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Mercedes-Benz SL and SLK (all models)



  • bosco42bosco42 Posts: 20
    There are plenty of good deals out there now. I just picked up a brand new 2006 SL500 for $12,000 off list.
  • zeamanzeaman Posts: 2
    You beat my deal by $1,000. Is your car loaded? Mine has Sports Package, Trim Package, Xenon and invisible bra. MZ
  • Does anyone know how to get the trunk open on a 450SL when the battery, which is in the trunk, has died?. I've had to do it once before and can not for the life of me remember how I did it. The key opens the trunk but with the assistance of an electrically controlled release mechanism. I don't want to damage the chrome or paint. It's a '78 450SL. I just bought it a year or so ago and it did not come with an owners manual. They are out of print.
  • carnut100carnut100 Posts: 7
    There are plenty of good deals out there. I just traded in my 04 SL500 for $67500 and got the 2006 SL500 for $11k off window (because 07 is coming early). I think the reason for the softness in the market is that there just are not a lot of buyers for this niche and interest rates are rising. The Porsche is really for a different buyer. My wife and I wanted to change this time (third SL in a row after a series of Jag XKs) and test drove the Porsche S with Tiptronic. A comparably performing and equipped Porsche was actually more expensive, but was a little to rough for us and had too much wind noise with the top up. The Cadillac is a toy, in that you cannot go away for the weekend with the top down and luggage ... or go to a golf course with your spouse. We like the SL because it is practical and with the hardtop, a good winter car. It is a driver for us so the extra room behind the seat and in the trunk (versus a cadillac) is important. The new Jag may be a competitor, but the front end looks like a Taurus and traditionally, does not hold its value as well as a Porsche or Mercedes.
  • Dave, If you take a flat crowbar, slide it up )the end with the hook) above the trunk key button while you have the key inserted and turned counterclockwise and depressed to where it normally should open it will release like you effected it with a key battery died as a result of leaving a parking light on overnight - after posting here and getting no response, I used the crow bar again...With the battery in the trunk dead and the activator of the trunk lid key opener non-functional because of the need for battery power, I do not believe that you have any alternative but to use a crowbar...Also, Important: make sure that you have unlocked the front door(s)before trying to unlock & open the trunk...If you know a better method I'd like to hear from you...I'm at Circumvent this forum because it sent me an e-mail for the latest post, and I still can't figure out why I never got directed to your earlier Feb post using a search term which included the word "trunk" for basically the identical request, other than our models being different. Peter/theroadster
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I rode in a friend's 560SL the other day and thought it would be nice to get rid of my 2000 Mustang convertible and all the associated stuff and look for either a 560SL or a 1990 300SL with the newer body. Has anyone had any experience with the 300 ? I'd use the car as a "show" car -detailing it and just using it on weekends. It wouldn't be a daily driver. I put about 300 miles a year on the Mustang. Which would be more dependable -the 560 or the 300? I'd look for a garaged one from the original owner with service records -I don't buy "beaters". I haven't sat in a 300. I liked the 560 because it didn't have a cab forward design with the windshield slanting over your head or the sun visors hitting your forehead. How is the 300 windshield? Any help that can help me make up my mind would be greatly appreciated.
  • martywmartyw Posts: 1
    I was wondering when the SL is going to be totally redesigned, not just tweaked or freshened. Anybody know???
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Best guess is like 2010.

  • raysl500raysl500 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 SL500. From time to time, I get the indicator light saying I have a light out. I have checked all the lights I can think of an can not find one bad.
    Any way to check why I am getting this light or which one is causing it?
  • laxatl1laxatl1 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 1999 sl500 w/o the owners manual. What does the warning light that is an explantion point surrounding by little marks mean? It only comes on when the headlights are on so I figured it had something to do with the lights, but all lights are working
  • laxatl1laxatl1 Posts: 2
    I have the same trouble. did you ever find out what that warning means?
  • mhancockmhancock Posts: 1
    hello, i have a 2000 model slk 200 manual six speed, and i have a transmission problem.all gears are smooth and selecting fine, except for second gear.i am unable to enter second gear when car is mobile or stationary.there was no indication of any problem before, and the problem was immediate.the car is still driveable,but i am not sure if it will cause any more problems.i have been advised it may be a linkage problem, and i am looking for any advice anyone has to offer.
    many thanks for reading this, mark.
  • jimbo409jimbo409 Posts: 17
    I am considering buying a used sl 91 thru 95 which one do you guys recommend. are there anythings I should look for when buying. I am a novice with these cars.
  • cosito1cosito1 Posts: 2
    I just recently bought a 2006 SL 55 AMG. I know my question might be out of context to the topic at hand , however I will try just in case.
    The problem has to do with the manumatic -speed shifting .
    This car has 5 speed and 3 settings , comfort , sport , and ,manual . the manual can be done by pressing buttons on the back of the steering wheel or by tipping the shifter to the left or right.
    This trans, in manual is crazy , say you want to take a 2nd gear turn, you come on 5 hit the downshift button 3 times (spaced) and the software which has a mind of its own chooses 1st gear instead.
    It is certainly not a sequential shifter .

    I am wondering if any of you has experienced the same with any Mercedes with manumatic.
  • jomanojomano Posts: 1
    I have been looking for a 450SL for a couple years and just found one online, in CT (the car is originally from CA--emissions sticker claims). The car is in really good shape (almost no cosmetic problems) with 170K miles and the seller claims it runs well. Would someone with knowledge of these cars let me know if you think $5900 asking price is okay for the year and mileage. The prices are ALL over the place. Also, can anyone make a suggestion on if I should look for something specific in the engine, etc.... I'm not a mechanic. Is 170K too many miles? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I've asked this question before with no response. I need some advice. I'm looking for around a 1990-1995 SL. Which one would be the best to buy based on reliability? All of them seem to fall in the $12,000-18,000 price range for a good one with records, original paint (a must) and relatively low mileage. I don't care whether I have a 6 or 8. I understand there have been issues with the 5 speed automatics. This is the info I need.
    Help me out so I can start nailing down what to look for.
  • cosito1cosito1 Posts: 2
    I had a V6 and a V8 .There is a world of diference between the two . I beg you not to buy the V6 , it is very , very slow , also it starts on 2nd gear unless you hammer the throttle .You will be frustrated . The V8 on the other hand is much better and has better resale value
    Had no problems with the transmission .
    I hope this helps.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Thanks very much for the advice. There are more 500SLs around anyway so I'll concentrate on those. I'm not worried about the lack of speed though. This will simply be a fun car for weekends and for detailing -not a daily driver. I have other cars for daily chores and road trips. I'm glad the 5 speed automatic was not a problem though.
  • jmancinijmancini Posts: 3
    I have been looking, test driving, looking, etc. for close to a year now for my perfect SL500. I would only go with the 500 as those engines are pretty much bulletproof. The price differential between the 300/320 and the 500 is minimal.

    Keep in mind the 5 speed electronic transmission didn't start until 1996. From 1990-95 they were 4 speed hydraulic, which worked fine but a little slow on the downshift.

    The V8 engine used until 1999 was a 4 valve, DOHC V8 that was replaced in 1999 with a 3 valve per cylinder, SOHC. The earlier engines pack 322hp with 353 +/- ft lb. torque vs. 302 hp / 339 lbs. torque. Not much difference, but still. (Please excuse me if I am off a little on hp/torque #'s). Suffice it to say these cars move.

    You can view the production run of the R129 in three phrases: 1990-95; 1996-98; 1999-2002. IMHO, while not taking anything away from any year of the SL R129 run, I have focused on the years of 1996-1998 in my search.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    The 1990 300SL had a 5 speed automatic. The 500SL had the 4 speed. I understand that the 4 speed was more dependable. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to look for a 500SL.
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