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Mercedes-Benz CLK (2006 and newer)



  • bwitchdbwitchd Posts: 2
    I'm going to be a 1st time Mercedes owner. I ordered the CLK 350 Cabrio in Storm Red Metallic. The color has delayed availability. Anyone have any idea as to when the color will be available?
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    If you haven't dropped the big coin on the Porsche and you still want plenty of room for four then give the Audi S4 Cabriolet some consideration.

    Recent comparison tests have picked the S4 as the class winner well ahead of BMW, Mercedes, etc.

    Dollar for dollar it is the category leader in performance and comfort. Styling is pretty sharp too.

    No - I do not work for nor sell Audis. I did buy an A4 after going through much the same search as you. I tried to buy a Mercedes but could not handle the price tag for the poor performance, which includes less than stellar fuel economy and of late less than excellent build quality either. The BMW was just boring and you see a young kid driving one on every street corner.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Congats, bwitchd! Since the folks in the Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion are in the midst of researching deals for this vehicle, they might have the answer to your question about color availability.



  • rohardrohard Posts: 1
    Took Delivery Saturday (2006 CLK 350), back to the service bay Wednesday, they are going to have to put a new top on. Problem around the rear window. When the window goes to the 90 degree position for the boot to lift, it apparently stretched both the fabric and the rubber weather seal to much, and ripped it on both sides. Any one else had this problem?
    (MBUSA and the dealer could not have been more helpful. They have given me three options to chose from. I have no complaints, only complements to date, just do not want to keep a car that has endemic problems, since I currently have options available.)
  • I purchased the 2006 CLK 500 convertible about a month ago. This is my first experience with this car (other than drooling over it for a long time) so I do not have much to compare to. With that understood I can field questions.

    Bottom line is that I love this car! There are only 4 areas that concern me at all (or would redesign if I were MB):
    1. There is only one cup holder and it is located on the passenger area next to the glove.
    2. There is a wind guard that is provided in the trunk. To utilize you must get it out of the case and install and uninstall every time you have back-seat passengers.
    3. The DVD navigation does not seem to play DVD movies. (Have not tried it personally - little scared). It seems dangerous, but with kids it would be a nice to have. Seems a little silly to bring a portable when the screen and function is already installed.
    4. The important one - the dealership recommended that I NOT purchase the phone package as the technology is about three years behind and they have a lot of problems with it. So now what? They recommended blue tooth integration. I have looked into this and been told by everyone thus far that they can install it, but it will not work with the current car features (accessible on audio/visual screen, broadcast thru stereo, utilize car microphone and steering wheel accessibility). This is quite a waste. If anyone has a solution I would love a recommendation! Until then, I think that I will purchase an external blue tooth adapter and wait.

    Other than that, this car is the love of my life! I opted for the 500 series based purely on huge difference in power. That was a great choice I soon discovered since all of the features that I would have added came standard (like chrome trim).

    DVD Navigation: I can see where this feature is a nice to have and then the novelty wears off. I, however, have kids traveling all over the place (always a new area) and as long as I continue to go place that I have not been this will continue to be a great feature.

    Keyless Go: Was not planning to get this at first, but it was on the car that matched the description of what I wanted, so I kept it. GREAT FEATURE. I love this! I keep the key in my purse, it tells me if I leave my purse in the car and I never have to search the purse for the key. The nice thing is that it does not scratch up the dashboard with the other keys on the key chain.

    Anything else that I can answer, let me know. And if anyone has a phone recommendation please share....
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the suggestion. However, even though the Audi S4 and BMW M3 will beat the 911 Cab hands down for rear seat room and comfort, they are not sports cars - and that's what I keep returning to. The lighter RWD M3 comes closer to the "feel" I am looking for, but the 4,000 lb AWD S4 is hardly a "nimble" sports car or roadster. I might be more inclined to replace my current sedan with a new M5 or even 550i 6-speed than augment it with a two ton convertible coupe.

    I sense I am going to end up with a Boxster S and accept that it's not a family car, but the 911 Cab S is still in the running.
  • Hello luvthsryd
    Thanks for the post. I do have one question. Can you see the DVD Navigation system during the day? I've heard of a lot of people saying that the Nav system is hard to use. Please let me know your feelings on the easy of use of the Nav. System.
  • I am looking at a 2003 or 2004 CLK 500. Can anyone give me their gas mileage stats since I know it has the Guzzler tax added. Know of any significant problems, complaints, etc? I have a Cadillac STS and its a great car (99) and average over 20 mpg and repairs have been minimal. Thanks for your input.
  • This may or may not help. I have a 2004 CLK 320 Cab - which thus far has been trouble free. Around town (combined highway/city) - I get about 23/24 MPG. Strictly highway driving is about 30 MPG.
  • tom26tom26 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a very low milage 04 CLK500 for my wife. We get 18 mpg in town and 24 hwy. This is supposed to improve as it breaks in. No problems have surfaced, the car has 2,200 miles on it now. The only thing that bugs me is some odd sounds at start up and idle that come from the engine compartment. I'm told there normal. The car performs better than I expected. We have a Brabus exhaust system that my wife loves, she can feel it, not hear it (her words). It sounds great when she drives away and looks good. I did some research before purchasing and was warned of many things that go wrong with Mercedes vehicles. So far I've got no regrets.
  • I have not experienced any difficulty in seeing the Nav System. I have noticed it getting brighter suddenly even during the day, but not had any trouble. I love it.
  • I recently bought a 2006 Clk 350, and they told me that I had to wait about 2 months for them to deliver it to me. I paid 51,096 for my car which includes nav system, heated seats, premiume pakage, lighting package, sports suspension, and rear seat air bags. Then I was checking out the Mbusa web site and saw that they offered a 7 or 8 % discount if I ordered it from Europe. Even though my car is being shipped from Germany, do I qualify for this discount?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    No. You need to order it through the European Delivery program and pick it up yourself in person at the factory. It can then be dropped off, shipped back to the States and will arrive at you domestic dealer in another 6+/- weeks.
  • skpinkskpink Posts: 1
    Would like some imput on package price of 2006 Clk Cab. Quoted price out the door with metallic paint and premium pkg is $56,665.00 MSRP, with $2000 down and 39 month lease for 779.00 a month. Is this reasonable? Appreciate input.
  • rdubsrdubs Posts: 11
    Hi skpink,
    Don't have a direct answer for you, but one of the best resources to use to find your answer is the Excel spreadsheet you can find and download on You can find all the invoice prices for the options on I used it to negotiate a great price on my 06 CLK350 which is being custom built.
    Go to "buyer's offer spreaadsheet"
    hope that helps.
  • avguyavguy Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a CLK 320 but bfore I do I need to have an understanding of the maintenance schedule. I've never owned a Benze before I remember the ones my father owned during the 80's seemed to cost him a small fortune to maintain.

    I need to know when they are scheduled, what gets done & an idea of what it costs. While I haven't decided on a specific year & model I have found what I feel is a great deal on a 2002 with 33000 miles.

    Thanks for the assistance
  • dlukdluk Posts: 2
    I just took delivery of a 2004 Black Opal CLK500 two weeks ago. 22k miles, great condition, paid $38k. I think I got a great deal on the price and the car is just intoxicating to drive!

    It is an absolute rocketship on the highway, and quite capable in the twists. It was also a delight on the highway for my long Xmas drive to my parents house.

    My only complaints are a bunch of niggling issues in the interior (it's no japanese car when it comes to little things going wrong) - i.e. the cupholder doesn't slide out, the glovebox doesn't close without a firm and inelegant smack, the passenger vanity mirror light doesnt' work, etc.

    A couple of bigger issues that I'd welcome people's opinions on: (1) the engine makes a weird noise at idle, which I've read is normal for this car, and (2) the transmission seems to sometimes upshift way too early under part-throttle acceleration and/or coming out of a turn, to the point where it feels unnatural. This scares me a bit but also might be that I'm used to
  • z5470z5470 Posts: 19
    Just got back from a Mercedes dealer. I looked at the exact same car you did with the same msrp. HOWEVER they wanted 39 mo 10K per year with 4100 down and 844 per month.
    Where did you get this deal and how many miles a year? Also they said they were charging 8.25% because of the 65% residual value.

  • z5470z5470 Posts: 19
    Just got a quote for sticker price MSRP 56665 Lease payment 844 with 4000 down which includes bank fee first month and taxes. Only extra, premium pack and heated seats. 10K per yr and 39 month lease. I have never paid MSRP before on any car. The bank rate was in the 8%+ range which I though was too high but was told Mercedes gives 65% residual
    Would like to hear the deals that others have made as this does not seem to be a good deal.
    This site has really helped me in the past, so I look forward to hearing from you all.
    Thank you.
  • Anyone know if it's possible to install an SLK hood and grill on the CLK? I love the SLK styling, but I need a four-seater.

    I'd be willing to plunk a few grand on an SLK hood, though I haven't been able to find hoods for sale on the internet, and I don't know if an SLK hood could be made to fit on a CLK. I doubt it can, but thought asking can't hurt ;)
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