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2014 Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience

steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 41,929
edited January 29 in Nissan
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  • In san antonio tx, we are being offered the 2014 pathfinder platinum (no premium psckage ) for $35832 +ttl. It has the dvd and navigation system. Is this a good deal ?
  • I got the following quote for 2 models of Nissan Pathfinder 2014. Please let me know if its a good deal

    1. Pathfinder 2014 SL with tow package (red cayenne & black interior) - price quoted

    33950 – 500 = 33450 selling price + Tx + other. With 0.9% for 60 months through Nissan Credit

    33950-1250= 32700 selling price + Tx + other. With a higher rate through Nissan Credit

    2. Path finder 2014 SL with premium package (red cayenne & black interior)

    - price quoted - $35,188 + Tx + other (including nissan rebate).
  • ap323ap323 Posts: 2
    Good Evening!

    I am in the market to lease a 2014 Pathfinder Platinum or Platinum Premium and I needed to obtain some information regarding residual, money factors, and bank fee. I am located in Miami Florida.

    36 Month 12K

    2014 Pathfinder Platinum
    Money Factor:
    Bank Fee:

    2014 Pathfinder Platinum Premium
    Money Factor:
    Bank Fee:

    Information would be greatly appreciated.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,103
    edited November 2013
    2014 Pathfinder Platinum 4X4 36mo, 12K/yr lease
    .00069 MF and 52% residual

    4X2 residual is 51%

    Premium makes no difference in rate.

    I'm not certain of the Nissan acquisition fee, but maybe another forum member who has leased a Nissan can enlighten us.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • ap323ap323 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response.

    They all have the same money factor of .00069?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 31,103
    Yes.. all 2014 Pathfinder models, for the 36 month term

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • deedeekhdeedeekh Posts: 3
    edited November 2013
    Just because he says he got a Platinum for $35,320 doesn't mean it has everything on it. You really have to do your research on this vehicle. I paid $43,500 for my 2013 Nissan Pathfinder, Platinum Premium, 4x4 in December of 2012. It has everything known that you can get on one except the cargo dividers.
  • Be sure you want one. They are having major problems with the transmissions. I know. I have a 2013.
  • I don't believe so. Hopefully they changed the transmission as they are having problems with the 2013 transmission and have been replacing them, but still not always taking care of the problem. Be careful.
  • lcw1lcw1 Posts: 35
    As of today there are 921 used 2013 and 2014 Pathfinders on nation wide. Either this car is selling like hot cake or many people have the luxury of buying a new car each year. I like the looks of the Pathfinder but seeing so many on the market is causing me to pause. Any opinion is greatly appreciated.
  • Trying to get an idea of what we can expect to pay for a NIssan Pathfinder SL 4x4 with premium pkg and rear dvd system.
    Lease, 12,000 miles for 36 months. Sign and Drive. We are in NYS.
  • dcartiedcartie Posts: 2

    We are also doing research on the 2014 Pathfinder SL premium 4x4 in NY. Already we are sure that the 2013's on the lots will have massive discounts vs the 2014. The end of the sales year is coming up so that is a plus, but the pathfinder is moving quickly and thus not coming down as much as I would hope. I am gathering from this forum that nationwide, the SL premium is selling out the door for 34k - 35k. Is this accurate? The price on a local SL premium is $ 36,695 and a competing dealer for $ 36,495. Then we'll pay for taxes and documentation. If what everyone here says is true, then we'll need to get the car for $33k plus doc plus taxes to get to 34k-35k. I know they won't deal that much. Any thoughts?

  • sahil908sahil908 Posts: 46

    Hi dcartie, I would check out some sites that do the negotiation for you. Couple of free sites like truecar and carwoo come to mind...

  • dcartiedcartie Posts: 2

    update - came to an acceptable deal with the dealer. They were firm with the asking price but did mess with the trade value to make it acceptable. I wonder how much different parts of the country affect the price (different markets) Interesting how they would NOT mess with the price if we financed with Nissan. I am wondering if this dealership does not get a kickback. Happy with the new pathfinder, it is a Murano set up for a family. Doesn't look as great (but close), gas mileage is a bit worse, and the rearview camera is VERY inferior to the Murano. (BEWARE!)

  • jssihsjssihs Posts: 4

    I asked Nissan Motors a question concerning their new Pathfinder Hybrid. It had to do with their Climate Control System operation. As I understand, the electric drive motor shuts off when the air conditioning portion of the CLS kicks in to cool off the interior of the car. This is because there is a drive belt from the compressor to the gas engine that operates the air conditioning. I asked Nissan if the heating portion of the CLS also shuts off the electric motor of the hybrid (if it does, this electric drive motor that helps to save gas and run your off...and it would be off most of the time, thus making the hybrid useless). I stated to Nissan in my third e-mail, "I have been waiting at least 3 WEEKS for an answer to this question. This is not a difficult question. Either the electric motor shuts off or it does not under the conditions asked. A 2 minute inquiry. Every other question I have asked of Nissan was answered quickly. Not this one. Is it because the electric motor is continually shutting down under both warm and cool conditions thus making the hybrid useless? Please respond already. John". Someone please HELP with this question. :P

    January 27 Here's the answer I got from Nissan Motors, "When the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is engaged the vehicle uses the gas engine and electric motor. When HVAC is engaged, the vehicle is programmed not to operate in EV (Electric Vehicle) only mode. Heater, as long as the AC compressor is not on, does not require the ICE to be on"...looks like I am good to go on buying a hybrid Nissan Pathfinder.

  • dman316dman316 Posts: 1

    Do not buy a 2014 Pathfinder. I and many others have had the lemon in the shop 5 and 6 times. All Pathfinders with CVT Transmissions are Lemons. You have been warned. Still not convinced, buy mine, I will save you thousands.

  • sam_dukesam_duke Posts: 9
    "Do not buy a 2014 Pathfinder. I and many others have had the lemon in the shop 5 and 6 times. All Pathfinders with CVT Transmissions are Lemons. You have been warned. Still not convinced, buy mine, I will save you ".

    I thought they fixed the transmission on the 2014. Did they replace the transmission for you?
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