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Cadillac DTS



  • wpsrwpsr Posts: 21
    You are welcome, yes the acceleration problem was dangerous. It is really nice to have an open communication for everyone here.

    Previous Disc: North America Disc: United States & Canada
    Part No. 15804409
    2006 DTS
    Ver: 1.10

    My new disc: North America Disc replacement.
    United States, Canada, Alaska & Hawaii
    Part No. 20857425U
    2009 NA CH/GMC900/SRX/DTS
    Ver: 4.1c

    The clock should be in the top right corner of the display while the radio or GPS is on. When it is off with the ignition key on or in accessory position, the clock should be near the middle of the display. To make changes to the clock press the menu key until the clock on the top right of the screen is selected. I ordered the replacement disc Dec. 2008 and finally got it April 2009. I think the replacements are still on back order.
  • fmoellerfmoeller Posts: 21
    Thanks for the response. I contacted GM (NAV disc center). My disc update was ordered in Oct 2008 and that version does not include the clock. They told me that the current release (the one you have) does have the clock and I would have to purchase it because I already have all the updates that I am entitled to. I should have waited and ordered in Dec 2008 as you did. I will stop by the dealer and see if they can do anything. The disc is not worth the $100 plus just to get a clock.

    Thanks again.
  • bob247bob247 Posts: 8
    While at the dealers one of the drivers seat motors quit working so the replaced the entire seat frame.
    They replace the drives side seat heaters but turns out the bottom does not heat.
    Dealer also replaced the sun roof to eliminate rattle. This also got rid of some wind noise.
    I got the car back on a Friday and left on vacation Sunday. On Monday I decided to wash the car and water poured in from the center console and the head liner on the drives side. I had to drive a hour and half one way to have a dealer fix it. Turns out whoever replaced the sun roof at the dealership in my town didn't attach the drain hose. Wasted a lot of vacation time just getting it fixed.
    I asked the dealer that fixed the sun roof if they had any problems with a vibration and found out they had. They told me it was most likely a bent axle and to have both replaced.
    My windshield was replaced a few months back. My sister noticed the view in the bottom 1/4 of the window is distorted.
    While on vacation here are the other things that broke
    - automatic head light dimming quit working
    -compass quit working
    -drives side bottom seat heater doesn't work

    The dealer in North Carolina had to turn all my brake rotors because the brakes were making a loud noise and caused a lot of vibration.
    Have I mentioned this car has 40,000 miles on it.
  • bob247bob247 Posts: 8
    When I bought my 07 DTS the GPS Dvd was missing so the dealer ordered a new one. I have the clock in the upper right corner which is nice.
    I am not overly impressed with the Cadillac GPS system. When I added my home address while parked in my driveway it shows my house 3 or 4 blocks farther down the road.
    Before going on vacation I programed my sisters address into the system. The system said I reached my destination but her house was about a 1/4 farther. I ended up calling her to find out exactly where she lived.
    During the trip out I found on a couple of occasions it told me to late which way to go.
    I have found other GPS system's (Tom Tom and Gamin) were much more accurate and a lot cheaper. GM needs to work on the program to make it more accurate. My dealer checked the system and said there was nothing they could do to increase the accuracy.
    I like the touch radio but would not spend the money again unless the GM system improves.
    I also found it likes major highways and will keep trying to route you back to them even if it is more miles. I need to test the detour function more to see where it wants to route me.
  • fmoellerfmoeller Posts: 21
    Regarding your NAV system, I have a 2006 DTS and find it very accurate, much better than On-Star. Of course, it depends on the disc version. Unfortunately mine does not have the clock, but I only need that on trips and at night. For my other car I have a portable Garmin ($150) which works just as good.

    Did you calibrate your compass? See the owner’s manual on how to do this. This could affect the accuracy of the NAV system.

    To set the NAV system with your home address, the most accurate way is to park in your driveway and press the Home button rather than enter it manually. This way it will direct you right into your driveway. There is option where you can add a destination by selecting your current location (coordinates) and saving it to the address book. This is how I entered my son’s address when his house was under construction and still not on any maps.

    There are options (see user guide) that you can select to avoid Interstates, tolls, ferries, etc. That may be why it directs you to major highways as this would be faster than rural roads.

    LOL and sorry about all your other problems.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I own a 2006 DTS which was purchased new in 2007 and still has Two years and 38,000 miles left on the new car warranty. If Gm goes chapter 11 will the Company be honoring its warranties on cars bought before the bankruptcy? I read an article tonight saying that bankruptcy was almost certain and that the the government would probably honor warranties on new car purchases but didn't mention cars purchased new before potential bankruptcy? Any feedback on this important aspect of ownership will be greatly appreciated.
  • texasjimtexasjim Posts: 9
    If you know anyone that has the new can put it in your car and it will update your firmware so that you will have the clock. The firmware also updates a few other things.

    When you insert the will say...UPDATING takes about 3 or 4 minutes to do this.

    DO NOT TURN OFF THE IGNITION while it is updating.

    Texas Jim
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Letters have gone out (mine came a couple of days ago) from the president of GM North America stating "Rest assured, we will honor the warranty commitment given to you and the time of your purchase". (mine is an '08 bought new in April '08). And if this guy backs down, well, you have the guarantee of the US Guvnment and if you can't trust Obama, then......
  • kpsmkpsm Posts: 12
    I'd say that the government backing removes any question about the warranties being good, so that's a plus.

    I just purchased my '06 DTS Performance model after three years of leasing it. We now have 25k miles on the car. I had a wheel hub replaced under warranty, otherwise this has been a problem free car with an excellent ride.

    I just updated the Navigation DVD, and now have the digital clock.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Thank you for your reply, I received the same or a similar letter which of course was nice to know with about two years to go on the warranty. If the government can bring GM out of chapter 11 as quickly as it did Chrysler that would be a good thing for the future of both General Motors and Cadillac.
  • i am having a problem with noise coming from my navigation system. have brought it to dealer and was told they have had several complaints. If the disc is in the navigation system there is all kinds of squeaks and clicks eminating from system. if the disc is not in system there is no problem. am very frustrated please help
  • barryob5barryob5 Posts: 6
    This sounds like the old joke where the guy goes into the doctor and says "Doc, it hurts when I do this". And the doctor says "Don't do that".

    Take out the disk. Of course, you won't have NAV, but you won't have any noise!
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 294
    No car magazine has said anything about the future of the DTS. I assume that in a couple of years GM will downsize the DTS and drop the STS. Something will probably emerge that is bigger than the STS and smaller than the present DTS. Does anyone know anything about this? I guess there will be a 2010 DTS identical to the 09. I'll be in the market for a used 09 next year. I like my 03 and don't want anything smaller so I guess I'll get the 09 and keep it for 10 years or so. The town car will be dropped next year. Doesn't anyone want a car that will hold 6 people, gets 30 on the roads and has great passing power? I've driven the CTS - rides stiffly and is cramped inside.. If I want a mid size I'll buy a new Malibu! It rides lots better than the CTS.. Actually my 09 Cobalt rides better than the CTS.
  • anybody having a problem with the noise emitting from the navigation system from the 09 DTS. Car rides great. Very smooth and quiet except for the problem from navigation system.
  • gbosleygbosley Posts: 20
    i have a 08 dts and at times it like hard drive clicking , the gps in my 03 model was much better , this one don't dim when at dusk so your force to turn dash lights down to lowest point so it not so bright , i also ask service dept about that sound i did not have it in 03 , think they used the word it was a up grade in system
    but ride is great
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    I agree with you on the CTS. 2010 DTS: two color changes,

    Heard that the next DTS is being modified so it can handle batteries (hybrid model). On the Lincoln side, the MKS is no replacement for the Town Car. It rides like the CTS, has low levels of refinement, but does have more room inside.
  • bob247bob247 Posts: 8
    I have an 07 and never heard any noise from the navigation system. My 07 has a lot of other problems. I have been waiting for Cadallic customer service to tell me what they are going to do but so far nothing. Hope you never have to deal with them. They tell me they will call back on a certain day and don't. When I finally talk to them again I get the same story over and over. Really seems like they are just stalling with hopes I will go away.
    When I had to take my car in for service while vacationing in North Carolina the rep in the service department told me that when he printed out what has been done to my care so far there were two pages. By now there should be at least 3 pages. Things keep breaking.
  • thanks for your reply. am getting the same run around. glad to see i am not alone (lol)
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Marsha7, sounds like you are doing it right. A lot of times when the people rotating the tires or putting new ones on, drive the lug nuts up tight with the impact and then work either the pattern or around the wheel. By doing this it can warp the rotors or misalign the wheels to the hubs. They should back the impact pressure off until all the lugs on that wheel are snug and then tighten them to torque.

    Our 07 DTS is now getting an average of 28 mpg highway and has done as well as 30 mpg between fill ups on a long trip.

    Someone mentioned the GM GPS has their house a few blocks from where it obviously is. Our aftermarket GPS does the same thing. I think GPS is only as good as the people who initally entered the actual locations. GPS I believe reads your location through whatever system you have, but initially, that location had to be linked to the system/satellite manually. Our Garmin always tells us we are home when we are really a block and a half away. We have found other discrepancies in the GPS directions, near Orlando, it will tell us to get off the toll road on an exit ramp that is Sunpass only, no way to pay cash, which if we didn't know better from family, could have caused a ticket worth more than the GPS system, since we don't have a Sunpass.
  • john178john178 Posts: 48
    After reading about dead battery, electrical issues, and other such problems with the DTS, I feel fortunate that my 2006 Luxury ll, purchased new, and now with 55,000 miles, has only been to the service dealer for routine maintenance. I would buy another DTS in a heartbeat.
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