 kids; older.
    I drove 98 Cobra Convertible for awhile.
    I missed the zest.
    Rx8 has plenty enough for me, plus I like the abscence of the torque in most of my city driving. I love drving the back curvy roads. The thing seems to anticipate the turn before I get there.
    I am a golfer, so the Z was not even in play, no trunk. Occasionlly I have take 13 yr old to friends house, with wifey in car. So I still need backseat. So no Z. BTW, plenty of Z's on the lots where I am.

    No matter where I drive the 8, heads turn. Teenagers have asked me to open the hood. Mid lifers come up all the time, and then I blow them away with suicide doors and trunk.
    Love the dash.
    Love the sound system.
    My son is 19. We drove it to the basement where his buddies hang out (5.0 and 240 drifters). Reactions "what the f? no way? sounds like a turbo, you gotta be shitting me" My son is a certified car nut and he loves driving it.
     Have not seen one other 8 on the road, but I do not see many z's either.
    Funnest car I have ever had. More fun than Cobra, and I am saving on chiropractic bills from no head jerking.
    MPG is bothersome, but I drive about 300 miles per week. At 20 MPG, I would need 15 gallons. I am getting 17.5, so I need 18 gallons. 3 gallons at a max of $2 is $6 bucks a week. $310 a year. I think I'll take the $500 and smile.
    I don't know of another car with the headturning style and the room, with the fun that this thing has.
    BTW, I got the dark metallic green. Again, the kids think it is the nuts. Car Nut is owrk says it reminds him of the old English race car color.
    Other say the style of the car is Italian.

    Are you selling or keeping?
  • Jaquino - It's obvious Nissan has a problem in doing this stating accurate HP since it was proven a couple years ago with the Maxima/Altima...where buyers weren't reimbursed at all for a 5HP error. Mazda handled it with class at least. Don't drag Honda into the mix just because Nissan is highly suspected of overstating actual HP. I've never heard an auto journalist/magazine questioning the HP integrity of any Honda vehicle (nor publishing a reinstatement of a flubbed HP rating). They never talk about any so-called "drivetrain loss" percentage in their tests of vehicles either. I just don't have any idea of what you are talking about.

    Though it's unfair to judge the 350ZX without professional tested evidence, Nissan's Maxima/Altima situation leaves people suspicious of other Nissan vehicles' HP rating.

    Graphic Guy - After thinking of the total amount of cars which are going to be available in the U.S. market this year (12K), there is no way that all of these cars can be seen in dealer's lots. There might be slight discounting (such as $500.00 perhaps), but no more than that for this year. If there is higher discounting than that, it's just dealers attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of buyers until they set foot in a showroom. Then the news of a "rust protection plan", "extended warranty plan" or a discount off of an already inflated MSRP+ priced car will be presented to bring to light what the real offer is. So bypraxis and gee35coupe, those ads are misleading and the lots you say are filled can't possibly be true due to the fact that there are only going to be 12K made this year. That's 2000 less than g35 coupes made in their first year of production. I saw very few of those in lots. Unless those dealers you speak of managed to get their hands on part of the 30K being made next year, I can't say your acoounts hold water. I have had mine for two months now and haven't even seen another one on the road.

    chrisboth - I was wondering if I should even comment at all on your post, but I couldn't resist. First of all, the g sedan is slower than the RX-8 according to and every other auto magazine printed, so how could it even possibly touch an S2000? That's just a ridiculous statement to make. Remember, when you race the guy next to you, he has to actually realize that you are racing him. Otherwise, it's just you accelerating. The M3 obviously wasn't racing with you or wasn't working properly not to pass your heavy sedan.

    In the roadster comparo that Car&Driver had, the S2000 was the fastest one next to the BMW Z4 (3.0). It didn't need a tire soking launch to be the second fastest either...otherwise, Car&Driver would have reported that (like they did for the RX-8 5.9 second time). I'm sure that almost every S2000 owner has pushed their engines to the 7000 RPM line several times and nothing happens to the engne. You sound silly when you question the amount of 7000 RPM launches this vehicle can take "before something flys off the drivetrain". Do I have to remind you of this car's perfect HISTORY OF RELIABILITY? It's the best! And when people buy this car, they really drive it! It's the only vehicle in consumer reports to have three perfect scores for performance, reliability and depreciation. I don't mind people have their own opinion, but c'mon! BTW, the old Sanford & Son truck could beat your G35!
  • A woman (from the third party service Mazda is using for the buyback program) told me two weeks from the time they receive the signed document that shows your refundable amount. This is the procedure I went through:

    1. Called 1-800 number and told them I wanted to do the buyback. The lady was going to mail me a document but I had her fax it so I would get it quicker. Once I got the document, I signed it stating I wanted Mazda to buy back my car. I sent it to the specified address certified mail. This is important so you have proof that you started this before the Oct. 1 deadline.

    2. 3 to 5 days later, a woman from a third party service called and said I had to call the bank I was getting my loan from so I they would have permission to get the lien amount on the car. She also said that I should be expecting an e-mail (or phone call) stating how much money was to be refunded.

    3. At first, she had the wrong total. When we settled on the refundable amount, I faxed her a signed copy. She told me that it takes two weeks from that time for the check to be processed.

    4. At that time, someone from the service or sales dept. of the dealership you bought the car at will contact you to turn in the car and receive your check.

    Hope that helps!
  • I did not intend to drag the S2000 into this discussion, but Habitat tends to bring up the S2000 against the 350Z a lot. I was mostly making counter-points to his arguments. And he also likes to bring in his 1995 Maxima as well. You notice I did not make any deragotory statements against the S2000 either. I actually like the S2000.

    You notice I also stated that I did not single out Honda on the HP as well, all Japanese makes are guilty of this... when you compare them to BMW. I was merely stating that if Nissan is to be hammered for their "ballooning" of the HP, then Honda should be held up to the same standards as well, dont you agree?

    About the "Drivetrain loss", it basically tells you what % of actual HP gets lost to the rear wheels, as opposed to published HP. Basically all manufacturers measure HP at the Engine Crank, not at the rear wheels. That is not something that is published in marketing materials. I assumed that majority on this board understood what that meant, my mistake. Again, "Drivetrain loss" is not a deragotory term at all.

    I am not questioning Honda's S2000 HP rating, where did you read in my statement that I was?

    Never heard of the Maxima HP fiasco you are talking about. And if you are talking about Nissan reducing the Altima's HP rating from 180 to 175, they announced the change before the car went on sale. The 180HP was merely their targetted HP, so what if they did not meet it? The customers knew they were getting 175HP, because that was on the sticker. What are you getting at?

    But I digress, this is an RX-8 forum... so if we can go back to talking about the RX-8, that is certainly fine by me!
  • so, you sold your's back?

    Main reason was the hp?
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