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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • I left one more thing out: both front window motors as well as driver side door lock actuator were replaced in the Camry. Rear driver interior door handle broke into two pieces. This is not the only Camry that I know of having problems, a friend's 1990 Camry gave him so many problems, that he sold it in 1996. On the other hand, he kept his 1990 Oldmobile Cutlas Ciera till 7/2001 even though it had the Quad 4 engine that a lot of people talk about. It did not give him any major problems.
  • xonxon Posts: 9
    I had a Ford Taurus and a Ford Escort. They are the worst pieces of crap I ever drove. I considered the Ford Focus before I bought my Camry until I read it has has 9 recalls. I had a Dodge Intrepid which was fine until I had mechanical probklems with the transmision after 40,000 miles. None of the dealers stood behind their product. I gave up on American cars. You just hate Japanese cars. What are posting here for anyway?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    will stand behind their product much better than the "big 2.5" if there are problems related to design or build problems that are outside warranty.

    In general, ALTHOUGH NOT FOR EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE EVER MADE, they also build them a lot better, and they generally develop fewer problems later on than the domestic cars do, and that includes the impala, CERTAINLY the intrepid, and the Taurus.

    Finally, they have longer warranties than the domestics, and they are very good about honoring them.

    Anything that people are involved in producing, including cars, will occasionally produce one that is not as good as the rest. That is the impact that humans being on the production line at any point has.

    if you are going to compare one car to another, AT LEAST they should have the same owner so that they have some type of consistent treatment - any car that is babied is likely to do better regardless of the brand than one that is used hard and abused.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • The Focus might have nine recalls, but the much talked about BMW X5 has had 13 recalls since its debut about 3 years ago. Does it mean the $45,000 X5 is crap? No way, probably the best SUV on the planet. If the $12,000 Focus has a few recalls on it, it doenst make it a bad product. As a matter of fact, the Focus has better fit and finish than the Corolla or Civic. Also, it has better handling and more room and ofcourse better looks. It's the most rattle free out of all of them. These are the things that consumers care about the most, not some recalls dealing with things such as wiper motor and seat back recliner handle. Recalled items are serviced free, but it is the rest of the car that should be looked at.
  • So you're comparing ONE chevy to ONE Camry and concluding from this sample size that chevies are more reliable than Toyotas? That's like flipping a coin twice, getting 2 heads and concluding that flipping a coin produces heads 100% of the time and tails 0% of the time. I think that if you look at ANY bonafide measurement of reliability - JD Power, Consumer Reports, etc. Toyota as a brand has always been better than Chevrolet as a brand. The 2001 Consumer Reports auto issue has a bar chart (pg 13) which shows problem ranges for car makes. Toyotas range from about 5 to 17 problems per car. Chevrolets range from about 10 to 38 problems per car. The interesting thing about the graph is not that Toyota is more reliable than Chevrolet, but that both manufacturers have such a wide range of reliability. I guess this is why CR tends to measure reliability by model and not by make.
  • xonxon Posts: 9
    I rented a Buick Century for a week. One of the worst cars I've ever driven. It deceptively looks nice on the outside, however when I drove to Tahoe up those hills, the car BARELY could maintain 45 MPH. Trucks were passing me. It was embarassing. My mother's Nissan Maxima easily outperformed that piece of junk when we subsequently used her car on the same trip.
  • Hi. I have a new Camry SE, and it rattles and creaks like crazy. I have spent more time taking the dash apart than you would believe. I'm wondering if anybody has found any definitive fixes. My main complaint is a rattle near the windshield directly in front of the driver. I cannot tell if it's in the dash or beneath the wiper area under the hood. I've secured everything reachable by removing the vents and the radio cover with no success. Next step is to remove the plastic cover under the wipers and see if it's there. Also, the middle door pillars have some really bad rattles, as does the power sunroof. I am planning on taking it to the dealer to see if they can do anything.

    It's really a disappointment, because one of the reasons I replaced my '92 Maxima is that it was starting to rattle--and my new car is even worse! People at work see the new car and ask them how happy I am with it, and I have to tell them that I would not buy this car if I knew what I knew today.

    If I find any fixes, I will post them here. :)
  • Fit and finish were GREAT, remarkable in fact, better plastics, no exposed screws and NO RATTLES on my 1995 Mystique. The handling was even compared to BMW. CR initially reccommended the it too. There were MANY recalls on this vehicle though and in addition MANY MANY trips to the shop for odd items that usually took several trips to diagnos. The dealer told me it was normal for teh car - all kinds of weird things. It seldom cost me much since I had an extended service contract. Still it was a real pain to be dropping the car every other month; getting shuttled to work or hitching rides or even just waiting. I don't have time for that. When they dropped the Mystique I thought perhaps the Focus would build upon it. CR seemed to initially rank the car way up there, perhaps even it's top choice...that is until the user surveys started coming in. To me, the Focus seemed to me to be a smaller version of the Mystique; I had hoped an improved version mechanically and reliability wise. It is not. I guess if you have time to be going to the dealer often and don't mind the wait, don't travel far and maybe do not have kids then the FOCUS is for you and you will likelly save thousands so long as you get rid of it once out of warranty. To each his own....all I can say is if FORD can get it's reliability up they may one day give Toyota a run for it's money - - especially with Toyota quality dipping in some areas.
  • My wife and I own a 2002 XLE 4 cyl with about 9000 miles and have had rattleing in the dash area for a month or two. Of course I have torn apart things trying to fix it when I finally took it to Seeger toyota in st. louis. They said that there were some loose/improperly installed plastic parts in the front right wheel well and that they fixed the problem. Have not had a rattle since. I hope this helps some of you all with the same problem.
  • Now if they can only solve the door pillar problem and Radio area problem!
  • I haven't had any door pillar problems. What you think may be the radio may actually be the wheel well problem. Sometimes my rattle sounded like it was coming from the radio when in the drivers seat.
  • Very happy with our 97 Camry except since new when encountering pavement bumps-even just manhole covers, it make a heavy crunch/crack like the front end is about to fall off. Actually my toy-- l963 Corvair Ragtop rides far quieter over the same cracked concrete roads Arizona is cursed with. . Is this endemic with the V6 XLEs??
  • I have a rattle that seems to be behind the instrument panel, and have not been able to fix it with four or five serious attempts, and a visit to the dealer. Anybody else out there?

    I will say that the dealer fixed the noisy sunroof completely.

    The latest is a very loud rattle that seems to be coming from the rear passenger-side seat area. Haven't had a chance to investigate yet, as I need somebody else to drive...

    gcsads: can you describe what pieces were rattling in the wheel well? I'm desperate, and will look at anything! :)
  • My 03 Camry SE V6 has the same rattling noises you people have. Oh, except for the noises behind the instrument panel. I actually got used to the noises now so I guess I won't bother the dealer with it. I sometimes fear that they would only make things worst, although they usually do a pretty good job. Just sometimes want to leave it as it is. My friend has an Accord and it had noises coming from the sunroof when going over bumps too.
  • I will get the service ticket out tonight and write exactly what they put down.
  • please advise what was done.

    1) Door pillar crackle / rattle on both driver and passenger side....pretty much occurs all the time.

    2) Rattles behind radio area...sound like loose wires banging aroung...intermittant.

    3) Instrument panel.....rattle that is present less often.

    4) Occasional clunk in the trunk....actually I believe there is a TSB for this one...I just have convinced myself to think it's my son's soccer ball moving around...thats what I tell passengers anyway.

    Also, note most of these rattles disappear when the temp falls to under 20 degrees...I have noticed this over the past 2 weeks in PA. Perhaps Toyota should only sell these cars in Alaska...ha ha ha
  • I think I have the same (soccer ball) scenario as described. However, I noticed it on my old 97 Camry. The 03 Camry has the same noise too. I only hear it when I start the car off the line (usually after traffic light and stop sign stops). That's usually true when the gas tank is full. But when the gas tank is not full, the sound goes away. Try it as an experiment next time you fill her up at the gas bar!
  • my service statement states as follows:
    CAUSE: panels not fitted properly on assembly
    isolate noise to front fender area-repair plastic panels by cowl and inner fender liner

    I mentioned in a different discussion that I think the cause of my problems was I had a front end alignment done (not by toyota) and I think they reassembled something incorrectly. I might be wrong though.
  • n4tyn4ty Posts: 5
    Bought my 02 LE early August, straight from the factory in Georgetown (where I live). This was built earlier that week, and is supposedly towards the end of the 02 run.

    From the 1st mile, the right passenger window buzzed loudly under acceleration and rough pavement. I could quickly tap the down switch on the right-front power window, and the noise would immediately stop. Put the window back up, no buzz....until next time I used the car.
    After a few weeks it settled down, now is just intermittent and faint at that. But it's annoying.

    Now the dash area has developed a noise that is a combination of buzz and high-ptiched rattle, you have to hear it to believe it. This one is highly intermittent, but when it happens you can hear it over the radio. Pressing on the radio, trim, or other dash pieces does not affect it. It does seem to be affected by temperature: the warmer the interior gets, the less it happens.

    I also have the faint clunking in the trunk that other folks mentioned, but I can ignore that one.

    Past posts recently said Toyota publically stated there were noise/rattle issues, and that they have been addressed. If so, is there a TSB on them that I can send my service dept to? They are telling me they don't know anything.

    Otherwise, I'm happy with this car, but I seem to have bought a rattler.

  • No TSBs other than for the trunk thud. I called Toyota in regards to their letter stating they have corrected such issues but they are full of crap. They could not provide one example of how late model 2002's are made any different than early 02s or even 03s. My dealer has no idea how to correct the rattles. Call and complain!
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