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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • Too bad about you Jeep. If I follow your post correctly, you have put on over 1400 miles in only a week? That's a lot of miles in a short time, especially considering it's been with the dealer part of that time!
  • Thanks for the feedback on trying a Dodge place. You guessed it right, it's a sole Jeep dealership; well-run, friendly place. Their persistence to come and see first hand that Jeep deserves a second chance, is why I ended up test driving the darn thing anyway. At least on the surface they seemed equally frustrated with this. I'll actually got to Dodge, hope it works...


    On the miles: you got it right. I put on 1400 miles in a little over a week. I am in sales and drive all over the Northeast. The Toyota I mentioned made most of its 135K miles in 2 1/2 years shuttling between NYC and Boston. I am actually shrewd enough to put these miles on a Japanese :-) My current workhorse is Acura TL.

    With the excitement and intention to give the new Jeep a smooth and "DCX recommended" workout took it for client visits in Upstate NY, and NYC. To keep the message short, skipped the fact that the '05 Hemi was a replacement for our 2001 Laredo, driven mostly by my wife weekdays, and for family outings on weekends. With 68K miles, nearing end of 75K purchased extended warranty, and behaving just like our '98 Ltd. (fix after fix right after mfg. warranty expires) it was begging for replacement. Well, now it must be even clearer why I really feel like an idiot... We always loved our Jeeps, and I guess, like fools were just looking for a reason to own another one. This time it was the new Daimler "quality commitment" hype, the huge improvement in ride, brakes, exhilarating engine, and most of all the list of equipment and technology one gets for the money that took us. Jeeps are irresistible on paper and when test-driven; until one plunks the money, owns them, and then tries to sell...

    Unless Toyota or Honda buys the brand, fires the production people, keeps the designers, and maintains the value equation, this is the last Jeep I will ever own.... (wishful thinking....)
  • Oh now I notice why the question, sorry "carguy". I mistype meant missed "couple". Apologize.
  • Regret:


    Thanks for the information. I currently am driving a 2001 Acura MDX, very reliable, but a bit boring. It's got a V-6 and VTM-4; I was planning on switching to the Jeep's hemi V-8 and QuadraDrive II for greater smoothness, traction, and off-roadability--as you say, the specs on paper look great! But I need a dependable vehicle, above-all. So please keep us informed as to how your problems are resolved. Maybe, the 4.7 V-8 would be better??


    I did go to another local Jeep dealer to check out the new navigation system. Unfortunately it's not touch-screen, whereas my current one is. On the other hand, it does allow storage of 100 addresses and it does have phone numbers. So I guess it will be OK.
  • Sorry to hear about your 05 GC problems. I have had many Jeeps. I now have a 2000GClimited, 1998 Wrangler Sport 4L and a 1991 Cherokee 4L.


    My wife likes the 91 the best. The 2000 is ok but it has a vibration buzz that can't be taken out. It's still a good car. It has the 4.7 which is better than the Hemi they say. Unless you need towing power go with a 4.7.


    I had a 93 GCLimited with a 318 and had 189000 when I sold it. Not burning a drop of oil!


    Sorry you got a lemon. I have never had any REAL problems with my Jeeps.


    I too fell pray to the advertising of the 05 GC. BUT, when I took it for a ride, I didn't think it was any better than my 2000. And I didn't see any REAL power in the Hemi. It didn't have the power my 4.7 has right now.


    I'm going to keep my 2000 for quite a while. It's a good car.


    My wife wants a new (old style Cherokee) so I'm going to look at the new Hummer 3 (Looks just like the 91 cherokee with my 98 wrangler dash!)


    Only time will tell.


    Good luck with the 05. I hope it turns out good for you. Merry Christmas. Maybe Santa can help?
  • Thanks for the feedback. As of today Sunday Dec. 19th, the Jeep is still at the dealer. Upon a check with the service yesterday, the problem still not resolved, actually still not even a verdict on what's wrong. Tomorrow (Monday) it'll be a week since it got to the dealer for the second time; has been laying there since...

    It seems to have come down to Santa's Miracle :-)

    If tomorrow no positive result, will pull it back. Bring it again... If not fixed, the fourth time is their last chance... After that the Lemon Law kicks in. Planning to either sell back at a small loss or get a replacement and hope that the new one is OK.

    I guess should've gone for the MDX. You're right, not as exciting as Jeep, yet at least gives peace of mind. Will take reliability over going through this anytime...

    Have a NAV on my Acura TL too, love it... Few times took an associate who drives a Lexus RX330 w/NAV to client calls; according to him, Acura NAV much better... Jeep's NAV is quite nice too, and not expensive to add (again the Jeep bang for the buck)...

    Will keep you posted on this saga...
  • About the 5.2L V-8, I have to agree. When the engine on my 98 Ltd. was hooked up to a computer for emissions tests etc., the mechanic was in awe. According to him, very few engines with such mileage (I think it had 70K+ at the time) show such healthy indicators. Although never got to see such high miles on mine, I'm not surprised it didn't burn oil...

    But the engine alone doesn't do any good.. It's the rest that falls apart. Noise from axles, quickly wearing bearings, time-bomb transmission, brake rotors, electrical, coolant leaks, AC, electrical stuff that sucks up money.

    Can't imagine how you made it to 189K without spending several grand (beyond any brand's usual wear costs) just to have it running reasonably well.

    The boxy Cherokee, must be one of the most reliable products Detroit has ever made. It's so simple and built around time-proven components... No wonder there are so many of them on the road dating back to the 80's.

    As far as the Hemi, my test drive impression was its silky-smoothness, though not the case with mine..

    Can't believe that such frustration will make me a such a message board junkie. Hope, my experience gives the rest some guidance...
  • Regret:


    Edmunds consumer score for the 2005 JGC is 9.2, from 22 responders (but that might be expected from early adopters). So, although your case is very serious, I don't think we can jump to the conclusion that all 5.7L Jeeps are going to be problem-prone. I do remember this forum back in 2000 with all the moans and groans, but over the past couple of years it would appear that Jeep reliability has improved, although maybe not to the Japanese standard. So I think we should see how DC resolves your problem before scratching the Jeep off the "most-wanted" list.


    I'm now wondering if the Dynamic Handling System will be available for the 4.7L engine, as well as the 5.7L Hemi. Does anyone know? Probably not. Also, what is the fuel economy of the 4.7L with Quadra-Drive II? Is it still 15/20?


    By the way an SUV (like the MDX) which gets 17/23 but uses premium grade costs about the same to run as an SUV (like the JGC) which gets 15/20 (4.7L) but uses regular grade; this is verified on the EPA Web site. The HP comparison is 265 vs 235 (4.7L), but the towing comparison is 3500 lb vs 6500 lb (4.7L). So, we agree that the new Jeep sure looks good on paper.


    Judging by your comments, maybe the MDS is not working properly; i.e., maybe not four pistons are shutting down--that could cause a great deal of vibration (because the engine would not be balanced). I sure hope it's not the Quadra-Drive II.
  • You are right about the 91 Cherokee We have. It has a 4L as does my 98 Wrangler.


    Do you know that the 4L is the old 1955 Nash American block with a Fuel Inj. head? great engine (bullet proof) except its very noisy.


    AS far as my 93 GClimited with the 5.2. The only problem I had was at 170K I had to replace the Viscus Coupler <sp. And I think 170K is a good amount of mileage to get out of that part! (however it cost $750 for the part! Other than that I had no porblems with that car! My 2000 GClimited is ok so far. Have some rotor warping, but that is at 74,000. Still very good. We like the car. I may buy a 2005 but not until it's 3 years old with 50,000 on it. Then I never have to fight a dealer for a warranty. I know if something goes wrong it's all mine to fix. I usually buy a GC from a one owner who has just gotten a new one and has had good luck with the one I buy. That has worked for me for the last 30 years and I have never had a REAL problem with any Jeep I have purchased that way! And I sell them usually with over 100K on them. (Traveling saleman) Hope they give you a new Jeep. (If you don't have any problems with the new one and you want to sell it in 3 years, drop me a note here and we will talk! Merry Christmas to all! (Gee, I feel like Santa!)
  • Within the next couple of days, once I find a bit of time, I'll write to you guys about what's happening. Let's just say for now that I treat this as a big fat $40K comedy.

    I see great deal of sense in how you buy Jeeps. Hold until someone fixes the glitches and then enjoy it for a really good price. I commend you... I wish I could do this, but a have a thing about used cars. Never bought one.. I know, it's not rational, but can't help it..

    Merry Christmas to y'all, if not in touch in the interim..

    P.S. But I'll try to write by then, it's a real comedy, well tragedy actually... Well, you guys make the judgment once you find out.. No intention to create suspense, it's just too intriguing to fit into the 5 min. I have now...
  • I thoughy about all these as well...

    I don't think it's QDII. Diagnostics show all to be fine in the engine.... It's a biiigggg mysterrryyy...

    Talk to you soon...
  • Sorry to hear about your troubles. Please keep us informed. I also own a 05 hemi 4x4. Mine s built like a tank and the hemi is performing flawlessly. I average about 17 mpg with 97 octane. A mustang GT was reving at a stop light and...well he gave up after about 100 feet:)
  • I almost upgraded to the 05 Hemi GC but after seeing how much smaller the GC is than the Liberty, I think I will pass.


    Also, in looking at the specs: cargo capacity is smaller, payload capacity is lighter, rear hip room is narrower and headroom is much much shorter.


    For a vehicle costing $10k more, you would think they would make it bigger than its "little brother."
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Cargo capacity:

    Liberty is 69.0+31.0=100.0

    GC is 35.0+70.8=105.8


    Payload capacity:

    Liberty is 1150 lbs.

    GC is 1574 lbs.


    Rear hip room:

    Liberty is 47.4"

    GC is 60.6"


    Head room:

    Liberty (frt) is 40.7" (rear) is 42.2"

    GC (frt) is 39.7" (rear) is 39.3"


    2005 GC beats the Liberty on everything but headroom.


    Specs are from Jeep website comparing Liberty 4x4 ltd. to GC 4x4 ltd.
  • Just got off the phone with the dealer. Felt that it'll be good to vent off before I walk out of the office early. After all this, I need a DRINK... Also, for all your good feedback and consideration, just want to share the bottom line... I'm so out of it now, to write the details...

    Tomorrow, I'm handing over a check for $6K to the dealer, trading-in the "cursed" Jeep, and picking-up one loaded-up-to-the-ying-yang with absolutely unnecessary for us $3K (additional to my original pick) options. So, after net loss of $3K and paying another $3K for options that'll never be used, bought ourselves the hope that we simply happened to hit the statistical extreme of every manufacturing process. Perhaps, you already inferred that it was confirmed by the dealer that this is a Lemon Case. However, nor I neither my wife have the time, luxury, and nerves to follow through a Lemon Case arbitrage process, and deal with a billion dollar company that acts like it's in the business of pissing-off people. We're busy professionals, shrewd enough to calculate the financial burden of every wasted working hour and bad mood at work. I have 10 unreturned calls today, and in no shape to deal with them (as you see, I'm flopping around message boards). So, I better get really buzzed tonight, pick up a vehicle that performs reasonably tomorrow, and work even harder to make up for the $6K damage...
  • Dear Volvossuck,


    I can't figure out how the names are listed at this site. If you are volvossuck, you will get a kick out of the fact that I have a 2001 Volvo CX in addition to my 3 Jeeps. Only problem with the Volvo is my wife likes the Jeeps better so she won't drive the Volvo and I no one will buy it becasue the closest dealer is 200 miles. AND ONLY A VOLVO DEALER CAN MAKE THE ELE. STUFF WORK IF YOU HAVE TO REPLACE IT. I actually had a friend who had to have his Volvo towed 200 miles to the dealer to activate the new ele. part EVEN THOUGH IT WAS INSTALLED IN OUR TOWN. Only Volvo could make it work!


    You are correct. I buy Cars that have been used for a minimum of 3 years by one perons so all the bugs are worked out. Also (and more important) is that I do not want to deal with a dealer! They do not tell the truth and I would not be suprised if they really didn't try to get your rig fixed just to sell you a new rig, get another 6K and then sell your lemon Jeep to someone else at another profit. It's for sure they will sell it to someone without telling them the problems it has had! and probably still has.


    Look at the bright side. If your new Jeep is also a lemon, you can kill the dealer and you will probably be given the medal of freedom rather than go to jail!


    I also know that when I buy a car, I don't ever have to fight with a dealer about a warranty! If it breaks, I fix it. It's than simple.


    Please keep us all up to date as to how the new rig works. (Try the GPS, you will love it after you learn how it works. I have one in my plane and it is truly a life saver.)
  • Volvossuck, I forgot to add that the 3 most important thing to do when buying a used car is:


    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy a used car from a dealer!!


    A used car on a dealers lot, is a car that has been a problem to someone else. That is why peoploe trade them in. They can't sell them to someone else with a good conscience. People are not like car salesman! The people are honest!


    I'm in insurance. I see all the new car wrecks go to body shops to be rebuilt and then to the auction. Dealers buy them and tell people they honestly don't know the history of the car, but they are just sure it was a lease return, etc. All bull. I saw a car we paid a claim on at a local dealer. He told me it was a lease return.


    No accident report on (carfax)for that car?


    Carfax. Another trick. Don't trust that company either.


    enough said. Buy from a one owner. after 3 years.


    Merry xmas again. TJ
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Um ... why are you talking to yourself? And, please, let's try to stick a little closer to the topic which you can find at the top of this page.


    tidester, host
  • OK, Regret, how's your second new JGC? Statistically, it should be impossible for you to have two lemons in a row.
  • The information provided by the dealer was different than what was on the Jeep Website. In looking at the stats, this is interesting.


    The liberty has much more head room and more rear leg room. Rear hip room is pretty much a wash with both at the 57" mark.


    All of the other sizes are within an inch or two. Cargo capacity is within a couple cubic feet. The killer is that at 6'4", I physically do not fit in either the front or back seat of the Hemi GC whereas my Liberty is more than comfortable.


    This begs the question, why would you spend $10k more for a vehicle that has less useable space inside? If you are spending that much, buy an X5.
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