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Chevrolet Cavalier Window Motors



  • I have a 1993 Cavalier convertible with the left rear window sluggish. I tried to remove it to lubricate the mechanism but was unsuccessful. There is a bolt on the bottom of the window with the nut on the inside of the panel. I am afraid if I remove the nut to get the window out I will not be able to get the bolt back through the hole in the side panel. Can someone tell me if this bolt is fixed in the window mechanism so it will not fall out. Also to remove the backrest of the back seat I need a special tool that looks like a spline wrench... What is the size.
    Thanks for the help
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    Well when you pay all the retires health and pension payments, workers not working, there is not much left to make a good car. The ironic thing is, it is a entry level car, after all your car troubles they think you will buy the next class up, not.
  • I have an 2003 cavalier 4dr ; I had vent visor shades on it and recently took them off because they were not sticking well and falling off. Now i have a problem. The vent visor after time pulled on the vertical black molding on the door and seems to leak in air when i drive i was wondering does anyone know how to make that molding tighter cause i dont see any screws or how its attached. Thanks
  • tm33398tm33398 Posts: 2
    I was wondering how to know, on my 2004 Cavalier, if my power window switch is bad. It is easy to replace but at least $55.00 to replace buying online or 87.00 from a local Chevy dealer. I am guessing it might be the switch by the way it acted when I disconnected the switch from the wiring and then the driver's side would not down. First it was just the passenger side and then when I removed the switch and reconnected it, driver's side would not go down. Maybe the circuit board is damaged from spilling liquid on the switch.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,637
    I presume you mean the master switch on the driver's door?

    I guess the only way for you to diagnose this for CERTAIN would be to have a wiring diagram of the switch and a test light, and then you would test the switch one position at a time and see if current is going in and coming out at the appropriate points. You can bypass the switch by connecting the wires but without a wiring diagram I wouldn't want you doing that. If you touch two live leads together you'll blow a fuse.

    Which reminds me, have you checked all the fuses? On some cars, not all the windows work off the same fuse.
  • tm33398tm33398 Posts: 2
    Checked the fuses and just checked for juice to the lead into the connector in the door and there is juice in there, so I would think its the window motor, although some have said it could be the regulator, but it appears I will have to go to a shop. Thnaks for the reply. The master switch is in between the seats on this model. :sick:
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,637
    You could pop off the door panel and peel back the moisture barrier and test for voltage right at the motor. By "regulator" do you mean the power window relay?
  • Hi, i have a 96 RH drive Cavalier and was told by an auto electrician that the problem i was having with intermittent window raise and lower could be a faulty circuit breaker and that he wasnt sure if the actual motors had seperate circuit brakers or if there was one that controlled all the windows, the front passenger window does not operate at all, the drivers window is intermittent as is the RHR passenger window where as the LHR passenger window works fine, can any one shed any light on where i might find the circuit breaker as i would like to try and bypass it completely to see if it helps, if not aftermarket motors are supposed to be better than the original although costly. :confuse: <img src="
  • I've seen a lot of comments on here about the power windows and at least one comment about the breaks lurching. I have a 2004 Cavalier that I bought in 2005 from Carmax. Thankfully, my car is still under the extended warranty. I have the same problem with the breaks - when I try to stop suddenly or if I hit a bump or pothole while breaking, the breaks make a grinding sort of noise and lurches forward. I've been told by one mechanic that this is due to the rotors, which are supposedly a known problem for the Cavalier, and that they're about $300 per wheel to replace and fix. Also, six months after I bought the car, the driver side window suddenly stopped working and was stuck half rolled down. Every once in a while I could get it to go up a little. Literally a fraction of an inch. It took about two weeks for it to eventually roll all the way back up. According to the Carmax mechanic that worked on it in 2005, the motor was burned out. The sun roof and passenger windows have been working with no problems, though. Just about six months ago the same window started having the same problem. I took my car in to get an oil change and I neglected to tell them NOT to roll down the driver side window. Now it's stuck half rolled down and won't go up. Freaking car!!! In addition, at least five of my coworkers have Cavaliers and they all have the same issues with the windows and the breaks.
  • My car has all four window motors now defective. Is this a manufacturer defect? They all failed about the same time and in the summer. Are they made in china? I've been told you can get kits to make the windows roll up and down using a handle instead of a motor; is that true?
  • the motors themselves or the regulators? Did anyone ascertain the exact reason for the failures?--that is, did they burn up, or did something break, or ??? Without knowing that, we couldn't speculate as to whether it's a defect, a coincidence, or something wrong in your car that frying motors.
  • shyguycaseshyguycase Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    From what I have been reading, the window motor issue is VERY common in the 2004 Cavalier. I am also in the same boat. All four windows on my Cavalier are stuck (Thankfully in the up position). I have been researching for recalls on these motors, but it doesn't appear that Chevy intends to do anything about these as I have found no such luck in that regard. With that in mind, I don't intend on buying another Chevy vehicle.
  • If they all stuck at the same time then you have a switch or relay or fuse problem, not a motor problem.
  • Nope, all the window motors are defective. Guess some of the parts may have been "made in China". Japanese motor still runs great, and passed California smog with flying colors; but, other things are failing. One problem is the anti-theft system. For some reason, the car thinks I'm stealing it and takes quite a bit of time to start. Sometimes four hours. Anyone know where the anti-theft relay is located? I'm thinking that may be the problem.
  • I just posted in the forum for A/C problems and mentioned my electric window problems. I didn't realize that so many other owners have had the same problem with the electric window motor. My 2000 Chevy Cavalier has 51,000 miles on it. This is the second time that I have had to replace the driver's side motor and the first time for the passenger's window.

    It is very frustrating to think the parts could be better to start with. Just venting.
  • i have pulled one apart and believe it is a problem with the gearing, they have a nylon type gar and it is very fine methinks there lies the problem, the gearing is sticking, there does not appear to be any burning out of the motors at all, i will try and fix the problem my self and if i have any success will repost with the solution, by the way these can be bought as aftermeket parts that are supposed to be 100% more reliable which wouldnt be hard to believe as the original ones by all accounts are utter crap.
  • Thanks and good luck. Let us know how you come out with it!
  • Just bought a 2002 Cavalier 2 months ago thought it was just the switch, it's not . so did everyone with this problem replace the motors and regulators. don't want to play the game.
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