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Nissan 300ZX



  • I have a 1991 300ZX turbo. Occassionally when I turn the key the dash lights up but nothing else happens. If I turn the key a few times it eventually turns over with no problem. Sometimes it goes months without this happening and then it starts happening daily. I put in a new starter, which seemed to work but didn't. I even tried a new key as the old one was worn down. Again it seemed to work but didn't. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,118
    Sorry I can't help you with your problem, but as an owner of a '88 300ZX, non-turbo, I was wondering what prompted you to swap the engine. How many miles did the original engine have?
  • With 245,000 miles the crankshaft broke. A friend had an engine out of an 86 with 55,000 on it (pulled from his attempt to mate 300ZX and 16 point buck), so after swapping out a few external pieces (pulleys etc) we stuffed it in. Now all I need to do is get that pesky thing to run!!!
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,118
    Well, with 245,000 miles your 300ZX didn't owe you anything, although I've never heard of a crankshaft actually breaking.

    Good luck with getting your Z back on the road.
  • zsformezsforme Posts: 4
    I have a 1994 300zx non turbo. Not toooo long ago I broke my timing belt (yeah I know). Anyway I have replaced all necessary parts and tried to start, no go. All my warning lights are on and even with the car unlocked the "security" light stays flashing. on the car will crank, but nothing happens. According to the manual I needed to disconnect the battery so I wouldn't get shocked while removing starter. I am thinking there is an issue with the theft alarm. The car is in great shape, but I don't think I am getting fuel to the injectors. I hear the fuel pump. I also hear a slight squeak that runs as pump starts might be nothing, but??. Does anyone know why all my lights are staying on and why the car is not turning over?

  • chuck have you tried to reset the alarm with the doors and hood all closed and then lock and unlock the door with the key ? also you may half to reset the codes in the computor or you can try putting it in test mode to see what errors it gives you
  • I would start by looking into the front braking system,you are probabally getting pulsation from front brake rotors.If you replace rotors also replace pads.also insure that you don't have a brake caliper that is stuck as this would spoil new pads and rotors.from what you are saying this is a very good possibility due to the fact that the wheel shakes while driving down the road as well as when you apply the brakes.
  • zsformezsforme Posts: 4
    Hey Justin,
    Yes I have tried what you have suggested except testing the computer. I was told that if you turn car (not start) and disconnect the neg terminal turn car off and reconnect it will reset alarm. didn't work. Called Nissan dealer and he suggested that I touch pos terminal to neg (pos off battery that will reset alarm. I will try the computer idea. are u talking about the ECU? Is it under the floor board on passenger side? Thanks for your reply and help I will let you know what happens.
  • yes it is located under the passenger side kick panel or side panel under the dash by the floor. hope it helps.
  • majixmajix Posts: 3
    One thing to look for is the secondary ground on the negative cable behind the battery. If this is not attached it can cause quite a few weird problems,including dying as you come to a stop, because it starts to draw current away from the ECM. Hope this helps.
  • mmarkermmarker Posts: 1
    I have a 1988 300ZX SS (Shiro Model). I am trying to have the Recaro seats either redone or replaced. Anyone have information on a source on the material or is anyone parting out a SS model with the Recaro Seats? Have attempted to reach Recaro but they do not respond.
  • aimsteraimster Posts: 1
    I also have a Shiro that we purchased last October. The driver's side seat needs work on the foam and fabric. I emailed Recaro about fabric and they checked with Japan and said that it was no longer available. I haven't been able to come up with a replacement seat either. The best solution I've found so far, is to reupholster both seats in fabrics that are very close to the original. If we do this, we'll have the Recaro embroidery cut out of the back of the seat and sewn into the new fabric. Total cost estimate is around $600.
  • I am looking at a 1996 300ZX TT. The only concern is the seats, which seem to be tilted inboard. The seller tells me this is the way the car was designed. That seems strange but I have been unable to find anything that confirms or denies this.
  • I have a 1987 300zx > I bought it brand new but with a family and it being 2 seats I never drive it. It has 42,000 miles and even though I live in PA it has never seen snow. Anyone have an idea what it is worth or where to go to get a price? All original and no body work.
  • check out this site. no need to pay for anything either. that's recall stuff.
  • chrsmllrchrsmllr Posts: 1
    when i turn my car off a secondary fan of some sort goes on, is this normal? and it runs for quite some time too, about 20 minutes. :confuse:
  • i have a 1985 nissan 300zx non turbo with miles not to bad for an 85 but my question is what can i do to enhance performance and where can i find the parts to do it this car is almost mint condition inside and out i have been trying to sell it all i want is 2500.00 but no takers why. this is a collector item now its in hickory nc craigslist.
    what do i need to do to give it more pep and how much would it cost
    Thanks - Cody
  • its me again but i forgot something i have a problem with not starting after i drive the car for a while (30mi) or so its like it gets hot and will not crank i have new plugs,distributor cap rotor button IAC is clean and So is the air injection and fuel injection i also put a new fuel filer on it.
    what else can i do to prevent this problem.
    please help
    and how hard is it to change the lifters in this car 1985 3.0l non turbo 300zx there are 12 lifters i know a little about cars but maybe not enough once again
  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    I found a 1990 300zx with manual trans and 59k. Interior is good, but body has dings and bottom of front bumper is broken off but there. It looks like it may have been damaged and repaired right front as front hood gap narrows and paint has a different texture. Bumper is yellow plastic. is that original material/color? Plastic looks aged like it was outside. Supposedly came from Texas. Would need some body work and a repaint to make right. BUT:

    The real problem is that upon starting it, it sounds like one or 2 cylinders are not firing at all. The owner jockeys cars, and I think he is trying to dump this one. He bought it this way. I suspect he knows it's not a simple problem as he has been through an auto tech course. Claims he put Seafoam through it and it helped. Also says it smoothes out when you drive it. I didn't drive it as I didn't believe him. There are no unusual noises. Could it just be injectors or electronics? Exhausts are both burning black. Clutch is solid.

    Is this a common problem? Anyone have any ideas what the problem is? He just put $600 worth of new BFG tires on it. Any idea what this car would be worth considering it's problems? Could be a money pit.
  • I have a 1992 300ZX, the tail lights stay on all the time even when the car is off. I have checked all the fuses and changed all the bulbs. Does anybody know the solution to this?

    Thank you,
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