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Kia Sorento



  • I hope someone can help me. I have a 2003 sorento lx and everytime i try to put gas in it, it spits back out constantly like a vapor lock.this problem started right after i had my timing belt done. this is my wife's vehicle and she is sick and tired of smelling like gas when she gets to work.I try to fill it up slowly but it still spits out just about every gallon put in. I hope someone has the solution. thanks :mad:
  • yes, the locks should just lock without a buzzing sound, the sound is like a wrong answer given on family feud, thanks SIDMAN
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Now I know what you mean the buzzing sound. Mine '03 EX does it for many years. There is nothing wrong in term of the lock function. I hear it when I sit inside the car and to lock/unlock the doors. Sounds like an issue with the lock mechanism. I've never bought this to dealer's attention since my warranty is out. The locks work just fine. Perhaps you can try folks at
  • I wonder why I bought my Sorie, see below
    08 Sorento 08 Rover LR3

    Standard Engine 3.8L 262 hp 4.4L 300 hp V8
    Cargo Volume (cu. ft.)31.70 9.90
    ABS Brakes Std. Std.
    Traction Control Std. Std.
    Vehicle Stability
    Control System Std. Std
    Front Headroom (in.) 39.70 40.40
    Front Legroom (in.) 42.60 42.40
    Rear Legroom (in.) 36.10 37.60
    Front Shoulder Room (in.) 58.90 59.20
    Rear Shoulder Room (in.) 58.40 59.40
    Cruise Control Std. Std.
    Tachometer Std. Std.
    Tilt Steering Std. Std.
    Tilt Steering Column Std. Std.
    Leather Steering Wheel Std. Std.
    Steering Wheel Mounted
    Controls Std. Std.
    Tire Inflation/Pressure
    Monitor Std. Std.
    Trip Computer Std. Std.

    Base Retail Price $26,665 $48,525
  • I just saw your post and am wondering what ever came of it... I have the exact same problem and Kia has told me the same line as well. Eventually I got a chance to take one of their district managers out on a test drive to show him the problem and got him to admit that there is a problem. Were you able to get anything from them? I have taken my kia in about 8-10 times and it still isn't fixed. Let me know
  • munnymunny Posts: 10
    Whenever I turn the wheel can feeling the steering mechanism under my feet (under driver side floor board obviously). Is this normal?
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Posts: 42
    We have had our 08 Sorento EX and so far NO problems at all with it.
    WE LOVE our Sorie!! Hope you can find the problem and get your steering mechanism under your feet taken care of. Probably NOT a big issue as KIA makes great cars and suvs. Don't get too nervous..............have faith in KIA!! We do. :shades:
  • I have been looking to replace my 1997 Toyota Rav4 with a newer model something. I bought this Rav used w/ excessively high mileage for about 10k back in 2002, and have had nothing to complain about other than my fat butt wearing out the upholstery. I have driven this poor thing into the ground, and i suck at remembering to get it serviced. But it just keeps running and running like that battery bunny. Anyway, I know...this is the Kia forum....but there's a method to my madness. I was seriously thinking about trading my Rav in for a 2008 Sorento, because my local dealer is offering a killer special. I know nothing about the Sorento, or Kia in general for that matter, so I started clicking around the internet to see what I could find. Edmunds is where I landed, and I've been here reading horror after horror......and these were all people who sounded like they were spot on top of their maintenance schedules. Could you imagine one of these "precision machines" in the hands of someone like me? Holy Canoli! So, thanks to this forum and all of your stories......I am so getting another RAV4! You should check out Edmunds Rav4 forum, it's got a much more positive vibe! Thanks again! :shades:
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,964
    The reliability for both cars is good. If you look at the Identifix ratings here at Edmunds, the Sorento has all green checks for minimal problems dating back to 2003.

    The RAV4 is almost as good, but has one "moderate problem" checked in '02 for engine issues.

    Kia Sorento Reliability Rating

    Toyota RAV4 Reliability Rating

    People tend to come to forums to find solutions to problems and you can get get a good sense of widespread problems that way (like the Toyota sludge issue a few years ago, to keep picking on Toyota). But all cars have problems and you'll find posts about all sorts problems in all the make/model discussions here.

    Posts like Dodgeman6's are unfortunately a bit rare - human nature I guess - when your car is running right there's not much to comment on but let something go wrong and people let their dealer and manufacturer have it with both barrels. :shades:

    Enjoy your new ride.
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Posts: 42
    This IS dodgeman6 responding to your comments about my postings being a bit rare. I thought the forums were for people to come and tell all about their experiences with their cars, dealerships, and manufacturers. My posts probably are NOT rare, just others have not posted or felt like it. So who do you blast if you can't go after the dealership or manufacturer? After spending thousands of dollars on a car (mine was that good for nothing 04 Dodge Caliber ST), most people react and do something about it in which I did. Going to a forum was my second outburst for the sake of others who WANT to read good and bad experiences with maybe a car they will buy or did buy.
    So back away from pointing ME out on my posts. Nothing was inappropriate, and all of us were welcomed to POST our feelings, and experiences. Am I right?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Nothing was inappropriate,

    That is correct and nobody said (or implied) that anything about your message was inappropriate. We appreciate all views and welcome all who share their experiences. The point was that people experiencing problems are more likely to post messages in public forums than those not experiencing problems. Of course, we'd all like to hear more good news but that's the way it is.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • tami5tami5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Kia Sorenta with 120,000 miles. Crank shaft and bearings went out. Kia dealership quoted $5,000 for new motor. Calling around for a use motor to put in ourselfs. For a used motor $4,000. I am learning this is a problem with Kias. Anyone else with same problem and what did you do? If I didn't care about my credit would call the bank to come get the SOB!
  • mrmgamrmga Posts: 1
    The local Kia dealer here is offering a great deal on a nice red 2008 Sorento LX 2WD. The price is dealer invoice less a $5,000 rebate. That brings it down to a hair under $17K. For the same price, I can buy a 2005 4Runner with 45,000 one-owner miles on it. I was leaning toward the Sorento because it is new and has an excellent warranty, but I am getting spooked by all the horror stories on this message board. I haven't read all 3,900 messages, but I've browsed through enough of them to see that there are a lot of unhappy Sorento owners out there. I know that message boards like this attract owners with problems, but the complaints I'm reading about are consistent with the problem areas noted by Consumer Reports (e.g., power accessories, climate control, brakes.)

    Should I take a chance on the Sorento or go with the used (and out-of-warranty) Toyota?
  • You should get a much better deal than invoice less rebate for a year old Sorento even if it is new. Even less if it is a demo. The older Sorentoshad issues, for the most part the newer models are much better.
  • munnymunny Posts: 10
    i picked up a new 2008 LX 4x4 for 17K. at this price no other brand comes close for a 4x4. and by the way, there are horror stories for most cars.
  • cpetroviccpetrovic Posts: 9
    NO you shouldn't buy the 2008 Sorento until you have had a look at the 2010 Sorento.
    It will blow you away . ;)
    Completely different style,
  • cpetroviccpetrovic Posts: 9
    I bought what I thought was a 2003-2006 workshop manual book on e-bay .
    When I received it , it was a disk with selected PDF files of the entire features.
    Though out the pages was a e-bay buyers # and ID blocking some of the main features, but to a point was still some sort readable .
    Having complained to e-bay that it was not what was written on the sellers AD , I was given a refund of the full price .
    This in a way is a copy right breach as I'm sure the seller didn't want any problems as he had 100's of other car makes as well.
    If anybody wants these PDF files please post me a reply with your email address and I'll send them to you free of charge.

    Cheers ,

    Carey :shades:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Rather than posting email addresses in the Forums, other members can email you by clicking on your name in the byline of a posting to get your email address - it's available only to members when you've opted to make it visible.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • dodgeman6dodgeman6 Posts: 42
    I OWN a 2008 Sorento EX. It is by far worth every dime to me. There is nothing I hate about this vehicle either. No problems to date. You won't be unhappy if you chose the Sorento. But, remember, when you drive it off the lot the value drops at leasts 50%. Ours was $24k, received $5000 off for discount though. About two weeks after that we had another dealership (not Kia) give us a trade in value. He looked it up and the stats were $11,500. Mind you we only had the Sorento for about 2 weeks. We acted like we were interested in a Honda CUV at the time. Honda salesperson said they use the Kia Sorento to convince people to buy the Honda CUV. I was not nice to the salesperson when he slammed my Sorento. I drove right back to Kia and asked them why the Sorento was worth only $11,500 after just buying it. They had no clue of course. I went online and it is the same way. SO when you do buy the Sorento it will not be able to trade in later on because it will have a lot of upside down equity in it already. So plan on driving it the entire time if you have a loan until it is paid for. We were not happy to find this out after the fact, but the 10 yr. warranty is great though. Oh, it is not 10 yrs. across the board on all things either. AND, remember, the first 12k if ANYTHING small needs tending to be sure to get it down within the 12K period or else they won't repair those small things for free after 12K. Like small adjustments, etc.
    We did take ours back during this time to get the pillar post between the two doors redone since it was peeling off. It was a minor thing that they did fix but they said it would have cost us if it was past $12K. The rest of the 10 yr. warranty covers different things equally 10yrs., okay. Don't get confused on the 100K/10yr. promise. Lastly, my cousin works at Honda downstate (not the same one I took the Sorento to get valued), and he said that the Sorento IS a great SUV and so is the Honda CUV. BUT the only real difference is paying lots ofr the Honda or get the Sorento and enjoy that one too (scaled down, but still nice, of course).
    Bottomline: We love our Kia Sorento EX, with no problems, and it is nice to look at and is solid quality just like any other vehicle out there.
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